The Duke

The Duke


Thank you guys for the biscuits. Glad you had just the time to celebrate your 1st birthday. See you soon for some 🍻 as soon as this madness has ceased!!
Adam Will be playing for the first time in Antibes tomorrow at 7pm with a little taste of the all request Wild welsh West guitar based music extravaganza 😁💥🎤
Harry's Tandoor is coming back again to Antibes at The Duke to serve traditional Indian food where everything is cooked in his Tandoor oven. Menu: Chicken tikka masala 15€pp Red lamb curry 20€pp Sigiriyan dahl curry (vegan) 12€pp Every dish comes with spiced rice, chutneys/sauce and homemade naan bread. (no extra charge unless you want extra naan which will be 3€ each) there will also be special Indian style cocktails that you can drink to compliment each dish that will be done by our friends from the caravan concept Also a reminder that I only accept CASH. To order please email or call me and let me know what dishes you want and at what time you will be coming. I start serving from 6:30pm-9:00pm ORDER BY THE 12th [email protected] 0608689648
Yay sunday roast, who's in Lucy Hogan Gerard Hogan Jamal Kin-Foo
Cocktail training at the Duke today! Barney, the best of the best trained us proper today! Abacus & March/ ITA Training Get involved!
Another top morning at The Duke.
So this ummm quiz night you have going with Alan Roberts. What’s up for grabs, we’re just trying to think if it’s worth our while dropping by. Lots of love Faith Caroline Gibbie Suzanne Stanton and Silly😘😘😘
A HUGE thankyou to Paul Brodie and Andy Colgan for allowing me to use the pub today for my recruitment morning, tea, coffee, a selection of juices and croissants to choose from, thanks again guys, you rock, as always.
So I wanted to come this afternoon to watch the cricket but you were closed. How very dare you!?!?
Best night ever ❤️ thank you Andy Colgan

Hi there! We just wanted to give you a little update regarding the end of lockdown and how it affects us. So, we will still remain closed after the 11th of May when restrictions will start to ease up.

Basically, we are waiting for the end of May when the government is supposed to make a decision about when bars & restaurants are allowed to open. The hope is it will be at the beginning of June but we have to wait for official info.

We will let you know as soon as we know the exact date and until then stay safe and chirpy!

ANZAC Day in Antibes

This Saturday we were supposed to host the ANZAC Day commemoration with a breakfast at the Duke but due to the current state that will sadly not be possible.

Still, we are intent on commemorating the service of men and women of Australia who have sacrificed their lives and the organising team of ANZAC Day in Antibes have put together this short video.

We invite you to do the same from the safety of your home this Saturday. Lest We Forget.

The Australian RSL is encouraging the public to take part in a Community Ode, inviting all to pay their respects through recording a video of themselves reciting The Ode and posting to their social media in the lead-up to ANZAC Day.

This is one of several ways people can show their ANZAC Spirit, calling on the ANZAC quality of ingenuity and finding a new way to show respect for our veterans at this time. In this time of confinement at home in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organising team of ANZAC Day in Antibes is proud to participate.

Get involved, use the hashtags:

And share to social media in the run-up and on ANZAC Day, Saturday 25th April, 2020.

You can upload your videos here to our page

Looking good Mr. Alan Roberts!
If you miss this heavenly voice, miss it no more! Check out his FB profile and tune into his Coroona Sessions for a sing along. If you close your eyes you might just think you're at The Duke!

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve made it through another week. Hope you’re staying safe and you’re treating yourself to a few pints at home!

Good old days when our eyes were glued to the TV for different reasons. Do you remember what was the occasion?

Throwback to simpler times! We hope you are handling your isolation well and somewhat sane. We also promise to throw a big party once all this is over to introduce you back to the world!
Until then, stay safe!

You've probably already heard that all bars and restaurants were asked to close their doors until further notice due to coronavirus. This includes us as well so we just wanted to give you a heads up and we will keep you posted as the events unfold.
Until then, stay safe and take care of each other so we can all celebrate together once we put all of this behind us! ✌️❤️

How do you like them biscuits?! Getting some special touches for the Saturday birthday party! 🎉🎉
Thank you @sweetlifecofr and @jamiilee_ ❤️ @ Antibes

Saturday is coming fast!! We are getting everything ready for our frist birthday party and we hope you are ready to get absolutely duked!
We will be kicking it off around 5pm with our favorites Blah Blah!!
See you there!!

Photo by: Emmanuel Gérard-Benrath

This Friday the 13th (spooky, right?) we will test our luck and still try to have some fun - and we are bringing L2 for some music so see you there! 👻

Big weekend ahead! We are one year old! ☝️ 🎂
Thank you all for supporting us this past year - now it’s time to celebrate it! We would advise replenishing your electrolytes and taking your vitamins because we are planning on going big this Saturday! 🎉🎉

SUNDAY SESSION announcement: after the remaining rugby clashes we will give the stage to the lovely Juliana M for a soul & pop Sunday afternoon. We expect to see you all throughout the day and the music will aim to kick off at 7pm.

Just a quick info that this coming Tuesday we will be serving Indian tandoor biriyani with homemade chapatis. Harry has been working on perfecting this one so we recommend not missing it.
Just please confirm if you’d like to get some by clicking on the event and informing Harry’s tandoor so he can make sure to leave some with your name on it!

Chicken biriyani with two homemade chapatis for 15€. Chicken marinaded for 24 hours then cooked in the tandoor which is then topped with basmati rice that’s been 80% cooked in whole spices which is then coated in saffron ghee. Hands up for who would devour this. 🙋🏼‍♂️#biriyani #biriyani_love #biriyanilove #biriyanilover #indianfood #indianfoodie #seebombaymyway #thehungriestman #bestoutdoorcooking #tandoor #eater #chefsfeed #lovefood #loveanyfood #thehungryfriends #streetfoodaddicts #chapati #harrystandoor #luxurytandoors @ Harry's Tandoor

Back this weekend for round 3 of Six Nations and the schedule is as follows:

Italy vs. Scotland - at 15:15
Wales vs. France - at 17:45

England vs. Ireland - at 16:00

Also, Sunday roast will be freshly made and served all day Sunday (well, at least until we run out!!) so come and get it hot!

This weekend we are showing round 2 of Six Nations on our big screens and watering you with cold cold draught beer!

The schedule is as follows:
Ireland vs. Wales - 15:15
Scotland vs. England - 17:45

France vs. Italy - 16:00

Don't forget - on Sunday we have an all day Sunday roast as well!

See you there!

This lovely man will be rocking it again this Friday startng at 7pm. See you there!

This Sunday we are showing a bit of quality England vs. France rivalry and will have our usual all day Sunday Roast with an afternoon Blahkoustik Session. Hope to see you there!

Back by popular demand! Remember Adam Theobald from a few weeks ago? Or you might also recognize him from The X Factor?! Well, we are happy to say that this Friday (31.01) he is coming back from England to do another acoustic set so let's give him a warm welcome back!

The Duke's cover photo

What an absolute success yesterday was!
We would like to thank all of you for generously doing your part in helping the Australian bushfires!
The whole community really came together and it was a wonderful thing to see and be part of.

We were overwhelmed with the amount of donations we kept receiveing over the past few weeks and the turnout we had yeaterday and all you good people supporting this great cause throught the whole day.
Together we really smashed it and we should all be proud!


Just a quick info that we will be closed for the day as it seems we have collectively partied too hard last night. 😅
We will be back Monday fully recovered!
This means we sadly had to cancel tonight’s Sunday Session with L2 but promise to make up for it!
Another big thank you to all of you who came and made yesterday a huge success! We really all came together to save Australia! ❤️🇦🇺🦘🧑‍🚒🐨🎉

This is not your ordinary raffle! Thanks to all the good people around we have managed to organise a pretty amazing one!

These are just some of the wonderful prizes people have donated and you could win by buying a raffle ticket.

So better hurry up tomorrow and get your raffle tickets at only 2€ per ticket!

ALL the proceeds will go to helping the Australian Bushfires!

We will have two raffles, one starting at 4pm and one at 7pm!

See you there!!!

Proud to have London Pride - now on tap! 🍻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Just a little heads up - we are on for the Roast this Sunday and later on we will have Blahkoustik in charge of some tunes!
See you there!

Spreading the word!! 🇦🇺 🦥🦘❤️🐨

Back by popular demand! Indian night at the Duke by Harry’s Tandoor this Tuesday, the 14.01. starting at 6:30pm.

To get a guaranteed meal please place your order by tonight.

Chicken tikka masala 15€pp
Red lamb curry 20€pp
Sigiriyan dahl curry (vegan) 12€pp

To order please email or call what dishes you want and at what time you will be coming. We start serving from 6:30pm-9:00pm

[email protected]

NEW! We’ve just installed some fresh kegs of Brewdog Punk IPA so be sure to ask for a taste! New addition to our draught beers just in time for the weekend and tomorrow’s Sunday roast and live music!

Tonight's special treat all the way from England and one time only - Adam Theobald, a mean guitarist giving us a taste of his skills for the first time in Antibes!
His acoustic set starts at 7pm so let's give him a warm welcome!

Adam Will be playing for the first time in Antibes tomorrow at 7pm with a little taste of the all request Wild welsh West guitar based music extravaganza

Special last minute treat this Friday only - we have an awesome guitarist and singer Adam Theobald coming all the way from England and doing an acoustic set at The Duke starting 7pm.
See you there!

The Duke's cover photo

The Duke's cover photo

We are on for this week’s Sunday Session with the talented L2 preforming live from 6pm. Hope you all had a great Christmas and see you soon!

Just a little heads up for next week!!
We are still on for the Sunday roast and Blah Blah this Sunday, as that will be our Christmas celebration, and we will be open on Boxing day showing all Premier League matches!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Don’t forget Sunday roast is back this week starting from 2pm and Blahkoustik from 5pm - hopefully no red alert rain floods this time to prevent them from playing!
See you there!

Great Indian night last night!
Yes, that is a giant tandoor oven in front of Duke - as it turns out Harry's Tandoor is an actual giant Harry's tandoor! (good luck taking that back home) 😬😉
We will definitely do another tandoor night at The Duke so be on the lookout for any new events!

Just want to say a massive thank you to first the amazing guys who run The Duke for being amazing hosts and for the people who came and attended our first event and your wonderful support and feedback towards my Indian food and service. The next event will be the 7th of January. Keep your eyes out for the event.

Great place to hang out and meet people in Antibes

The Duke is a chilled place where everybody’s welcome and can relax and enjoy a few drinks. It’s a great place to meet new people or have a catch up with your friends.

If you are a sports fan, this will be your go-to place for all the games, matches and druken discussions as the bar is equipped with three big TVs showing live sports.

Every Wednesday we offer All-You-Can-Eat freshly made juicy ribs so we challenge you to show us how many you can eat because we will keep them coming!

Sundays are especially lively because of our Sunday Sessions where local bands show their skills over some drinks, sing-alongs and lots of laughs!

Loved by both english speaking and french people, The Duke is a great place to spend your afternoons at and enjoy tap beer and some awesome pub food.

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