The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife

The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife


Look what the postman just delivered to my house Mark, can't believe I'm putting this sh*te in my case when we return on New Year's Day 😂😂😂😂 just Chris's Greggs pasties and Sue's flavoured Sausages to sort next. See you all in 20 days 😎😎
Hope it's not long b4 the crazies are back to see you crazy lot 🤣🤪❤sending best wishes x
MIB'S At the Drunk'n Duck Tenerife.. ie Mick..Ian. . Brenny. .Steve. 😀
In memory of my Dad Steve Powell today, 6 years gone, not forgotten, much missed ###
Thanks for an amazing night guys, see u all in July 👍👍
Thanks for great nights at the Duck,see you next year. xx
Just want to say what a scream we had in your pub, we will deffo be back, I felt like a celebrity singing on your karaoke lol....see you next year 👌👍
Thanks mark
Last night of oor hols, fab wee pub, great staff
When you go to your favourite pub knowing it will be closed and are sad when you get there 😢😢
Great pub lovely staff great atmosphere great entertainment. Sticky 13 card game on at 12 o’clock. My husband and I won it five nights when we were for 12 days, So call in for a great nights entertainment and a chance off winning sticky 13. We broke the record so far by winning 5 times 404 euro. So if your passing The Drunk’n Duck call in for a great nites crack and the chance to win a few euros. Thank you Drunk’n Duck for a great holiday.Best pub in Playa De Las Americas. See yous next year.
Not sure if this is allowed and can be deleted if needed but trying to share with as many as possible, this is defin worth reading for the family who is going thru this with still no answers as to where their son is. So anyone can imagine the pain they must be going thru so if you could please share 😞

Longest serving British pub in Tenerife, Est 1982. Always busy, great entertainment.

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He's back with a bang... The Michael Jackson Experience... 22/01/20

It all went a bit weird tonight...

Kevin Isaac... 21/01/20


Meadow will be back performing from this week!!

It is likely to be very busy and we will be reserving tables on Wednesdays.

Please message our page if you would like to do so.

Comedy Bearded Buble show... 18/01/20

Tonight @ 11pm Welsh funny man KIRK READINGS takes to the stage with his BEARDED BUBLE COMEDY SHOW. If youre up for a laugh you cant miss this. Fun and frolics with MARK SKELTON @ 10pm. #sticky13 @ midnight. Karaoke till late.

#tenerife #comedy #winter2019 #entertainment #showbar

The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife

The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife


Can you guess what it is?


Teresa Keene... 15/01/20

Just about sums The Duck up I think 😂

The Drunk'n Duck Tenerife's cover photo

Kevin Isaac... 14/01/20


I would, firstly, just like to say a massive thank you to all that joined us tonight. But this was a very special night...

Discarding New Years Eves and Paddy's nights, this was 100% officially the BUSIEST NIGHT IN THE 37 YEAR HISTORY OF THE DUCK!!! Like, at 3 different occasions we actually had no glasses left to serve in!!!

Quite an achievement for all involved, as we worked our socks off. An epecially challenging night for our returning barman Jay, who has only been back a day, but, also, my mum, Mark, Kerry-anne and Kevin Isaac. Everyone was absolutely stupendous. My feet hurt. My head hurts. But it was all totally worth it and we had a ball.

Things are only gonna get better, though. So watch this space. 😊😊😊😊

Sebastian Whitacker... 5/01/20

New Years festivities still going strong... Dee Daniels 2/01/20

Teresa Keene smashing it as midnight like only she knows how 💕💕

Happy New Year 2020 to all our customers near and far!!!

37 years we've been doing this now, and what we've accomplished, I suppose, is remarkable.
Guess it just goes to show that a bigger venue doesn't mean a better one, eh?

Many have tried to replicate what we have, and I'm sure many will in the future, but I very much doubt any will live to stand the test of time in quite the same manner. Especially with the love, heart and personality we give it.

Tonight, the staff were impeccable (with 2 less than normal) , so too were the acts.

Thank you everybody. Couldn't be happier.


[01/01/20]   Thank you everyone!! But crikey my feet hurt....

Last Few Tables Remaining!!


8.30 - STICKY 13
10.00 - MARK & TERRY

(reserve tables via messenger or call +34619418309)

Tonight @ 11pm Welsh funny man KIRK READINGS takes to the stage with his BEARDED BUBLE COMEDY SHOW. If youre up for a laugh you cant miss this. Fun and frolics with MARK SKELTON @ 10pm. #sticky13 @ midnight. Karaoke till late.

#tenerife #comedy #winter2019 #entertainment #showbar

SOUL & MOTOWN is the flavour of the evening with SEBASTIAN WHITTAKER @ 11pm. MARK SKELTON kicks proceedings off @ 10pm. #sticky13 @ 12am. Karaoke @ 12.30 till late.

Congratulations to our very good friends, Steve and Julie, on their engagement in The Duck tonight. It was quite possibly the most awkward thing I've witnessed since my own (Kris). But still, it did the trick. Congratulations guys!!! I think that's about number 5 for the duck in our short 36 year history. Probably better than Blind Date ever did lol.

We begin our Christmas period with Welsh funny man KIRK READINGS and his COMEDY BEARDED BUBLE SHOW @ 11pm. Your host and compere MARK SKELTON starts proceedings off @ 10pm. #sticky13 as always @ 12am. Followed by KARAOKE till late from 12.30.

Well, after a very relaxing week off we are BACK OPEN TONIGHT!!!

Staff Christmas night out was brilliant (if not slightly messy) as usual. The meal in La Fortuna, Los Cristianos was simply brilliant. We then decided to visit the Horror Bar for something a bit different.

SEE you all soon!!!


9pm - An early game of STICKY 13
9.30 - MARK & TERRY
11pm - Kevin Isaac COMEDY ELVIS
11.55 - MARK & TERRY
12.10 - KARAOKE TILL late


8.30 - STICKY 13
10.00 - MARK & TERRY

(reserve tables via messenger or call +34619418309)

Kirk Readings THE BEARDED BUBLE... 7/12/19

Don't forget the boxing is on nice and early tonight @9pm. Mark and Terry will be on straight after @10pm. Welsh funny man KIRK READINGS will be on @11pm with his COMEDY BEARDED BUBLE SHOW. #sticky13 @midnight. Karaoke @12.30 till late.


What happens if you ask 2 guys to riverdance for 45 minutes, they will give in eventually 😂😂😂 Dee Daniels... 5/12/19

Kevin Isaac... 3/12/19... We never got the memo about early December being quiet

2am, and there is still weird stuff going on in here! Chill out Mark for f**k sake 😂😂😂

Kevin Isaac - Comedy Elvis, brilliant human puppet routine


Tonight's fun and frolics come in the form of the fabulous Ms. DEE DANIELS @11pm. MARK and TERRY starting the night off @10pm. #sticky13 @12am. And Karaoke till the early hours.

Teresa Keene... 27/11/19

[11/27/19]   We were only informed tonight, that a really horrible "issue" from last week, that left a lot of us shaken up, was quite the source of gossip on a page to do with Tenerife.

Haven't seen it myself. So, please, any screenshot would be lovely.

I can now inform you of the truth.

A young girl from Leeds, who had already caused a problem on the Saturday night, walked into the bar inebriated. And during the beginning of Kevin Isaac's show, ran up to the stage and stole the microphone.

She had nothing to say that made any sense, and was simply boo'd by the audience (because we always have the best crowd ever). Sue, tried to take the microphone back, by force (go sue) and it was at this point, punches were thrown.

Sue is no catwoman. But managed to dodge the punches of this prick of a girl in her late teens, that was an arsehole, and looked hard as nails (I'm not saying she was a lesbian, but f**k it, she was. And started a fight, so don't give me any moral high ground sh*te), and got away unscathed.

I've literally seen more braincells on bits of dust found on Saturn than what this girl had in her head. I can only assume that chewing gum was her main source of intelligence - and that's why she kept spitting it out.

When her mother turned up to defend her, everyone thought, great, a meternally outraged gorilla will really help the situation!! But, hey, that's what we got!


2 customers intervened. They happened to be closest, and, by chance, were the father and step mother of Mark, the compere.

Mark was also close by. And whilst trying to protect his parents, before the other bar staff could get there, received several hits to the head, by the lovely lady in question.

His step mother received a horrific eye injury. His dad a bust lip. And, Mark just probably got some sense knocked into him, maybe. Lol.

I would like to make it clear that Marks step mum is still not OK!!! This is a lovely lady, who was sticking up for her Duck family. It was a very traumatizing experience for her. As it was for us all. Stuff like this does not happen in The Duck.

When a woman wants to square up to a bunch of guys who have morals, there will only be one winner. We won't retaliate. Because we were all brought up properly.

We have morals in this bar, and NO MAN WILL EVER HIT A WOMAN is one of them.

Those of you that were here to witness this horrible moment, can, no doubt, testify to the difficulty that we went through. 5 minutes of confusing hell. A hell that has left us all questioning our morals. But, also, morals that we have all decided that we were right to keep!!!! Marks sore head or not.

If anybody wants to see what this horrible piece of work did to Marks step mum, before gossiping, I suggest u message him personally. Because it is so bad, I don't think I can put it on here. That woman jumped into a situation that was, not really, any of her concern, and was like a soldier. And we are indebted to her.

I also hope that this drunken arseholes antics,and consequences get back to her. And she realises the trauma she has caused. And that her mother, who was actually sticking up for her during this ordeal, realises she has failed as a mother. Let's just hope that Karma exists, hey, guys.

A massive thanks to Steve and Kathy on that night. You were absolute heroes, wrong place, wrong time. You took The Drunk'n Duck family to another level. Absolutely love you both. ❤️

The Montana's - Goodbye Little Girl

Spot Terry!!!

+++ B-Side From 1966 +++ The Montanas were an English 1960s and 1970s pop rock band from Wolverhampton, England. Though they never found significant success ...

As if we ever had trouble with the town hall because of the height of our ceiling. Meet the BFG, all 6"11 of him!!!

Absolutely bangin' night... Comedy Elvis... 26/11/19

Boys beware!!! ROXY RISQUÉ will be joining us TONIGHT @11pm, with the new D.R.A.G SHOW. MARK and TERRY will be kicking off proceedings @10pm. #sticky13 @12am. Karaoke @12.30 till late.


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