Ozone Lounge, Albany, GA Video November 7, 2014, 2:50am

Videos by Ozone Lounge in Albany. The Ozone Lounge is truly "Like No Other". Dance, Sing & Party until you drop.

DJ Johnny 5 here. Y'all check it out my first band all by my self.

Other Ozone Lounge videos

SDI Camera Live Stream Test
Live Video feeds of our shows coming Q4 this year. Stay Tuned.

DJ Johnny 5 here. Y'all check it out my first band all by my self.

Josh tearing up the stage @ open mic. Sorry y'all missed it. Luckily Josh is local and he'll be back.

Closing Down Time Karaoke
Rare footage of Lauren and company doing their thang!

Closing Down Time Karaoke
Jess and Alicia

Tinkered around in After Effects on some old material and updated it. Some of you may remember when this was shown before each show on the BIG SCREEN. Was bored after work I guess....

You have come a long ways Travis...I remember the days of having to struggle with mic levels trying to get a soft singing person to be heard. Experience has done you good. Now you don't even react to stuff blowing up around you. Good job!

This video is a collection of pictures taken at the Ozone Lounge with our friend Spark Plug. The backing track is of him singing one of his favorite songs. Spark Plug helped us do Concert Karaoke shows throughout the years at the Ozone and other venues. He will be greatly missed. -JMT

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