The Westgate Run

The Westgate Run


Thinking of doing a good friday day session . Any ideas as to which order pubs we should go to?
Hello, I have ordered the old book from you, but not being from wakefield I am finding it very hard to work out what is still around and not. I have looked through the page and note that some of the pub names have changed and noted that down in my book.
i wonder if you would be able to give me the list of pubs in lower westgate, night club scene and little westagate.

Thank you so much
What's the first pub at the bottom of the run please?. Need a meeting point.
It might be an exaggeration to subtitle this, 'Place to EAT/ Drink'. Much of what's eaten gets vomited into a shop doorway along Westgate. Having seen some of the fast food outlets in the city I'd hesitate to feed my dog from one.
you should see what bing banga boom looks like now. new name total change
I can rember doing this in the 90's
What was the name of the bar In the bull ring.. It's now the grill pit. Pleeeease someone out me out of my misery, it's been bugging me since last night!
Does anyone know of any bar or club work in or around Wakefield city centre?
ah, wakey. well you might as well brag as it's the only thing you do have!!
you fail to mention where this is.
Wahoo the book is here, Spencer has just hand delivered my copy and I have to say I am very impressed. Now to find a public house to try some real ales in. Spoilt for choice. Think I will start at the redoubt.
I love westgate eun

The historic pub crawl through the pubs of Westgate, thirty pubs, bars and clubs awaiting your attention. The Westgate Run is a historical Pub Crawl through thirty different pubs, clubs and Bars, from the Redoubt at the bottom of Westgate to Moodies on Little Westgate at the top.

[08/29/15]   It would not be fair to finish this mini update without mentioning Unity Works, recently refurbished, and definitely selling a selection of ales. Now open in the old Unity Hall and worth checking out.


One bar on the Westgate Run that has changed its name regularly, is the old Yorkshire Bank building. When the book was researched, it was called Momo's, within days of printing it had changed its name to Coco Bongo.


Our final update for the time being goes back to everybody's old favourite. Rooftop Gardens and Casanova's are as much a part of Wakefield as is its rugby teams. When the now defunct Buzz took over the empty Mustang's and turned it in to Kooky's, this was a great relief for most people in the city old enough to remember the "good days".


The Wagon has undergone quite a dramatic improvement in appearance, a touch of paint and a rebranding as a "beer emporium" will appeal to a new generation of Westgate Runners in this traditional pub.

[08/27/15]   Montgomery's will officially be opening its doors tomorrow (Friday) at midday. This is the new bar/cafe that occupies the building that was previously Westgate's, the Wine Lodge and the Dram Inn. All on the Westgate Run team wish this new venture the best of success.


The oldest pub in Wakefield that is still open is the Black Swan, dating back to 1683 as the Golden Bull. When the guide book was published it had very limited opening hours, with the promise of more to come. It is now resplendent with new colour and has longer opening hours.


A new bar at the time of writing the guide book to the Westgate Run was Bar XII, this pub now appears to have closed its doors. Perhaps it is still open, can somebody confirm or deny the case.


The Westgate Run has seen a new bar open recently, Hogarth's is in the building that was previously used by Bing Bada Boom. This grade II listed building has also been called The White Horse and the Forehorse and Firkin.


One of the landmark ale houses in Wakefield for centuries was Westgate's, with a long and proud tradition, known as the Wine Lodge, Yates's Wine Lodge and the Dram Inn, it is currently closed and being refurbished to open as a cafe/bar. Apologies to the two workmen painting the exterior...


The Black Horse, keeping theatre goers amused before, during and after shows, since at least 1822, was closed during the publication of the book. It has now reopened and offers a fine selection of Theakstone's ales alongside decent pub food.


The Westgate Run lost one of its bars when "The Cave Bar" closed its doors, although a new sign in the window suggests that it may be reopening some time soon.

[08/21/15]   A number of people have been asking if the guide book is still available. The answer is yes.


Another recent change on the Westgate Run has seen the renaming of Moodies. This pub, originally opened in 1792 under the name "The Hole in the Wall", has now changed its name to the "Treehouse".


One year ago, this project started. It was not a success, selling only 100 of the 2000 guidebooks that we printed. We are however, over the next few days, going to look at some of the changes that have taken place over the last year.
The Smiths Arms has been selling ale to the thirsty people of Wakefield since the nineteenth century. It is now a floor care shop.

[05/19/15]   For a limited time only, The Westgate Run guide book, only £2.75 INCLUDING postage, available on Ebay. See how much the Run has changed in less than one year!!!


I have decided to return to the most popular cover photo we have used, as we now start to wind down this project. If anybody would like to make an offer for the 1800 unsold guide books, and take over the project, please let me know within the next couple of weeks. Thanks


The Westgate Run's cover photo

[10/06/14]   Student night, enjoy, drink sensibly, get home safely. Have a good evening.


The new hand painted sign for Bar XII, which will soon be having another name change to JD's.


New flashes of colour for Boomerangs, Does the purple work?


An evening of great music tomorrow night at the Old Print Works. Skinny Living, well worth a visit.


Check out the latest details for the Black Horse on their Twitter Page, it all looks very good.

[09/28/14]   Buzz has now closed. For a brief time period we are down to 29 drinking places on the Westgate Run, although I have a feeling we will be hearing from them again very soon.


Today we look at Koco Bongo, previously known as Momos, and Religion, and the Yorkshire Bank. How many other name changes can people remember, and can you put dates to them.


The Westgate Run's cover photo


The scaffolding is all down from the Black Horse, could the place be reopening soon? Let's hope so! We will attempt to keep you posted.


The Westgate Run's cover photo


Today's cover shows what was Mustangs, soon to be reopened under a new name. Any updates on the project, and any other gossip and rumours more than welcome.


The last pub on the Westgate Run, Moodies has a very long history and more than a few can remember sawdust on the floor as late as the 1980's. Nobody wants to remember the Pizza Hut days!


The penultimate pub on the Westgate Run takes us to the historical Westgates, previously the Wine Lodge and then Yates' Wine Lodge, another one celebrating over two hundred years on Westgate.


Down to the final stretch of the Westgate Run now, bar number 28 is Reflections. Previously known as the Saw, The Tavern and Toffs, and been around for about 200 years!


The Ale House, formerly the Moose Bar, opened in 2013 and is bar number 27 on the Westgate Run. Ask to see the fish and reptile tanks still in the basement from its days as a reptile house.


The Westgate Run's cover photo


The Black Rock, an excellent place to pick up the book, and a good pint of real ale, is pub number 26. It was built on the site where Wakefield produced an Archbishop of Canterbury, John Potter served in the role from 1737 to 1747.


The Westgate Run's cover photo





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