Sloop Bar Tenerife

Sloop Bar Tenerife


Hope all goes well today! Stay safe and Love to you both ###
It’s mint to be back in the best bar in Tenerife - we’ve missed you Sloop bar. We’ll be bringing some friends down Wednesday - get the pints and dark fruits at the ready please Fay 😘
naughty naughty
Happy birthday Fay, you look as young as when we first met in 1998.
Happy 60th birthday fay love Jacko Elaine and wee Leah xx
Happy birthday Fay from a cold Scotland ###
Always a heart for his customers 😘🤣
Great Sunday afternoon out at Sloop , roll on July till we see our friends again 😎😎😍🍻👍
Brilliant afternoon off yesterday .. joined the white nights at moonlight bar, boys on form as ever .. then a relaxing meal at the Embassy restaurant.
Amazing bar. Great atmosphere and lovely staff and customers. 😁
The owner is perfect in every way they look after you well x

Fay and Phil Welcome You To The Sloop. Live Entertainment from 3pm every Thursday and Sunday, followed by free food and a free quiz!

One of the islands Tenerife's longest opened UK bars - the same owners for over 30 years and part of the establishment when it comes to British owned bars on the island, Fun times and fond memories assured !

Hi everyone hope you are all ok ... Just to let you know the bonus Ball starts again this week at sloop so don't forget you've got to be in it to win it ... good luck and be safe ######

Thanks to all that supported us yesterday .. please remember social distance still applies and we can only serve outside .. we will be open at 9am today and look forward to seeing you ..

Take care and be safe xx

Sloop bar will be open on the 11th may at 9 am .. we Will be limited on seating capacity .. and can only serve outside guys ..

Phil will be serving drinks with gloves and a mask. .totally naked ... Fay will probably be taking pictures .. price's stay the same .. and so will Phil .. hugs and kisses Fay ######xx

I just wanted to inform those that new him ... Davie passed away recently and want to offer my condolences to his wife and family ... he was a big man with a big heart and I will miss him .. his generosity and kindness was incredible and I will miss the times we spent together ...

God bless big man ..

Phil xx

Can someone tell me if birds are on lockdown ... Because when I eventually get two hours sleep they wake me up !!

Hope everyone is ok with this terrible 💔 situation .. thinking of you all and with a bit of luck we'll all be back together soon ... Stay strong and safe .. hugs and kisses Fay ######xx

Just popped down with some food for the homeless ... so upsetting to see this .. nearly six weeks in .. hope you all are safe .. terrible situation .. and so sad ...

We'll be back soon .. all of us .. ### ..

Miss this soooo much ... Love you all ..... Have a great day ###x

Mister miserable and I would like everyone to know Scottish frunk is well .. and the homeless are being looked after by Noah's ark ( church association ) in Puerto Colon.

Just dropped of some carrier bags and food ... Much thanks to iceland for providing the bags .. and offering food to help ..

Under the circumstances the guys seem ok and coping best they can ...

To name but a few .. well done Beverly and Ivan and all that have been supportive ...


A very Happy Easter folks ... miss you all ... have a great day ... ( circumstances permitting ) looking forward to a jolly good knees up ...

Hug's and kisses 💋 Fay ...

Just a simple message from Fay and Phil ... To all of our friends and customers we hope you are all safe and well .. it's a terrible time for all of us ... Some more so .. however a massive round of applause to all you guys that have stayed in and done what we have needed to do.... I'm sure this will pass quicker than we think .. stay positive and hopefully this awful situation will be something we can reflect on later ..

Be kind
Be supportive
Be careful

Take care of one another
Take care of yourselfs ...

All our love .. Phil and Fay .

Well some good news guys .. found Scottish frunk this morning .. seems ok health wise .. although as expected pretty fed up with the lockdown situation ..

Fay and myself took some homemade soup and hot dogs for the homeless this morning to Noah's ark (church organisation) 2nd floor Puerto colon.

There open 12 till 2 Monday .. Wednesday and Friday to provide food for the homeless .. anyone that's want's to help can contact me via this page ..

I hope you are all safe and well .. it's so sad to see our beautiful island empty .. take care of yourselves .. god bless ###

Tenerife has been in virtual lockdown for 11 days .. we are all fed up but realise the serious situation we are all in, and with that in mind we have pulled together and done the right thing ... However still need to amuse ourselves for our sanity... Give this a little thought UK ... for a small sacrifice ... No apologies guys ..

Phil .. be safe and God bless xx

A simple message for all of you ... What ever we are going through doesn't compare to what our mothers have .. they have supported us .. some during the war .. fed us and loved us .. protected us .. so this is a time to reflect .. stay strong .. support one another .. and be positive .. do what mum would do ..

Remember it's Mothers Day .. love to all of you mum's and thanks for everything you have ever done for us ..

Happy Mother's Day xx and thank you xx for being Mum xx

Need a little help on this one .. I'm trying to contact Scottish frunk who as most of you that know him is homeless .. I need to know where he is so I can support and provide food and water etc for him and any others that need help I've managed to help 2 so far but would appreciate any help in finding him .. if you know where he is currently please let me know ...

Appreciate any help .. many thanks .. Phil x stay safe...

I would just like to reassure all of the entertainers that work in Sloop Bar ... We shall continue with our Sunday's and possibly a mid week event in the next 10 days .. unless this situation changes ..

You have supported us and we in return will support you .. we are mainly a residential bar so due to the loss of tourists ( mostly friends ) I will ensure you do not miss out ... regardless.

Thanks to Mr Gary Barnes and all of the following that have supported us. The charity for FACT will be soon ...

Brian Wilson
Anne Marie
Rock DJ
Willy Ray
Leslie Elvis Moore
Me (of course)

I'll Keep you posted .. stay safe .. and love to all of you ###x

On behalf of Fay and myself .. be kind .. be positive ..


As a result of the recent lockdown Sloop Bar has suspended the bonus ball for 2 weeks unless otherwise notified.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys ... Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon ... ######xx

This week's bonus ball number is 14 ... 147 Euro's .. well done Duncan

Sorry .. due to the current lock down Sloop Bar will be closing effective from now ...

Sorry for the inconvenience
Hope you are all safe and look forward to seeing you all soon 😘

Get booking guys .. it's going to be a brilliant afternoon at Sloop Bar this Sunday ...

Free hot food
Free live entertainment
Free nibbles

We're trying to increase our current total raised so far from over 3000 euro to 5000 euro .. please join us to help FACT help others who are suffering from cancer ...

Please book via this page or call me on 683460693 ..

Fun starts at 3.00pm but please try and arrive early as seating will not be held folks ..

See you then .. kisses Fay ###x

This Sunday at 3.00pm Sloop Bar will be raising 💰 money for a Cancer organization called FACT ..

Mr Gary Barnes will be hosting the event and we have a incredible line up of superb musicians and entertainer's ...

Willy Ray
Leslie Elvis Moore
Rock DJ
Brian Wilson ..

This is an afternoon not to miss guys .. please book if possible as we will be extremely busy .. seats only available till 3.00pm ( if booked guys.)

Free chicken casserole with mash and fresh crusty bread ..

All donation's on the day will be appreciated .. all proceeds from our raffle will be donated to the charity ...

CDs are also available ... A Song written by Gary Barnes and music by Phil O'Neil .. 'Sands of Time' .. all proceeds to charity ..

Come along and join us .. look forward to seeing you all ... Hugs and kisses 💋 Fay ###xx

As always a fantastic afternoon at Sloop Bar on Sunday ..

The Philharmonics were on top form and a big thanks for the entertainment boys .. brilliant !!

Thanks to Bonny and Allan for singing for us ... superb ..

Jimmy cooked the delicious Belgium stew which was delicious ..

This 🌞 Sunday we have a charity bash for FACT .. so book if you can guys ( details to follow )

Thanks for your constant ❤️ support folks always appreciated ..

Congratulations Gary and Jules on your anniversary xx

See you all soon .. hugs and kisses Fay ###xx

Don't forget guys the incredible Philharmonics will be with us at 3.00pm Sunday ...

Free Belgium stew with canarian potatoes and fresh crusty bread ...

Great day and great fun ..

See you all then hugs Fay x

Fantastic afternoon at Sloop Bar guys ....

Thanks to Mr Gary Barnes for organising the day and of course many thanks to all the 4 brilliant acts that provided a great days entertainment...
Anne Marie
Rock DJ
Brian Wilson
Willy Ray ... Superb !

Thanks to all that supported us always appreciated folks...

See you soon .. hugs and kisses Fay ############

Don't forget guys 4 hours of great entertainment and 4 great acts this Sunday at 3.00pm .. hosted by the delightful Mr Gary Barnes ..

FREE food will be available ..

Julie is working this evening .. hope you can come and support her ...

Jimmy has taken over the position of night bar manager and will be with us on Sunday ..

See you folks soon .. as always hugs and kisses Fay ############

With effect from tommorow Sloop Bar will be providing free face masks to all customers .. only if you drink at least 10 bottles of Corona ...

Looking a little worse than normal .. regretfully phil is on his way back to Tenerife ... no flight .. apparently he thinks he can walk on water !! .. anyway he's got the duty free's

Bad weather or not .. Sloop Bar had a fantastic Sunday afternoon .. thanks to Mr Gary Barnes as always for organizing a brilliant day's entertainment ...

Many thanks to the superb acts ..
Brian Wilson
Willy Ray
and Rock DJ .. cheers guys ... SPECTACULAR ..

This Sunday at 3.00pm we have 4 more acts on .. hosted by Gary ..

Rock DJ
Brian Wilson
Willy Ray
Plus our surprise act !!

Free chicken curry with rice and crusty bread ..

Booking always recommended folks if possible ..

Can't wait to see you guys .. hug's and kisses Fay ###xx

Hope you can join us this Sunday at 3.00pm for another fantastic afternoon of fun and frolics ...

4 great live acts on ..
Ann Marie
Brian Wilson
Rock DJ
Willy Ray

The days entertainment is hosted by the delicious Mr Gary Barnes ...

Book if possible because we get very busy guys ..

Free bacon pasta in a rich tomato sauce with canarian potatoes and crusty bread ...

Look forward to seeing you all .. hugs Fay ###xx

Again another fantastic Sunday afternoon ...

Many thanks to all the superb acts that supported us ...

Ann Marie
Willy Ray
Rock DJ
Brian Wilson
Love all these guys excellent performers xx

Thanks to Glenn for singing for us another great entertainer xx

As always a massive thanks to the incredible Mr Gary Barnes for organizing the Sunday events .. one of a kind x

Big thanks to all that supported us .. and well done Phil for messing up crackling rose .. cheers Julie for being kind enough to do the raffle for us xx

Hugs as always Fay ###xx

Well after 3 years of moaning the final day has arrived ...

This week's bonus ball winner is ANDY !!

Number 18 ... 147 euro ..

This week at Sloop Bar ...

Julie is working today .. Friday day and Saturday night guys ...
Fay tonight and tommorow night ... Plus Phil if he turns up .. ha ha x

Don't forget Sunday afternoon folks .. 4 fantastic acts on at 3.00pm with free chilli con carne ...

It's going to be a great day .. hugs Fay ###xx

Hope you can Join us at Sloop Bar this Sunday 3.00pm for a great afternoon of live entertainment .. some absolutely fantastic acts ..

Willy Ray
Ann Marie
Rock DJ
Brian Wilson

The afternoon's entertainment is hosted and organized by the incredible Mr Gary Barnes ..

Booking is recommended as we get very busy ...

Free chilli con carne with canarian potatoes and garlic bread ...

It's going to be a belter folks ... Look forward to seeing you 😊 all ..

As ever hugs and kisses 💋 Fay ###xx

Brilliant afternoon on the jet ski ... Happy birthday Jacko ... Thanks Deb's for the treat ###

Absolutely superb afternoon at Sloop Bar yesterday .... Brilliant show by the incredible Philharmonic's .... Always on form ... Cheers guys xx

Thanks to all that supported us .. love you all ..

Thanks to Mr Gary Barnes for singing a few songs and thankfully Phil for singing 1 ..

Brilliant day .. fantastic atmospheric and great company ...

Always hugs and kisses Fay .. thank you x x x x x

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Lunes 12:00 - 02:00
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