Marguy’s Bar & Restaurant

Marguy’s Bar & Restaurant


Shes with me and 4 others brill night X
Lionel Carlisle and freinds enjoying the live band last night well good
Great food, service and Entertainment-if you are in the area this place is a must!!
Thanks all tonight great staff and customers a pleasure being back again appreciated Glen king 😊😊
Thank you to all who attended my show tonight . Much appreciated friendly staff much obliged
Thank u for a lovely meal fantastic poeple well worth a visit x
Huge thank you to everyone at Marguys for a fabulous night on Sunday to celebrate Beck Samuel birthday we had had a brilliant time 😂🍺❤️🥂
you're on
Fantastic evening at Marguy’s bar , thats’s life

Family run Bar & Restaurant which offers International cuisine and family entertainment every night of the week.

Funcionando como de costumbre

[02/08/21]   It’s with a heavy heart to announce that we can no longer keep up the hope to reopen the business whilst the ‘COVID Crisis’ continues to go on.

It is nearly one year ago when the pandemic started, which at the time I don’t think anyone could have imagined what was yet to come.

We would like to express our heart filled thank you’s to our family, friends and customers for all their support over the last nine years.

For now we wish you all to stay safe, well and once this crisis is over and our island is flourishing again we will speak a new location and look forward to serving you the best steaks in town!


Wishing all our family, friends and customers a day full of joy celebrating this day!

We look forward and hope to be serving you soon!

Please stay safe and well.


On behalf of Rochdi, myself and all at Marguys’s we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our family, friends and customers a Happy New Year!

It has been a very trying and cruel year for all - we only wish to be able to return to business as usual as soon as possible.

We hope that 2021 see’s a massive change of events to allow us to do so.

Stay safe and cheers to 2021 🥂

[12/23/20]   It has been a trying year for everyone and we are sad to not be able to serve you over the festive period!

But we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our family, friends and customers a very safe, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

We hope to be back serving you in the New Year!!!

Please stay safe & well! 12/11/2020

TESTS FOR PASSENGERS FROM NOVEMBER 23RD - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW This resolution will take effect as of November 23rd and until the Government declares the end of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19... 23/10/2020


Fantastic news for the Canaries!!

It has been a long and difficult wait - hopefully it will not be long before we can look forward to serving you in a safe environment! It means visitors will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days on their return from...


Hopefully we will be back soon and will be delighted to offer you fantastic food and a safe reliable service!!!


We would like to say hi to everyone and we hope you are all keeping safe and well!

Also to update you as we are receiving a lot of enquiries when we plan to reopen.

At this moment we currently plan to reopen by September/October time, however, this is continuously under revision as we have to wait until the tourism is back in full flow on the island.

As soon as we can confirm a date we will let everyone know and it will be well advertised through Facebook.

We do miss our staff and customers and look forward to returning to a safe, reliable environment for us all to enjoy! 08/07/2020


Great news! Torres said he hopes that this recognition for the islands will help attract tourists to the region, so that arrival numbers can be recovered


Adeje Town Hall

Happy Canarian Day!!

A special video to celebrate Día de Canarias, Canary Islands Day, with a message from the mahyor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga


It's a slow process but still we have to all still respect the rules to overcome this.


ℹ️ El ministerio de Sanidad, Salvador Illa, ha confirmado hoy el paso del conjunto de Canarias 🇮🇨 a la fase 2 de desescalada desde el lunes.

ℹ️ A lo largo del fin de semana está previsto que el Boletín Oficial del Estado - BOE publique las condiciones en las que se llevará a efecto. Informaremos a través de canales municipales como este.

#COVID19 #AronaEstáContigo #AronaResponde #ContigoMásFuertes

(Fuentes del mapa: Ministerio de Sanidad y El País España)


Ministerio de Sanidad

📄 Hoy, el Boletín Oficial del Estado - BOE publica la Orden que regula las condiciones para el uso obligatorio de la mascarilla por parte de la población. Entrará en vigor mañana.

ℹ️ Más información:

➡️ Enlace al BOE:


Today is International Nurses Day, an international day observed around the world on 12th May, to mark the contributions that nurses make to society... in times like these you remind us what you do for us... thankyou 🙏

🚑👨‍🚀 Today is International Nurses Day, an international day observed around the world on 12th May, to mark the contributions that nurses make to society... in times like these you remind us what you do for us... thankyou 🙏❤


Update 21:20

Spain’s health minister Salvador Illa has confirmed that 51% of citizens will be in fase uno on Monday. Including all the Canary Islands. In a blow to the Government and what will be seen as a national embarrassment - Madrid will NOT be moving to fase uno on Monday.

Salvador Illa said tonight: “The most important thing is to consolidate what has been achieved in the first stage, which was controlling the epidemic. In fase 1, small businesses are allowed to open to the public with a capacity of 30% (with special hours for people over 65), as well as the reopening of terraces, with a 50% capacity. Libraries, museums with capacity restrictions, and tourist establishments are also allowed to open, provided the common areas remain closed.”

Speaking after a cabinet meeting which lasted two hours longer than expected Illa pointed out that: “This is not a race. Decisions for moving between fases must be made based on two pillars: co-governance, which has worked, and prudence. Communities that have switched to fase 1 will now wait 14 days to assess the situation before a decision on whether they can move to fase 2.”

It’s the news everyone in the Canary Islands wanted to hear. Travel will be limited between the islands. So you will be allowed to travel to La Gomera from Tenerife for example.

As always the announcement raised as many questions as answers and the finer points will not be revealed before the publication of the boletin on Saturday. This includes the hours citizens are allowed to leave their homes along with regulations for shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. BUT... Salvador Illa did suggest on Friday night that the boletin will see the current “bands” maintained. These are “senior citizens”, “parent with under 14” and “general population”.

We do know a few details. These are the things that can be done in Tenerife from Monday:

-Meetings of up to 10 people inside and outside the house, keeping the safety distance of two meters and respecting hygiene regulations regarding hand washing and similar etiquette.

-Use of car for journeys inside a vehicle up to 9 seats but only with the inhabitants of the same home.

-Open terraces at 50% of their capacity. There will have to be a minimum distance of two meters between the tables and the groups will have a maximum of ten people. In addition, the tables will have to be disinfected between one client leaving and the next arriving. Paper or plastic menus and napkin holders cannot be used.

-There will be the opening of stores of less than 400 square meters without an appointment. The maximum capacity for shops will be 30%, it will be necessary to maintain a minimum safety distance of two meters and a schedule of preferential attention for the elderly must be established. The premises will have to be disinfected twice a day.

-The places of worship will open, although only up to a third of their capacity will be allowed.

Furthermore, when the Government announced the plans for the fases they also said:

-Hotels can reopen but their common areas such as pools will remain closed.

-Libraries will offer the a service, with limited capacity.

- The museums will open their doors to but with a thirty percent capacity.

-Non-professional sport: in outdoor sports facilities without an audience, only for practicing sports in which there is no contact, such as athletics or tennis. In sports centers, individual sports activities by appointment in the sports centers that do not involve physical contact or the use of changing rooms. 07/05/2020


Hope everyone is safe and well! Pedro Sánchez faced tough opposition and needed last minute support


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Wishing everybody a safe day until the time we can celebrate this day!


Step by step!


Updated at 1915

Salvador Illa, Minister of Health in Spain, has revealed that from Saturday adults will be allowed one hours exercise a day. This can be a walk within 1km of the registered residency or an hours sporting activity within your municipality between 06.00 and 10.00 and 20.00 and 23.00 at night.

From 10.00 to 12.00 and from 19.00 to 20.00 it will be the turn for those over 70 years of age and those that require assistance or carers.

Children under the age of 14 are allowed one hours exercise from 12 noon to 19.00.

Adults may only exercise alone or with one adult walking if that person shares the same residency.

These rules will not apply in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, where activities and exercise can be carried out from 6:00 to 23:00.

Finally anyone who currently has Covid19, the symptoms of or those in isolation must stay at home.

From Saturday there will be extra Local and National Police along with Guardia Civil agents on the streets to ensure the law is adhered to.

There was no mention of any more details on Fase zero or Fase One.


This is a step in the right direction but a long way from going back to normality!

El Gobierno aprueba el Plan de Transición hacia una Nueva Normalidad

➡️El propósito es reactivar el país protegiendo la salud y la vida de los españoles.

➡️El Plan tendrá 4 fases, de duración mínima de dos semanas



Ministerio de Sanidad

El Ministro Salvador Illa Roca ha recordado la importancia de seguir cumpliendo las medidas de prevención del COVID-19.

La medida de alivio de los #niñosenlacalle iniciada hoy es la primera de la nueva normalidad

"Si las cosas evolucionan como esperamos la semana que viene, el día 2 de mayo, se publicará una nueva Orden con nuevas medidas de alivio"



Great news for families!!

El Boletín Oficial del Estado - BOE publica la orden que permite a los niños y niñas menores de 14 años salir a la calle acompañados de un adulto.

👉 Desde mañana domingo, 26 de abril, de 9 a 21 h.
👉 1 vez al día, 1 hora, en un entorno de 1 km.

Más información👇



Ministerio de Sanidad

Thanking all for their efforts in beating this and keeping safe!!

➡️ Hoy, por primera vez, el número de personas curadas (3.105) supera al número de personas contagiadas por #COVID19 (2.796) en las últimas 24 horas.

➡️ En el inicio del estado de alarma, el índice de nuevos contagios era de más del 35% . Hoy es del 1,4%

➡️ Estos datos son gracias al esfuerzo de toda la ciudadanía por cumplir las medidas de contención establecidas por el Gobierno.

#Estevirusloparamosunicod #datosCOVID19 #coronavirus


Wishing all our customers, friends and family a Happy Easter!!
From the Marguy’s Team!! 10/04/2020

Pedro Sánchez lo confirma: pedirá "probablemente" otra prórroga para llevar el estado de alarma al 10 de mayo

Whatever it takes to beat this!! Please stay safe everyone! Sánchez ha indicado que están dando "los pasos necesarios" con "grandes esfuerzos", pero que "probablemente será necesario" alargar ese estado de alarma. "Si no, sería porque las cosas han mejorado de forma sustancial", ha dicho. 05/04/2020

Sánchez anuncia "sucesivos estados de alarma" y buscará otros Pactos de la Moncloa El presidente pedirá al Congreso una primera prórroga hasta el 26 de abril, pero habrá más extensiones porque la vuelta a la normalidad será gradual. Sí se levantará el parón de la economía



We will get back to normality if we all stay safe!

Volveremos a caminar juntos sin medir las distancias. A correr por la playa. A salir del castillo. A coger otra ola. #Volveremos


Please help each other & stay safe!!

+++ A simple message from the Ayuntamiento de Adeje +++


Wishing all our Customers, family and friends stay safe at this worrying time.

We all have to work together to beat this crisis!


Pedro Sánchez has announced that the state of alarm will be officially extended for another 15 days, pending a Congress vote, and has informed the regional governments that this is a necessary measure to contain the advance of the coronavirus in Spain.
In the videoconference meeting he told that them it will be extended until April 12th 2020.

For this to be actioned, the Government requires the authorization of the Congress of Deputies. A plenary session has already been called for Wednesday next week, the 25th, in which it could be authorized by a vote in Congress, which is assumed to endorse it.

The initial duration of the state of alarm was until March 29th, but during this week, the active cases of contagion have exploded and yesterday Sánchez himself warned that we are facing very hard days ahead.

[03/15/20]   🌟🌟 WE ARE CLOSED 🌟🌟

Tenerife, the Canary Islands and all of Mainland Spain has been put on "lockdown" for precautionary measures against Coronavirus.

This means that Marguy’s Bar & Restaurant will be closed for the initial 2 week period as ordered by law.

We wish our team and all of our Marguy’s family & customers a safe and healthly lockdown period.

See you at the party on the other side of this, it is going to be EPIC!

[03/14/20]   Bringing you the best of duo’s with ‘The Bloody Marvelous’ performing this Saturday!!

Tim Laws & Jamie O will be combining their talent playing on piano and guitar for the evening from 9.30pm!!

Giving you a mix of all party and singalong songs from Swing, Soul, Motown, Rock to current popular music!!

Also serving International Cuisine daily from 4pm so why not join us for a pre show meal with tonight’s Special BBQ Rack of Ribs as well as the best steaks in town or try our Early Bird Menu from 4pm - 7pm!

You will not be disappointed!


Come and join us tonight for an evening with Jon Paul singing all Classics from across the decades with some Soul, Motown and Rock & Roll thrown in too to get you dancing all through the night!

Serving International Cuisine daily from 4pm with our traditional Friday favorite ‘Beer Battered Fish & Chips’ - garden peas - Homemade Tartar Sauce as well as the best steaks in town or try our Early Bird Menu (4pm - 7pm)!

Why not join us for a pre show meal?

You will not be disappointed!


It’s nearly the weekend and just to help you get in the mood we have the fantastic Dave Dean - (former Looney Tunes Duo) to entertain you this evening from 9.30pm!

For those that know Dave he has performed many years here previously at Brewers Droop, then Shenanigans in The Patch area Las Americas.

Singing a wide rang of music from Rock to current popular music with your requests thrown in too!!

Also serving International Cuisine daily from 4pm with today’s special BBQ Rack of Ribs as well as the best steaks in town or try our new Early Bird 2 Course Menu from 4pm - 7pm and join us for a pre show meal!

You will not be disappointed!


Bringing you a complete Soul & Motown evening for you this Wednesday!

Starting at 9pm with Cy Benson then Ijah Thompson singing all your Soul & Motown favorites from The Drifters, The Temptations, Billy Ocean and so much more so bring your dancing shoes 👠 👞 you will need them!

Serving International Cuisine daily from 4pm with today’s special Canarian Fish Fillet or try our Early Bird Menu from 4pm - 7pm as well as the best steaks in town so why not join us for a pre show meal!

You will not be disappointed!!


Just an amazing night with Crush!!!


Our Tuesday’s Starting at 9.30pm come and join us to watch the band ‘Crush’ performing live for the evening!!!

Such a fantastic band singing songs from Rock, Pop, past & present with your requests thrown in too!!

Reserve your table now and enjoy a Pre Show meal and the best steak in town or try our Early Bird Menu from 4pm - 7pm!

Previous weeks have been very busy with standing room only on the night so bookings advisable to avoid disappointment.

Call/message (0034) 686808284.






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