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Offering Dance Instruction in the greater Ainsworth Area! Please see Class schedule for more details!

[08/20/13]   In case you're still following this page, move on over to the Keller Studios, LLC page for exciting fall news and registration information!

Keller Studios, LLC

Name change=Facebook Group change. Be sure to "like" Keller Studios L.L.C ( to stay up to date throughout the summer and for sign-ups this fall!

Offering recreational dance education in Ainsworth and surrounding areas!

[05/26/13]   That. Was. Awesome. I am so incredibly proud of all that we did and accomplished--you guys looked great out there!!

[05/25/13]   Backdrops are set, the dancers are ready....time for a good night's rest and then--RECITAL!!!!

[05/24/13]   It's rehearsal day!! See you all this afternoon! There seemed to be some confusion--YES, the dancers need to be in full costume. However, if they are not in the first few dances at rehearsal, they do not have to be in full costume when warm-ups start. Check the schedules in your email!

[05/23/13]   Hmm....I'm looking for a few pairs of walkie-talkies to use to coordinate backstage at recital.Does anyone have any I could borrow? And if they have headsets that go with? All the better!! Thanks!

[05/18/13]   Next Saturday? Recital day!!! How can a week seem so long and waaaay too short at the same time?!

[05/16/13]   10 DAYS!!!!! Well, today is almost over, I suppose, so....9.2 DAYS!!!!!! I am nervous and excited and feeling ALL the emotions--I was SO PROUD of the dancers this past week and cannot wait to watch them wow the crowds on stage. Check your emails for a massive missive--hopefully it helps clear a few things up!

[05/05/13]   Hooray, Hooray, it's Picture Day!!!! See you at the church in a few hours!

[05/01/13]   Picture Day on Sunday! Check your emails for more details!!

[04/22/13]   I have every intention of still holding classes tonight. However, if you have concerns regarding that, please share them with me via email (until 4:00) or text (any time after that). If there is a drastic change in the weather, we'll reconsider, but for now, I'll plan on seeing you then!

[04/20/13]   Reminder for the make-up classes tomorrow:

9:00-9:50 CM-4 (Pre-K)

10:00-10:50 1st and 2nd Grade (Tuesday Class)

11:00-11:50 5th and 6th Grade

See you all then!!

[04/18/13]   Thanks so much for your flexibility with this weather. One way or another, we'll get all of our classes in!! :)

[04/11/13]   The snow reminds me--I'm needing to borrow some white Christmas lights for the recital! If you've got any you can find/get to that I could use, just clearly print your name on a piece of masking tape around one end and send it to dance.

And in the meantime? STAY WARM! :)

[04/08/13]   Quick Reminder: Sandhills Studio K will follow Ainsworth Community Schools when it comes to cancellation because of weather. If ACS cancels classes or has an early dismissal tomorrow thanks to the snow/ice that's supposed to come our way, we won't have class and will make it up at a later time. I'll let you know as I do!

[04/04/13]   Don't forget: Make-up classes tonight for Monday's break are at regular class times. I look forward to seeing everyone then!

[03/30/13]   Happy Easter! Remember, no dance on Monday, but the make-up will be Thursday April 4th at REGULAR times.

It's a few weeks out still, but this way you can double check...

April 13th Make-up Schedule:
9:00-9:50 3rd and 4th
10:00-10:50 CM-3
11:00-11:50 CM-4
12:30-1:20 5th and 6th
1:30-2:20 1st and 2nd A (Tuesday)
2:30-3:20 Kindergarten
3:30-4:20 1st and 2nd B (Monday)
4:30-5:20 Adult Tap

[03/30/13]   Today? Marks 8 weeks left until recital. Let the nerve-wracking countdown begin!!!

[03/15/13]   Please bring your recital tights to wear with the costumes during Parent Visitation Monday and Tuesday--I reminded the girls, but realized that I spaced putting that information in the newsletter.

I can't wait to see how the costumes look on everyone, but I'm betting on awesome. Biased? You bet. :)

[02/24/13]   Last week of the month already? Once again, we'll use the last 5 minutes of class to let you record the recital dances if it helps your child practice!

[02/19/13]   I got a great tip last night from a dance mom that I wanted to pass on: is a sister site to of the same products, and very similar pricing. And? FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS, no minimums. They carry the Theatricals brand in tights for the same $4.95 that has them, so if you're placing an order, check there, too!

[02/12/13]   If you haven't seen it already, check your email for make-up times and days from Monday's weather cancellation!

[02/11/13]   No school for Ainsworth=No Monday night dance. Make-up tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Now stay warm out there!

[01/26/13]   This week parents can come to videotape the last 5 minutes of class in order to help practice. Things to remember: wear shoes you can kick off if you're hoping to video from the front. Otherwise, be prepared to tape from the side. Do not come in or poke your head around the side until I call for you. And? Be proud of the kids. Because I sure am.

[01/26/13]   Could the Tuesday 1st and 2nd Grade class each bring a dowel or yardstick with them to class? We're dancing with umbrellas and it might help quite a bit to have something in hand!

[01/18/13]   Are there any girls in the 3rd-6th grade classes that are out-growing their tap shoes? I've got a mom looking for a pair on the Ainsworth Yard sales site!

[01/14/13]   Don't forget your tuition this week if I don't already have it for the month! :)

[01/13/13]   So proud to see some of my dancers on stage with the Missoula Children's Theater yesterday--can't wait until you all take the stage again in May!

[01/08/13]   Ok, I'll admit it: I was a teensy bit nervous about how classes would go after a two week break. Then, during my very first class of the night last night, the three-year-olds had a spontaneous hug-tackle-giggle-fest while I was starting some music, and I remembered that I LOVE doing this and joined in the giggles myself. Bring on the Tuesday classes!

[01/07/13]   Today looks like it's going to be a great day for classes to start back up--I'm excited to see my students again!

[01/01/13]   Happy New Year! The break has been a great chance for me to get caught up on paperwork/choreography/costume ordering--I know I'll be ready to return to classes next week! I hope my dancers have enjoyed the holiday celebrations AND have been remembering to practice!

[12/10/12]   Quick Reminders, for those of you with lots you're keeping track of this time of year:

Tuition is due by the end of this week.
Costume Money is due by December 17th/18th (next week at class).
No dance December 24th-Jan 1st.

Can you believe it's almost time for winter break?!

[12/03/12]   Choreography will be starting this week! Remember, if your child won't be performing with us, I need to know before class starts for the night--by 4:00 PM Monday or by 5:00 PM for Tuesday classes. Email, facebook, call or text so I can make necessary adjustments.

Ack--I'm so excited for recital prep to start!!

[11/25/12]   Costume Pricing will be sent home with students this week, so be sure to check dance bags after class!

The amount listed is the amount due by December 17th and 18th.

Remember, if I don't have the money for your child's costume by those dates, it will not be ordered. Please let me know if this poses a difficulty for your family!

[11/14/12]   If anyone is particularly talented at sewing/fabric crafting please let me know. I'm not exactly sure how much work will be needed for the costumes, but it'd be nice to have a list available if something is necessary!

[11/14/12]   The participation in Parent's Night went GREAT-thanks to all who were able to attend!

If you have strong opinions about the costuming preferences that you have not yet expressed to me, please let me know via email by this Friday.

I'm so excited to be working with you all!

[10/27/12]   Don't forget: students can wear Halloween costumes this week to dance class, as long as they can dance in them!

Quick Guidelines: No masks or props, yes face paint and awesomeness. Clear? Excellent.

[10/20/12]   Check your email inboxes for the fall newsletter! I can't believe it's been two months already!

[10/11/12]   Thought I'd post a quick reminder here, since I forgot on the infamous green wall: Tuition is due this week!

Feel free to send a check to P.O. Box 423 in Ainsworth, or bring it next week to class!

[08/31/12]   Reminder: NO DANCE CLASSES on Monday, due to Labor Day. Tuesday classes will run as scheduled. Monday classes will be made up on Thursday, September 6th, at their regular times.

[08/27/12]   The Bloch shoe order is in AND I was able to get some of the Capezio ballet shoes exchanged! A few things were back ordered, but if 3rd and 4th grade parents want to help fit shoes at class today, that'd be great!

[08/20/12]   First Day of Dance!! First Day of Dance!! Oh gosh, am I excited-you?! YAY!!

[08/19/12]   I got a phone call yesterday from the dance wear shop- the manufacturer of the shoes for the big girls (3rd-6th graders) are back ordered. Parents of the 3rd and 4th grade class do NOT need to come to tomorrow's class, since it was really just to have some help making sure we'd got the right size for the kids.

I was able to get some shoes to use for the girls that ordered them to use while we wait. Please make sure they wear thin socks or tights to class!

[08/18/12]   Just found out about the Elementary Parents Night in Ainsworth Monday night. How many of my 3rd/4th grade were struggling with which place to take their students? Trying to figure out how class might be affected!

[08/17/12]   Only a few days before classes start...HOORAY!!

Speaking of, I got most of the shoe orders in today! If parents of students in the 3 year old, Pre-K, K, 1st/2nd, and 3rd/4th want to plan on staying for class this week, that will help a lot to make sure everything fits well AND still get some dancing done!

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