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Can we have a table fir 2 fir lunch at 4 please ( fir today) 🐣👏🐣🐣😎
We would like to wish all our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year hopefully 2021 will be a better year for us all
Is it normal Thursday mens league today
Hi hope this finds you well,i am looking forward to retirement next year and would like some information on joining a club
Alan Hay
And the result of the 7/8th Sep 2-bowls competition is?
I have a set of Classic 5 Henselites in excellent condition only ever used on "carpets".Perform brilliantly on Winter Gardens surface.I would like 75 euros only for quick sale if anyone interested.And to all at WG good luck for the future.Peter Thompson

8 rink flat green bowling surface
Open 7 days a week
Flood-lit evening sessions
Coaching lessons with qualified coach
Open to all ages One of Europe's top Flat Green Bowling Complexes.

Open to visitors, residents, tour groups and members. For complete beginners to seasoned players. Coaching available. All Year round bowling in the sun.

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Tenerife Green Bowls updated their address. 24/04/2021

Tenerife Green Bowls updated their address.

Tenerife Green Bowls updated their address.


New Opening Hours from Today


New Opening Hours from Today

New Opening Hours from Today


[03/29/21]   New opening hours from Monday 5th April 2021
Monday to Friday 9:00 till 18:00
Saturday and Sunday CLOSED


It is with great sadness that we have lost a friend, a fellow bowler and a true gentlemen R.I.P Peter Bowater our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time

It is with great sadness that we have lost a friend, a fellow bowler and a true gentlemen R.I.P Peter Bowater our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time

Photos from Tenerife Green Bowls's post 15/03/2021

Due to the lockdown last March the finals were not played so yesterday the singles finals were played
The ladies final Grace Cathcart against Penny Tomlinson with Grace winning
The men’s final Graham Cathcart against Robert Cathcart with Graham winning
We would like to thank Ian Naismith for umpiring, score flipping and many other jobs but he did fail on the weeding at the same time lol 😂 Thankyou to the markers Mike Wood and Julie Lincoln
Both really good games well done to all who took part

Due to the current pandemic many families are struggling.
We are working with a few charities to help those in need.
Things desperately needed are things like pasta, rice, eggs, tuna, milk, cereals, fruit and veg, toiletries for adults and babies, toilet rolls, and anything else that could help. Please just a couple of items could help
We have a collection box in the reception office of Tenerife Green Bowls, Winter Gardens, Golf Del Sur
Thank you in advance for your support

[01/21/21]   Thank-you for your post Dorothy Bougen

What a lovely day at winter gardens playing bowls on a lovely day. Feel so lucky in being able to play bowls at a lovely club with lovely people. Upwards and onwards Teide Bowls Club. Feel very happy 😃

[01/14/21]   Looks like good news may be coming for all us bowlers.... If numbers of positive cases stays on similar track OR indeed improves between now and Saturday, Tenerife will move into Tier two and we will be able to at least play pairs. Totally legally.

As always we will be seeking further clarification tomorrow from various bodies tomorrow to double check what EXACTLY the rules will be.

Teide B.C. committee and ourselves will be frantically working away to get competitions up and running as quick as possible.

We will keep you posted.......

[01/03/21]   Teide B.C. - Winter Leagues Information!

At present, as most members of the club will know, the rules relating to Canarian COVID-19 measures (B.O.C.), do not allow for the league games to be played in its normal format.

The next B.O.C. announcement is due on the 9/10 of January. Until that announcement, the leagues that were to have started on 6 January will be delayed till that announcement is made - OFFICIALLY!

Once the announcement is made, Teide B.C. committee will decide how to proceed - Either by commencing the leagues, with tweaks or the committee, with the Support of Tenerife Green Bowls will come up with an alternative.

[12/13/20]   Reopening Wednesday 16th December....

We are pleased to announce that both the Bistro and the Bowling Green will reopen on Wednesday 16 December. Aside from doing the normal disinfecting required of all companies normally, we will be carrying out a full deep clean on Monday & Tuesday before we open on Wednesday.

For your information.....

The source of the COVID-19 appears to have been a source outwith Winter Gardens or the Rendezvous Bar and Bistro or the bowls.

We are delighted to hear that all those who were unfortunate enough to have caught COVID-19 are either recovering or have recovered.

All staff have provided negative tests and all customers who came into contact with those who at the time were unaware they had COVID-19 on TGB premises (a minimum of 12 people that we know of) all tested negative..... thankfully!!!

Although we have been told it was “your choice” to choose to close when not required to do so, by different agencies..... We still feel we made the right choice to do so, given all the information we had and the potential risks we saw. Despite the cost to the company and which we are receiving no assistance with.

We have also learned a lot of the up to date procedures from the COVID-19 team. We must also highlight the cross-cooperation, help and guidance we received from them.

We must also thank publicly, our own Alison Greenwood for all her help in dealing with the OCVID-19 team and Denise Quigley (translator) for her exceptional help and assistance in speaking with the COVID-19 team and for helping to organise tests and liaising with the various medical departments for those who required tests etc.

It has always been our position to do everything we were advised to do and adhere to the COVID-19 protocols. It would appear those actions and the support of our customers following them, have helped limit the spread of the virus.

This episode has shown us just how easy it is for the virus to spread and the importance of following the advice given.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers and friends of TGB for their assistance and words of support throughout this period. It is very much appreciated.

We obviously, ureservedly apologie to the bistro customers and bowlers who this period has caused any inconvenience too. We hope however, you understand it was unavoidable in the circumstances.

We look forward to serving you all, as normal, from Wednesday.

[12/05/20]   Bistro and Bowling Closed Till 14 December.

Unfortunately, due a combination of the following two reasons, we have decided to close the Bistro and Bowling until Monday 14 December –

• The latest BOC announcements re latest COVID restrictions – particularly with regard to the rules regarding sports.

• A couple of regular customers of the premises have tested positive for Covid 19 and came into contact with members of staff outside of the premises and outside working hours – One has given a positive result.

As a result, to be extra careful, we are taking the step to have all members of staff tested and thereafter carry out a deep clean of our premises.

All persons POSSIBLY affected by the positive tests have been contacted by the Covid 19 team. As always, however, if you show any symptoms of Covid 19 please get yourself tested. We are also in contact with the COVID 19 Medical team and following all their instructions. We have also helped to provide them with contact details of people they wanted to contact for which they didn't have such details.

We will update our pages as necessary.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused but we feel it is better to be safe than sorry.


The winners of the November pairs Mike Wood and Chris Haigh with the runners David Dickson and Ann Craig
The winners of the plate Dot and Walt Bougen runners up Brian Smyth and Andrew Ashcroft well done to everyone


The winners of Tenerife Like and Win competition enjoying there free game of bowls

This weekend we will be holding a 2 bowl competition 14th and 15th November starting at 11:15am and finishing at around 3:30pm both days.
Please put your name down at the bowls reception.
Look forward to seeing you.

This weekend we will be holding a 2 bowl competition 7th and 8th November starting at 11:00am and finishing at around 3:30pm both days.
Please put your name down at the bowls reception.
Look forward to seeing you.

[10/27/20]   These are our new Opening Hours for at least the next 6 weeks
Last session 1 hour before closing
Monday 9:00 until 16:00
Tuesday 9:00 until 16:00
Wednesday 9:00 until 16:00
Thursday 9:00 until 18:00
Friday 9:00 until 18:00
Saturday 9:00 until 16:00
Sunday 9:00 until 18:00
Hope to see you all soon


Tenerife Green Bowls


[05/24/20]   Just a quick update for our regular bowlers to reassure everyone.....

We have had a couple of conversations with people who have been told that we have decided NOT to open the bowling until September. A couple of whom were very, understandably, disappointed and a little upset.

To quash the rumours and put everyone's minds at rest, and hopefully stop the rumours....

We are not intending to leave opening the bowling till September.

We as a company have never even discussed not opening till September.

Our position is as per the updates we have openly given.

As per those updates, we will open as soon as we can from a risk, procedural and financial point of view. It is the reason, as highlighted in those updates, we are in regular contact with the gestoria - i.e. to ensure we get to open as soon as we can. It is the reason we are putting things in place, now, so as not to delay opening when we get the green light.

Although it may seem simple to some to "just open the bowling green and let people play" - unfortunately, it is not as straight forward nor as simplistic as that. The problem is far-ranging, complicated, multi levelled and unprecedented. Please bear in mind, the last update we gave was just a very small summary of a full discussion that took place over several hours.

I hope that alleviates any worries or concerns. Please stop listening to rumours and if you have any concerns or worries please contact either myself or Julie, privately, if necessary.

One other concern someone had was that they were going to lose VIP sessions - Firstly, I can assure you that nobody will suffer in such away. Secondly, although I can understand the fear behind it, I was a little upset that anyone would think that Julie or myself would allow that to happen.

We, like you, as individuals, want to play bowls as soon as possible. We will be playing as soon as possible, When that will be - I don't know, all we can say is that it will be as soon as possible.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who have privately messaged us, telephoned us or spoke to us in person, to show your support, understanding and reassurance. It is very much appreciated by Julie and myself at this highly stressful time. One which many, many, many other businesses and owners are going through.

[05/22/20]   As promised here is the latest update we have……

Today, we spoke at length with our Gestoria / lawyers. The summary of these lengthy discussions are as follows - all centred around the new phase which comes into effect on Monday 25 May, until then the rules I previously mentioned stay in force…..

1. As a sport, bowls has been categorised as a high-risk activity… Without going through every detail, the main reasons are the shared equipment, the close proximity of players, a large percentage of participants being in the “high risk” group (i.e. age group involved) .

2. There are a number of extra precautions we would have to adhere to including but not limited to FULLY DISINFECTING the toilet area at least twice a day, FULLY DISINFECTING the locker room area at least twice a day, FULLY DISINFECTING table and chairs after each use, FULLY DISINFECTING the reception area twice a day and FULLY DISINFECTING mats, jacks and bowls after each use - that is ONLY scratching the surface of what else would need to be done. All of which are heightened due to, as pointed out to us, the “high risk” group involved.
Failure to do all of the above can lead to massive fines and other possible punishments.

3. Only alternate rinks would be allowed to be used with a maximum of 2 (maybe 4 - as there is conflicting information) players per rink (whilst at all times adhering to normal social distancing, mask rules etc)

4. The positioning of "hand sanitizer" at various points (something which we presently do not have and will have to source, purchase and position).

5. An assortment of other restrictions including one person in toilet areas at a time, table restrictions, no shaking hands etc,

There were other restrictions too, and some questions raised with unknown answers.

Interestingly, regarding disinfecting equipment, the question was raised regarding the mats and jacks and other common equipment used during a session, It was pointed out that this is just one of the reasons bowls is a “high risk sport”, as the risk of infection is deemed to be high.

Interestingly, to make matters worse, some of this information flies in the face of directives from the Spanish Bowls Federation which actually go further with the restrictions.

Over and above all of the above there were several other business-related “problems” raised during the discussions. We won’t go into them in too much detail but, basically, as soon as the business takes just one employee back we would have to pay a large percentage of ALL our employees Social Security payments, which trust me is a very substantial amount of money,. Against a backdrop of very little income and “abnormal” increase in expenses.

This situation is presently being challenged by a large number of business owners, hotels etc who have formed together, in order to allow businesses the ability open gradually, as business starts to pick up. To our knowledge this is presently being discussed / debated at a high level.

We tried to get around this, again without going into detail, in different ways. Including (as a few Teide B.C. members kindly offered), having club members carryout some of the requirements needing to be carried out. This was unilaterally dismissed for various reasons, none more so than it is against the law.

Therefore, due to the high risk of infection involved, the high level of restrictions in place and the impossible financial implications being imposed, the high risk to staff - along with substantial fines relating to ALL of the above - we cannot, for now, reopen.

We are hopeful with the constantly evolving situation regarding the restrictions and phases, that it will be possible in the near future. It is something which we as a company want to do as soon as possible, but we will not do so whilst being unable to follow all the restrictions and being, financially, unable to do so. Indeed, we have been left with no real choice. A position a very large percentage of businesses are in presently in Tenerife.

In the meantime, we will be working on various items in order to address some issues that will exist going forward. This will allow us to be ahead of the curve when the time comes and hopefully, allow us to open sooner.

We are in regular contact with our gestoria and have weekly, planned meetings, with them. The situation seems to be evolving on a weekly basis. Indeed, the gestoria pointed out, with a positive slant, that all of the above is how things stand this week. Next week, the situation could change and allow us to go from “a position of no choice” to a position of lots of choices. We sincerely hope this happens sooner rather than later.

We know this is not the news our bowlers were hoping for but we hope, and believe, that you will all understand, in these totally uncertain times, the reasoning for our decision. We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.

[05/14/20]   Just another small update to put peoples minds at rest.... A few comments have been made about the bowling green carpet.

In March, we were in discussion with Dales Sports regarding the possibility of the carpet needing a stretch. Many of you might not be aware but when a new carpet is fitted you get a free stretch carried out. In most cases, they do need a stretch after about 9 months to a year, as the carpet settles down. Our last two carpets have needed this done.

One of their engineers came out, and he inspected it. He, like Graham, was "borderline" on the need for it to be stretched or not at that point.

Because of the lockdown and fact that nobody has been on the carpet, the carpet itself has revealed the answer.

Basically, what is happening is the carpet is rippling because there is not enough tension in it. At the coolest point of the day the ripples are at their worst, as the temperature rises, the expansion joints open and the ripples all but disappear. Basically, because it's getting "stretched" with the movement of the base.

It is a natural, normal, phenomenon, which we wouldn't have seen had the lockdown not happened. Once people start walking on it again, the ripples will disappear and we will be able to play on it without a problem. If there hadn't been the lockdown and people had been playing on it, we would never have seen it happening, but it would still have needed stretching.

We have already been in contact with Dales Sports (April) and a stretch of the carpet will happen as soon after the restrictions have been lifted. In the meantime, there is nothing we can do about it, nor is it causing any damage. It was totally expected and normal.

I hope that eases everyone's concerns.

[05/14/20]   To all our fellow bowlers a small update....

As you know after 8 weeks of total lockdown we entered the phases of the de-escalation of the lockdown. That has led to questions regarding the bowling opening back up. Indeed the same question we ourselves have been asking as the rules aren't exactly clear.

Here is the latest update...

On Monday we sought the advice of our Gestoria and lawyer. After much discussion, phone calls, advice, debate etc The LEGAL advice we have given is that we cannot open back up just now.... We debated with them the wording of the edict etc and pointed out about golf clubs etc However the advice given is down to the following reasons....

We cannot open the toilets
We cannot open up the locker room
Our sport involves the use of common equipment (i.e. the Jack) which could cause spread of the virus
Being that bowls is played on a "contained area" it would be classed as a communal area, unlike Golf, and therefore illegal.
It is played with people in close proximity to each other.

Other reasons were given, but those are the main ones relating to bowling.

The "thoughts" of the gestoria/lawyer is, dependent upon there being no changes being made in the planned phases, that it would be phase 3 before they THINK it would be safe and legal to reopen.

That is the advice to TGB.

Further to that, they pointed out that whilst the company could be fined for breaking the rules, those caught doing so would also be subject to fines too.

Our position, therefore, is very simple and straight forward, (whatever our beliefs as individuals are)...

We cannot open and leave ourselves open to prosecution and must follow the LEGAL advice given by our legal representatives.

We cannot put people's health at risk given the risks made clear to us regarding health.

We cannot put people in the position of being fined. That would be entirely unethical, given the LEGAL advice received.

Further to that, however, Graham has been in contact with various bodies and the Federacion, for advice and information.

Without going into all the details, Graham has been advised to write a "protocol" to give to the Gestoria/lawyer for them to look at and our town hall to address the foreseen problems / objections listed and to ensure, as much as possible, that we can reopen the bowls as soon as possible - LEGALLY. Perhaps even sooner than anticipated, without having done so. It certainly won't delay the potential opening date. The worst-case scenario is that it will just be a waste of Graham's time.

We know that other bowls clubs in Spain have taken a different tact, which we have already intimated to our advisors, but as I hope you can appreciate, we must act according to the LEGAL advice we have been given. We have all seen bars that have opened and are not doing things in accordance with the law. Following suit is not a defence and certainly doesn't protect people.

Being we are bowlers ourselves, we are as disappointed as you will be by this news.

We will continue to update you with any changes, fresh information as we learn it.

Rest assured, we will open as soon as we possibly can and look forward to catching up with all our friends, club members and fellow bowlers. We have missed you all.

Our story

One of Europe's top Flat Green Bowling Complexes.
Open to visitors, residents, tour groups and members.
For complete beginners to seasoned players.
Coaching available.
All Year round bowling in the sun.

About Us Tenerife Green Bowls is Tenerife’s premier flat green bowls facility and is located within the Winter Gardens Complex in the heart of Golf del Sur. Recently re carpeted this is a first class green with bowls reception, shoe hire, bowls hire, and accessories shop. It has quality, clean changing rooms, and the Rendezvous Bar & Bistro is right on the edge of the bowling green. Suitable for anyone ages 8 or over, whether you are an accomplished bowler or a novice you will be made most welcome and we are sure you will enjoy your time with us.

We cater for visiting groups and individuals, short term visitors, long term visitors and permanent residents.

For visiting groups we can pre arrange matches with the locals and organise a bowling schedule that meets all of your needs. We also have affiliations with neighbouring hotels and can help to organize your groups´ time away. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you wherever we can




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Winter Gardens Avenida Del Atlantico, Golf Del Sur
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We run Club Roll Ups three times a week on a Tuesday at 13:00 for 13:30, Friday at 10:45 for 11:15 and a Sunday at 10:45 for 11:15 Visitors are welcome to join as long as competent bowlers. We run a Fun Bowls Session on a Wednesday at 11:00 which is ideal for beginners and includes coaching, 2 hours bowling, bowl and shoe hire, lunch and a glass of sangria all for €20.00

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Lunes 09:00 - 16:00
Martes 09:00 - 16:00
Miércoles 09:00 - 16:00
Jueves 09:00 - 18:00
Viernes 09:00 - 18:00
Sábado 09:00 - 16:00
Domingo 09:00 - 18:00
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