Steam Donkey Brewing Company

Our beer isn't just beer, it's the ingredients, it's the community, it's bringing brewing back to Aberdeen.

Small local brewery No food, but feel free to bring in your own Kid Friendly

[06/26/19]   Reminder:
Steam Donkey will close at 6pm tonight, June 26th, for a ticketed event!! See all you crafters tonight!

Two new IPAs on tap just in time for Father's Day!
Paradox Engine IPA a delightful Belgian IPA, &
Royal Selfie IPA a NW style IPA with hints of pineapple and mango.
Remember its $12 growler fills/4packs on Sundays!

A huge thank you to the Washington Brewers Awards committee for our bronze medal win in the Fruit Wheat Beer category with our Currant Situation!!
Jon and Doug are hanging out at the Washington Brewers Festival today pouring for our good friends at Dog Days Brewing, and will be coming home with some bronzed hardware!
Shout out to the brewers at Steam Donkey for bringing in a medal for the second year.
#steamdonkeybeers #washingtonbrewersfestival #bronzemedalist #harborbeeronthemove #drinkwabeer #independentbeer #steamdonkeybrewing

A sunset on Second Beach pairs best with a can of the ________________.
a. Currant Situation Fruit Wheat Ale
b. Kalaloch Kolsch
c. Gypsy Head Brown Porter
d. Princess Peppercorn Peach Saison
#drinkwabeer #harborbeer #independentbeer #pnwlife #pnwbeer #pnwonderland #graysharborliving #washingtonexplored #upperleftusa #olympicpeninsula

Just taking a little time to reflect on the amazing first half of the year! Looking forward to a #supersummer with exciting beer related amazingness @steamdonkeybrewing and in our fantastic community!
#steamdonkeyswag #drinkwabeer #harborbeer #independentbeer #hikepnw #steamdonkeyinthewild #pnwbeer #pnwlife #getoutside #pnwonderland #graysharborliving #washingtonexplored #upperleftusa

The best way to spend your Sunday? With great friends and great local beer!
$12 growler fills on sundays!
#sundaysatsteamdonkey #sundayfunday #drinkwabeer #drinklocal #independentbeer #harborbeer

*Wednesday Beer Release*
Princess Peppercorn Peach Saison
A collaboration with our friends @dogdaysbrewing
A traditional Saison that was infused with natural peaches and crushed pink peppercorns.
Refreshing and uniquely delicious.
Come rescue your pint today!
#princesspeach #collabbeer #steamdonkeycollabbrew #brewfriends #dogdaysbrewing #steamdonkeybrewing #drinkwabeer #oldschoolvibes

Steam Donkey will be closed today as we remember the fallen. We encourage you to spend your day doing what you want to do, the best way to honor those who are not here and have laid down their lives is to live yours. If you know a Gold Star family raise a glass to their loved one today.

We will reopen at our normal hours on Wednesday.

Thank you

Semper Fi
2/7 OEF '08

Three day weekends deserve great beer! Stop in and pick up fresh local beer for your holiday plans.
There are so many good choices on tap this weekend, take them with you in growlers, grunts, or canned four packs.
#drinkwabeer #independentbeer #pnwbeer #harborbeer #WAbeer #steamdonkeybeers #drinklocal

With camping season right around the corner...Steam Donkey wants you to be #summerready
Check out our 16oz enamel camping mugs for all your beverage needs!

This Sunday, May 19th, we are celebrating our first year of our beer club with a party, which means we will be closed to the public at our tasting room in downtown Aberdeen. Come see us Wednesday-Saturday this week for all your delicious local beer needs!
#drinklocal #whistlepunkbeerclub #steamdonkeynation #letsparty

Today is the last day to sign up for, or renew your current membership in, our Mug club! Do not miss out on the beer, perks and merriment!!

It's that time of year again!!
Applications for our membership are available in the brewery!!

Open today, Mother's Day!
See you on the patio with a cold one! Cheers to Moms🍻
#steamdonkeybrewing #mothersday

**Saturday Beer Release**
We are diving into lagerland!

Inspired by a mexican lager we are pouring our Burro de Vapor.

An international pilsner style golden lager with a light body, low bitterness, very little malt flavor and a clean profile.

Perfect for the summer days ahead, with or without a lime!

#steamdonkeybrewing #harborbeer #independentbeer #WAbeer #lagerland #pilsner #drinklocal #pnwbeer

Thursday Release:
Second in our Currant Situation series.
Currant Situation v 2.0
Black Currant and Pink Guava
tart fruit wheat.
An American style wheat with a beautiful purple hue. This version retains the tart upfront while the guava mellows on the back end.
#currantsituation #harborbeer #WAbeer #independentbeer #steamdonkeybrewing

*Beer Release Friday*
Pick-up Limes Pale Ale
An effervescent pale with citrus flavors of lime and orange pith. This beer has a clean bitterness, with a light mouthfeel.
The use of Motueka hops brings out the lime character both in aroma and flavor, while El Dorado hops gives this one a fruity nose.
#harborbeer #motuekahops
#WAbeer #independentbeer #steamdonkeybeers #beeriscommunity #beerreleasefriday

Yes! We are open our regular Sunday hours on April 21st.

We are Instagram certified.

Feelin’ cute, might brew a beer later, idk.

Collaboration with Steam Donkey Brewing Company!

Steam Donkey Brewing Company

Steam Donkey Brewing Company's cover photo

It's that time of year again!!
Applications for our membership are available in the brewery!!

Did you know...
It is National Library Week!!
We have picked a few of our favorite beers and paired them with some awesome reads from Aberdeen Timberland Library.

Check out our Currant Situation #currantsituation while checking out the libraries currant situation, the Lucky Day collection.

Have a pint of the aBEERdeen Scotch and enjoy a take from across the pond!

A mystery/horror selection deserves the dark and stormy Gypsy Head brown porter #gypsyheadbrownporter, and it is perfect for a Steven King novel.

Or sip on a pint of E.A.S. IPA, (which stands for End of Active Service) while reading a collection of military stories straight from those that lived them.

Any way that you pair beer and books is a win!

#timberlandlibrary #beersandbooks @ Aberdeen, Washington

National Beer Day is celebrated in the US every year on April 7, marking the day that the Cullen-Harrison Act was enacted after having been signed into law by President FDR.
People across the country responded by gathering outside breweries, and on that first day, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed, inspiring the future holiday.

April 6, the day prior to National Beer Day, is known as New Beer's Eve.
The best way to celebrate this Sunday?? Check out your local breweries!!! #drinklocal
Steam Donkey will be pouring fresh pints from 11-5pm, along with our awesome Beermosas and Red Beers!

These have all been adopted by loving families!!

Happy Friday Steam Donkeys... we have filled our cans with the last of our Hocus Mochas Blond Stout, and it won't be back until October!! Come claim your four pack for $10!
Limited supply!!

When the weather changes from the upper 70s to low 50s overnight, you definitely need a beanie to keep your head warm!
Check out our new merch!
Two colors that can be worn two ways! Available now!!!
Special thank you to @moonrabbitkombucha for being a fantastic model!
#beanieweather #steamdonkeyswag #pnwspring #graysharborliving #steamdonkeybrewing @ Steam Donkey Brewing Company

Two new beers for your taste buds were tapped on our anniversary last weekend and are on this week as well!
Currant Situation 4.5%
black currant/passionfruit tart wheat ale
Super refreshing with a gorgeous ruby color.
aBEERdeen Scotch Ale. 6.8%
Traditional scotch ale, malty with notes of caramel and toffee goodness.
The sunshine is out this afternoon and all that is missing is you!!
See you soon;)

#abeerdeenscotch #steamdonkeybeers #newbeerwednesday #steamdonkeybrewing #independentbeer #harborbeer #pnwbrews @ Steam Donkey Brewing Company

Recieved this bronze beauty in the mail today... for those sunny days when you just want to feel like a winner!
#bocba #bestofcraftbeerawards
#drinkwabeer #medalup #pnwbrews #independentbeer #wabl #WAbeer #harborbeer #steamdonkeybrewing #awards

This weekend is looking up!!

Good luck to our local firefighters this morning as they climb for a cause in Seattle! We are proud to support the fight to find a cure.
Thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night to have a pint and donated during Charitable Suds. Aberdeen Firefighters Local #2639
#firefighterstairclimb #local2639
#steamdonkeygivesback #charitablesuds #harborbeergivesback #independentbeer #pnwbeer

What's that.. up in the sky?
Is it a bird? A plane? No...
It's Super Donkey Double IPA!
Our last post for #flagshipfebruary, Super Donk is a relatively new flagship beer for Steam Donkey, but one of our favorites. The perfectly balanced hop-malt ratio makes this double uniquely smooth at 8.7% and super satisfying.
This one is on tap at the brewery in Aberdeen and @frontagerspizza in Seabrook.
#flagshipfebruary #superdonkeydipa #steamdonkeybrewing #independentbeer #harborbeer #pnwbeer #pnwbrews #upperleftcoast #discovergraysharbor #graysharborliving #steamdonkeybeers

It is appropriate that our next #flagshipfebruary post features our Kalaloch Kolsch, as it is back on tap this week at the brewery.
The style, originally brewed in Cologne, Germany, is fermented with ale yeast, but then finished in cold temperatures like a lager. The #kalalochkolsch is a light golden beer, with a crisp clean finish. Perfect for any time you want something simple that still has a lot of integrity.
#steamdonkeybrewing #independentbeer #harborbeer #pnwbeer #pnwbrews #upperleftcoast #discovergraysharbor #graysharborliving #steamdonkeybeers

I think this is a sign we need to make this again!
Lavenduala grabbed a bronze medal in #bestofcraftbeer2019 at the @bestofcraftbeerawards for Specialty Saison!
Bringing home some hardware!

@steamdonkeybrewing and @dogdaysbrewing

#lavenduala #bronzemedalist #collabbeer #pnwbeer #awards #jewelry

Celebrating another Wednesday in #flagshipfebruary with our Düzer Belgian Pale.
This one is named after the amazing Doug, who is always working on something either in the brewery, or at a brewfest (his favorite part of the job).
Next time you see him raise a glass of Düzer in his honor!
This belgian beer is a brilliant golden color, with toasty and sweet malty overtones and a clean finish that leaves you wanting more!
#steamdonkeybeers #harborbeer #independentbeer #pnwbeer #upperleftcoast

Steam Donkey is open today, regular hours!
Come warm up with a Hocus Mochas or two.

[02/09/19]   Bend & Brews has been cancelled this morning, February 9th. My instructor is unable to drive safely into town, and safety of our Steam Donkey friends comes first. We will reschedule for February 23rd. If you have bought tickets, your ticket is transferable to any future bend and brew during 2019, or you may contact us for a full refund. Steam Donkey will open at our regular 11am.

Update: Cancelled due to icy road conditions.
We will reschedule for February 23. Tickets are transferable or refundable. Drive safe out there!

Bend & Brews is still on for tomorrow morning, February 9th @10am. We will monitor the weather tonight and through the morning and update you all with any changes!

*Friday Beer Release*
6.8% 62 IBU

A northwest style IPA with a trio of citrusy hops. This one has an amazing aroma with a traditional IPA finish, and we are loving it!
#steamdonkeybeers #nwipa #ekuanothops #azaccahops #simcohops #harborbeer #independentbeer

With snowpocalypse right around the corner, you deserve the best beer to hunker down and enjoy the weekend with!
Our whiskey barrel aged After Midnight is a smooth and fantastic dark belgian, and just look at that color!
Limited bottle release in the brewery, packaged and ready for wherever the weekend takes you!
#barrelagedbeer #aftermidnight

It's that time of year when we take time to appreciate the classics. The beers that got us here, and the beers that continue to delight the taste buds. While we love a new release, and can't wait for summer IPAs and fresh hops, we know you can't move forward without understanding where you come from.
The first beer during #flagshipfebruary that we are applauding is our Gypsy Head Brown Porter. The queen of the malt beers. Its been with us since the beginning, and we love it still.
Join us this month, and raise a pint of Gypsy Head and celebrate one of the hits of #SteamDonkeybeers

We love being able to keep it local!
Grab a glass or growler of the good stuff.
On tap now!
#drinklocal #graysharborliving #buddiesinbusiness #fermentation #steamdonkeybrewing

It's that time of year again!! Get your vote on Twin Harbors!! We love doing business here :)

Our delicious, mischievous blond stout is back on tap!! Come grab a pint of Hocus Mochas in the brewery.
#hocusmochas #steamdonkeybeers

Hello Steam Donkey Nation!
Just FYI: The brewery will be closed this Wednesday, 1/23, for our Crafts & Drafts class. We will see you back in the brewery on Thursday!!

Bottle Release alert!!
This Dark Belgian style ale has been a long time in the making.
Thanks to the @woodenvillewhiskeyco barrel, notes of oak and vanilla compliment this belgian style to perfection.
Limited run, only available at the brewery!
#barrelagedbeer #limitedrelease #steamdonkeybrewing #independentbeer #harborbeer #pnwbeer #pnwbrews #upperleftcoast #discovergraysharbor #graysharborliving #steamdonkeybeers

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