Alborada Ocean Club

Alborada Ocean Club


We're travelling from 11/12/20 to 01/01/21 and it seems from what i have read that there will be restrictions in place, but no stricter than in the UK i.e wearing of masks in public spaces ( can be removed when seated and distanced ), social distance of 2m in restaurants and bars etc which must close at 11pm, maximum of 4 persons per group for dining and socialising (this may be problematic to larger groups of travellers or family groups ) curfew in public places between 11pm and 6am. I reckon we can cope with that if the weather holds up. Last year on the 25/12/2019 i sat outside the pool bar at 12 noon drinking a beer and the temperature was 25 C. what's not to like.
Hi can you confirm you're closing u til end of January 2021 I've just had an email from travel soon saying my booking is cancelled for 10th December due to the hotel closing
Hope to visit at Christmas Wish covid would do one now !! We all want our holidays plz
Really can't wait for January, quarantine or not if that plane is flying we are on it! Honestly we need a break in our favourite hotel for a week after the worst 12/18 months ever!
Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for resolving the towels on sunbeds problem I mentioned yesterday on Tripadvisor. I’ve noticed a difference already 😎😎😎😎😎
Has any one heard any thing about flights coming over were still waiting to here of tui for the 1st September
Can any one tell me what drinks are included in all inclusive please
Hi. Iv been told that British tourists are not being treated the best at the moment. Is this true ?? Thanks
Hola!!! Cuanto cuesta entrar para pasar un rato en la piscina??
Hows things looking for end of july to visit you Are things all operational

Alborada Ocean Club es una opción inteligente para nuestros viajeros en Tenerife ya que ofrece un estupendo ambiente relajado y tranquilo.

Funcionando como de costumbre

Año nuevo...Oferta Nueva! 30€ por persona y noche con el TODO INCLUIDO para reservas realizadas a partir del 12/01/2021 con estancias entre 12/01/2021 hasta el 28/03/2021!


New Year ... New Offer! 30€ per person and night with ALL INCLUSIVE for booking made from 01/12/2021 with stays between 12/01/2021 until 28/03/2021!


Cena de fin de año Alborada Ocean Club

Desde el Alborada Ocean Club os deseamos un feliz año 2021!🎉🎉🎉
From Alborada Ocean Club we wish you all a happy new year 2021!🎉🎉🎉


Aquí un ejemplo de lo que te encontrarás en nuestra cena de Fin de Año! Anímate y reserva a través de nuestra web o llamando al teléfono +34 822 24 19 99!
Here is an example of what you will find at our New Year's Eve dinner! Go ahead and book through our website or by calling +34 822 24 19 99

Ven a disfrutar con nosotros de nuestra cena especial de Fin de Año!
Come and enjoy our special New Year´s Eve dinner with us!

Aplicando todas las medidas necesarias anti Covid-19 como distancia de seguridad, aforo permitido y comida protegida por mamparas 😉 Applying all covid measures as the recommended distance between tables, maximum number of people permitted 😉

Aplicando todas las medidas necesarias anti Covid-19 como distancia de seguridad, aforo permitido y comida protegida por mamparas 😉

Applying all covid measures as the recommended distance between tables, maximum number of people permitted and food behind glasses 😉

Nuestra cena de Navidad! Our Christmas dinner!

Nuestra cena de Navidad! 😊
Our Christmas dinner! 😊



[12/17/20]   According to the official Tenerife Tourism statement of 12/17/2020:

Given the doubts generated after the information issued yesterday by the Government of the Canary Islands regarding mobility to and from the island of Tenerife, we clarify that, in the case of national and foreign tourists who plan to come to the island of Tenerife On vacation, they can take advantage of the exceptionalities contemplated by the current regulations on the right of admission in tourist accommodation establishments, where a negative health test (PCR or antigen) must be presented that proves to be free of Coronavirus, as established by official information issued by the regional Executive itself

Nosotros nos encargamos de tu Cena Navideña! para que no muevas un dedo!

Te invitamos a visitar nuestra página web o llamar al 822 24 19 99 para consultar precios!

We take care of your Christmas Dinner! so you don't have to move a finger!
We invite you to visit our website or call 822 24 19 99 to check prices!

!!!! OFERTA PARA RESIDENTES CANARIOS !!!!! CANCELACIÓN GRATUITA hasta 3 días antes de la llegada y 15% DE DESCUENTO para residentes canarios para nuevas reservas hechas antes de final de Febrero para estancias hasta el 31/03/2021.
Utilizando el código promocional: ALBOCANARIO en nuestra pagina web o llamando a nuestro departamento de reservas al +34 822 241 999

!!!! OFERTA PARA RESIDENTES CANARIOS !!!!! CANCELACIÓN GRATUITA hasta 3 días antes de la llegada y 15% DE DESCUENTO para residentes canarios para nuevas reservas hechas antes de final de Febrero para estancias hasta el 31/03/2021.

Utilizando el código promocional: ALBOCANARIO en nuestra pagina web o llamando a nuestro departamento de reservas al +34 822 241 999

Good morning everyone, this is Sue your friendly English rep here in the hotel....and what a good morning it is....I have had so many messages from lots of you saying how happy you are that the quarantine restrictions have been lifted....I think you will know how happy we all are as well.
People are asking if we have rooms available for booking, the answer is YES......and although we noticed that just in a couple of hours last night bookings were coming in, we still have lots of availabilty, so get booking folks...the sun is beaming, the bars n restaurants are open and we cannot wait to welcome you.
Don't forget, on the morning after you arrive, pop down to the pool bar at 9:30am to see myself or Craig n collect your maps etc. Lots of excursions are opening back up, markets are on etc. We have all the info and help you could want. Look forward to seeing you all.

Coronavirus: Canary Islands added to UK's safe travel list

Some great news! 😊🎉☀️🍾🏊🏻‍♂️🏖 UK tourists will also no longer need to quarantine after visiting Mykonos, the Maldives and Denmark.

Un poco de aquagym con nuestros animadores....ALBORADA OCEAN CLUB ⭐⭐⭐

¿Te gustaría estar aquí ahora mismo? Aquí te esperamos ☀️ Feliz semana a todos ♥️

[09/11/20]   Otro día de relax en Alborada... ☀️ 🌊 🍺🏊🏻‍♂️🏖😎
Another relaxing day at Alborada... ☀️🌊🍺🏊🏻‍♂️🏖😎

Un día más de normalidad... Y salud en vuestro hotel Alborada ocean Club! 💙💙💙

[08/14/20]   Una aclaración a añadir a la información proporcionada en el día de hoy sobre la obligatoriedad de llevar mascarilla, anunciada por el Gobierno de Canarias. Debido al alto número de llamadas y preguntas, que estamos teniendo, aclarar que el hotel está abierto con todas sus zonas comunes. No ha cambiado nada, aparte de la obligatoriedad de llevar mascarilla, con algunas excepciones que ya hemos especificado, y la norma de no fumar si no se mantiene la distancia de 2 metros. Bares, restaurantes, tiendas, etc están abiertos en la zona también.


[08/14/20]   Just a clarification after the information provided today about the new Covid measures to be taken in the Canary Islands: Everything is open and all is working as usual, nothing changed indeed in the rest of Spain this new law regarding the mask was implemented since 2 weeks ago.Canary Islands was the only community in Spain which have not implemented this till today. The hotel is open and the only thing you have to take into account is that you have to wear a mask (with some exceptions which we already specified) and smoking is not allowed if you cannot keep the 2 meters distance.
Also, on the beaches and swimming pools, the obligation to use the mask is excluded while bathing and while remaining in a certain space, without moving, and the safety distance between all users can be guaranteed. You have to wear the mask in the entrances, movements and walks that take place in these spaces and facilities, but not if you are in your sunbed


[08/14/20]   Below we attach new information regarding the announcement made yesterday by the Government of the Canary Islands, regarding the new measures taken against Covid-19, such as the mandatory use of a mask on the Canary Islands. Please read carefully. Thank you


The Government of the Canary Islands toughens control measures against COVID-19 in Canary Islands
The Governing Council approves the mandatory use of masks in all spaces, both closed and open
The Canary Islands also prohibit nightlife in closed places and limit the capacity in open places
The Executive adopts more demanding preventive measures in order to preserve people's health and the economy; Canarias is the community with the most favorable cumulative incidence of cases in the entire country
Despite the negative evolution in the rest of Spain, the Canary Islands today have the most favorable situation of the pandemic in Spain, where it is the territory with a cumulative incidence of diagnosed cases of the most advantageous in the country, as reflected in the last official report on COVID-19 (Wednesday, August 12) published by the Ministry of Health.
Faced with this situation, the Governing Council has decided to adopt new restrictive measures proportional to the risk and aimed at those areas or sectors in which the risk of transmission must be reduced.

Mandatory mask
As of this Friday 08/14/2020, the use of masks is mandatory for all people six years of age and older. It will be mandatory to wear a mask on “public roads, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use, or in the one that is open to the public, regardless of maintaining the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 meters ”.
In addition, the correct use of the mask will be mandatory, and it must cover the nose and mouth completely at all times. Likewise, it must be properly adjusted to the nose and chin, so as to prevent the expulsion of respiratory secretions to the environment.
The mask will be mandatory in the hotel and restaurant establishments and services, including bars and cafes. The obligation to use it is only excluded at the time of food or drink intake.
On the beaches and swimming pools, the obligation to use the mask is only excluded while bathing and while remaining in a certain space, without moving, and provided that respect for the interpersonal safety distance between all users can be guaranteed. cohabiting. In any case, the use of a mask will be mandatory in the entrances, movements and walks that take place in these spaces and facilities.
In addition to this obligation, the Governing Council, at the request of the Ministry of Health, recommends the use of a mask also in private spaces, "both open and closed, when meetings of people from different coexistence centers are held."

Along with the previous measure on the use of the mask, others are established in leisure and catering. In this sense, the previous rule regarding capacity in bars and restaurants is modified since the maximum occupation of the table or group of tables will be 10 people, both inside and outside the premises. The separation distance of 1.5 meters is maintained between the tables or groups of tables, as well as in the bar between clients or groups. The maximum occupancy per table or group of tables indoors and outdoors will be 10 people. In any case, establishments must have the aforementioned separation distance adequately marked.

Regarding nightlife, only that which takes place in open spaces, terrace type is allowed. These premises may be open to the public exclusively for sitting or standing consumption and always in private reserved. Access will be through groups of up to 10 people from their social or family environment, sitting or standing, and consumption will be directly served in each reserved area.
In any case, the capacity in outdoor terraces, discos and nightlife will be a maximum of 75%. In addition, it is necessary to maintain interpersonal distance and the use of a mask.
The security personnel will ensure that the interpersonal safety distance is respected and will avoid the formation of large groups and agglomerations, paying special attention to access and immediate areas, as well as any other area where the interpersonal safety distance is not respected.

The Government also prohibits gatherings and parties on recreational boats where a safe distance cannot be maintained.
On the other hand, the Governing Council approved the prohibition of smoking on public roads or in spaces for public use where the physical distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, taking into account the risk of COVID-19 contagion that smoke may imply.

[08/14/20]   A continuación adjuntamos nueva información relativa al anuncio realizado en el día de ayer por parte del Gobierno de Canarias, con respecto a las nuevas medidas tomadas contra Covid-19, como el uso obligatorio de mascarilla en las Isla Canarias. Por favor, leer atentamente. Gracias


El Gobierno de Canarias endurece las medidas de control contra el COVID-19 en locales de ocio y reuniones sociales
El Consejo de Gobierno aprueba el uso obligatorio de las mascarillas en todos los espacios, tanto cerrados como abiertos
Canarias también prohíbe el ocio nocturno en lugares cerrados y limita el aforo en los sitios abiertos

El Ejecutivo adopta medidas preventivas más exigentes con el fin de preservar la salud de las personas y la economía; Canarias es la comunidad con una incidencia acumulada de casos más favorable en todo el país

Pese a la evolución negativa en el resto de España, Canarias posee hoy en día la situación más favorable de la pandemia en España, donde es el territorio con una incidencia acumulada de casos diagnosticados de las más ventajosas del país, según se recoge en el último informe oficial sobre el COVID-19 (miércoles 12 de agosto) publicado por el Ministerio de Sanidad.

Ante esa situación, el Consejo de Gobierno ha tomado la determinación de adoptar nuevas medidas restrictivas proporcionales al riesgo y dirigidas a aquellos ámbitos o sectores en los cuales se debe reducir el riesgo de transmisión.

Mascarilla obligatoria
A partir de este viernes 14/08/2020, se establece la obligatoriedad del uso de mascarillas a todas las personas de seis años en adelante. Será obligatorio llevar mascarilla en “la vía pública, en espacios al aire libre y en cualquier espacio cerrado de uso público, o en el que se encuentre abierto al público, con independencia del mantenimiento de la distancia de seguridad interpersonal de al menos 1,5 metros”.
Además, será obligatorio el uso correcto de la mascarilla, debiendo cubrir, durante todo el tiempo, la nariz y la boca completamente. Asimismo, deberá estar adecuadamente ajustada a la nariz y a la barbilla, de modo que impida la expulsión de secreciones respiratorias al entorno.

La mascarilla será obligatoria en los establecimientos y servicios de hostelería y restauración, incluidos bares y cafeterías. Solo se excluye la obligación de su uso en el momento de la ingesta de alimentos o bebidas.

En las playas y piscinas solo se excluye la obligación del uso de la mascarilla durante el baño y mientras se permanezca en un espacio determinado, sin desplazarse, y siempre que se pueda garantizar el respeto de la distancia de seguridad interpersonal entre todas las personas usuarias no convivientes. En cualquier caso, será obligatorio el uso de mascarilla en los accesos, desplazamientos y paseos que se realicen en esos espacios e instalaciones.
Además de esa obligatoriedad, el Consejo de Gobierno, a instancias de la Consejería de Sanidad, recomienda la utilización de mascarilla también en los espacios privados, “tanto abiertos como cerrados, cuando se celebren reuniones de personas procedentes de distintos núcleos de convivencia”.

Junto a la anterior medida sobre el uso de la mascarilla, se establecen otras en el ocio y la restauración. En este sentido, se modifica la norma anterior respecto a los aforos en bares y restaurantes pues la ocupación máxima de mesa o agrupación de mesas será de 10 personas, tanto en el interior como en el exterior de los locales. Se mantiene la distancia de separación de 1,5 metros entre las mesas o agrupaciones de mesas, así como en la barra entre clientes o grupos. La ocupación máxima por mesa o agrupación de mesas en interior y exterior será de 10 personas. En todo caso, los establecimientos deberán tener adecuadamente señalizada la mencionada distancia de separación.

Ocio nocturno
Respecto al ocio nocturno, solo se permite aquel que se produzca en espacios abiertos, tipo terraza. Estos locales podrán abrir al público exclusivamente para consumo sentado o de pie y siempre en reservados nominativos. El acceso será mediante grupos de hasta 10 personas de su entorno social o familiar, sentadas o de pie, y el consumo será directamente servido en cada reservado.
En todo caso, el aforo en terrazas al aire libre, discotecas y ocio nocturno será como máximo del 75%. Además, habrá que mantener la distancia interpersonal y el uso de la mascarilla.
El personal de seguridad velará por que se respete la distancia interpersonal de seguridad y evitará la formación de grupos numerosos y aglomeraciones, prestando especial atención a las zonas de acceso e inmediaciones, así como a cualquier otra zona donde no se respete la distancia interpersonal de seguridad.

El Gobierno prohíbe también los encuentros y las fiestas en embarcaciones recreativas donde no se pueda mantener la distancia de seguridad.

Por otra parte, el Consejo de Gobierno aprobó la prohibición de fumar en la vía pública o en espacios de uso público donde no se pueda mantener la distancia física de 1,5 metros, atendiendo al riesgo de contagio COVID-19 que puede implicar el humo.

What’s the situation in the Canary Islands? Just have a look... 🌞 🌴🍹

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