Margarita terrace

Well it about a relaxing place and a happy environment for family's residents and the young and old to come and chill and enjoy are great service

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[08/24/19]   Chilling in the sun its bloody hot


Well It's been just so hot today let's hope it continues happy days

[05/26/19]   Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes I had a great day especially Lewis Hamilton getting pole love to all have a great Sunday xx

[09/25/17]   It's hot today I feel like a swim


Well it's that time for Lily to go home it's been fantastic having you back with your Tenerife family DAZ love's you and is hopefully gonna see you in February safe trip home what a wonderful person stay strong Lily surplus lot of love from everyone at DAZS ###x


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[07/25/15]   Well another day over and and a little sad had two families go home tonight one i met last year and another i met for the first time this year fabulous people i would just like to thank you for spending time at Dazs it was my pleasure and hope i see you all again next year bless


Good times well it's hot today and soon we will have lots of people filling Dazs again especially kids I'm excited and looking forward to start seeing everyone again


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[06/06/15]   Fabulous afternoon / night at the terrace top company with great friends thanks to all for a great evening

[05/03/15]   Daz just wanted to thank Sam for her support and help today with translation at Dazs terrace due to having his first Spanish guests Eddie you have a diamond


Good times with special friends and many more to come hope everyone is well 😎

[02/05/15]   Well another day of no sun only seen one person all day it's not good I'm not sure what to do with this situation Wright now apart from hold on tight weather the storm it's very tricky cause we all have to live but not on fresh air anyway only time will tell

[01/17/15]   Well another day closed early on sofa chilling so it's a healthy eating day today tuna salad later for tea only two people I've seen all day i could say im getting good at talking to myself HELP lol

[01/16/15]   I'm not one too blow my own horn but just done a taste test and OMG i just love cooking trouble is i allways cook to dam much 40 mins then good times but I think i need to have another glass of wine now not good enough maybe two lol

[01/16/15]   Well home early after a very quiet day so chilling on my sofa so got time to cook im thinking Cury chicken dumplings rice I'll be putting on some pounds soon i think. Tomorrow will be a better day fingers crossed Home

[12/31/14]   Well it's been a strange 7 month since coming here in may and having the chance to do my own thing after leaving everything i no and love and finding a great boss that just lets me just get on with it no hassle lucky yes and i just love what i do and it's also thanks to the great people I've met and become friends with i would just like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and i believe next year is going to be great so i wish you all a very very happy new year and lookforward to seeing you all next year ### Darren

[11/26/14]   Well sat on my balcony having a quiet drink looking at tenerife at night and the boats out at sea god it's great quite day so it's good to wind down and think of something else


Well daz is home early after a quiet day so on the balcony looking at the sea with a cold one anyone can have a dream but with any thing in life you have to be able to sustain it i think I'm giving it my best shot only time will tell cause leaving these two was a DADDYS worst nightmare believe me role on December for a short visit home

And thank you to everyone that as visited Dazs cause with out you your support well .Thank you to Eddie my boss and sam and JT and the staff at margarita bless xx daz

[10/07/14]   Well early finish today 6 oclock strange day at the terrace had to say goodbye to a few friends and we all no what im like with good byes and it's been very quiet anyway tomorrow is a fresh day so dam well bring it on cause if every day was the same life would be kind of dull ☺

[09/26/14]   Man this is just a joke it's pissing it down what the he'll

[09/24/14]   Well it's so quiet today two and half hours not a soul and two people at the pool and the sun carnt make it's mind up again it's lucky I love my job otherwise you could go mad lol I would rather be doing what I do best rather than being sat on my back side and taking to my self I think I'll MOP my floor lol


Lunch at olive garden with my pal lisa god im full


My god were have the people gone it's very dead and the weather is rubbish atleast I have a TV lol


Margarita terrace


Just had to do another lol its all for a good course


Well I have to say today as been rather mad we have had no sun I think everyone's kids were in and we have had to put some pictures up as we had drawing session and well the terrace is well let's say a little more colour full and i think it was a great afternoon

I might have to rename it Dazs cress lol

[08/31/14]   I sometimes wonder if im in the right job cause I seem to get close to everyone that comes in my bar even if there here for one week so I do find it hard to say goodbye every time I don't think ill ever change but I no one thing it's not just a bar it's a happy friendly fun and warm place to be And its took me some time so to sum up cheryl and gang gonna miss you all and again it was my pleasure to serve you and get to no you all take care have a safe trip home and bless you all for the joy you brought to the terrace tear in my eye thanks Darren and ps to everyone thats been thank you


The sand was hot thanks elisa lol for a great day off just had a jacket potato on the balcony and the rest of the day I'm chilling thanks megan for old in the fort so great to just chill for once


Now im at the beach well nearly bar on the beach

[08/30/14]   Well first day off in 102 days it feels great just done some retail therapy clothing and a man bag lol in a bar haveing a half then back home then to the beach with lisa for a chill no work until tomorrow yeah

[08/25/14]   Thanks to everyone for supporting me and everyone that took part today what a day .we have great fun at the terrace God that was cold and I'm glad to get the wet clothes off lol . I hope that the people we are doing this for see some OV these videos have a laugh even through there tuff times cause memories are everything God bless and once again thank you and we do have more to do tomorrow so stay tuned Darren at margarita terrace


[08/16/14]   Well great day at the terrace and night .The party the 21st birthday party we had I felt privileged to be a part of I just want to thank everyone that was there and Eddie my boss sam for there help as I no I can be a pain sometimes lol the day bless and megan my star please let people no we at the terrace at margarita just want you to have a good time down stairs or up stairs Darren manager and Eddie sam megan and all who do their best in the spotlight and behind the kitchen Darren

[08/09/14]   Just want to say a big thank you to Josh and is mum and dad for spending time at the terrace with me and megan it was a joy every day and I hope your home safe and hope Josh feels better and gets the results that he was hoping for you all take care and hope I get to see you all again thank you and take care Darren and megan

[07/29/14]   Today I feel was a good day again some same and some new faces and doing what I set out to do .Every body interactin having fun
with some sun shine it was so good to see I felt it was great buzzing I hope and feel since I started managing the terrace people can see and love what it was. But what I'm trying to do cause it's not just a terrace it's now part of me and Megan my little star keep up your very good work and we Will get there in the end thanks to all for your support cause up or down stairs it's a great place Darren and Megan-rose and margarita






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