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Lager's Inn has Happy Hour 3-6pm daily! Open Monday-Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday’s during football season. Daily lunch and drink specials!

Operating as usual

Mark your calendars! Our friends at The Zoo Bar have two great events coming up that you won't want to miss. Sunday, November 22 is a Wedding and Event Open House and Saturday, December 5 is the Aberdeen Area Wrestling Fundraiser that concludes with THROWBACK NIGHT with DJ Rob Moore playing hits from the 80's-2000's. Don't miss either of these great community events!

Lager's Inn will have all the South Dakota Football Championship games on. Tonight come cheer on the Warner Monarchs and enjoy your favorite beverage and chicken on a stick! Go Blue!

Photo courtesy Angie Vetter

Introducing “Meet The Lagers Crew!” A little look at the people who make Lagers Inn possible. A few questions that introduce a more personal side to the people in grey!

Part Ten: Ana

Ana is our spunky sweetheart. She is often our go to when it comes to training new people. She’s hardworking and extremely talented. She can be seen snapping photos or with her kiddos. We’re always so happy to have her great smile behind the bar, she is a great asset to our team!

Name/Nick Name: Ana Kyle

Favorite color: YELLOW

How many years at Lagers: coming up on 4 years in the next few months I believe.

How were you hired: the old manager Sarah called me up after I turned in an app and I went straight to serving a few days later(first job after being a stay at home mom since age 17) woofta! Haha and I love it.

Favorite movie: sweet home Alabamaaaa

Positions worked at the bar: server

Favorite work position: serving you amazing human beings

Favorite drink: Tuaca apparently

Favorite menu item: broccoli cheddar bites

Favorite shot: Patron, neat 😉 very rare nowadays.

Favorite part about working here: I get to see all my favorite people!

Aberdeen American News

Check out the Aberdeen American News article about The Zoo Bar wedding reception options and their upcoming Wedding Open House on November 22nd! Give it a read.

Some Aberdeen residents might think of The Zoo as a “college bar,” but it is hoping to open a new chapter.

Head over to The Zoo Bar page for a chance to win this great prize! They will be holding a Wedding Open House on Sunday, November 22nd from 2-5pm. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

The Zoo Bar Wedding Open House is coming up on Sunday, November 22nd from 2-5pm! Come check out what The Zoo looks like as a wedding venue and enjoy free wine samples. Like and share this post for a chance to win this gift basket including a $25 gift card. We hope to see you on November 22nd!

Thank you to everyone that celebrated with us last night! Even though we may feel like these photos today after the extra hour of fun last night, we are here for football, pull tabs and build a burger today! Come on down!

Don’t miss the party! Shot specials and build a burger all day, then costume contest at 11:00pm.

Be sure Lager's Inn is in your plans for Halloween! Build a Burger and shot specials all day, then costume contest at 11:00pm.

Happy Hump Day! 🐪 Take in today's lunch and evening specials!

3-11pm: Bone in and boneless wings $5.00/lb, Bacon wrapped chislic $9.75 and Super Nachos $8.75

$1.00 off all Whiskey drinks starting @ 3:00pm

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Get your costumes ready! Lager's Inn Halloween party this Saturday, with costume contest @ 11:00pm!

“Meet The Lagers Crew!” A little look at the people who make Lagers Inn possible. A few questions that introduce a more personal side to the people in grey!

Part Nine: Miranda

Where do we even start!? Miranda is one of our full time staff members. She is our sweet firecracker! Happy and ready to greet you with a warm smile, but don’t let her fool you! She is also tough as nails. We adore her for her quick serving skills and wonderful customer service. Always willing to step up and train new staff and do extra work, all together she is a businesses dream to have working Cheers to you, Mir! We appreciate everything you do.

Name/Nick Name: Miranda/Mir/ and recently Randy

Favorite color: Blue

How many years at Lagers: 3 1/2

How were you hired: my step dad walked me up to the old general manager and said “she’s 21 now” and she asked if I could start tomorrow

Favorite movie: Spirited Away or Grandmas boy

Positions worked at the bar: Server/Bartender/FOH manager

Favorite work position: Server

Favorite drink: Strawberry parrot bay and pineapple juice or raspberry white claw

Favorite menu item: traditional wings babbyyyy

Favorite shot: Patron, neat😜

Favorite part about working here: the amazing opportunities I’ve been given and the amazing people I’ve been able to meet. The regulars can turn any bad day into a good one and my coworkers always brighten my life🥰

Always something good happening at Lager's Inn 🍻 After enjoying Happy Hour from 3-6 and $2.50 Fireball shots here, head on down to The Zoo Bar for Magic Joe starting at 9:45pm! 🐰

The Zoo Bar

Check this out!

Still don’t believe The Zoo is the perfect place for your wedding reception? Maybe this will change your mind. Come see for yourself at our Wedding Open House on November 22nd!

Hot food on a cold day is ready for you at Lager's Inn. Also check out The Zoo tomorrow night for Magic Joe! Don't miss it!

Today's lunch and evening specials! $1.00 off all whiskey drinks all night, Bacon Wrapped Chislic ($9.75) and Super Nachos ($8.75) from 3-11pm.

Come check it out! You do NOT have to be a bride to attend. We are excited to showcase The Zoo as a venue that can host whatever event you are planning!

We have lunch ready for you! Dine in or carry out available. Text 33733 to download our chow now app and get 20% off your first chow now order. Or call 229-0922 and we will have your order ready when you get here.

“Meet The Lagers Crew!” A little look at the people who make Lagers Inn possible. A few questions that introduce a more personal side to the people in grey!

Part Eight: Dom

Dom has the BEST sense of humor around. If you need a good laugh, just enter the kitchen when he doesn’t know you are there and he will inevitably say something that will have you smiling for the remainder of the day. 😁
As a long time Lagers Inn team member, Dom is given the Responsibility/curse of scheduling the kitchen staff, which is no small feat. He is always quick to fill empty spots on the schedule and work extra hours. Dom also spends weekend nights working at The Zoo, however, may have an ulterior motive for doing so.
We are blessed to have Dom as an important part of our team. 🍔

Name/Nick‎ Name:
I‎ go‎ by‎ many‎ names: Dom,‎ Dom‎ Vito,‎ The‎ Domfather,‎ Big‎ Show...‎ and‎ pretty‎ much‎ anything‎ you‎ can‎ insert‎ Dom‎ into.

Favorite‎ color:‎
Lime‎ green‎ if‎ I‎ have‎ to‎ choose‎ one

How‎ many‎ years‎ at‎ Lagers:
Pretty‎ sure‎ 5‎ years

How‎ were‎ you‎ hired:
I‎ told‎ my‎ best‎ buddy‎ Swick‎ I‎ needed‎ a‎ second‎ job‎ so‎ got‎ to‎ start‎ on‎ my‎ birthday

Favorite‎ movie:
Grandmas‎ boy‎ or‎ Sweeny‎ Todd

Positions‎ worked‎ at‎ the‎ bar:
Cook‎ and‎ door‎ man

Favorite‎ work‎ position:
Who‎ would‎ want‎ to‎ be‎ called‎ a‎ door‎ man?

Favorite‎ drink:
Captain‎ silver‎ and‎ Sprite‎ or‎ bud‎ heavy

Favorite‎ menu‎ item:
Buff‎ chicken‎ pita

Favorite‎ shot:‎
Triple‎ B!‎ Big‎ Booty‎ Bish! (Referring to BlackBerry Brandy, but if you order the first one most bartenders will know)

Favorite‎ part‎ about‎ working‎ here:
All‎ the‎ great‎ people,‎ coworkers‎ and‎ our‎ dedicated‎ regulars.‎ The‎ best‎ owners‎ I‎ have‎ ever‎ worked‎ for‎ hands‎ down.‎ They‎ actually‎ listen‎ to‎ you‎ and‎ understand‎ you‎ enough‎ to‎ meet‎ you‎ halfway.‎ I‎ get‎ to‎ fill‎ people's‎ stomach‎ while‎ watching‎ all‎ the‎ sporting‎ events.‎ Payday‎ is‎ pretty‎ cool,‎ too.

Saturday Fish Fry

One more day until our walleye fish fry! But before that, come down for our great Friday night specials. Free Hors d'oeuvres starting at 4:00pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and $2.50 Fireball Shots until close. TGIF!

New caps and beanies are in! Like and share this post for your chance to win one of your choice. Winner will be chosen on Sunday. They’re available for sale now at Lager’s: caps $12, beanies $15. Get yours today! 🧢

Caps and Beanies just in time for this cold weather! Assorted colors to choose from. Caps $12, Beanies $15. Get yours today!

Happy Hour tonight 3-6, then Rocket Pitchers are just $18.75, and Domestic Pitchers $8.50 all night! And don’t forget the fish fry Saturday @5:00pm.

It’s a great night for burgers and beers! And be sure to mark your calendar for this Saturday’s fish fry!

Lager's Inn Fish Fry

Mark your calenders everyone! This Saturday @ 5:00pm our Fish Fry is back! Come down and enjoy all you can eat fish and fries for $7.75 (while supplies last). See you Saturday!

“Meet The Lagers Crew!” A little look at the people who make Lagers Inn possible. A few questions that introduce a more personal side to the people in grey!

Part Seven: Amber

As we have mentioned before, it takes a lot of great people to keep things running. Being open from 11am to 2am Monday to Saturday (plus Sundays during football season) takes a small well run army to make sure things are moving properly. We are so happy to have people like Amber who through and through still stick around! She is only around a few days a week now, but we love having her sweet smile when we can! Quick to help as soon as she walks through the doors, she is ready to work and loved by all her coworkers. Thank you for always being there for us, Amber!

Name/Nick Name: Amber

Favorite color: Purple

How many years at Lagers: 6

How were you hired: Needed a job ASAP and completed an app and was hired on

Favorite movie: Idiocracy

Positions worked at the bar: Server bartender door

Favorite work position: Bartender

Favorite drink: Blueberry Western Sons, club soda, and limes. Lots of limes!

Favorite menu item: Hot balls (Pepper Jack Cheeseballs)

Favorite shot: Chuck norris

Favorite part about working here: The people! Great people to work with as well as patrons. Always look forward to going to work to see all of our wonderful customers.

Thirsty Thursday! Domestic Pitchers are $8.50 and Rocket Pitchers $18.75. And of course Chicken on a Stick $.95 each from 3-11pm.

Meat loaf combos ready and waiting for you! Or if you prefer a wrap, give our Prime Rib Philly Wrap a try. Lunch specials 11:30am to 1:30pm. Text LAGERSINN to 33733 to download our ChowNow app for 20% off your first order.

The Zoo Bar

Mark your calendars for our Wedding Open House on Sunday, November 22nd from 2:00-5:00pm! All are welcome to see what The Zoo can provide on your special day or just to check us out. We are also excited to have Steph at Brides N Belles, Mo's Cakes, Aberdeen Floral LLC Designs By Cindy, Jimmy's Pizza of Aberdeen, and Tyra Gefroh Photography join us. We look forward to seeing you on November 22nd!

Introducing “Meet The Lagers Crew!” A little look at the people who make Lagers Inn possible. A few questions that introduce a more personal side to the people in grey!

Part Six: Brandon

When it comes to our kitchen, we have some of the best of the best. Happy to have so many long term team members who not only do their job but go above and beyond when we need them. Brandon is a quiet force. While usually a man of few words, when you catch him he will make you laugh endlessly. He has worked numerous places in the bar and never batted an eye when we needed him. Thank you Brandon for sticking it out with us!

Name/Nick Name: Stone Cold

Favorite color: Black

How many years at Lagers: 6 years

How were you hired: Facebook

Favorite movie: Blues Brothers

Positions worked at the bar: Server, bartender, cook

Favorite work position: All of them

Favorite drink: Busch light

Favorite menu item: Meatloaf

Favorite shot: Not Rumple Minze

Favorite part about working here: Meatloaf day (Wednesday’s 11am - 2pm)

FIREBALL FRIDAY!! Happy Hour 3-6pm, and $2.50 Fireball shots all night long starting at 3:00pm. Don't forget the Zoo/Lager's Shuttle now accepts VENMO payments!

Always supporting our NSU family and friends!

Book your wedding or event at The Zoo Bar and you are welcome to serve your favorite food from any caterer of your choosing! Whether you want a meat and potatoes meal or a pizza buffet, the choice is yours. This couple had delicious, local Jimmy's Pizza of Aberdeen cater their wedding reception and it was a crowd favorite. 🍕 Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about having your upcoming event at The Zoo!

Introducing “Meet The Lagers Crew!” A little look at the people who make Lagers Inn possible. A few questions that introduce a more personal side to the people in grey!

Part Five: Nichole

At Lagers we are blessed to have longtime staff that not only has stuck with us for so many years, but even when they move on to bigger and better things they continue to work shifts and help us out. Nichole is one of those, her hardworking and kind personality makes her a favorite among coworkers. Always flashing her million dollar smile, quick to help any new servers or bartenders, all while taking the time to ask everyone “how is your day?” You are greatly appreciated! Cheers, Nic!

Name/Nick Name: Nic, or my family all calls me Cole

Favorite color: Navy Blue

How many years at Lagers: A little over 8 years.

How were you hired: I was looking for something temporary for the summer. At the time, Katie said I should talk to Wendy, and so I did, and I'm still here haha.

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing

Positions worked at the bar: Bartender, Server, Door

Favorite work position: Bartending is a lot of fun.

Favorite drink: A red beer with a spicy pickle.

Favorite menu item: Bacon-wrapped chislic or any of the pitas

Favorite shot: Rump

Favorite part about working here: I've had really great coworkers throughout the past 8 years! And Lowell and Denise are amazing too.
I love our customers, and my shift wouldn't be complete without seeing Johnny & JD and our other regulars 🙂
I just work weekends, and it's never been a problem if I need or want to take time off. Oh, and I can't forget safety meetings.

We are making it more convenient for you to get home safely! You can now pay for your Shuttle ride via Venmo. Call 380-6669 for a ride Friday’s and Saturday’s starting at 10:00pm.

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