Urban Legend Cellars

Urban Legend (\`ər-bən\ \`le-jənd\): 1. A fanciful story that appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously. 2. An Oakland cellar capturing the magic of distinctive California grapes in honest wines.

Urban legends are remarkable but often apocryphal stories that spread like wildfire. Urban Legend is a winery in a city—almost an apocryphal story in itself—that makes remarkable wines. “This is disruptive wine innovation.” Matthew Reagan PhD, Chemical Engineering & Wine Connoisseur Matt got it right when he said that about Urban Legend. We’ve never been shy about disruption. Throughout our careers, we’ve introduced technologies that no one ever thought would work—and changed the world. When we wanted to drink wines that were perfect complements to our local food—diverse flavors, honest ingredients, a sophisticated yet approachable style—we said: “We'll have to make them ourselves; we'll make them where the food is created—in the city; and we’ll do it together!” It’s not a traditional strategy—just a very American one. Today, we hand craft more than a dozen Urban Legend wines that each, uniquely, salutes the varied flavors of California and our home: Oakland, America’s most diverse city. Critics and consumers alike are impressed with our fidelity to variety, our expression of place, our food-friendly style, and our absolute consistency of quality—from our very first release and forward. For us, disruption is all about breaking down myths—urban legends, if you will—to make wines of uncompromising balance and elegance. In specific: Winemakers must focus on a single grape variety to make credible wines with it. We’ve found that while situations change, the rules don’t; a great grasp of method—adapting knowledge found to new conditions—allows us to craft a great wine with grapes from Albarino to Zin. We focus on flavor. Wines must be made next to vines to be good—anywhere else is a gimmick. Being outside “wine country” liberates us to source grapes where a particular variety grows the best—not just what grows in our back yard. We can celebrate the best of California terroir. It also liberates us to do what we do best: find the best fruit, seek great but unusual varieties, and—more than anything—take meticulous care with winemaking to craft the finest in flavor. Wines that represent a uniquely American style aren’t very interesting. There’s directness—a forthrightness, maybe even audacity—in America’s approach to innovation. In choosing to make wine in a city, embracing our skills from other vocations, and crafting wines that don’t derive entirely from the Old World or the New but from a foundation in flavor, we’re celebrating the best of America. Ultimately, we believe that wine should be seriously enjoyable and made to complement good food, good times, and living well. And, by the way, our logo is an urban legend, too.

Yes, Merlot and Rosato di Barbera have special package pricing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (1-7 PM). But, no--we aren't bombarding anyone with Black Friday craziness. We're grateful you're part of the Urban Legend family. All the best for Thanksgiving!

It's that kind of day. @CanastaKitchen on the patio and a glass of Rosato di Barbera in the sun. AND the Rosato is specially priced this weekend--6 packs $99 and 12 packs $179 (regular $24/bottle). Holiday shopping. Chillin' in the sun. Done and done. #AlamedaSpiritsAlley

Urban Legend customers are the best! We said we'd donate $10 for every bottle of Alexander Valley Cheval d'Acier or Sonoma Cabernet that you purchased (and $5 for every glass), and you knocked it out of the park! Thank you for supporting fire relief through @CorazonHealdsburg.

Urban Legend will donate $10 from the sale of every bottle or $5 from a glass of Cheval d'Acier (Alexander Valley) or Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma) 11/1-3 to benefit the @CorazonHealdsburg fund for Kincade fire relief. Buy wine. Do good.

The color on the Teroldego is excellent this year. #handcrafted

Come chill with us! There's new air conditioning in the tasting room, a bit of breeze outdoors, great food from Corazon Mexican, and, of course, delicious wine. It'sa the last weekend for our Zinfandel 6 Pack, too--6 bottles for $99. Don't miss out!

Stipulated: it's hella warm. Cool off with a glass of UL Rosato di Barbera or our newly released Grenache Blanc--our Sunsetter glass specials for today. $5 glasses and killer sunsets--enjoy warm weather while it lasts. 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

Can you name these grapes? There's a UL "cranes" beanie for the first person to identify them both. Sorry, UL staff--not eligible. #GrapesofSpiritsAlley

It's not just about the grape harvest--we're making Sturdy Girl cider, too! Where better to go than the Sierra Foothill's Apple Hill? #RozziesExcellentAdventure #SturdyGirl

It's time! @scolarisgoodeats is cookin' and @TraceRepeat is ready to start playing. Live music, delicious food, and, of course, killer wines--see you at the winery at 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

Burning the midnight (literally) renewable electric power. #harvest2019 #AlamedaPoint #SpiritsAlley. Yes the doors are 50ft high and now can me moved by hand (for a few feet)

Scolaris's Airstream is back in the house with a delicious new menu. Try the Lobsta Corn Chowda (Maine's finest!) with Vermentino or the pate' with Rosato. 1-7 today, 1951 Monarch St. #Alameda #SpiritsAlley

It's international Grenache day, and we'll be pouring special $5 glasses of our Grenache Blanc from 4-7. Spanish or French, red or white, it's all delicious. Salud!

What a day for al Fresco dining! @canastakitchen and #Rosato today our #AlamedaPoint tasting room

Urban Legend is recognized for its "T" wines--Tempranillo, Tannat, and Teroldego--but this week has been all Spanish and all about "G". First Garnacha Blanca and today, Garnacha Tinto (in the photo) and a new "G" grape for us. Can you guess which one? #IberianThrowdown

Scolari's Good Eats At The Point Airstream secret menu item #truffle fries parked in front today #nolines #burgertodiefor

Urban Legend wines are crafted for food. We're hosting the @ScolarisEats Airstream today, 9/7, from 1-7. The menu's perfect for UL wines; see if you agree. Great wines--no lines (and a killer view, too). 1951 Monarch St. on #Alameda #SpiritsAlley.

Wake up! It's a perfect afternoon--perfect for Grenache Blanc or Tempranillo, that is. Enjoy our two Sunsetter specials for just $5/glass from 4-7 PM Thursday and Friday. 1951 Monarch Street on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

Friday--$5 Rosato and Ironworks by the glass. Saturday, @CanastaKitchen with authentic Latin cuisine and your favorite glass or bottle. See you at the Point between 1 and 7 PM-- 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

It's 74 degrees and gorgeous at the Point--perfect for starting your weekend early with a glass in the sun! This week's Sunsetters special: Rosato di Barbera or Ironworks (Italian red blend) just $5/glass from 4-7 PM Thursday & Friday. 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

UL Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache Blanc--great wine pairings with Mediterranean food. Enjoy them together [email protected] is in the house! Savory nibbles, delicious wines, a killer view, a mellow vibe w/ no lines--does it get better? 1951 Monarch on Alameda's Spirits Alley

Delicious wine...tasty bites...gorgeous weather...a beautiful view... All that's missing is you! Join UL and @ScolarisEats at the winery from 1-7 PM--1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

We're loading up the truck with all the wine kegs for @FairylandCA for Grownups--the one night adults can enjoy the park without a child to bring them in. A special surprise blend for a special night--see you there! #Fairyland4Grownups #OaklandLoveIt

We're predicting a Barbera-Q weekend!
Look for our 2016 Cooper Ranch Barbera appearing at fine markets along the US 50 corridor. Closer to the bay visit the winery 1951 Monarch St., Alameda, CA 94501

Sunset--the end of the day, but the beginning of relaxation. Join us for Sunsetters--$5 glasses on the patio from 5-7 every Thursday and Friday. This week's wines: Rosato di Barbera and Teroldego paired with beautiful warm summer weather.

Time to unwind the week! Join us for happy hour 4-7 Thursday and Friday. $5 glasses of Rosato di Barbera or Teroldego!

Urban Legend Cellars's cover photo

It's peach season, and Grenache Blanc pairs beautifully with them. Try a glass on the UL patio then take home a bottle for a warm summer evening. One of our favorite peach/GB pairings is a grilled flatbread with peach slices, chicken, prosciutto, and three cheeses--give it a try for an easy summer dinner.

The sun is beautiful and, anticipating a beautiful rosy sunset, let's chill with some Rosato di Barbera to celebrate. $5 Rosato glasses, 5-7 PM, Friday 7/26; 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley

Just one liter...just one growler. 2015 Cabernet Franc from Alexander Valley. Make it yours. Tasting Room at 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

Last Call! 2014 Tempranillo - Double Gold Medal, Best of Class (SF Chronicle Competition). Just 4 cases left, so don't miss out!

Pick 'em up at the winery tasting room - 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley, 1-7 PM Thursday-Sunday.

Cabernet Franc in a growler? Unlikely. From Alexander Valley? Never. But, as we say on every bottle: Rules be damned--trust your palate.

We're offering two kegs--just 40 liters--for glasses and growlers from 7/18 until it runs out. Made from beautiful fruit from Sonoma's Alexander Valley, it's rare, distinctive, and oh, so delicious. And, it isn't even a blue moon.

Pick one up at our new tasting room at 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley; now open Thursday-Sunday from 1-7 PM.

Cab in a growler? Really! We have 2 or 3 growlers left of 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon--released to celebrate opening our new Alameda tasting room. They'll be gone after today, so get yours now. 1-7 PM, 1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

Last Call! Just 5 cases remain of 2014 Tempranillo, Double Gold Medal/Best of Class, SF Chronicle Competition. And, there's only a growler or two left of Tannat, too! Get 'em today at UL's new tasting room--1951 Monarch St. on Alameda's Spirits Alley, tasting 1-7 p.m.

Join us for Hard Hat Happy Hours Sat.-Sun., 1-7 PM, at our new tasting room (some assembly required) on Alameda Point. It's a gorgeous day--perfect for enjoying a glass on our City View patio. 1951 Monarch on Alameda's Spirits Alley.

We're on the move! Today is our last day in @JackLondonSq, so join Deshaya and Jerry at 200 2nd St. to raise a glass to 10 great years. Next stop: a sneak peek of our tasting room and patio at 1951 Monarch Bldg. 25 on Alameda Point 6/15. See you there!

We’re very thankful to our growers.

Our Oakland (200 2nd Street) tasting room will close Saturday, May 4, at 6 p.m. We'll be back on Sunday at 1--see you then!

It’s kind of trippy having a moving container ship in your front yard. Welcome to a winery (and soon-to-be tasting room) on an active shipping channel. #IslandTime

Alameda tasting room underway.... Some assembly required...

So Sherman set the way back machine (https://rockyandbullwinkle.fandom.com/wiki/WABAC_machine) ... no not that one this one (https://web.archive.org/ ). The old neighborhood has been re-interpreted... Marilee and I are testing the old/new blend for perfect pizza compatibility ( a requirement of any neighborhood blend)

It's National Mulled Wine Day--celebrate with the perfect treat for chilly, damp weather. Try our recipe with UL Tannat--available in refillable liter growlers at the tasting room at 200 2nd St. in The Town. #OaklandLoveIt

Urban Legend's Mulled Tannat
Adapted from Ina Garten http://ow.ly/OjV730nU6yT
750 mL Tannat (or fruity red wine of your choice)
1 orange, sliced into rounds
4 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
2 star anise
2-4 tablespoons of sugar; you may substitute honey or your choice of sweetener
1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan or slow cooker.
2. Heat until barely simmering--do not boil!
3. Reduce heat to low, cover, and continue simmering for at least 15 minutes or up to 3 hours.
4. Serve warm. Garnish with additional cinnamon sticks, orange slices, or anise as desired.
1. Try it with white wine.
2. Add 1/4 cup brandy.
3. Add Urban Legend's Sturdy Girl or other apple cider.

It’s that time of year! Time for us to create a new blend for your growler.
This one is taking it waaaay back....

Any guesses?
#vintagevintage #oldiebutgoodie
#lostinthefog #rootedinoakland

Saturday 2/23 is Open That Bottle Night--the world-wide celebration of friends, family and good times during which we all finally drink that wine that was always too special to open. After all, bottles aren't just filled with fermented grape juice--they're filled with memories, too! What will you open? #OBTN http://ow.ly/Sfak30nNXJF

Thomson Vineyard, Napa, Los Carneos, at sunset

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1951 Monarch St., Suite 300
Alameda, CA

Opening Hours

Thursday 09:00 - 19:00
Friday 13:00 - 17:00
Saturday 13:00 - 19:00
Sunday 13:00 - 19:00
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