The Irish Rose, Puerto Colon, Tenerife, Adeje Video March 17, 2018, 12:49pm

Videos by The Irish Rose, Puerto Colon, Tenerife in Adeje. A Family friendly Bar/restaurant overlooking La Pinta beach Puerto Colon, Adeje, Tenerife. Showing all sports including Footie, Rugby, & UK horse racing.

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It's as if the weekend never happened 😂😂

Can't believe there's no one on the beach....

Attempted break in at The Rose
We arrived this morning to find the lock for the door on the floor and a hole where it should have been. Turns out two scumbags were down the port last night doing a bit of BandE. Fortunately we are alarmed up and they didn't enter. Didn't see the cameras in time though. Got some full face stills which I'll post up on Friday. Share away please...........

Security Video from Christmas Eve
This is the video of the guy from the incident early this morning. He walks through the shot to have a row with his girlfriend and returns in shot at about 1min30s to do his thing. Please share as widely as possible.

A wee bit of karaoke tonight 🤗🤗

Party in Progress!!!
Sunday Night Karaoke with Tracey at The Rose

Smartest cat ever

Where there a will

Leprechains let loose

My new Toy


If you're bored this weekend. try this out.

Not sure if this is funny or not, but had to laugh.

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