Sloop Bar Tenerife

Sloop Bar Tenerife


Great afternoon, Philharmonics were brilliant. Thanks for brilliant hospitality and great service.
Well fantastic fundraiser again in Sloops yesterday thank you faye and Phil and Jimmy , and Gary Barnes and all the entertainers, and thanks so much to all the customers for donations etc, we raised a massive 760 euros, for FACT, thanks a million xx
Congratulations on your 34th anniversary Fay. Hope you all have a fantastic day, have a large Gin for me!😀 xx
Hope all goes well today! Stay safe and Love to you both ###
It’s mint to be back in the best bar in Tenerife - we’ve missed you Sloop bar. We’ll be bringing some friends down Wednesday - get the pints and dark fruits at the ready please Fay 😘
naughty naughty
Happy birthday Fay, you look as young as when we first met in 1998.
Happy 60th birthday fay love Jacko Elaine and wee Leah xx
Happy birthday Fay from a cold Scotland ###
Always a heart for his customers 😘🤣
Great Sunday afternoon out at Sloop , roll on July till we see our friends again 😎😎😍🍻👍

Fay and Phil Welcome You To The Sloop. Live Entertainment from 3pm every Thursday and Sunday, followed by free food and a free quiz! One of the islands Tenerife's longest opened UK bars - the same owners for over 30 years and part of the establishment when it comes to British owned bars on the island, Fun times and fond memories assured !

Funcionando como de costumbre

The incredible Philharmonic's are with us this Sunday afternoon 🌞 at 3.00pm .. we only have a few seats left guys ... If you want to join us for a cracking day ... please book at the bar or via this page ....

Free food
Free entertainment
And a great day guaranteed

Also as an experiment we have asked Phil to work for the day 🙂 ... If per chance he does can you please clap when he brings any drinks to your table .. much appreciated guys ...

Love to all ... Fay ... X###

Great Quiz Bonanza yesterday at Sloop Bar ... Excellent company and a brilliant afternoon 🙂🙂 ..

Cheers Mr Gary Barnes for yet another incredible day .. also massive thanks to Mr Kevin Lyons for your superb general knowledge and music quiz .. fabulous !! ..

Sorry to see Amy and Georgia go home tomorrow .. miss and luv ya both already ### ...

Well done 👍 all the winner's ...

So much 💗 thanks for everyone's continued support ..

Love to all and have a fantastic day ☺️ .. loads of hugs and kisses Fay ######xx

Top afternoon 🙂 at Sloop Bar yesterday and loads of thanks for all your lovely support guys ❤️ ..

A usual the sensational Mr Gary Barnes hosted the day and many thanks to all the incredible singers .. and musicians for entertaining us all ...

Glen king
Emma Jenson
Arthur Petersen
Brian wilson
and thanks to Harry Curtis for joining us ... Fantastic 😊 ....
(Plus Phil)

We are fully booked for Wednesday's quiz and also the Philharmonic's this Sunday folks ... hope to see you in the week and also hope you have a great day ..

As always love to all and big hugs ❤️ Fay ###x

Sorry Fully booked for Sunday 🤠 guys 4 fantastic acts on and it's going to be a great day ..

Free food as always .. sweet and sour bacon pasta with crusty bread ..

Fully booked unfortunately for ..

September 30th Bonanza Quiz folks ...

Taking bookings in advance for all our events as we do get very busy ...

Hope you all have a wonderful day .. hugs and kisses 💋💋 Fay .. stay strong ###x

Well apart from the rain .. yesterday's Bonanza Quiz was a great afternoon ..

Thanks 😊 Mr Gary Barnes for organizing the day and many thanks to Mr Kevin Lyons for the brilliant general knowledge and music quiz 😜 excellent ...

Belated birthday wishes to Sarah Lyons 🎁 ###

So much thanks to everyone 😊 for supporting us .. great company and a great day ..

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon .. take care .. hugs and kisses 💋 💋 💋 💋 Fay ###x

Have a great day everyone love ... hugs and kisses to you all 🤗💋💋💋 Fay ..

Absolutely bouncing at Sloop Bar Sunday .. so much thanks to everyone and a very happy birthday to Val 🎉 a very young 65 ..

Massive thanks to the superb Philharmonic's for a excellent afternoon of entertainment 🙂 thank you ... and thanks for letting Phil sing 🤗

Thank you Mr Gary Barnes for your constant support and cheers to all the singers that joined in with all the fun and frolicks ...

Looking forward to seeing you 😃 all in the week ..

Hug's and loads of kisses 💋💋💋💋 have a wonderful day Fay ###x

Due to this confounded covid 19 sloop bar has unfortunately had to restrict the numbers on our days of entertainment ...

Just to update everyone we are fully booked on the following dates ...

This Sunday 20th Sept
Wednesday 23rd Sept
Sunday 27th Sept ....

Very sorry for this but we have to stay within the guide lines of the law ...

We are however taking bookings in advance for the month of October and November .. booking is now essential and cancellations for the above dates we will notify those interested ...

Acts constantly change in sloop and Gary Barnes who organises these events continues to ensure the day is packed with loads of great entertainment 🤠 .. and your support has been incredible and much appreciated ...

Hope you all have a fantastic day and love to you all 💕💕🥰🥰 .. see you soon ###xx

So much thanks 🥰 for all the support yesterday ... cracking afternoon ...

Thank you Gary Barnes for hosting the afternoon and Kevin Lyons for your brilliant general knowledge and music 🎶 quiz ... superb ....

Great 👌 day and loads of fun ... thanks to everyone for wearing your masks inside the bar .. looking forward to next Wednesday folks ... 12 seats left so get booking ....

Loads of love and hugs 😍 .. Fay ###x

All booked for tomorrow's Bonanza Quiz folks ..sorry ... have to keep numbers down due to covid-19 situation ... Bar closed inside .. apart from use of toilets but table service available .. please wear masks inside the bar guys ... Thank you ❤️ ..

10 seats available for the Philharmonic's on Sunday .. free food .. excellent entertainment and a great day ..

Look forward to a great afternoon .. hugs and kisses 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 Fay.

Bookings being taken for this Sunday ... the boys are live with some great entertainment 😉 don't miss .. the incredible Philharmonic's ..

Free buffet 😋 this week everyone ... usual raffle with bottles 😜 and chocolates ..

You can book via this page or in the bar .. fun and frolicks start at 3.00pm ..

Looking forward to seeing you 😃 hugs and kisses 💋💋💋💋🤗 Fay ...

What 😂 an absolutely wonderful day yesterday ... 5 fantastic entertainer's ..

Harry Curtis
Emma Jensen
Glen king
Arthur Petersen
Brian Wilson ...

Thanks guys .. loved it .. and of course massive thanks to the man that puts this all together .... Mr Gary Barnes ... Always to perfection x

Loads of thanks and kisses 💋 for everyone that supported us ... Great company and great friends ..

Stay positive folks .. love to all .... Hugs 🤗 Fay ###x xx

Good 🙂 morning everyone

Just to disperse any rumours about an incident in Sloop Bar on Wednesday .. I shall confirm .. the Police were called as a complaint had been made regarding an apparent excessive amount of people being in the bar .. we had been informed 1.5 metre distance on tables was correct .. apparently it's 2 according to the officer who we spoke with (this we shall address immediately) other than that everything else was correct and they had no other issues .. also they were very polite and respectful and I appreciate and respect them for that .. unfortunately their valuable time was wasted ... Super big apologies to all our customers for the inconvenience ..

Sorry about this section ..

The Rat who's out there (puerto colon) be careful .. we should all be standing together not creating a division ... In this terrible situation it's about support and love .. I have singers .. entertainer's .. musicians and staff that I will continue to support as they have me .. a stupid jealous bar owner could jepordis this ... get a grip you muppet ... or I will ...

Sorry guys ....
Iove to all of you and hope you have an absolutely wonderful day ... Phil x

Superb Wednesday 😀 afternoon at Sloop Bar and many thanks to Gary for a great days entertainment .. the best host without question on the island ...

Thanks to everyone for the incredible support and happy birthday 🎉 Tash and Nynke many thanks for your help on the day .. appreciated ### ...

Thank you 😊 jimmy for the lovely food .. loved it ...

Happy Anniversary ❤️ Fran and John ### ..

Great afternoon and fantastic company .. hugs and kisses 💋 Fay ###x

What 😂 a Fantastic line up of Singers ... Entertainers and Musicians this Sunday 3.00pm at Sloop Bar ... Hosted as always by the Multi Talented Mr Gary Barnes ..

Harry Curtis
Glen king
Arthur Petersen
Brian Wilson ...

Free food on the day for all our customers 😋 ...

Bookings being taken via this page or at the bar peeps .... It's Gunna be a belting afternoon 🙂 hope you can join us ...

Please book early to avoid disappointment 😜 ...

Loads of hugs and kisses 🤗 Fay .....

Sorry fully booked for Wednesday's Bonanza Quiz guys ... Bookings for Sunday being taken folks ... details to follow ... have a great day ☺️☺️💕 ... Fay x

Awesome 😊 afternoon at Sloop Bar yesterday and again a whopping thanks for all that supported us ..

Tremendous thanks to the incredible Philharmonic's for a great show xx ..

Thanks ☺️ to all the great singers .... Mr Gary Barnes .. Harry Curtis .. Bonny and of course Allan xx ❤️ ..

Thank you Nynke (our new terrace supervisor) for helping out on the day ..

Loved the day 💓 and the company ... Hugs and kiss 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 Fay ..

Sorry for the late post folks .. brilliant afternoon Wednesday at sloop ... fantastic 👌 company and a superb day ...

Thanks as always 😊 to everyone that joined us .. and of course a massive kiss to Mr Gary Barnes who hosted the day ....

Tomorrow we are fully booked for the Philharmonic's guys .. but taking bookings for next Sunday ... 4 great entertainers (and musicians .. Brian) hope to see you soon ...

Hugs and kisses 🤗 Fay ######xx.

They're back they're brilliant .. the incredible .. Philharmonic's .. join us this Sunday for a fabulous afternoon at 3.00pm ... Booking advised guys ..

Free bacon pasta with fresh crusty bread for all our customers 😋 ...

Hope you can join us 🙂 .. look forward to seeing you all .. hugs and kisses Fay ######xx

The Incredible Arthur Petersen ... Brilliant ....

Cracking day at Sloop Bar yesterday afternoon 🌞 love toooo all that joined us for the day ... absolutely brilliant ...

So much thanks to Mr Gary Barnes for hosting the event .. lovable and almost edible ? ..

So much thanks ❤️ to all the incredible acts (musicians included) for your support and all the entertainment was fantastic...

Glen king
Harry Curtis
Arthur Petersen
Brian Wilson .. all excellent 👌

Thanks Neil for joining us and belting out a few songs ... loved it ..

Sorry Phil didn't get to sing ... (Kind of) ..

Hugs and kisses Fay ######xx see you all soon ..

Fully booked for today's entertainment guys .. but still taking bookings for Wednesday's Bonanza Quiz ... you can book via this page or at the bar folks ... hope you all have a great day 🙂☺️😊🙂 xx

[08/27/20]   Wednesday Quiz Bonanza .. great day .. great company .. love to all xx

Great Wednesday afternoon at Sloop Bar with our Bonanza Quiz hosted by the spectacular Mr Gary Barnes many thanks .. also thanks to Mr Kevin Lyons for his time and effort for the general knowledge and music quiz ... superb ..

Massive thank you for all that joined us on the day 😊 ... Great fun and appreciated ....

Gary will be hosting this Sunday's live entertainment with 4 fantastic singers and musicians ... fun starts at 3.00pm ... advisable to book folks as we are restricted on seating ...

Call into the bar or book via this page ...

Hugs 🤗 and kisses 💋💋💋💋💋💋 Fay ....

This is an afternoon not to miss folks .. 4 superb entertainers singing live for you .. hosted by the delicious and almost edible Mr Gary Barnes...

Glen king
Arthur Petersen
Brian Wilson
Harry Curtis ....

Free food will be available to all our customers 😊 ..

It's going to be a great day and advise everyone to book in advance to avoid any disappointment ...

Hope you all have a great day ☺️ and hopefully see you then ... Entertainment start's at 3.00pm .. best to arrive early ...

Hugs and kisses 💋💋💋🤗🤗 Fay.

Fully booked for the Wednesday bonanza quiz guys ... details to follow regarding Sundays live entertainment ... See you soon 🤗🤗🤗🤗 ..

Cracking afternoon at Sloop Bar yesterday and your support folks is always appreciated ...

Massive thanks 😍 to the incredible Philharmonic's .. superb musicians and entertainers ... cheers guys ..

Thanks to Gary Barnes .. Harry Curtis and Allan for singing for us .. excellent and enjoyed by all ...

Well done Jimmy for running the bar ☺️ ..

Nice to see some new faces and hopefully see you soon xx

Always thankful .. hugs and kisses Fay ######xx

Tomorrow is another day .. stay positive .. let's see what unfolds ... Love 💓 to everyone ....

Never mind the b*llocks ... It's the Philharmonic's live at Sloop Bar 3.00pm this Sunday ...

Incredible entertainers and musicians ... Join us if you can guys .. book if possible ..

Free chilli con carne with fresh bread rolls for all our customers 😋 ...

Enjoy your day and stay positive folks .... We are in it together let's stay together 🙂 ....

Phil ...

Very disappointing news .. Teide is due to erupt in 2 hours today ....



Love you ❤️ all ###xx

Super 💖 afternoon with friends yesterday ... Fantastic bonanza quiz hosted by Gary and supported as always by Kevin .... thank you both xx

Happy birthday 🎂 Tanya for Saturday .. hope you enjoyed the day xx 😃 ..

Thanks to Calypso bar for joining us ( be first down when you open) xx

Absolutely brilliant 🙂 day and love and thanks to everyone ❤️ that supported us ....

The cheeky Philharmonic's will be playing live on Sunday 3.00pm ... Bookings strongly recommend guys to avoid disappointment ...

Love to all ... Hugs 🤗 and kisses Fay ######xx ....

The incredible Philharmonic's will be with us on Sunday at 3.00pm .. it's going to be a fantastic afternoon 😀 and it is advisable to book folks via the bar or page ...

Free food available for all you guys and we also have our weekly raffle ....

Hopefully see you all then .. loads of kisses and hugs Fay ######xx

Superb afternoon 🙂 at Sloop Bar yesterday ... Massive thanks for all your support everyone ... Not disappointed 12 people let us down .... Very rude .. however tables were filled with some lovely people ... and the day was brilliant xx

So much thanks 🥰 to Mr Gary Barnes for his support .. love ya x

Thanks to all the incredible entertainers and musicians on the day ... loved by all ..

Glen king
Arthur Petersen
Brian Wilson
Harry Curtis ...

Plus all that joined in and sang for us ... cracking day .. (and Jonathan) ..

It's not always about money ..I think it's about support .. respect .. and loads of love .. that about covers it ..

Take care and be happy .. my thoughts are with you .. Phil x

Few seats left for Sunday 😁 guys ... great afternoon in store ... Free food ... Free entertainment ... 4 excellent acts ...

Come and join us ... See you then 🤗 Fay ######xx

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