The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer


Thanks for making our evenings in Los Cristianos enjoyable. Hope to see you both in the New Year. Love the Buccaneer.
Just got back to UK. The Buccaneer is a great bar. Always friendly guys there to talk to.
Thankyou Lau Ra & Alex Zanetti .... fabulous time as always x ❤️❤️ thankyou our drink x love you both see you in December 😘😘 x
Another Juventus fan for Alex! See you in February!
If you’ve seen abetter looking boy your a liar and i aren’t talking about the gaffer Alex or my father in law 😍😍
Next door actually, seeing if luck continues.
Having our first cold one x
Having a quick pint
First cool one

Pub a Los Cristiano, gestito da simpatica coppia di italiani

Funcionando como de costumbre

Merry Christmas everybody 🎅❤

Happy Easter everybody 🐇🐣🐥
Stay safe ❤


Saturday boys night 🍻

Happy nights 🍻😎

January 😎🥂🎉

We wish you all a a very happy New Year 🎉🍾🥂
Come and join us tonight and welcome the New Year with our rich buffet (starting 11.30)

They are last 😘🎉

Slowly getting crazy......

Christmas eve 🎅🎄🍻

Merry Christmas everyone 🎅🎄

Happy anniversary Steph and Pete
A hart for each year

Saturday night 🎉

Just for you Tony Fitzpatrick 💙

The Cross family night out ❤💙💜

Tony's last night 😭❤😘


September nights 😍🥂👍🏻

Cheers 🍻

Happy night 🥂🥂

Cheers everybody 🥂😎🤗

This is what Kelvin has to deal with while in Spain

Have a lovely summer everybody 🌴🌻
See you 15th of August 😚😙😗😘

Summer time

Lovely customers 😍

Everybody says cheese, cheers, chicks, ...just smile 🤣😀

Watching the football ...come on Tenerife ⚽️⚽️

Tony's back!!!!! And so are the jelly beans 😀😀🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍫🍫😘😘😘

One of these night...😘

Saturday night...the lucky fellow won the sticky next door and magic Bob and gorgeous Lin are back, Pete and Janet are leaving soon, this is the report for tonight 😘

Carnival 🤡 Alex's style

Quiet night 🍻

[02/16/19]   We just want to thank all the friends that are making this bar so successful
We love you ###

Good morning everybody 🍻

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