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At Cigar Room II we offer a full range of cigar and smoking accessories from cutters and lighters to Hookah and E-cigarettes. With its relaxed atmosphere, Cigar Room II is the perfect place to celebrate your next special event. Whether a small gathering of friends, business meeting or bachelor party, our knowledgeable staff is waiting to make it memorable.

[05/27/19]   Cigar Room II will be closed today in observance of Memorial Day....BUT.....We will be OPENING BAR 52 AT 6:00PM FOR GAME 1 OF THE STANLEY CUP FINALS!!!

April News and Updates

April News and Updates

Cigar Room II

Join us on Wednesday, April 24th, from 4-7pm to meet brand owner Reinier Lorenzo from HVC cigars! Don't miss this limited NE visit and an opportunity to try these amazing cigars.

Join us on Wednesday, April 24th, from 4-7pm to meet brand owner Reinier Lorenzo from HVC cigars! Don't miss this limited NE visit and an opportunity to try these amazing cigars.

[03/10/19]   Bar Fifty Two will only be open from 12-5pm today. Paulina will happily be serving your drinks until then!

Bar Fifty Two at Cigar Room II

Hey All!

We have a little update on Bar Hours!

Bar 52 will be closed Sunday February 17, 2019 and Monday February 18, 2019! We will re-open Tuesday the 19th for Shitty Movie Night with Nasty Nick Laramie! Specials on all Drew Estate cigars from 5pm until close!

Cigar Room II will also remain closed Sunday but open for regular hours on Monday from 10am until 7pm (and yes I’m coming home).

Friday is everything Kristoff with John Fazzi and Kristoff Jarrid Trudeau from 5pm until 11pm. Don’t miss out on some great deals all week long!

[02/12/19]   For the safety of our employees, Cigar Room II will be closing at 2 pm today and Bar52 will remained closed tonight. Stay safe out there!

Cigar Shenanigans, Cigar & Cocktail Lounge

I could not have put this any better. Every single point is right on target!

This is borrowed from a cigar group, with permission. We deal with these issues every freaking day. As my mom says, “You can’t buy class.”:

One of my good friends is a cigar rep and previously sold pipe tobacco for the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, he posted this on his page to start the new year. I couldn’t agree more!

Tips for Cigar Shop Customers in 2019:

1. If you walk in with a travel humidor and are not in the business, first ask if it’s ok to bring it in and then put it on your table and go into the humidor to make a purchase. These are small businesses who make their living not by coffee and soda sales but by cigar retail.

2. Don’t worry about Cuban Cigars. If there is a change, trust me it’ll make the news. But in the meantime WYSIWYG in the humidor. There are cigars equal to *or better* than Cubans filling that room from Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

3. Do not put your cigar in your mouth before using the public cutter. I don’t know how people don’t realize this. It is not only gross. It is not only rude. It’s cruel to innocent metal.

4. There are a wide variety of approaches to the cigar business. There are a lot of archetypes on both sides of the counter. Take a temperate to see what the environment is before jumping to a conclusion. A lot of relationships start off on a bad foot between a customer and a retailer simply because the courtship process was dominated by someone trying too hard. It’s a relationship. Work on it.

5. There are very few BAD cigars. There are cigars that feature tobacco you may not prefer and there are manufacturers who may not wow you but when it boils down to it this is an incestuous business. And a storytelling one. When you pull back the veneer of branding and bias these are products made by passionate craftsmen and women. If you are a boutique only smoker you are only seeing part of the story. Those boutiques exist because the larger manufacturers laid the foundation. If you only smoke big name brands you aren’t seeing the exciting work being done by the boutiques. Strip away the turf wars and regional bias and it’s a wonderful albeit dysfunctional family.

6. Do not spit in a community ashtray under any circumstance. Realize there is a human being that is going to have to clean that and trust me, they aren’t getting paid enough.

7. The same goes double for the restroom. If you walk in to a mess, either tidy it up or notify the proprietor. But do not add to it and leave. The bathroom at cigar shops is one of many “free” benefits many don’t appreciate. There’s always a human at the other end of the arrangement who has to deal with the scatter of matter.

8. Politics and Religion. It can bring people together but more often than not, it makes someone uncomfortable. Many shops have strong policies against divisive behavior. Many don’t. Once again, cigar shops are businesses. It’s the proprietor’s way or the highway. Don’t be the person who makes it uncomfortable for the collective. Know your audience and behave accordingly. Ultimately we are all brothers and sisters of the leaf.

9. If someone is smoking a cigar you don’t like, maybe keep it to yourself? It’s not your experience and you don’t know what that person is escaping with their cigar, you don’t want to dampen that relaxation. Oftentimes the moments folks have in a shop is their cushion from reality. Don’t soil that therapeutic moment.

10. If a cigar rep is visiting a shop they are not there to give customers a free cigar. A free cigar from a rep is one less cigar the shop can sell to a customer and this is a “get rich very slow” business. This is a passion business. If a customer is to be rewarded for their patronage, that is to come from the proprietor. But the squeaky wheel in that scenario isn’t the winner. It’s the reliable customer who supports the shop without asking for handouts.

11. Women smoke cigars. Let them. Because they are female and suddenly in a cigar shop doesn’t make them prey or any less deserving of respect. And don’t assume they want to smoke a flavored cigar. Research has shown us that men and women are both human and there really isn’t evidence to suggest they should be treated differently. Duh.

12. The FDA is quite a busy organization. Ask your retailer how how can help protect this business. At the very least know what practices and behavior best suits your local retailer so you aren’t part of the problem. Premium cigars and pipe tobacco are a vital part of the heritage of this country and knowing the battles being waged to protect them is your duty.

13. Do not steal. We hear stories every day of customers of all ages who were regulars who suddenly got caught lifting cigars and accessories (and yes if you walk with a house cutter or lighter it is theft) and had to be prosecuted or asked to leave for good. This business is one of attrition. A retailer has to deal with ridiculous obstacles every day (and that’s before you factor in the daily phone calls from companies offering lower credit card processing fees) to the point where every cent counts. How dare you affect their margins with your laziness and selfishness.

14. Be nice. Seriously. Just chill the F out. If you disagree with someone. If they root for a team you hate. If your worldview doesn’t have room for their color, sexuality, or beard oil... let it rest. There is a thin film of bullsh*t-straining material at the front door of a cigar shop. When we are in there together we are one. Do the best you can to maintain that rare solace.

15. Law Enforcement and Military folks are a big part of the core of this industry. Regardless of your politics these people are like gold. Cigars are a rite of passage for these folks. Do not take them for granted and make sure to take the time to appreciate them or share a smoke with them. Film critics, not so much...

Thanks for reading. I could be full of sh*t but this is how I feel.

- Nick

[12/31/18]   New Year’s Hours

[12/24/18]   Cigar Room II will be closing at 4:00pm on Christmas Eve and closed all day on Christmas Day.
Bar Fifty Two will be Closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!

Cigar Room II is open today from 10am -7pm!
Bar Fifty Two will be open from 4pm - 10pm!

Cigar Room II

Grand Tasting with Kelly from Ashton

Grand Tasting with Kelly from Ashton


[08/24/18]   Cigar Room II and Bar Fifty Two will be closed from Sunday, August 26th - Wednesday August 29th. We will re-open on Thursday August 30th at 10:00am!

Be sure to stock up today and tomorrow for anything you might need while we re-charge our batteries!!!!

[08/23/18]   I am looking to hire a few good part time employees/bartenders for Cigar Room II and the newly renovated upstairs, Bar Fifty Two, with the possibility of full time in the future. Must be at least 21 years of age or exceptions. TIPS certification for bartender positions is required.

Applicants must be ambitious, outgoing and willing to work flexible shifts as well as some late weekend nights. Some cigar knowledge is a definite plus, but a willingness to learn is a must.

This is a smoking bar with a permit to smoke cigars on the premises. While we have a state of the art ventilation system, there is cigar smoke in the lounges so this must be a consideration for any and all applicants.

Please private message me with any questions or to set up an interview. Serious applicants only.

[07/29/18]   Happy Sunday Everyone!! The shop will be closing at 4pm today! Be back at 10am on Monday!

Pipe Seminar w/ Erik Stokkebye

Have you seen our latest news?

Pipe Seminar w/ Erik Stokkebye

Pipe Seminar w/ Erik Stokkebye

Cigars 4 Soldiers

Come out and support the Pioneer Valley USO and help send cigars to the men & women overseas! Tickets are limited so get them while you can!

[05/23/18]   We will be Closed on Monday, Memorial Day to enjoy some Family time....and maybe a little painting of the new lounge area upstairs :)
Be sure to get your cigars over the weekend for all your Memorial Day gatherings!

An Evening with Christian Eiroa!

Mark you calendars!

An Evening with Christian Eiroa

[04/13/18]   New Saturday Hours!!!
Beginning April 14, 2018 our new SATURDAY hours will be 10:00am - 7:00pm

's cover photo

[04/01/18]   Cigar Room II will be closed on Easter Sunday to enjoy the day with family and friends. Wishing you all a peaceful day and a very Happy Easter!

An Evening with La Palina Cigars

An Evening with La Palina Cigars

Impromptu Cut & Light Tonight!

Impromptu Cut & Light Tonight!

[03/07/18]   It’s official!!!! Framing of the second floor has begun!!!!

Ohhhhhh look what's back in stock!!

[01/11/18]   Cigar Room II will be open for the Pat's this Saturday night until the last play!
Seating is limited so members will have first choice for reservations.
Call the shop to make yours ASAP!

[01/08/18]   Open late for the College Championship game. Space is very limited...members please give me a heads up if you plan on coming down.

[01/04/18]   Closing at 5:00 pm today! Stay home where it's warm and safe! See ya all tomorrow!!

[01/01/18]   The Shop is open tonight until 11 pm for the bowl games! Come on down and have a smoke with us.

[12/31/17]   Special New Year's Hours!

Sunday, New Year's Eve
12:00 - 5:00

Monday New Year's Day
5:00 pm until 11:00 pm!
(Closed during the day for inventory)

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!

[12/24/17]   We are open today from 10am - 5pm for any last minute stocking stuffers and the Pats at 1!

We'll be happy to gift wrap your cigars this year for that special someone!
Special hours for Christmas Eve 10am - 5pm!

Preparing for tomorrow's festivities with Enrique Seijas and Brett Bowersox.....

This Wednesday, December 6th.....Don't miss it!

Profile Pictures

Profile Pictures

's cover photo


Feral Flying Pigs
"L-40" Lanceros
Dirty Rats
Flying Pig
Plus regular Liga #9 and T52

[10/05/17]   There are soooooo many games on tonight! Whose coming down to watch with us??? I'll be here until the end of the Pats game!

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