3 Sheets Brewery & Taproom

3 Sheets Brewery & Taproom


Thank you for some amazing times. We are sure going to miss this place. 💙
Last weekend, and now he has come out with the strawberry tart. Of course after I filled my growler with the Oakey Doakey. 😨
Oregon's coronavirus restrictions ruled 'null and void' after governor failed to get approval from legislature BURP!
Any word on me being able to come hang for a cold one Friday?
I love this place! I'm so sad I can't go in and hang out with whomever's at the bar and with Clint! This is the most welcoming place in Albany. Can't wait to hang out here again! 🥰
Stay safe.
Are you open on New Years eve?
I'm going to have to remember how to get there, it's been too long.
This place is happening!!!! Come join the fun!!! Da beer is da bomb!!!!
Stop for a craft beer, stay for bratwurst and amazing stewed sauerkraut w/hamshanks!
Love the decor, and atmospher is very relaxing, this family owned business is top notch with there welcoming customer service. Beer and cider is top notch, anxious to come and try something from their delicious looking menu.
The power is out, but we’re open and able to take credit/debit cards! No food, but the beer is still nice and cold. 😁 🍻

Truly a nano-Brewery: brewing craft beers in small batches for all beer lovers. 35+ recipes, many of which are influenced by our love of German biers.

Brewing craft German style beers for the Willamette Valley.

Operating as usual

[08/27/20]   FINAL REMINDER!

This the last weekend our taproom will be open everyone. Beth and I truly have a bittersweet feeling about it.

We're sad that we're closing shop, as we've put so much effort into making a spot everyone could enjoy. We've had a blast getting to know new and old faces that have graced our venue.

But also, this gives us back some "Us" time again on weekends...

Apparel will be on sale with 20% discounts (this may not seem like much, but we never marked up our merchandise much to begin with!) Limited availability on some items so hurry and don't miss out!

In closing, we'd love to see everyone one last time! Our hours on Fri and Sat are 4pm to 10pm, then the lights go out one last time. As you probably know, COVID has reduced our occupancy even further, so seating may be limited as well (sorry!). Please keep trying if we're a full house!

Wishing You All the Best,

Beth and Klint Sheets

[08/07/20]   To ALL of our wonderful friends, patrons and supporters.... It is with a heavy and saddened heart that Beth and I must announce that we will be closing the 3 Sheets Taproom location permanently come September 1st, 2020. Covid has killed yet another small Oregon business unfortunately.

The taproom was our first venture into the "business" realm where we had a spot open to the public to try our different adult beverage options. It took us a year to renovate the spot we leased from a FANTASTIC landlord(s) in Sid and Susan Stevens. They were truly a blessing and told us to "Make the place yours...". They are truly amazing people.

We financed almost the entire project out of pocket/our savings (we also received a small CARA loan) and it was envisioned to be a "retirement" gig for us once Klint retired. It was meant to be a comfortable, safe, and welcoming place for EVERYONE and we hope that you were treated as such.

We will be "phasing out" slowly in August. We are closed this weekend (August 7th/8th) so Beth and I can celebrate our 9th Annivesary. We will be open August 14th and 15th from 5pm-10pm. We will be closed August 21st and 22nd as Klint is supplying Cabers for an "event". Our final weekend open will be August 28th and 29th from 4pm to 10pm.

It has been a sincere pleasure to meet everyone and we have made some GREAT friends during this venture. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a private message and we will be happy to talk with you about your concerns. Keep an eye out for specials/sales on 3 Sheets apparel, glassware, growlers and such as the Taproom reaches its Swan song...

While our taproom will be closing, the Brewery will not be. We will still be brewing a wide variety of our unique beers for distribution locally and potentially non locally as well (production volume dependent).

With sadness and gratitude,

Beth and Klint
(Owners, Chef and Brewer)

[07/18/20]   💥 WE WILL NOT BE OPEN TODAY 7/18 💥

We are so sorry to have to close last minute but one of our servers has an injury that needs to be taken care of.

Thank you all for the continued support! We hope to see you all next weekend!


[07/16/20]   Hello Everyone!

An update for this weekend... Some young lady (Beth) is having a BIRTHDAY. I won't say the number because I value my life... however.... We will be out of town in Libby MT for a Highland Games and then on to Leavenworth WA celebrating Beth's "X" birthday with friends and family. What this means is that we will be CLOSED on Friday, but Colton and Dustin have once again volunteered to run the show for you on SATURDAY ONLY from 5-9pm. There will be a much more limited food menu (ask your server for availability) but they'll be happy to do what they can and serve you up a proper pint of 3 Sheets bier.


Huge thank you to Colton and Dustin AGAIN!!!!

Klint (and Beth)

Congratulations to ‘our’ Oregon State 2020 graduates!!! So proud of Dustin LaGrange / Civil Engineering and Colton Sheets /Food Science and Technology (with a concentration in Fermentation and an option in Brewing)! We’re lucky to call these two dedicated, hardworking young men FAMILY!

[06/20/20]   ATTENTION!!! CLOSED TODAY 6/20/20.

We will be closed today so that our family can celebrate together the achievements of Dustin LaGrange (Meggie Pooh-Pooh's fiancé) for graduating OSU Engineering program! That's a LOT of hard work and dedication.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope to see you next Friday, 6/26/20 when we re-open!

The Sheets

[05/22/20]   WE'RE OPEN!!! Friday and Saturday 5pm - 9pm

Well, "open" in a Covid controlled kind of way...

By now, we're sure you've all seen the "requirements" that businesses must follow in order to be "open". This will be our TRIAL RUN weekend to see if we can make it work with our limited staff. We have the same requirements as most other food/drink related businesses.

Like our friends at No Rails posted earlier this week, we are no longer able to have bar seating at this time. (Sorry, we know it's nice to look at Klint's kilted legs while seated at the bar). Our tables have been rearranged (some tables removed) to accommodate our new temporary "max" occupancy of 25 persons, including staff. Please do NOT move the tables or rearrange things as we try and stay within the 6ft social distancing guidelines. Sadly, if there is not a table available, we will be unable to accommodate you at that current time. It's definitely not what we want.... :(

Our staff will be wearing facemarks and either wearing gloves and/or washing our hands even more than we normally did so please be patient as we do this between customer orders, food delivery, drink delivery, table clearing/cleaning, etc. Needless to say, this may slow our service down a bit, but please know we will do our best to take care of you as fast as possible. If a table is not "cleared" please don't "help" us or sit down before the table has been cleared/disinfected to avoid cross-contamination. Again, we'll try to do this as fast as possible!

We're looking forward to seeing you all (as many as possible!). Hope to see you there!

Klint and Beth

[05/14/20]   Hi everyone! Klint and Beth here.... 👋👋

We've been getting a LOT of questions regarding if we're opening tomorrow (May 15th). The direct and quick answer is "No", we will not be re-opening for sit down meals this weekend... BUT... we will still be open for growler fills and limited to go orders from 4pm-7pm.

There are A LOT of new rules and regulations that we must follow in order to comply with the new "normal" we're coming back to. We're still trying to figure out IF we'll be able to re-open with said new rules.

Beth says her Baked Mac and Cheese, Baked Artichoke Dip, Chips and Queso, and German Potato Salad are on the menu for to go. Please order ahead of time including when you would like to pick up so we can try and ensure it's hot and fresh for you.

We look forward to seeing you all soon. Thank you for your patience and the continued support you've shown us in these crazy times. It's truly appreciated!!

The Sheets clan

What’s on tap!🍺 😄 Come see us until 7pm today! We are open Friday’s and Saturday’s from 4-7pm for growler fills only. We’ll announce if we will do food... is there anything you miss and want us to do? Prost!

[04/25/20]   Growler fills and food: Mac n Cheese, chips and queso, and flammkuchen are available for to go orders today from 4-7pm! You can order in comments or send us a message with the pick up time - pay when you pick up. Prost! 🍻

[04/24/20]   Growler fills, mac & cheese, flammkuchen, and chips and queso to go - Friday and Saturday from 4-7! Preorder food via messenger, include pick up time (and day) and then pay when you pick up. We will also take call in orders while we are open each day from 4-7pm. 🤗 Prost! 🍺 😄

[04/17/20]   It's such a gorgeous day! ☀️😎 It's practically begging for us all to go outside, sit down, kick our feet up, take a nice cold sip of delicious craft beer, and be thankful for this day- despite, or IN SPITE of what we are all living through right now. 😏🍺 We can help you with the delicious craft beer part! 😁 Growler fills from 4-7 pm today and tomorrow - Friday, April 17th, and Saturday, April 18th.

[04/11/20]   We have Mac and Cheese to go today (until it’s gone)! Open 4-7pm. Come get a growler filled and take it home to enjoy on this beautiful day. 🌷☀️🍺

WHO MISSES 3 SHEETS MAC AND CHEESE?! 🥰 We've had a lot of requests for this menu favorite, so we are going to give you what you've asked for: Tomorrow, SATURDAY APRIL 11th - Mac and Cheese will be available for takeout! If you call ahead we will have it ready for you to pick up. You can order while having growlers filled as well, but be prepared to wait about 15 mins. LIMITED QUANTITIES - when it's gone it's gone! If you would like to pre-order and pay ahead we will take orders over the phone today from 4-7pm and can process your payment while you're on the phone. or you can send a message via Facebook and we will send you Venmo info. Pre orders are only an option and are not required! 541-791-7311. We are open today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, from 4-7pm for growler fills. Prost!

[04/03/20]   GREEN BERET and ROOTBEER are back! 😍 We are open from 4-7 pm today and tomorrow - Friday, 4/3 and Saturday, 4/4. We also want to say thank you to everyone who has come in so far, and a special thanks to everyone last weekend who kept paying it forward after one of our first customers paid for the next customer's growler fill! We did finally get someone to accept the generosity that all of you showed. FYI - it went to a healthcare professional so we love how it ended. You guys are awesome! Prost! 😄🍺

We're open until 7 for GROWLER FILLS only.

WE ARE OUT OF ROOTBEER - We will have more ready for you next Friday.😘

What's currently on tap: Black IPA, Scotch Blessing, Sweet 'Resin'tment, Caramel Apple Cider, Winter Warmer, Double Canopy, Templar Stout, Irish Red, Cider w/Blueberry.

*Scotch Blessing is back on as of yesterday! 😃
*Templar Stout and Irish Red are almost out. 😢
*Skinny Pirate is out temporarily and will be back next week. 🙂
*GREEN BERET will be back next Friday (4/3)! 😍🥳

Hope you are all feeling well and hanging in there! ❤️

We feel extremely lucky that so many of you have come in to show your support for us - THANK YOU. 🥰

[03/27/20]   Is everyone feeling well and still in possession of their sanity??? 🤪 Maybe this will bring a little cheer to your day.... We will be open today, 3/27, and tomorrow, 3/28, from 4-7 once again for growler fills only! Some of you will be happy to hear what's back on tap: SCOTCH BLESSING!!! 🥰 The other taps are: Black IPA, Sweet 'Resin'tment, Oaky Dokey, Apple Cider (caramel apple and cranberry ginger), Winter Warmer, Double Canopy, Templar Stout, Skinny Pirate, and Rootbeer. Hope to see some of your beautiful smiling faces - we miss seeing everyone! PROST! 🍻

[03/22/20]   THANK YOU!!!! Doesn't feel like that says enough, but 3 Sheets Brewery wants to make sure that EVERY ONE that stopped in to fill a growler... wish us luck... just say hi... we REALLY appreciate it. The first week is over and it's been rough to say the least but all of you (you know who you are... too many to name) that filled growler, bought growlers, brought in extra growlers to fill are simply the best. Beth and I wanted you to hear a heart felt and sincere THANK YOU directly from us. We're humbled and appreciate you all.... Klint

We're open for growler fills until 7pm! 😊We have all of our growlers available: 32 oz black growler-$25, 64 oz glass growler-$20, 64 oz black growler $45. When you buy a growler you'll get $5 off your fill that day ($2.50 off of the 32 oz). Come say hi and fill your growler! We miss you all!

We are open today from 4-7pm. *GROWLER FILLS ONLY*
As of now we plan to be open 4-7pm tomorrow as well. We will continue to re-evaluate this decision DAILY and post that status here for you. FYI: you CAN come into the taproom to fill your growler - please remember social distancing and we will limit the number of people in here to under 10 (not that we think that will be a problem lol). Come fill that empty growler you have sitting there with some liquid joy from 3 Sheets! 🥰 If you don't have a growler we have plenty to purchase and you'll receive $5 off of your first fill. You might want to consider ordering take out from one of the awesome restaurants down town too! Kill two birds with one stone (which translates to: support two local small businesses with one trip downtown)! 😁🤘

We are open! 😃 4-7pm Growler Fills only! Check out this sweet deal from Adrienne Irwin Country Financial 🍻

News from Adrienne Irwin Country Financial:

Who's going to celebrate TGIF with me? Don't let social distancing keep you from HAPPY HOUR. There is pick-up-and-go! Support our local downtown businesses!

Enjoy a curbside growler fill at 3 Sheets Brewery & Taproom in downtown Albany on me. Get a quote with my momma Adrienne Irwin Country Financial and claim your coupon. Redeem from 4-7 p.m. today 03/20 and tomorrow 03/21 3 Sheets Brewery & Taproom.

The first 5 people to reach out to her get one. I brought my own growler but you can get one from them too!

Limit one per household. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY -
You can private message me on FB. 😊

Here is what we currently have on tap. 🤗🍺 Growler fills from 4-7pm today and tomorrow... while supplies last!

[03/19/20]   Hi everyone! 😢 Due to the Corona virus restrictions we will be open for GROWLER FILLS ONLY.

Our hours will be 4:00 - 7:00 pm FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS only.

**We will NOT be open on Thursdays**

We have growlers for sale or you can bring in your own to be filled. As always, when you purchase a growler you will get $5.00 off of your fill that day. 😄👍

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy! 😷
Prost! 🍻- The Sheets 💏

[03/14/20]   Beth is back and cooking tonight! ❤️ Come see us! Prost! 🍺

[03/12/20]   ATTN: The kitchen will be closed tonight due to Beth feeling under the weather.

Feel free to bring your own food in or you can have your food delivered here. So sorry for the inconvenience!


The moment that so many have been waiting for! We have NEW apparel and have restocked our usuals as well! The brand new apparel is pictured below and is already selling fast, so don’t hesitate to come in and get yours this weekend! Prost! 🍻

• Unisex Black Hoodie w/ Silver Lettering
• Women’s Heather Grey Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt w/ White Lettering
• Women’s Heather Grey Cowlneck w/ White Lettering
• Unisex Full Zip Dark Grey Hoodie w/ White Lettering and Large Logo on Back

3 Sheets Brewery & Taproom


The taproom will be closed today, 12/26/19 as we finish our Christmas celebration with family today! We hope your holiday was filled with love, laughter and good times with your family and friends. See you tomorrow at 4pm!!

The Sheets

[12/26/19]   REMINDER!!

The taproom will be closed today, 12/26/19 as we finish our Christmas celebration with family today! We hope your holiday was filled with love, laughter and good times with your family and friends. See you tomorrow at 4pm!!

The Sheets

[12/22/19]   Merry Christmas everyone!!

We will be closed December 26th, the day after Christmas as we’re delaying our Christmas until our oldest grand daughter returns from Washington. We will be open regular times on Friday and Saturday after Christmas as usual. Thank you for your understanding, and we’ll see you on Friday!! The Sheets

[11/26/19]   We will be closed this Thursday for Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday!

[11/14/19]   💥TAPROOM IS CLOSED 11/14-11/16💥

We’re so sorry for the late notice and any inconvenience this causes. Klint and Beth are gone on a much deserved vacation with some close friends after a busy summer! We appreciate you all so much and the business you bring to us! We will be back and refreshed, ready to serve you all next weekend!


[11/07/19]   We are participating in the downtown unwrapped window contest! 🎁 We will have ballots to fill out if you don’t already have one and that will enter you in to win one of our t-shirts!

Stop in and say hi! 👋🏼

We know it’s cold out there🥶 so aside from our beer 🍺 we will also have gluhwein to help warm you up!


[11/01/19]   Guess what today is?! It’s first Friday! (Quite literally🤪). It’s starting to get pretty chilly outside so come warm yourself up with...

Beth’s famous Cream of Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup! You definitely don’t want to miss this.

Stop by and have a pint, or maybe pair some warm Gluhwein with it! 🤗

See you there! Cheers!🍻

[10/31/19]   We will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, 10/31 due to trick-or-treating with the grandchildren (hard to say no to a 6 and 2 year old). It'll be back to regular business hours on Friday and Saturday. We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!

[10/25/19]   Another reminder for everyone... 3 Sheets Taproom
(along with other amazing sponsors) is proud to be sponsoring the first (of many to come) Albany, Oregon Scottish Highland Games on Saturday October 26th, starting at 10:00am! Because of this, we will open late on Saturday the 26th. We anticipate a 4-5pm open time after the Games are finished. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates, but hope you'll come visit us and the many kilted athletes at the taproom afterwards. The Highland athletes are a friendly, family oriented group of people so don't be afraid to show up and talk with them and enjoy a pint and good times 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

We would love to see friends, supporters and anyone interested in this amazing event at Timberlinn Park (north side by the dog park). The Highland Games are an exciting mix of strength, agility and technique. All are welcome!! Hope to see you there!!! Prost! / Sláinte'!! Klint

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Brewing unique craft and German style beers for the Willamette Valley.

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