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CHAIR Yoga tomorrow at 10am I have three spaces left next week I have 1! Be quick!
Jackeline Eyre is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting Topic: CHAIR YOGA WITH JAX Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 802 859 969 Please download Zoom app to your device and click on the above link! See you all on the screen!
Sunday Sound healing meditation 2pm $20 See you there!!!
Tuesday classes cancelled this week as I am attending a funeral.. Beginners Yoga Sound healing Chair Yoga Sorry for any inconvenience..this was a dear dear friend of mine.
Beginners Yoga class 9.15am Chair Yoga 12 noon. Sunspace yoga studio Budgewoi. Call Jacke for more information 0416231515
Enter into deep relaxation with Sound healing and meditation ..10.30am Sunspace yoga studio Budgewoi Call Jacke 0416231515 for more information and booking
New time for SOUND HEALING MEDITATION TUESDAYS 10.30AM Sunspace Studio...$15. Call or text Jacke if reclining chair required.. For more information call Jacke 0416231515
Hello everyone!! Welcome to a new decade!! Each Tuesday 21st at 9.15am I will be sharing the basics of Yoga... Yoga is not quite stretching!!'s a deep activation of lengthening and strengthening your body... This Beginners class takes you through basic and easy Asanas... teaching you how to breath and activate in a Yoga posture. My classes are targeted at new students and easy to learn and do teaching style is relaxed and fun. Learn new breathing techniques and meditation. For more information feel free to have a chat. Jacke 0416231515
Hello yogis! Due to my other job hours increasing over the Christmas period, Hatha yoga won’t continue on Mondays for the rest of 2019. I will be back next year after the festive season. Thank you to those who have come to the class. I look forward to seeing you next year. Namaste ❤️❤️

This is a space that is suited to setting up a Yoga practice, Meditation, Music,or Professional Development . Be brave rent a space . It is completely renovated with beautiful ambience.

Operating as usual

Thank you all that came along to last nights meditation class. The energy was amazing and heartfelt. I hope to see you all next week. In gratitude 💚 Blessings Catherine

If I asked you to think about the qualities that your ideal self would possess, or if I suggested that you contemplate what it would feel like to be a person of greatness such as Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela, then just by contemplating a new way of being, you would begin firing your brain in new ways and making a new mind. That’s mental rehearsal in action. I’m now asking you to reflect on what it would feel like to be happy, content, satisfied, and at peace. What would you envision for yourself if you were to create a new ideal of you? ⁣

Essentially, the meditative process allows you to answer this question by bringing together all of the information, learned and wired synaptically into your brain, about what it means to be happy, content, satisfied, and at peace. In meditation, you take that knowledge and then place yourself in the equation. Instead of merely asking what it would mean to be happy, you put yourself in the position of practicing, and thus living in, a state of happiness. After all, you know what happiness looks and feels like. You’ve had past experiences with it yourself; you’ve seen other people’s versions of it. Now, you get to pick and choose from that knowledge and experience to create a new ideal of yourself.⁣

What is your favorite meditation from Dr. Joe? Share in the comments! ♥️

Saturday Yoga is back.

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Confirm with Emily.

I have put a new post for Emily's Vinyasa Classes.These are the new times.Note there is an extra Thursday 5:15PM time .

[06/17/20]   Covid-19 Update and Safety Plan for Sun Space Studio
1. Book with teachers for your Class.
2.All Participants will be advised not to attend if feeing unwell.
3. All Classes will maintain strict social distancing.Current 4 m rule.
4.No more than 20
5.No part of the class shall have physical contact.
6.All students will leave immediately after class.
7.Bring your own mats and equipment.No sharing.
8.Hand Sterilizer and Disenfectant is provided to clean equipment.
9. All names and contact numbers of attendees must be kept.

Thursday BOOK
KUNDALINI YOGA 9:15AM M. 61409 839 540
VINYASA : 5:15PM M. 04511 25834
MEDITATION 6:30PM M. 0428 542382

I have put a new post for Emily's Vinyasa Classes.These are the new times.Note there is an extra Thursday 5:15PM time .

So far this week with the Yoga Diva's.
More classes to come.

🍃Monday 5:30pm “Gentle and slow flow” yoga

🌴-To join the class:

Meeting ID: 873 9228 3282
Password: 048783


Happy Sunday .
Love, Emi xx

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Hello, beautiful people, Great News;
We are back.
We have the NSW Covid Safety Plan in place.

You will need to bring your own mat, throw, water etc.

Please call your teacher to book your spot.

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[06/11/20]   Lorin Roche ( this is about the U.SA.)
Listen to people who disagree with you.

Listen to what they want. Listen to what they are afraid of. You might find, they are not so different than you. They just want to be left alone to do their thing, to live freely, and to let other people do the same.

This is a practice you can do as you go about your life. And you may have relatives that have very different views than you on politics. It's often painful to just listen, but if you can keep going, keep asking questions, you may get somewhere. You might make a bridge.

Be willing to talk to everyone. Make new coalitions. A society is a very complicated machine. We need schoolteachers and nurses and firemen and soldiers and National Guards and fire people and physicians and politicians and businesspeople and entrepreneurs and moms and daddies and everyone.

If you can find some, talk to members of the National Guard. Talk to Army veterans.

For much of the last 50 years, Americans have been trained to hate other Americans, as if they are the Enemy. This is an overt strategy that has completely taken over American politics, and has led to incalculable damage to the whole fabric of life in the United States, and because the US was a world leader until recently, immense damage to the whole family of nations. All of our institutions are extremely damaged by this to-the-death civil war that has been raging.

In the toxic atmosphere that has been created by all sides of the debate in the United States, anyone who does not agree with your political stance is an enemy and should maybe be smeared, demonized, sued, blackballed, and even labeled a traitor. This is true on all parts of the political continuum from liberal to conservative. And things can change - a new trend of political correctness can emerge, and then be used to retroactively smear someone who made a random comment 20 years ago when they were in high school, or a comedy club.

One trait of people that are considered on the "liberal" or progressive side of the continuum is that they like to turn on each other an accuse each other of ideological crimes, thought crimes, from not using the exact correct word or phrase, or making the wrong joke. This is a known behavior that was mapped out many years ago, and is part of the "divide and conquer" strategy that has been so effective. Democrat voters are so predictable in this behavior that Republicans can just spend some money on advertising and misinformation campaigns and split the democratic vote, and win congress, the Senate, and the Presidency, for Republicans.

In the United States, every vote counts. Even presidential elections where hundreds millions of people are supposedly able to vote, only about 50 million bother to go to the polls, and who gets to be president sometimes comes down to a couple of votes here or there.

You can look up Al Gore vs George Bush in 2000 and look up how many million votes Hilary Clinton won by in 2016. You may think this is boring, old history, but it has everything to do with what is happening today and the incompetence train wreck that has been the US in 2020.

Every vote counts.

And Americans, just regular Americans, have been voting against their own best interests, for decades, because they succumb to the very effective advertising slogans that were created for this candidate or that one.

If you want to do something, talk to other Americans. Listen to them. What do they want. What do they fear.

Just to use wild examples:

You may find that you have a lot of common cause with NRA people, National Rifle Association. I know this sounds unthinkable. But maybe they just like guns and feel that every person, no matter what color they are, has a right to stand tall, stand in their dignity, and stand their ground. NRA members might be the most peaceful people around, because they only want to for example, go hunting and shoot some of the excess deer we have, and eat them. There are too many deer because we don't have enough wolves to keep the deer populations in check.

You might find you have lots in common with Christians, even though they may want to overthrow the United States Constitution and make the US into a religious theocracy. These are Trump's base.

I just made those up because I have spoken to those types and I see what they are talking about. And if I were in charge of Democratic strategy, which I am not, and no one wants my opinion, I would say see if you can find some things to take off the table that will make NRA and Christians hate and fear you less.

It really does take ALL kinds of people to make a world and make a country.

☀️Thursday 5:30pm Vinyasa livestream yoga☀️
Focusing on the fire/Agni element & manipura/solar plexus chakra.

🧘‍♀️-To join the class:

Meeting ID: 889 3633 9898
Password: 265877

🧘‍♀️- Playlist:

See you soon.
Love, Emi xx

Emily Chansard
Hi yogis,

I hope you’re all well. I am so excited that we are finally back into our beautiful Sun Space Studio in Budgewoi from next week ☀️.

As we all know we can only have 10 people for now so make sure you let me know if you would like to join any of our vinyasa classes:

💫Tuesday 6-7pm
💫Saturday 8:30-10am

Looking forward to see you all and practice together.

Namaste 🙏🏽.
Love, Emi ###

A reminder 💚

Meditation and prayer don’t replace action.

Sun Space Studio is open

Hari Om to all,
Yeah, we are open and yoga classes resume next week.
Meditation is back on this Thursday night at 6.30 pm.
The studio is very much looking forward to feeling your beautiful energy. We have missed you and hope you will support our beautiful Studio Teachers.

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For you 💛

Lorin Roche
What the body is doing in meditation

During meditation the body is always working to bring all your forms of intelligence online and ready to engage with the world. So that you can survive and thrive.

"Yoga" means "connecting, engaging, joining together," and by nature, the body-mind system wants to function as an integrative wholeness. This urge toward integration is one of the strongest impulses in a human being.

Meditation can be thought of as a tuning procedure in which the body-mind system assesses its gifts and capabilities, and seeks to match them to the challenges and opportunities in the outer world. One of the meanings of Shakti ( śakti शक्ति ) is "capability" or ability. Connect your inner abilities with the outer situation.

Each challenge in the outer world calls forth a matching inner capability, or you could say it activates and invokes a pattern of activation of the chakras. And the chakras, by their intrinsic nature, all want to function together as a team for maximum effectiveness. Another meaning of Shakti ( śakti ) is "effectiveness."

If you think of the imagery of the chakras as intelligence centers, you can see that they are pointing to this, in a beautiful symbolic language.

Let's differentiate the types of intelligence a bit more, and then if you want you can group these into the standard seven.
What would you add to these kinds of intelligence? What would you say is too redundant?

By design, this list is overlapping, in order to include nuances.

Survival intelligence
Adaptive intelligence
Earthy intelligence
Kinesthetic intelligence
Instinctual intelligence
Elemental intelligence
Sensual intelligence
Erotic intelligence
Musical intelligence
Healing intelligence
Assertive intelligence
Energetic intelligence
Powerful intelligence
Tactical intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Loving intelligence
Ethical intelligence
Verbal intelligence
Intuitive intelligence
Spiritual intelligence
Cosmic intelligence

[06/06/20]   Have a Great Weekend.😍
See you all soon.

Meditation Tonight
Thursday: 6:30PM
Limited numbers.
Phone Catherine :0428542382

Meditation is on tonight.
Message Catherine or call

Hello, mindset warrior, 🏹 how about a meditation that realises all your stress and worries sound? 🙃😀☮
💛 Tonight, you will feel complete relaxation for the whole of your body.😊😇💛
Message me or call 0428542382 to book your spot. Catherine 🏹

Hey peeps,
Just so you know we have yoga this afternoon😉:

🍁Thursday 5:30pm Vinyasa livestream yoga 🍁

🌾- To join the class:

Meeting ID: 889 3633 9898
Password: 265877

🌾- Set up your sacred space with your mat, a block (or a big book), water bottle, maybe candles or incense and feel free to play music too.

If your member of Spotify you can find my yoga playlist:

🌾- This is by donation when joining a class.
I have set up a safe PayPal link for donation, you just nominate the amount:

Or my bank details are:
BSB: 062735 Account number: 10345934

For those who aren’t able to contribute still feel free to join no judgement and no pressure as I completely understand at the moment just share the love in other way.

🌾- If you have any questions or would like to speak further, please don’t hesitate to contact me via messenger.

Enjoy the class and I’ll see everyone who wishes to join then. 🙏🏽💫.

Love, Emily. XX

[06/03/20]   Mindset Warrior :
Are you looking to move to a new level of self-awareness?
Meditation this Thursday night 6.30 pm Sunspace Studio Budgewoi. Pm me for details. Catherine 🕉🕊☯☮

[06/02/20]   Hooray Back at last.NSW has decided : June 13th. Yogis get ready.

Good morning fam,

🍁Tuesday 6pm Vinyasa yoga livestream🍁

🍂To join the class:

Meeting ID: 853 9606 1065
Password: 182252

🍂 Set up your sacred space with your mat, a block ( or a big book), water bottle, maybe candles or incense.

Have a nice day and see you on the mat.
Love, Emi xx

🍁Monday 5:30pm « Slow and gentle flow »🍁
livestream yoga

🌾- To join the class:

Meeting ID: 873 9228 3282
Password: 048783

🌾- Set up your sacred space with your mat, a block (or a big book), water bottle, maybe candles or incense and feel free to play music too.

If your member of Spotify you can find my yoga playlist:

🌾- This is by donation when joining a class.
I have set up a safe PayPal link for donation, you just nominate the amount:

Or my bank details are:
BSB: 062735 Account number: 10345934

For those who aren’t able to contribute still feel free to join no judgement and no pressure as I completely understand at the moment just share the love in other way.

🌾- If you have any questions or would like to speak further, please don’t hesitate to contact me via messenger.

Enjoy the class and I’ll see everyone who wishes to join then. 🙏🏽💫.

Love, Emily. XX

Come on NSW open our Yoga Studios and Gyms.We are a forgotten part of the preventative and healing process of this State.There is no good reason to keep us closed and senselessly ignored.We see pubs, clubs and many venues reopen,great, but we are the ones who can control our environments at the highest level . OPEN OUR STUDIOS AND GYMS.

Just letting you know that Sun Space Studio provides more than a a space for Yoga .We have a beautiful room used by Councilors and are happy to welcome another professional .These services are by appointment and you contact them directly.

[05/28/20]   Lorin Roche

Sleep is Your Meditation Retreat

Life is a rhythm of waking, sleeping and dreaming. You can enhance your enjoyment of each by attending tenderly to the transitions.

For example, start getting ready to go to sleep an hour or two beforehand. Pretend you are going on a meditation retreat. Pamper yourself. Your ordinary night's sleep is truly your main meditation retreat, the most important one.

Stop filling your brain with toxic information that will disrupt your sleep, such as the news. You already are overloaded. Stop talking to people who are not physically present with you, who are on the other side of the world, unless they are your closest, most intimate heart connection.

Most of us are sleep deprived. Chronically we are getting an hour, two hours less sleep than we need. Meditation is not the same when you are sleep deprived - not as pleasurable, and there is more noise to deal with. When you meditate, you meditate in a body - yours. Sleep is the main time the body and nerves repair themselves.

Check it out. Two hours or so before bedtime, start practicing peacefulness. Read a poetry book by candlelight. Listen to beautiful music with your eyes closed. Read a book to each other. Just sit and gaze at a candle or the fireplace.

Live this way for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

You may find that the transition from sleeping back into waking is more delicious, something you can savor and delight in.

Physical things:

Throw away your old pillows and get new ones. Your face is on that pillow many hours every single day and getting a new one for $14 is one of the cheapest ways to start again.

Make your bedroom pitch black if you can, with no glowing things anywhere. No night lights. No chargers with their little green lights.

Tonights Zoom with Emily.
I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and getting ready for :

☀️Thursday 5:30pm Vinyasa live class☀️

🍁To join the class:

Meeting ID: 876 3057 6293
Password: 590323

🍁 Spotify playlist :

See you soon.
Love, Emi xx

Dell Tschanter

I have created a new space which teachers of Yoga, Meditation,Music Performance,and Kirtan can use and continue to develop their own businesses.The Studio for Budgewoi is long overdue.It adds an ambience and professionalism to any Practice.

There is also accommodation for those that may be considering a Workshop and live a distance from the venue. It incorporates a large screen which may be used for teaching.

The seating capacity is for up to 60. Chairs and Kitchen facilities are availiable if needed.

The Venue is situated in the Budgewoi Circle.This means that it is surrounded by many Cafes, and restaurants . It avails nice walks during break times before or after class.

This has been a dream for me to be able to continue to work in my local community.I built this building many years ago and at long last Sun Space Studio has come into being.I am very greatful and thankful to those that helped create this and will continue to support all that may use it. Namaste

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Sun Space Studio is open





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