Crooked Creek Hops Farm

We're a New York State hops farm with "SOMETHING DIFFERENT"

We are a NYS hops farm with "something different". We offer different hops verieties from around the world for NYS breweries especially breweries using the farm brewing license. We offer drying, Pelleting and whole sale services for other farms. Call for pricing and options.

Mission: We are a farm focused on quality. We are looking to help drive the NYS hops economy as well as bringing many new hops verities to New York State beers.

Steuben Brewing Company

Yum yum!!

Crooked Creek IPA fermentation

Our new test plot has some critters!!! These little fellas are well known at this yard to help with weeds and stripping the bottom of the bines like sheep. Don’t believe us you’ll have to come check it out this summer!!
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Well isn’t this just an awesome Valentines Day Gift!! Of course we always been at the bottom of the ❤️ of the Finger Lakes🥰 but our good friends at @kcbcbeer and Strong Rope Brewery brewed up a NYSIPA that utilized some of our MI Copper Hops!!

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🧠 🤖🧠🤖2x fresh new hop joose dropping tomorrow!! 🧠🤖🧠🤖
THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON HOPS: Mosaic & Cashmere • Double Dry Hopped Double IPA • 8.5% // New BRAAAAINS! Oozing with fresh Mosaic & Cashmere hops. Thick, golden OJ haze, with crushed pineapple up front and layers of tropical melon, berries-n-cream, and ripe oranges on the palate. Juicy in the middle, dry on the finish. $20 / 4pk
STRICTLY BIONIC • New York IPA • 6.8% // Collab w/ our ol’ pal Jason at Strong Rope Brewery // Our first 100% NY IPA, brewed with all-NYS-grown hops & malt: Cashmere, Centennial, Nugget & Zeus hops from @chimneybluffshoppery, MI Copper hops from Crooked Creek Hops Farm + Seneca White Wheat from @newyorkcraftmalt and Synergy Pale from 1886 Malt House. A new-age-meets-retro blend of hazy juice & pithy bitterness. Massive citrus--grapefruit, orange, lemon & lime--with light tropical fruit & pine. Dry finish. Crushable. $17 / 4pk
We’re really digging both of these beers. And the supremely epic @funnybonestuff can art too. Taproom open 5p-12a Fri, 12p-12a Sat, and 12-9p Sun. @ Crooked Creek Hops Farm

From our family to yours we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Happy to announce that 100% NY, our pale ale brewed with all NY ingredients, is back on tap at our tap room! Featuring Erie Canal pale malt from @newyorkcraftmalt and Centennial, Michigan Copper, and Cascade hops from @crookedcreekhops. Expect a light, clean malt background with light peach, concord grape, and earthy aroma and flavor from the hops to yield a very interesting and refreshing beer. #celebrateNY #celebratebeer

With the market tightening up the way it is this is the perfect time for brewers to experiment with new and innovative varieties such as MI Copper developed by Great Lakes Hops Grown right here in NYS and Michigan. Give the New York Hop Guild a call on any quantities of this new variety!!

It is continuously rewarding to see publications beginning to recognize Incredible new Hop varieties like Michigan Copper TM and Mackinac TM as well as Michigan's Hop growers and the unique flavor profiles our region is developing. This article was packed with great data. Check it out!

Michigan is just getting started. Spring 2019 will be a land mark year for GLH, "The Beer State" and Michigan growers with the new world class varieties we will be releasing from our breeding portfolio.

CCHF is proud to announce we now work with the New York Hop Guild to supply all our hops to brewers. If you want CCHF hops give them a call and ask for for our lots!! Make sure to give them a like on Facebook and Instagram at New York Hop Guild

Our new trade show set up. Look for us at the Northeast Hop Alliance conference at the Geneva experiment station Saturday. Come by and check out what we have to offer for both brewers and growers.
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Always a pleasure getting paired up with New York Craft Malt with 100% NYS beers. This one with 42 North Brewing Company!!

We loved working with 42 North Brewing Company on these releases. Made with our malt and Crooked Creek Hops Farm & Elm St. Bakery & Coffee Bar in East Aurora.

Veterans Day may have passed but Liquid Shoes Brewing has this delicious new treat on tap featuring some CCHF MI Copper through the New York Hop Guild. If your looking for more CCHF goodies be sure to give them a call!!

Happy Saturday friends! A little snowy to start the day but the sun is now out here in Corning! New beer out today in honor of our service men & women! We thank you all so very much! We used Michigan Copper hops from Crooked Creek Hops Farm and Azacca for this delicious crushable IPA! Open 12-11pm today with 9 taps to start the day! Come hang! #liquidshoes #liquidshoesbrewing #corning #marketstreet #gafferdistrict #thankyouvets #drinklocal #craftbeer

Harvesting these beauts today. They’ve far exceeded our expectations over the years with Swedish 🐠 and tart 🍒/🍓 pie aromas. @greatlakeshops knocked it outta the park.
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Watching the 🦌 at the end of the row while getting a few scratch and sniff sessions in. Harvest is just a couple weeks out. There’s still time [email protected] your wet hop beer orders in!!
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Green Green Green! Cover crop is rooting nicely and cones are coming in full force! #crookedcreekin #i❤️hops #i❤️ny #nysgrownandcertified #hopstateny #wethops

Proud to announce our participation in the New York State Grown and Certified program. Just another step forwards in our commitment to quality NYS grown hops.
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Early morning spray sesh and the new dryer set up. Late nights, early mornings, harvest prep is under way!! #filthywindshield #crookedcreekin #norestforthewicked #i❤️hops #micopperhops #i❤️newyork #wethopseason #wethops @ Crooked Creek Hops Farm

Check out the brewery list! We'll be there 🍻

“Are You Ready Steve?” Possibly the fruitiest batch yet? Utilizing some awesome Michigan breed, NYS grown goodies!!

That mega fruit punch wallop is back this week, find ARE YOU READY STEVE? DDH IPA everywhere you regularly pick up SC cans. For those of you in NYC, we'll have some cans of WEIRD & GILLY as well at SingleCut Tap Room.


Guess who just joined the vendor list... that's right. See you there Rochester. Let's talk hops.

When you need a few things to finish up the new dryer you wake the little dude up from a nap to help out!!
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Artisanal Brew Works

If your near Saratoga this week make sure to stop by Artisanal Brew Works to try out there latest Tap Room Series beer featuring some awesome new hops grown from around the United States!!

Have you tried our new Taproom Seires DIPA? It has Michigan Copper, Michigan Heritage, and Equanot Hops, along with Coastal Haze Yeast that makes it a first of its kind, hazy delight. Be a little naughty and pick up a 4-pack today!
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MI Copper are filling out nicely. Takin care of some pesky critters. T minus 7 weeks till harvest. Brewers if your looking for wet hops we are offering Cascade and MI Copper this year. We are taking pre orders now for pick up. Free delivery will be limited. Call or DM for more info
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What’s more American then fireworks, bluebs and chocolate chip cookies and maybe just a tasty beer named after the farm!! Thanks to @steubenbrewing and there Local Liquid series lineup! Hope everyone is enjoying their Independence Day🇺🇸
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Make sure to stop by @steubenbrewing today and grab some of their newest release, Local Liquid. CCHF hope featured in the Crooked Creek IPA and the NY Farm Double. #crookedcreekin #i❤️hops #i❤️newyork #nyhops #localliquid #supportlocal #thinknydrinkny #independenceday🇺🇸

Canned today!! Don’t miss out on this Newbury Racecourse Plan Bee Farm Brewery collab using Crooked Creek Hops!!

CAN RELEASE TODAY 4pm: BarnBoss | NY Farmhouse IPA | Brewed in collaboration w/ Plan Bee Farm Brewery | 5th in our monthly ‘Boss Collab Series | NY Malt from Hudson Valley Malt | NY Hops from Crooked Creek Hops | Farmhouse on the nose, Juice on the palette | $15 4pk, No Limits

Great people, great conversation, great beer...

Come see us at The Buffalo Brewer's Fest

's cover photo

Gorgeous morning. The heavy rain brought out the 🦌to admire the clean yard. #i❤️hops #mothernature #nyshops #nysfarm #crookedcreekin #deer❤️hops @ Crooked Creek Hops Farm

Two weeks progress. The ladies are looking gorgeous!! #crookedcreekin #i❤️hops #nyshops #nysfarm #micopperhops #michiganbreednewyorkgrown

A little gloomy today but things are looking up!! #nyshops #crookedcreekin #i❤️hops #micopperhops #nysfarm

Gorgeous day on the farm!!!! Crazy what a little rain can do! #crookedcreekin #micopperhops #i❤️hops #nysfarm #growbabygrow @ Crooked Creek Hops Farm

Perfect temps for training some NYS grown MI Copper with the family!!Great start to 2018!! #crookedcreekin #nysfarm #micopper #michigancopper #i❤️hops #i❤️ny

When you have to make a weekday delivery in the southern tier the whole family joins!! @fourmilebrewing @ellicottvillebrewing #crookedcreekin #farmtopint #nyhops # i❤️hops #i❤️ny #👍🏻

Beautiful day to be a hop farmer!! MI Copper field ready is ready for the year!! #crookedcreekin #i❤️newyork #i❤️hops #micopperhops #nysfarm #nysbreweries #craftbeerstartshere

Beer Drinkers Are Boosting the Agricultural Industry

Awesome article from US News featuring Northeast Hop Alliance. Including the Executive director Steve Miller and New York's veteran hop farmer Rick Pederson!! Slight mention of Crooked Creek Hops as well!! The state is supporting collaboration between farmers and brewers to feed a growing industry.

Thank you again to the #middletownhistoricalsocietyofsteubencounty. Uncovering more history of hops grown in the Tuscarora River Valley. Wonder if the ancestors contributed to this Tobacco!?

Jasper, NY ~ Reed Hulse delivering a load of potatoes from the farm to a nearby train depot. Circa 1925. Evidence of the early agriculture propsperity shows in the 1864 census. The population at that time wa 1,678. The township produced the following: Butter: 113,000 lbs., Apples: 6000 bu., Potatoes: 16,000 bu., Hops: 3.500 lbs., Tocacco: 1100 lbs. (This information is from the book "Steuben County The First 200 Years A Pictorial History" by Richard Sherer.) © 1996 ~ Used with permission! The chapter in this book about Jasper was by Norma Crane

Check out Iron Flamingo Brewery and there new pilot batch brew featuring CCHF grown hops!!

Now on tap DDH-NEPA made with all NY hops !! Bursting with @crookedcreekhops Michigan Copper and centennial hops 🤤 super crushable at 5.2%ABV and 0-IBU !!! 🙌

Thank you to the #middletownhiatoricalsocietyofsteubencounty for sharing this brief history lesson of the Holden Farm!! #crookedcreekin #i❤️hops #nyshops #nysfarm #history

Tuscarora, NY ~ The Holden House ~ This is the home of James and Joanne Holden on old Route 17. It was built by Jim's great grandfather, James Franklin Holden (who married Sarah Hamilton). This was a half-way house, and also used as a stagecoach inn. Jim's grandfather, James Ayrault (Raulty) and his father, Park were born here. There was a big room with no windows under the eaves next to a big fireplace chimney. Off from an upstairs bedroom, was a walk-incloset sealed tight for storing of feather beds, and homemade quilts. The kitchen had a big stone (from the farm) fireplace with a brick oven for baking. A winding stairway went from kitchen to attic. The downstairs bar room was later used for a bedroom. There were several outbuildings on the farm. A horse barn, and big tobacco shed were dismantled and sold. The horse barn was rebuilt on Symonds Hill. This was a large tobacco growing farm. James Franklin Holden who built the house was born October 10, 1800. MHS/JF Posted 1/31/2018 ~ This information was from Agnes Kane in the following book: (This information is from the book "Steuben County The First 200 Years A Pictorial History" by Richard Sherer.) Used with permission from Nathan Stufflebean of The Donning Company Publishers. Copyright © 1996 ~ UPDATE: This photo has worked it's way around to the current owners of the Holden House. It is now (1/31/2018) owned by Paul & Melissa Holden. They have owned it since 2001. The house was built in August 2nd 1841. It was nice to find out that the Holden Family still owned the house. With their permission we are updating some information on the house. Melissa says, " It is a Hops Farm now that Paul, James's son, and his two sons started 4 years ago. Here is a link to their FB page: Thank you, Melissa for the update!

Forecast is calling for snow, beer and pizza. Make sure to stop by Railhead Brewing Company and try out there latest Dry Hopped Pale Ale featuring Crooked Creek Hops!!

We just tapped our latest installment of our Dry Hopped Pale Ale. This delicious pale ale is made using all NYS hops from Crooked Creek Hops Farm in Addison.

Featured Pizza is a Capriciosa Pizza made with fresh mozza, artichokes, black olives, mushrooms and prosciutto.

If your in the NYC area for New Years make sure the check out Strong Rope Brewery!!

We’re back open today 3-11pm. Come down and get a delicious Seeds of Love & Outrage NYIPA with Crooked Creek Hops Farm Michigan Copper and Mackinac hops and Pedersen Hop Farm Chinook! #strongropebrewery #thinknydrinkny #nycbrewed #crookedcreekhops #nyipa #pedersenhopfarm #nyhops

Are you ready? Steve is!! Featuring juicy new NYS and Michigan grown hops!!

ARE YOU READY STEVE? IPA is back in shops near you this week, and available @singlecuttaproom starting tomorrow at 6pm.
A crisp, lush bodied fruit salad of an IPA, with cherry, nectarines, and some Hawaiian Punch on the nose. Grab it!

If your in the Buffalo/Niagara frontier area make sure to stop in and check this out!!

🚨New Beer Tapping🚨

This weekend we'll be tapping our last Wet Hop brew of the hop harvest season. Michigan Copper Wet Hop Red IPA was brewed with Michigan Copper Wet Hops from Crooked Creek Hops Farm in Central NY. Lots of floral, tropical and balanced earthy aromas and flavors coming off on this Red IPA. Hope you all enjoy!

We want to thank everyone that came out to the 2017 Harvest Brew Festival!! Thank you to @jg418 for all the hard work putting things together. And a big congratulations to the winners of the Crooked Creek Hop Off sponsored by @newyorkcraftmalt
Pale Ales
1st- @upstatebrewing XPA
2nd- @12gatesbrewing Pale Ale
3rd- @swiftwaterbeer Wet Hop

1st- @upstatebrewing Fall IPA
2nd- @swiftwaterbeer IPA
3rd- @railheadbrew IPA

1st- @luckyharebrewing Millennial Falcon
2nd- @swiftwaterbeer DIPA BRAH
3rd- @resurgencebrewingco Head in the Clouds

NYSHoppy Ale
1st- @luckyharebrewing Two Can Slam
2nd- @lunkenheimercbc Bier 20
3rd- @breweryofbrokendreams All For One

Thank you to all our great NYS Breweries we will see you next year!!

Big thanks to Menzi Aerial Services for the sick shots of the farm!!#crookedcreekin #nysbeer #nysfarmbrewery #nycraftbeer #juicyhops #i❤️ny #i❤️hops

Get your first taste today!! Along with many other award winning beers! Tickets will be at the gate.

Regular admission- $25
DD or 18 under- $10
12 and under is free

Try it today at Crooked Creek Hops Farm 2017 Harvest Brew Fest in Addison, NY.

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