The bridge bar

Stylish Cocktail Bar, located in the heart of downtown Furano City, Hokkaido. Over 100 cocktails & more than 25 different types of beer in stock. Simple pub foods, free billiards, and free WiFi are also available. Friendly, bilingual, knowledgeable bartenders.

National Ainu museum opens in Hokkaido after COVID-19 delay Japan's first national museum dedicated to the indigenous Ainu people of northern Japan opened Sunday after repeated delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. The National Ainu Museum in the Hokkaido town of Shiraoi will only accept 2,000 visitors who made reservations in advance on weekdays and 2,500...

Sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. breaks record for most expensive game ever sold That’s a lot of money for a video game.

Telemedicine shakes up Japan's health care sector's-health-care-sector The coronavirus crisis has prompted Japan to ease regulations on remote medical treatment, creating an opening for tech companies and offering a glimpse of the future of healthcare in the world's most rapidly aging society. As coronavirus cases spiked in April, Japan temporarily eased restrictions o...

US visitors set to remain banned from entering EU Agreed shortlist of permitted countries also excludes Russia, Brazil and India

We ❤️ 🎱 ‼️

It looks like we’re going to have another cool & rainy weekend here in Furano. 🌧 🌧 🌧

Stop by the bridge bar for something that’ll warm your insides! 🍷 🍺 🍹 🥃 🍸

***Friday, June 26th, 11:25am, +13℃ (52℉).

🥜 🍫 🥛 🍺 🥜 🍫 🥛 🍺 🥜 🍫 🥛 🍺

Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout ‼️

From our friends at the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, California... ABV: 5.6% IBU: 64

The description from the brewers:

“A smooth and creamy midnight black stout. Deep rich sweetness with layers of coffee, caramel, toffee, prunes, raisins and roasted peanuts. An easy drinking dark beer, brewed with lactose to give a full mouthfeel and up-front sweetness. Balanced and approachable, for both casual fans of stouts and aficionados.”

Gov't lifts restrictions on travel across prefectures't-lifts-restrictions-on-travel-across-prefectures Japan lifted its restrictions on travel across prefectures on Friday as scheduled as the spread of the novel coronavirus has been kept in check, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday. "We're raising the level of social and economic activities further," Abe told a meeting of a government....

おはようございます‼️ 🌞🌞

Happy Friday, everyone!! I hope you all have a great weekend.

***It’s supposed to be chilly & rainy here in Furano today and tomorrow; which means it’s the perfect time to stop by the bridge bar for a drink or three... ⛅️ 🌧 🥃 🍹🍸 🍷 🍺 ☔️ ☁️

***June 19th, 4:30am, +14℃ (57℉).

We have 28 bottles of the “Furano Vintage” Sapporo Classic (500ml) left (I’m normally completely sold out by the end of March, but you know...) at the bridge.

We’re selling them at 40% off the regular price (¥800 —

Sapporo Snow Festival to be scaled down in 2021 due to pandemic The annual snow festival held in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo in February will be scaled down next year with the sculpting of large-scale ice statues canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, organizers said Tuesday. Getting support from sponsor companies to create the massive sculp...

Now @ the bridge bar:

Cascade Lakes’ Salted Caramel Porter 🍺!!!

A dark mahogany American-style porter with hints of toasted malts, vanilla, milk chocolate, and caramel... mmm! 😋

ABV : 5.8% IBU: 37 Made in Oregon, USA

Gin. 😋 😋 Ginny, gin, gin!! 🍸 🍸 🍸

We’ve got twenty different varieties of gin at the bridge bar; stop by for a refreshing Tom Collins or a traditional G & T!!

Enjoying another gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Furano. Have a great weekend, everybody!! ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

***June 13th, 11:08am, +28℃ (82℉).

Now @ the bridge bar...

Strawberry Ballyhoo 🍓 🍺 🍓 🍺 🍓 🍺!!!

*** 2019 Silver Medal winner of the Japan International Beer Cup 🥈 🥈!!!

Japan to let in 250 foreigners per day from Australia, NZ, Thailand, Vietnam under eased travel curbs Japan plans to ease its coronavirus travel restrictions by letting in up to around 250 foreign travelers per day from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam, government sources said Thursday. The quota, which Japan aims to introduce this summer, will initially apply to businesspeople, the sour...

Now @ the bridge bar!!

🌈 🍧 🍺 🌈 🍧 🍺 🌈 🍧 🍺 🌈 🍧 🍺

Prairie Artisan Ales’ Rainbow Sherbet !!!

🌈 🍧 🍺 🌈 🍧 🍺 🌈 🍧 🍺 🌈 🍧 🍺

Style: Fruited Sour ABV: 5.2% IBU: 15

From the Craft Beer & Brewing website:

What the brewers say
“Summer-forward sour ale with raspberry, pineapple, and orange.”
What our panel thought
“Candied-orange, tropical fruit, and berry aroma, like a mixed bag of hard candies. Candied orange notes carry into the flavor, with additional notes of pineapple, candied raspberry, and tangerine. Strong fruit character throughout. Acidity rounds the edges into an enjoyable package. Overall impression of fruit sherbet in beer form.”
What our editors thought
“The fruit-forward nose screams ‘summer’ as familiar flavors evoke agua fresca or big, bright smoothies. Sip is intense, pushing beer aside for a singular fruit experience.”

I’m back, baby!! 🍺 🎱 🍹 🎯 🍷

As of Friday, June 5th, the bridge bar has officially reopened!!

Temporary hours of operation: 8:30pm~1:30am (Thursday~Sunday)

Stop by and have a drink 🥃 if you’re in the mood!

We’ve still got more than half of 2020 left?!?

おはようございます‼︎ 🌞☀🌞☀

Happy Saturday, everyone!! 良い週末を‼︎

***タイムラプス:5月30日, 3:16am~4:21am.

Tommy Lee Jones gives pandemic advice as coffee-loving alien in Japanese commercial For many, the defining example of a Hollywood actor advertising products in Japanese commercials may not even be an actual one, but the character Bill Murray portrayed in "Lost in Translation" to hold up a glass of whisky and say, "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time." The r...

Good morning, all you beautiful people!! ☀️

So, as you’ve probably heard by now, the Japanese government has lifted the state of emergency in every prefecture across the country. 🇯🇵

Regular restaurants, shops, and cafés have reopened (most with shorter business hours & new take-out menus available). ☕️ 🥖 And schools will be back to their regular schedules starting next week (from Monday, June 1st). 👨‍🎓 📚

Unfortunately, the government has asked bars (I don’t serve food, so I’m classified as a different kind of business.) to hold off reopening for just a little longer. 🍺 🥃 🕙

So the bridge bar will continue to stay closed for a while longer. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things by mid-June.

***I’ve got my health and I’ve been doing well enough that I can see this as a temporary inconvenience; it’s not the end of the world. 🌎 Hopefully I’ll see you all this summer when we can share a drink or two and laugh about all of this. 🍹 🍸 🍷

Take care of yourselves. I love you all!! 😍

Japan set to fully lift coronavirus emergency in Tokyo, 4 other prefectures Japan plans to fully lift the state of emergency in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama and Hokkaido on Monday, a minister said Sunday, given a decline in the number of new coronavirus cases and improved medical systems. They are the last remaining areas under the measure among the country's 47 prefectu...

April travelers to Japan dropped 99.9% from year earlier to 2,900 | The Japan Times In recent years, inbound tourism has been one of the few sectors to see rapid growth in the long-stagnant economy.

Walking along the Sorachi River in central Hokkaido...

Furano City; Friday, May 22nd, 10:21am, +19℃.

Thursday, May 21st, 12:41pm, +19℃ (66℉)

On Saturday, May 16th, the Japanese government lifted the state of emergency in 39 of the 47 prefectures. Unfortunately, Hokkaido is one of the remaining 8 prefectures that is reopening a little slower. Most regular shops and restaurants have reopened, but bars were asked to hold off for another week, so (just to be safe), I’m staying closed until May 28th.

I will reopen the bridge bar on Friday, May 29th at 8:30pm. I hope to see a few of you/most of you/all of you sometime soon. I really miss chatting & drinking with you 😘 🍹!!!

Take care of yourselves, stay positive, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!! Cheers!! 🍺 🍺

Friday, May 15th, 4:32am, +6℃ (43℉).

Happy Friday, everyone!!

I was out for an early morning walk around the Furano Vineyards, and I caught a nice (slightly cloud-covered) sunrise. 🌅

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

***May 15th, 3:50am, +5℃ (41℉)

Foreigners with stays until July again given extra 3 months to renew visas The Immigration Services Agency of Japan said Tuesday it will give foreigners with periods of stay expiring in July a three-month extension to renew their visas, in a bid to alleviate congestion at immigration counters amid the coronavirus outbreak. The agency had earlier granted a three-month grace...

Home anime: Ghibli producer offers Totoro lesson online

Did you ever want to learn how to draw Totoro? Well, here you go... Time on your hands and a love of anime? A producer from Japan's Studio Ghibli is offering an online tutorial for drawing one of its most beloved characters: Totoro. Toshio Suzuki, former president of the Tokyo-based studio, contributed the video to a website intended to support children stuck at hom...

Just an FYI:

If you bought some of the Furano Premium Support Tickets (for use at local bars & restaurants), the expiration date has been extended to July 31st (instead of May 31st) because many shops are still closed due to the state of emergency in Hokkaido.

Thank you for your continued support of Furano’s small businesses. 🙏 🙏 !!!

The lonely cherry tree of Furano... 🌸 🌸 🌸

Have a great weekend, everyone!

***Friday, May 8th, 9:06am, +14℃.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

Because of the Hokkaido government’s decision to extend the state of emergency, the bridge bar will continue to be temporarily closed until May 15th (maybe until May 31st?!?).

I hope to see you all for a beer/cocktail sometime soon! 🍻 🍹 🍸 🍷 🥃 🍻 😷

Take care of yourselves, your health is more important than the economy!! We will get through this together! ❤️ 🇯🇵



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