Solano Cellars Wine Shop & Wine Bar

Our Wine Bar is open from 4-8pm Tuesday-Saturday and 2-6pm on Sunday.

A neighborhood wine shop and bar focusing on small production wines.

Female Winemaker-badassery meets one of our favorite regions in the world. This Thursday we’re tasting Elena Walch’s Alto Adige drops of heaven:
2017 Pinot Bianco
2017 Pinot Grigio 'Castel Ringberg'
2017 Schiava
2017 Wilhelm Walch Pinot Nero
2017 Gewurztraminer
#altoadige #altoadigewine
@elena.walch @chamberswines @mitcheatsworld
5:30-7:30pm at Solano

South America: so hot right now. Come see for yourself! Argentina: not just a mediocre Malbec machine 😮 Chile... next emerging Pinot nation? Come taste an exceptional, affordable, anything-but-ordinary lineup:
El Enemigo Bonarda and Cab Franc, Catena Zapata Cabernet, Caten Malbec blend, Root 1 Pinot Noir. 5 💣 reds, only $10, only at Solano Cellars. Tomorrow from 5:30-7:30pm. #southamerica #argentina #chile #winetasting #southamericawine #argentinewine #chileanwine #malbec #cabernet #pinotnoir #redwine #thirstythursday

Thursday at Solano! Friday at Vine St.!

Two shops. Two days.
Two countries. One peninsula!

With over 230 grape varieties in Spain... and over 250 in Portugal? It just makes sense that we'd spread the vinous love across two nights and multiple zip codes!

So on Thursday at Solano Cellars, and on Friday at Vine Street, we celebrate winemaking traditions every bit as rich and ancient as their F-word neighbors to the north! Two nights. Two flights. (Five different Iberian wonders each night!)

Thurs, 3/14: Solano, 5:30 PM.
(With Iberianologist Marion Groetschel in the house!)
Fri, 3/15: Vine, 5:30 PM.
(With Spanish wine expert Margot McGrath in the house!)
#Iberia #iberianwine #portugal #spain #winetasting #wine

Please join Dr. Dana DePietro, Dr. Jeff Pearson, & Ti Ngo—archaeologists, educators, and wine professionals—on an epic journey through the world and wines of the Labors of Heracles!

The Ancient Mediterranean World was replete with tales of gods, monsters, and heroes, but no legendary figure fascinated the Greeks and Romans quite like Heracles (Hercules to the Romans). While he plays a central or cameo role in countless myths, Heracles is most famous for the series of extraordinary Labors that he was required to complete in servitude to his rival, King Eurystheus. Inspired by the myth cycle surrounding these Labors, our latest guided tour of the Wines of the Ancient World features eight exciting and unique wines from the places Heracles visited during his journeys, along with small-plate food pairings inspired by his timeless feats of strength, skill, and cunning!

All proceeds from this event will benefit the Society for Humanitarian Archaeological Research and Exploration (S.H.A.R.E.), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses archaeology as a tool to promote peace and dialogue in Israel/Palestine. S.H.A.R.E. is currently raising money to fund its third annual two-week conservation and dialogue project for Arab and Jewish youth in the seaside town of Jisr az-Zarqa, Israel. This program provides an opportunity for these young people to engage with the past, the present, and one another on their own terms.

8 Wines and Food Pairings for $60

Space for this event is limited, so reserve your tickets soon at the following link:

Saturday 3/16 (6-8:30 pm) @ Solano Cellars, 1580 Solano Ave., Berkeley:

Thank you for your continued support of our work.
~Dana, Jeff, and Ti
#ancientwine #winehistory #winetasting

Last week we featured some killer French staples, and this week we are diving into a completely different kind of French wine: Niche and Natural (never natty!) French! The yin to last week's yang if you will. Hosted by MC Squared, an importer focused on responsibly farmed, minimal intervention "natural" wines that are as clean as the day is long. No mouse in this house! We'll visit some slightly more 'niche' French than your standard Burdundy-Bordeaux 1-2 punch: Sparking Pinot Blanc from Alsace, Vermentino-Roussanne (!) from Provence, Picpoul and Tempranillo (!!!) from Languedoc, San Soufre Beaujolais that smells like Red Hots, and a classic Jura Trousseau. Far from ordinary and nothing short of extraordinary, these wines will make your re-think France... and re-think natural! Thursday March 7, 5:30-7:30pm

Location: Solano Cellars!

Fee: $10/person.
#naturalwine #naturalwines #naturalwinelover #organic #biodynamic #sustainable #sanssoufre #frenchwine #naturalfrenchwine #thirstythursday #winetasting #beaujolais #alsace #cremant #tempranillo #picpoul #provence #languedoc #jura #trousseau

Pierreclos: both a 1000-year-old Chatêau in Burgundy... and our newest portal to French delight.

The story: when Paul, scion of a Burgundian winemaking family, suffered the inconvenience (not to say indignity!) of falling in love with une Américaine? He barely hesitated; his very next move was to partner with his buddy Alejandro, and to create an import business to bring his family's wines (and the wines of a few talented friends) to the US for the first time.
The wines they've brought in are only available in France and Northern California, and they're as tasty as they are affordable. Tonight we're pouring five of them, including a sparkling Cremant from Paul's family's winery, white and red Burgundies that don't break the bank, one Rhône Grenache, and one vinous "black swan" (Syrah from Beaujolais?! What's next, a failed reality TV star for President?)

Come Get Pierreclos'ed!
Tonight, 2/28. 5:30-7:30 PM.
Only at Solano. Only $10.
@pierreclosimports #burgundy #burgundywine #thirstythursday #drinkburgundy

It doesn’t get more mom ‘n pop (‘n grandma ‘n grandpa) than this! Paul is from a multigenerational family winery in Burgundy: Côteaux de Margots. Due to the inconvenience of falling in love with an American woman (*le sigh*) Paul has started an import business to bring his beautiful family’s wines (and the wines of a few talented friends!) to the States for the first time. These are delightful, affordable French goodness, the likes of which you can literally only find at a few locations in the Bay... or by traveling to Burgundy (do we HAVE to?!) Here’s the lineup:

Coteaux de Margots Cremant Brut
Coteaux de Margots Macon-Villages Blanc
Coteaux de Margots Bourgogne Rouge
Domaine de la Taurelle ‘Truffiere’ Old Vine Grenache, Burgundy
Petit Perout ‘Desir’ Syrah, Beaujolais (?!)

Thursday 2/28 from 5:30-7:30pm at Solano Cellars! $10/person.
@pierreclosimports #burgundy #beaujolais #macon #frenchwine #thirstythursday #winetasting #drinkfrench #frenchimporter #pinotnoir #chardonnay #grenache #syrah #bubbles

Nope -- not a Shiraz in sight! Tonight we uncover the NEW Australia - these wines are a far cry from your Grandma's kangaroo-covered "critter wines." These Aussies are organically farmed, made with minimal intervention, and as vibrant and leaping-fresh as, um, a mammal designed for hopping? A pet nat sparkler made from Bianco d'Alessano! Pinot Gris from Victoria, Riesling from Clare Valley, Pinot from the Yarra, Cab Franc from McLaren Vale, and a Cab-Shiraz blend maybe designed to prove that Grandpa wasn't all wrong.

TONIGHT Thursday, 2/21. 5:30 PM.
Only at Solano. Only $10!
#aussie #australia #drinkaustralia #aussiewine #australianwine #downunder #thirstythursday #wine #winetasting

Strong feelings about our Uncharted Australia event this Thursday 👀 Not a Shiraz in sight! This Thursday we are uncovering the NEW Australia - these wines are a far cry from your Grandma's Yellow Tail. Organically farmed, minimal intervention, fresh fruit... this is the new Aussie, mate!

The wine-up:

2018 Delinquente Tuff Nut Bianco Pet Nat, Riverland
2017 MWC Pinot Gris, Victoria
2018 Grosset 'Alea' Riesling, Clare Valley
2016 Mac Forbes Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley
2017 Brash Higgins Cabernet Franc, McLarenVale
2012 Voyager 'Girt By Sea' Bordeaux Blend

Only $10 at Solano Cellars!
#aussie #australia #aussiewine #organicwine #naturalwine #australianwine #petnat #thirstythursday

We're horrible people. Who subdues Cupid with a fiberglass crossbow, and then ties up his team of cherubs besides?

But... how could we help it? Picture a train loaded not just with carloads of Eros-enhancing bubbles (including one macerated with 6 varieties of estate-grown roses... as in the actual flower! no joke!), but a trunk full of angel-biscuits besides!

Our moral fall? Your sensual gain. We'll begin by popping at least four different bottles of bubbly (including the only rosé that truly deserves the name!) from Floraison Selections.

Then? We'll wheel out the brain-dilating meringues of Svetlana Royzen. These are less like those "cookies" you mortals are familiar with, and more like the biscuits cherubs feed one another while contemplating the Nine Forms of Love. Think: Sage. Coriander. Beets. Rose with pistachios. More! All hand-dipped in a variety of chocolates!

Rob the Angels!
Thurs, 2/14. 5:30 - 7:30 PM.
Only at Solano. Only $15!
#valentinesday2019 #vday #galentines #galentinesday #bubbles #petnat #sparklingwine #cider #foodandwine #thirstythursday

Bubbles & Meringues with Floraison, VALENTINES DAY, Thursday, February 14 - 5:30-7:30pm @ Solano Cellars

Back by popular demand! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's or Galentine's or none of the above, everyday is a good day for a mouth-watering bubbly pairing.

Taste the meringues of Svetlana Royzen (Unlike anything you've ever tried, these are less like cookies, and more like cherub-biscuits. Think: Sage. Coriander. Beets. Rose with pistachios. All hand-dipped in a variety of chocolates!) next to small lot bubbles (and cider!)... aaaand die and go to heaven.

The wine-up:

Domaine Serol 'Turbullent' Natural Sparkling Rosé
Domaine Sulauze 'Super Modeste' Natural Sparkling Vin de France
Sylvain Dittière 'La Porte St. Jean, Six Roses' Dry Sparkling Rosé (macerated with 6 varieties of estate-grown roses!)
Julien Thurel Cidre Sec 'Nectar'

Only $15 at Solano Cellars!
#meringue #sparklingwine #bubbles #foodandwine #winepairing #winetasting #wineeducation #valentinesday #galentinesday #thirstythursday #girlsnightout

Craft Austrian Tasting with Craft & Estate - ft Emily Kaplan , Thursday February 7 - 5:30-7:30pm

Uncover some of the best kept secrets in wine! Austria produces some of the cleanest, most vibrant, and tantalizing whites and reds the world over. You've probably (whether knowingly or not!) tasted Austrian Grüner Veltliner and Austrian Riesling. But have you tasted sparkling Grüner made in the Champagne method? Some of the most minerally Pinot Noir that rivals Burgundy's finest Premier Cru vineyards? Zwei-what? Didn't think so! Come on in and be charmed by these 5 gems:

NV Szigeti Brut Gruner Veltliner
2017 Lorimer Kamptal Riesling Trocken
2015 Weininger Pinot Noir
2017 Lust & Leben Zweigelt/St Laurent
2017 Paul Achs Blaufrankisch

Tasting fee: $10.
#austria #austrianwine #winetasting #thirstythursday #bayarea #riesling #sparklingwine #bubbles #pinotnoir

Tonight, 1/31:
Roman Wine Seminar at Solano!

Grab your amphora(e) and Bacchus up the truck! Because tonight? We're welcoming Vito Fabrizio, the unstoppable engine behind Aemilia Imports, for a not-to-be-missed seminar on Roman Wine.

We'll cover the rich history of Roman wine production, wine commerce, and, most pertinently to your needs? Wine drinking. (Nota bene: while it is true that Romans mixed their wine with water, and thought only barbarians drank it straight, we will not be reviving this practice. We're comfortable in our barbarian status!)

Vito will pour six wines over the course of the seminar (four Romans and two Barbarians!). And like Seneca, Martial and Pliny the Elder before him? He will likely recommend not over-consuming at the public baths.

We're hosting two sessions, both with limited seating! Please reserve a spot for the 6 PM or 7 PM session by calling (510) 525-9463.

$15 for 6 Wines.
#italianwine #ancientwine #romanwine #winehistory #wine101 #thirstythursday #wine #winetasting

Tonight at Solano Cellars!

Alex Russan is an obsessive. Famed as a man with a nigh-monomaniacal devotion to unearthing some of the most superb, old, dry Sherries in existence, we like to point out that's far from all he does. This is also a man who makes his own Californian wine, blends his own sherries, and imports a wide range of Spanish wonders. Does he sleep? Preliminary studies have been inconclusive.

Sherry is one of the wines us wine dorks are forever rhapsodizing, and whose lack of customer comprehension we're forever lamenting. Forget what your Cream Sherry-drinkin' grammy toldja: not only are most Sherries not sweet, they're also perhaps the greatest complexity-for-the-dollar bottles in the entire wine game.

Tonight? Come meet one of the greatest founts of vinous knowledge we know, as Alex Russan pours three Sherries, two freakily rare Spanish white wines, and not one but two Mencias!

Sherry, Baby.
Only at SC. With Sherry Wizard
Alex Russan in the House!
Tonight, 5:30 - 7:30.
$15 for 7 Wines!

California native, winemaker, importer, Sherry aficionado: tomorrow at Solano Cellars. We’ll be pouring: Mencia 2013 "Villa San Lorenzo",
Mencia 2011 "Chano Villar", Palomino/Doña Blanca 2016 "Villa San Lorenzo Blanco”, 2016 Tosca Cerrada, Alexander Jules Fino, Manzanilla, and Amontillado “Sin Prisa” Sherry. 7 wines, $15 🎉

Grab your flannel and skinny jeans and join us for a taste of America’s hippest, most rustic wine regions! Ultra-indie Pinot from Willamette’s renowned Shea Vineyard, post-hipster Columbia Valley Cab, vintage-before-vintage-was-cool Oregon Pinot Grigio, better-than-vinyl Oregon Chard, outcast-in-a-good-way Washington Petit Verdot... phew that’s a lot of PacNW swagger! Ps- we’re allowed to make fun - our manager is Orygun-born. Seriously though: 5 killer wines only $10, Thursday 5:30-8:30 at Solano. If that’s not a reason to brush off your Converses we don’t know what is 🤷‍♀️🌲⛏

Bryan Harrington: one of the most exciting natural winemakers in the Bay Area, full stop.

Two decades back? He was a working artist who dabbled with winemaking on the side (Zinfandel and Cab, mostly). But by the 2000's, his side hustle had turned into a Big Thing: his naturally made Pinot Noir, sourced from sustainable old-vine fruit from some of California’s most prestigious sites, had become a whispered-about, where do I get this? sort of thing.

But since then? Harrington's gone full geek. People (us included) wait feverishly as he releases arcane gems like Trousseau, Mission, Trousseau, Nebbiolo, and Corvina from his cellar in Bayview, San Francisco. He makes all of his wines with little or no sulfur, and the old-vine vineyard sources he gets access to are truly remarkable.

Come meet the man and the artist this Thursday, as we taste a quintet of his wines. Grapes you've heard of (Pinot, Merlot, Cab), and some you may not have known existed in California! (Trousseau, anyone?)

Bryan Harrington at Solano!
Thurs, 12/27. 5:30 PM.
5 Wines for $10!

“The estate known as Enderle and Moll is really just two guys, a tiny cellar, a basket press, a few hectares of old vines and a hell of a lot of buzz.

Sh*t – even the venerable Jancis Robinson has called them “cult.”

In Germany many insiders consider Enderle & Moll the country’s single greatest producer of Pinot Noir. That’s a wild claim to be sure, but then you taste the wines and you think to yourself, “…yeah, alright, well maybe…”

The wines are that compelling.”
Taste the guys redefining Pinot this Thursday at 5:30 at Solano 🇩🇪

Holiday tastings are here! Come out while supplies last 🍾🥂 #champagne #bordeaux #californiacab #nebbiolo #magnums #dessertwine @ Solano Cellars Wine Shop & Wine Bar

They say global warming will make Germany the new France of wine. We say it’s already there. If you haven’t already fallen in love with Baden Pinot Noir well, you’ve got some drinking to do! That’s right, Germany’s not just Riesling country, folks! (Although yes, the Riesling is to die for). Thursday Dec 20th we’ll be tasting an all-star lineup from Vom Boden imports that will make you fall in love with German wine 5 times:
NV Brand Petillant Naturel, Delicious Sylvaner TBA, 2015 Becker Rheingau Dry Riesling, 1990 Becker Rheingau Dry Riesling, 2016 Enderle & Moll Baden Pinot Noir. 5:30-7:30pm $20 at Solano Cellars! @justin_alright @vomboden @grandesplacesselections #germanwine #riesling #sylvaner #germanpinot #holidaygiftideas #thirstythursday #1990riesling

We can’t wait to have ultra-fancy, très Français wine expert Julie Tesar in the house this Thursday, pouring all of her fave French fancies! Champagne? Check. Chateauneuf? Check Check. Burgundy? You betcha! Sancerre? Why skimp! It’s the holidays after all. 5:30-7:30 at Solano Cellars 🇫🇷

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