Hangar 1 Distillery, Alameda, CA Video September 14, 2016, 5:53pm

Videos by Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda. Hangar 1® Distillery 2505 Monarch Street Alameda, CA 94501

Make a pitcher, it will last longer.
Cheers to a sweet summer day – and cocktail – with Fresh-Picked Vodka.

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Hangar 1 Distillery
Fresh ingredients make for exceptional vodka.

Hangar 1 Vodka
Experimental, yes, and also delicious. Fog Point Vodka is an extraordinarily crisp vodka made from Northern Californian fog and wine.

Hangar 1 Vodka
Our Head Distiller, Caley Shoemaker, pushes the boundaries of vodka-making possibilities to create the latest expressions from Hangar 1.

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka
Fresh, floral, and completely irresistible - Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka is perfect for any occasion.

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka
Soak up every sunset with Rosé Vodka - the California way to cocktail.

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka
The California way to savor the day.

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka
Beach days, the California way. Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka is the inspired blend of premium vodka and California rosé wine.

Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka
A toast to the coast. Enjoy summer days like we do in the bay with an innovative blend of local rosé wine and our premium vodka. #Hangar1Vodka

Hangar 1 Fog Point
Our team is excited to ship out this year’s Fog Point Vodka expression.

Hangar 1 Fog Point
Where some see weather, we see vodka. With fog collected in the bay and blended with California wine, Fog Point Vodka is back.

Rosé on Display
Join us in our tasting room for a hand-picked vodka flight featuring Rosé Vodka.

Today we raise our glass to the planet that makes it all possible. #EarthDay

Hangar 1 Vodka
Born in the bay and bottled right here in Alameda, our #Hangar1Vodka team is gearing up for the latest release of #FogPointVodka. Stay tuned to our social channels for updates.

Visit Our Distillery
Kick off the weekend with a tour and guided tasting at our distillery. #Hangar1Vodka

Enjoy everything The Bay has to offer this weekend. Take the ferry over to Alameda for an afternoon vodka tasting at our distillery. For more info: http://bit.ly/H1Tours #Hangar1Vodka

In an effort to highlight the impact bees have on our environment, we created our Distiller’s Exclusive Honeycomb Vodka. Watch today’s story now: Instagram.com/hangar1vodka

We’ve named our bottling machine, but not yet our stills. Have a suggestion? Comment below!

Get a new perspective on vodka. Join us this weekend for a tour and a tasting at our distillery: http://bit.ly/Hngr1Visit

Hangar 1 Vodka Distillery
View of the day: East Bay. Join us this weekend in Alameda for a tour and tasting at our distillery. Sign up: http://bit.ly/Hngr1Visit #Hangar1Vodka

Start tomorrow off right. Make a batch of #Hangar1Vodka Bloody Marys for your #SuperBowl party – your guests will thank you. Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/ClsBldyMry

A new season means new fresh ingredients to work with – we’ll drink to that. Cheers to fall with #FreshPickedVodka.

Make a pitcher, it will last longer. Cheers to a sweet summer day – and cocktail – with Fresh-Picked Vodka.

When you head into the mist, it’s exciting, because you don’t know what you’ll find there… #FogPointVodka

Good times don't stop – just like fresh-picked cocktails. Celebrate today with a mule made with Hangar 1 Straight Vodka, fresh blackberries & lime juice, and ginger beer.

This #NationalLemonadeDay, take a pitcher, it will last longer. Cheers to a sweet summer day – and cocktail – with #FreshPickedVodka.

Incredible vodka made from fog. This is the story of our revolutionary #FogPointVodka. Learn more on hangarone.com/fogpoint

July is #BlueberryMonth, so on this last day of the month, we’re letting the celebration flow on…#FreshPickedVodka

Head Distiller, Caley Shoemaker, is at the forefront of our innovative #FogPointVodka, which offers unprecedented flavors while discovering new means to give back to our gracious earth. To learn more: HangarOne.com/fogpoint

We spend golden hour with a copper mug. For our Alameda Mule recipe visit: http://bit.ly/AlmdaMl #FreshPickedVodka

July is National Blueberry Month and we can’t get enough of the fresh-picked fruit. Add the indigo berries into your fresh-picked cocktails this weekend! #FreshPickedVodka

Through the fog, we met Randall Grahm... His earth-friendly methods at Bonny Doon Vineyard make some of the world’s finest wines, which is why we partnered with them to create #FogPointVodka.

With help from FogQuest, we installed catchers around the bay, which caught water from drifting fog. Moisture from the mesh created #FogPointVodka. Learn more on HangarOne.com/fogpoint/.

In summer, good times don't stop – just like fresh-picked cocktails. Celebrate today with a mule made with Hangar 1 Vodka, fresh blackberries & lime juice, and ginger beer. #FreshPickedVodka

Sunshine and #FreshPickedVodka: you can’t have one without the other.

Celebrate #NationalIcedTeaDay by bringing everyone together with this Blackberry & Black Tea recipe.

The best Bloody Mary in town is served right in your backyard – and made with #FreshPickedVodka.

Welcome June with a proper drink, like our Mint Limeade made with #FreshPickedVodka.

The spirit of sustainability. #FogPointVodka was created in support of water conservation by using Northern California’s fog in lieu of traditional water. All profits will be donated to the state’s water conservancy projects.

Only the freshest ingredients go into our baskets – and our bottles. Learn more about #FreshPickedVodka on HangarOne.com.

Detail makes a great cocktail. Fresh-picked ingredients make great vodka. #FreshPickedVodka

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