The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife

The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife


If I bring sh*t loads of these can we do karaoke 😷😁😁😁😁😁
Long weekend away booked to our fav place in May, 5nights,6 days £155 return flights with seats for TWO people-NOT EACH 🥰🥰 can't not book it at that price 🥳 Hopefully that will be the second one of next year 😷🤞see you all November(hopefully) then New Year's Day for a couple of weeks 😎😎
Any quiz tonight
Look what the postman just delivered to my house Mark, can't believe I'm putting this sh*te in my case when we return on New Year's Day 😂😂😂😂 just Chris's Greggs pasties and Sue's flavoured Sausages to sort next. See you all in 20 days 😎😎
Hope it's not long b4 the crazies are back to see you crazy lot 🤣🤪❤sending best wishes x
MIB'S At the Drunk'n Duck Tenerife.. ie Mick..Ian. . Brenny. .Steve. 😀
In memory of my Dad Steve Powell today, 6 years gone, not forgotten, much missed ###
Thanks for an amazing night guys, see u all in July 👍👍
Thanks for great nights at the Duck,see you next year. xx
Just want to say what a scream we had in your pub, we will deffo be back, I felt like a celebrity singing on your karaoke lol....see you next year 👌👍
Thanks mark
Last night of oor hols, fab wee pub, great staff

Longest serving British pub in Tenerife, Est 1982. Always busy, great entertainment.

Funcionando como de costumbre

🥳TUESDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER!!! 4pm - 1am🥳

Well, it's been a long 6 months of sunbathing and day-time drinking, but the time has finally come to get ourselves back to work.😃

Although the island is still quiet, and many hotels are still not open, we had to take the plunge at some time, and we are looking forward to it.

We have had a trial run at setting up the bar with all the new Covid19 restrictions and social distancing measures (we now have the longest terrace in the world). We've also had a good clean and given the place a lick of paint (... and drank all the out-of-date beer to ease the pain 🍺).

So, now we're ready to go, and we hope to see as many familiar faces as possible. Your support will be much appreciated, as always. There are no plans set in stone for the night as of yet, but we will see what we can rustle up (I'm sure a game of STICKY 13 ♠️ can some how be arranged if requested)

Let's do this!!!

Ps. A massive thank you to Dylans bar, Los Cristianos, for looking after Kris and Jay, pretty much since the end of quarentine 3 months ago. You've been absolute superstars and I'm not sure what we'd have done without you guys to keep us watered and entertained on an almost daily basis. Friends forever ❤️

We're just putting it out there...

Weve had some good news today! 🎉🎉

I think we've cracked how we can open tonight... 😂😂😂

Well Monday 11th of May is day 1 of Phase 1 of de escalation. As from today our lock down restrictions are beginning to ease.

Amongst other things, we can now go for a walk, seemingly, at any time of day. There are some rules about going in the sea, although still not the beach.

We are allowed to travel all over the island if need be, rather than being stuck in our own municipalities.

Most excitingly for many of us is that some bars and restaurants have re opened today. Which means we can go for an afternoon stroll and have a beer on the seafront. The smaller things in life have become a bit more important, nowadays. Congregations of up to 10 people in homes and on tables in bars are now permitted, as long as there is a 2m gap between you and the next table, and only 50% capacity (terrace space only).

The Duck hasn't opened, as of yet, as we are waiting to see how some of the stringent regulations put into place affect those that have.

But for the time being we are going to enjoy our newly found freedom (of sorts), and go for some long walks, a few beers, barbecues and maybe even swims.

Hope you are all well.


Here's your 20 pics guys. See u in a bit

[05/09/20]   OK guys, picture quiz will be posted at 9pm. Ready for mark to go live around 9.25 for a 9.35 start of the general knowledge.

Grab ur fags, booze, a pen and paper.


Im sure you all know the crack by now. See you all at 9.30

Hi everyone.

First thing, Mark will be doing another regular normal quiz after BGT (whatever time that is, about 9.30pm) tonight. So tune in for that if u fancy it.

Second thing, Mark is still looking for as many people as possible to answer those 30 questions he posted earlier to try and do a bit more of a different quiz at a later date. So if you have time, get onto that.

More info to follow.

[05/09/20]   ¡Hola!
It's nearly time for another quiz, but this time we need your help.
We have 30 simple YES or NO questions that you need to answer truthfully, if there is a question you'd rather not answer please do not answer any of them. Write them down on paper take a picture of them and send them to Mark Skelton on messenger privately. Need about 75 more please. You'll find the questions in the comments. TIA. ###

Covid19 Tenerife Lockdown 2020

You all might want to give this a watch. It's quite emotional, but absolutely brilliant. Many of you will be in shock, and may not have seen any images from over here since 15th March. Well, check this out!

Produced by FilmCanaryIslands S.L.

OK every one. Here's the 20 pictures. See u all at 9.25

[05/02/20]   Re: The quiz - everything is on schedule. As soon as Britain's got Talent finishes at 9.25 mark will go live on here, ready to start at about 9.35/9.40. Before that, just to bring the number of questions up 50. There will be 20 pictures posted at 9pm. That will give you around 30 to 40 minutes to answer those.

As always, bring a pen and paper. Plenty of booze and fags. DO NOT POST ANY ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!!

We hope you have a laugh, it's taken Kris and Mark the best part of 5 hours today to come up with the 30 questions, so we hope you enjoy it.

See you at 9.30pm everybody. And the best bit about this quiz is there's no way u can cheat! Mwahaha.

OK everyone, it's taken us a while to get round to it, and it's gonna take us all afternoon to finalise, but THE DUCK ORIENTATED QUIZ WILL BE TONIGHT AT 9.30 after Britain's got talent so you don't miss out.

It has taken alot of effort, so please try and join in. It's gonna be funny. I promise lots of giggles. More info to be posted later.

Well, today, in Spain, phase 0 of the deescalation of lockdown began. For the first time in 7 weeks, we were all able to go for a walk, for an hour between 6am and 10am!!! True to how seriously the Spanish have taken lockdown, at 10:05am, the police were out in force making people go home, and fining some. This is why we are almost virus free.

I guess phase 4 means you'll all be able to return?


This is how the transition period to our “new normality” in Spain will look.

PM Pedro Sanchez has just made the following announcements after a long day debating with the cabinet:

Gradual – Asymmetrical – Coordinated

Small businesses, including bars and restaurants with a terrace, are set to be open by 11th May.

Sanchez said:”It´s true we are over the curve of the virus now, thanks to our collaboration with lockdown and the hard work of the front-line workers. So, we now have a plan for transition.
International experiences have been studied to see how to restart the economy without causing more infection and the recommendations of the EU and the WHO has been a point of reference at all times as well as meetings with the scientific community and business leaders.

We need to recuperate normal life without putting lives in risk. Getting Spain going again without risking lives. Working together public and private life to deescalate lock down.
The transition will be gradual. Movement between provinces will not be allowed, only in the province where you live.

Phase zero: preparation phase. Already happening, kids were allowed out last weekend and on 2nd May adults will be able to go outside for exercise. Some businesses have reopened by appointment only and restaurants doing home delivery. All government buildings will be made ready for phase 1 with deep disinfection, advice on social distancing and protective measures installed.

Phase 1: Some activities can open, small businesses, as long as the necessary health measures have been put in place. Large shopping centres will not be allowed to open just yet. Restaurants, bars and hotels can be reopened under certain restrictions to be announced. Bars and restaurants can only open and serve on the terrace and hotels and tourism properties cannot open communal areas. When these businesses reopen, the over 65´s will have a preferential time slot to access these amenities. Masks will be highly recommended on public transport during this phase and all others.

Phase 2: The intermediate phase. Restaurants can open and serve inside but only with 1/3 capacity. Schools are due to reopen in September but now with some exceptions: extra classes for students who are suffering and the under 6´s if both parents work amongst others. Theatres and cinemas can reopen with1/3 capacity. Visits to monuments and other cultural centres such as museams with 1/3 capacity. Open air cultural spaces may open if capacity is under 400 people and people are seated.

Phase 3: Advanced phase. In order to get to the new normal life some of the restriction of movement will be ilfted. Restaurants will be allowed to have higher capacity if the measures taken in previous phases have been successful.

Each phase should take two weeks. That’s six weeks in total, just month and half. The maximum it would take if things go well and with caution is 8 weeks.

By the end of June, we could be living in our new normality. If there are no shock outbreaks, on 4th May all of Spain moves to phase zero apart from the Canaries who move to phase 1. If by this date any other autonomous regions also comply will move to phase 1 and every week this will be reviewed. We will come out of this together. The time frame depends on the virus but the time frame has been clearly laid out even if the phases happen at different times in different parts of Spain.

When virus vaccine cure if found we can go back to normal but always on the look out for new pandemics and being prepared.

Public transport will be running more frequently to avoid agglomerations of people and maintain social distancing.
The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón reminded us all earlier today that with these freedoms come responsibility – we all must continue to do our bit. We have to maintain social distancing and we have to maintain personal hygiene and frequent hand washing if we want to avoid a second wave of contamination.

It may be slow, it may be frustrating, but we will get through this together.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay home.

Hat tip : BBS

Here's the picture quiz guys... Mark will be here live at 9.15pm for about a 9.20 start to the questions

[04/26/20]   Re: Quiz - picture part of the quiz will be online at 9pm...

[04/26/20]   Hi all. Happy lockdown!

Although, I promised you all a special quiz, which is still on, probably Tuesday at 9 o'clock, Mark has had a shandy and is bored. So tonight at 9 o'clock, he will be doing another, similar to the last one.

Same deal, grab a pen and paper, beers, gin, vodka, fags, whatever you need. DO NOT POST THE ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!

I will keep you posted. If you fancy a laugh, see you at 9. (and there's bugger all on telly, I've checked)

[04/24/20]   Well that quiz was a great success! Thanks to everyone who played along at such short notice. Because it worked so well, we will be doing another "slightly different" quiz soon. We've got a great idea, and you don't want to miss it. We will keep you all informed, but its going to be very very funny.

Let's just say you will learn alot more about the Duck and its staff...

OK everyone. Here is round 1. 20 picture quiz questions. Grab some paper and a pen. Perhaps beer, wine, gin, fags, whatever you need, and get comfy. Mark will be live just before 9.30, ready to start, with 25 general knowledge questions and 25 multiple choice questions. Have fun everyone.

There's no way of marking, so if you cheat you're only cheating yourself. It's just for fun. Write ur answers down and Mark will catch up with u later.

[04/24/20]   Short notice. But who's up for doing a quiz at 9.30pm with Mark? Please reply if your happy to play along... Just a bit of fun. Nothing serious

Before we played Sticky 13, we used to play Play Your Cards Right. With Terry as Bruce and Sue as the dolly dealer before political correctness. Another video sent to us by Sue and Billie from 2005 😂

Who's coming to Tenerife as soon as this is over?

Following on from Fridays post... As predicted 👍🏼💪🏼🤟🏼🙏🏼

It's completely blown me away how many people have caused a simple Facebook status to go viral. Thank u guys. X

[04/10/20]   With all the negative news surrounding Corona Virus, on the eve of DAY 28 of lockdown in Spain, the Canary Islands registered just 1 death between all 7 islands yesterday. Hundreds of people are now being sent home every day (372 yesterday, 250 the day before). We are absolutely smashing it over here. Quarentine is working.

Our little island paradise will be Corona virus free in no time. Only 8 registered cases left between Adeje and Arona (Playa de Las America's, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje, Torviscas, and surrounding towns and villages up in the hills etc).

Keep it going guys. And you'll be back over here with us sooner rather than later.

Who has or is going to miss a holiday due to all this? Flights and holidays are already out online for winter 2020/21. Jump on these guys. Some absolute bargains. Make up for lost time.

Another little history lesson, seeing as the last one was so well received:

This photo was taken in the late 70s, before, even, the duck was built. The photo is taken from a high floor of the Hotel Europe. Many of you won't know what that is, and I shall tell you why.

It opened in 1974, and was the 2nd hotel to be built in Playa de Las Americas. However, at 2am, one morning in 1990 (when I was 4), part of one of the floors collapsed into the reception. 1 man was killed. Upon inspection, the hotel was deemed unsafe, and lay dormant for 8 years as a giant crumbling eyesore. It was eventually demolished in 1998, and eventually made way for the swanky 5 star Villa Cortez Hotel, that lies between Parque Santiago 4 and The conquistador.

So, now we've covered where the photo was taken from, and why many of you won't know of it, I will explain what it is taken of.

This is a salt mine. Before the days of tourism, or Playa de Las America's and Costa Adeje for that matter, as well as bananas, wine and tomatos , one of the other exports Tenerife had was salt. Much like the island of Sal in Cape Verde if any of you have been.

Tourism arrived, and land was purchased to build hotels, which is the Las Americas we see today, but how many of you have stayed in either the Conquistador, or Parque Santiago 1 and 2, and didn't realise that where those hotels are now stood, was once merely a massive salt mine, all the way up to the Patch, where the duck is now.

Isn't it crazy how much a place can change.

So the photo taken is from Hotel Europe (Villa Cortez), facing directly towards the salt mines (the conquistador and Parque Santiago 1)

Hope you find this fascinating. And if I can find anymore interesting photos, I will do another one.


The Drunk'N' Duck (Tenerife) - 2020 All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - Tenerife, Spain | Tripadvisor

So... How many of you lovely lot have never gotten round to giving us a Trip Advisor review? How many people are bored during the lock down? Why not write us a little review now, with a little star rating (5 obviously)?

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[04/07/20]   Something to keep you entertained during lockdown. A video, by Sue and Billy Smith, from 2004. If any of you have any good old photos or video memories, please send them via Facebook message. We will be glad to receive them.

Who reckons we should get Mark to play a game of lockdown Sticky13 one night this week, live on the ducks page?

Some of you may remember, many moons ago, that Kris used to write in a local newspaper. Well, the boredom has got the better of him, and he's at it again. It has been published by The Canarian Weekly this morning. Please, feel free to have a read.

We've received an interesting take on the last few weeks, which we want to share with you.... take time to read, as it may make you think!!

The Virus by Kris Jones

It was an unprecedented time. A time of uncertainty, bewilderment and irresolution, the likes of which had never been seen on this island before.

Financially, the world's future looked to be in disarray . Entire economies ripped and shaken from their very foundations, leaving all they held up to crumble. Our economy was no different.
Tourism wasn't a necessity in people's lives anymore. Nor was any of the hospitality sector that goes hand in hand with it. Not that any of that mattered. Planes were grounded. Hotels were closed. The entire retail industry was forced to shut down. All of this with the aim of saving lives.

The previous month had been a shock as it was. A Calima, the likes of which hadn't been seen for decades, turned the islands to virtual darkness, a scene only depicted in movies, novels and biblical stories to mean one thing, apocalypse.
It seemed that way, too. It seemed like the end of time in a jovial sense. What we didn't realise, was that a much more sinister time lay just around the corner, and this time it wasn't going to be so jovial.
Our lives changed beyond recognition. For many, the social aspect of life on our island was paramount, yet, almost over night, all of our freedom was taken away. No more coffees in the afternoon with friends. No more beers in the sunshine. No more lunch dates with those you don't see enough of. No more sea front strolls taking in the fresh sea air. No more late night drunken evenings with those who were bad influences.
All of it, gone.

Don't get me wrong, we weren't trapped. We weren't made to starve, or use ration books, either. Our civil liberties, however, had been reduced to food shopping and pharmacys visits. Never before, had a trip to the basura been a chore any household would fight over, just to have an excuse stretch your legs for a couple of minutes.
This was tough to take, at best. We came from a generation spoiled by freedom. One that, as adults, had never been told what to do before. We all heard tales from the past. How hard times had been during the two great wars, was something we learnt about at school in history classes. That wasn't something we would ever have to endure! Times had changed, moved on. We would never have to deal with such hardships. Those times were behind us.
But, here it was. A new fact of life. One that we had to accept and abide by, and all the time, not knowing when the end would be. An Olympic marathon with no finish line.

Day by day, news filtered into every home. Every single one of us, pleading to a higher power, that the answer might be found or that a solution had been made, so that the light would be visible at the end of this, the longest of tunnels.
This was to no avail.

The whole of Europe had been brought to its knees by an invisible asassin. One that spent its time roaming the streets, thirsty for blood, picking people off at will, and, whilst detected, continued unnerved.
The island wasn't scared, as such. All of us under the age of sixty, had been pretty much assured that our lives weren't at risk, but the lives of alot of our nearest and dearest were. That's where the element of worry and responsibility set in. A sense of selflessness had taken over for most, difficult as it may have been.
However, we were a resolute bunch, on this island. Not ones to be seen lying down below the parapit, mellowing in our own discontent.

We stood up! Not against the regime change, far from it. We embraced it.

Not being the most tranquil of societies, one would be forgiven for thinking this may not have gone so well. Alas, one would be mistaken.
Via modern age technology, we entertained one another. Singers sang. Comedians made us laugh. Fitness experts helped us stay in shape. Radio DJs kept us informed. A beautiful unity had sprouted in the depths of the dark forest we had all found ourselves lost in.

At 7pm every evening, we all applauded to show our appreciation to the front line emergency services, as well as doctors and nurses. What incredible human beings these were, risking their lives to save others, whilst most of us were simply sat at home, helpless.
Policemen, even, danced in the street to keep spirits up. What a time to be alive.

Throughout all this, we behaved impeccably. Not a person could be seen in the street. Perhaps, the odd lady walking her chihuahua. A car may drive past once every 5 minutes or so, but our islands notorious traffic problems were becoming a distant memory. Nobody felt the need to panic buy. The shops were fully stocked as normal. People had respect for the problem, the solution and each other.
If positivity were able to beat this, then the battle was won. But this was no fairy tale.

The planet continued to grapple for power. Terror reigned. There seemed to be no way out.
For us, there was nothing to do but sit and watch. It's a very strange feeling. The best thing we could do is do nothing. No one ever won a battle in pyjamas.

Panic and chaos spread. The continent was hit like a bomb.
The irony was astonishing. We move it ourselves. Go out, and the problem persists. Stay in, and it dissipates. This was easier said than done.

People weren't listening. The problem was worsening. Compulsory lockdowns were now in place throughout most of the planet.
Our island stayed true to itself. Keeping the problem to a minimum. Watching on as city's fell one after another.
Why does this story not have a super hero? A wizard perhaps. Someone with special powers to have helped us all out in this dark time in human history.
The answer is simple. They aren't real!

Maybe they are, who am I to say? But did we earn it? Many have behaved despicably. Did we deserve a lucky break?

What was to become of the future of the island. The economy was, not even in tatters, it was rebooting altogether. We hoped to make a complete, full and swift recovery. This came down to us and each other.
One thing that was very real was us. Each and every one of us. None of us had special powers. We were all cogs in a planetary machine. We all had a job to do. Some more than others.
The future was in our hands....

I wonder how we did?

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