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We are aware of the shipments from the 15th of the month being lost. Some have already been resent and the rest will be resent today. You should get an email with your new tracking number as soon as its processed. We are sorry about this inconvenience.
Glad to see things are getting back to some sense of normal at Good Life. Jeremy Dollar we're here with you through it all! You've been a force in the industry for too long for us to let you fade away.
Hello When do you Think you will have shamrock fairy again ?
Reppin for my brother Jeremy Dollar🤘🤘❤❤thanks for all you do much appreciated #TeamGoodlife🤝🤝
good morning peeps
What is similar to Ice Ice Baby?
This quit working today, do you have something in stock comparable to this I can order tomorrow? So happy I ordered these disposables now! TIA
I just received my special care package today it got here sooner than expected and I'm forever thankful for it . #bestcustomerservice# also I ordered the Grimm hellvape kit and a few more juices so I'm excited ab that and cant wait for it to come in . Thank you so much ! #goodlifevapor#lifesaver#bestever#
A while back I seen someone talking about a tool to remove the drip tips off the Monster / Gorilla 100 mil Juice bottles. If anyone knows of such tool let me know.Thanks
Today in CBD: An introduction to how CBD interacts with the body CBD interacts with the human body by using the network of neurons and the endocannabinoid system. This system is spread throughout the body and has several receptors that bind with cannabinoids in order for CBD to be inducted into the bloodstream. The chemical processes resulting from those interactions cause various reactions in the body. Cannabinoids (e.g., THC and CBD) are the chemical compounds secreted by cannabis flowers that provide relief to an array of symptoms including pain, nausea, anxiety, and inflammation. These work their medicinal magic by imitating compounds our bodies naturally produce, called endocannabinoids, which activate to maintain internal stability and health. To put a complex system simply, they mediate communication between cells, and when there is a deficiency or problem with our endocannabinoid system, unpleasant symptoms and physical complications occur. When cannabis is consumed, cannabinoids bind to receptor sites throughout our brain (receptors called CB-1) and body (CB-2). Different cannabinoids have different effects depending on which receptors they bind to. For example, THC binds to receptors in the brain whereas CBN (cannabinol) has a strong affinity for CB-2 receptors located throughout the body. Depending on a cannabis product’s cannabinoid profile, different types of relief are achievable. Different studies on the subject have shown that CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect on a human body and protect it from diseases, associated with inflammation. There are some studies that focus on the antipsychotic effects of CBD in the brain. CBD enhances the growth and the development of the brain and protects it and the nervous system. In 2017, a report published by WHO showed that medical authorities and the government are satisfied with the benefits of CBD and its application in the medical field. Today's information was obtained from the following:
Hello Good Life Vapor Family! A lot of you are curious about CBD, what it is, how it affects the body, and how it assists with so many different conditions and ailments. As quite a few of you know, we carry Balncd CBD in all our stores and in an effort to educate on CBD, you will start seeing a post every day with well researched information on CBD. Please feel free to ask questions, provide your personal experiences with CBD, and even suggest topics you would like to see discussed. Today's topic: What is CBD? The abbreviation “CBD” stands for Cannabidiol. It is extracted from the hemp of marijuana plants and is proven to be the most critical cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. However, here it must be emphasized that CBD, as opposed to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), doesn’t have a psychoactive effect on the human brain. CBD helps to maintain different psychological processes by interacting with the receptors in the nervous system and in the immune system. Moreover, the body itself produces cannabinoids as part of the functions of the endocannabinoid system. CBD differs from THC in a lot of aspects, and it is claimed by researchers that it also helps control the harm THC could do to the human brain and body. In that sense, CBD could help anxiety or paranoia. Therefore, THC with a constant ratio of CBD strains is a preferred option when it comes to consuming marijuana. The CBD regulates the effect of THC on the body and mind. Today's topic was shared from the following website:
How will this NONSENSE from our corrupt administration affect us when /if the ban goes through ? ... and what can we do about it 🤬

The Best Affordable Quality E-Liquid & Fashionable Apparel.

We create quality e-liquid to satisfy all of your vaping needs! At Good Life Vapor, our e-liquid is made in an ISO 6 Clean Room. Our specialty is creating flavors that are exclusive only at GLV with safety and satisfaction as our number one priority. As we develop our exclusive flavors, they will be added to the online and retail store for you to enjoy. Also, follow us on Twitter. In 2014 we launched the Good Life Clothing Company, producing some of the most stunning vaping apparel that the industry has to offer If you would like to sell Good Life Vapor e-liquid in your vape store, send your request to [email protected]

Use the code LOCALSONLY30 to get 30% off all Locals Only flavors (Including Salts) from GLV only available at!

ALSO, Product of the week is the Aspire Nautilus AIO for only $18.75 this week!

ALSO, Brand of the Week is Balancd Natural Wellness CBD Products! All Balancd products are listed at wholesale prices!

ALSO, The Philema Road Good Life Vapor store opens today at 11am to the public! We are so excited to see everyone!

The promotion ends this Friday at midnight EST.

[06/01/20]   Today is the day! Good Life Vapor on Philema road opens at 11am!

Here are the guidelines for everyone

1. Masks are required. No exceptions. There is no debate on this. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with one before you enter the store. If you try to argue with us on this, you will be asked to leave. Please do not fight us on this. We get that it’s uncomfortable and hot but there is a deadly virus still out there and for the safety of not only you but my staff, this is mandatory. Think of my staff and their family please. I can’t stress enough how this is MY requirement and it doesn’t matter what laws or freedoms say because this is MY private business.

2. Please distance yourself from others by at least 6 feet

3. No Eliquid sampling is allowed in the store

4. The lounge and all seats are closed. We would normally encourage customers to hang out and use our store for your comfort but these are not normal times and we need to keep the traffic moving so we can prepare the store for new guests after you leave.

5. No vaping allowed in the store to eliminate any sort of droplet spreading from lingering vapor in the air.

6. Only 5 customers are allowed in the store at once.

7. If you prefer to do curbside, we are there to help! Call the store at 229-446-9003 and we will take your order by phone and bring it out to you safely and even with zero contact if that’s what you prefer!

8. Be happy and enjoy yourself because today is a great day!!

Thank you everyone! We will see you all today!

Who’s ready for tomorrow?! I’m SO excited to open our Philema Road doors to the public!!

All inventory is back in the store. All juice is available. Coils, hardware, premium flavors, CBD, apparel, accessories, the works! Everything is ready for everyone!

Sneeze guards have been installed throughout the store. A mask is a requirement in our store, but no worries if you don’t have one, we will give you one when you enter along with a bottle of GLV hand sanitizer (WHO approved recipe) for FREE with every purchase!

5 customers will be allowed in the store at once, no sampling, lounge area is closed for now, we asked that you not vape in the store for now as well, and please maintain 6 feet of distance from others while in the shop.

Please spread the word by sharing this post! Thank you everyone for sticking by us!

[05/29/20]   On Monday, June 1st, the Good Life Vapor retail location on Philema Road will be open to the public! The store will have all the products that you are used to having. We have installed sneeze guards throughout the store and you will be required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you at the door and you will be required to wear it while in our store. We will be sanitizing all surfaces hourly and we will be providing hand sanitizer to every customer that walks in for free. We will have staff on hand to help you will all of your needs. We also will ask that customers maintain social distance from each other in our store. The lounge area is closed and only 5 customers will be allowed in at once. We will not be offering any samples of liquids and we ask that customers not vape in the shop to stop airborne droplets from possibly spreading to employees. Thank you! We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, June 1st!

ENDING SOON! All Premium Liquids are now 25% off at! Use the code PREMIUM25 to save 25% on all premium E-Liquid! -

All Premium Liquids are now 25% off! Use the coupon code PREMIUM25 to save 25% off all Premium E-Liquid at! -

[05/23/20]   Unfortunately, Due to shipping restrictions surrounding COVID-19, Good Life Vapor is temporary unable to ship packages to Saudi Arabia. We are very sorry to all of our customers in the Middle East and as soon as we receive word from carriers that customs is allowing packages to go through the border, we will resume shipping to the region. Thank you for understanding!

LAST CHANCE! Save 30% on all Good Life Vapor flavors by using the code GLVJUICE30! -

ENDING TOMORROW! Save 30% on all Good Life Vapor flavors! Use the code GLVJUICE30 to save 30% on all GLV house juice at -

[05/18/20]   The Good Life Vapor Philema Store will be temporarily closed for the next 2 weeks to prepare the store with Plexiglass Sneeze Guards and so other safety measures and procedures can be installed/put in place for the future.

All in store pick up has been ceased at the moment and online orders will be all that's accepted. Shipping will be the only option for our customers for the next two weeks. All pending pick up orders will be contacted tomorrow morning so that you can be given pickup instructions.

I know that I have said that the store would be opening this week, but cases have begun to rise in the area again and we want to make sure that we are set up for safety in the future so that we will not experience anymore down time.

We are very sorry for the major changes over the last 9 weeks. I am well aware of the strain this puts on our customers but we have to ensure that our buildings are safe for our workers. Thank you for your understanding.

Save 30% on all Good Life Vapor flavors using the code GLVJUICE30 at! Also Deal of the Week and Brand of the Week automatic discounts! -

Good Life Vapor

Pre Rolls are up, some coils have been restocked, vaporesso coils added, DIY accessories added, every day discount coupon codes have now been enabled and shipping standards have been reactivated. Free shipping over $30 domestically. We are slowly but surely getting back to normal. The new warehouse is almost complete!

Good Life Vapor Flavors are BACK!! No code is needed to save! -

We are back! The website is FINALLY fully functional and all flavors have been added back! Thank you for your patience!


Store Pickup option is available for local customers!

Feeling Anxious? Try Balancd CBD at wholesale prices! No coupon needed! -

Good Life Vapor on Philema Road is open Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm for all Good Life Vapor House eliquid with ZERO contact!

Step One: Call Us between 10am - 6pm at 229-446-9003 and tell us what flavor of GLV juice you would like along with size and strength. We will take your payment over the phone and prepare your order. We will ask for the make, model and color of your car.

Step Two: Come to the store at 118 Philema Road in Albany.

Step Three: We will see you pull up, place your to go bag on the table at the door and then go inside.

Step Four: Once we go inside, grab your bag off of the table and then have a wonderful day! It’s that easy!

** No coils, hardware, cbd or outside liquid lines are available at the store, all of that is online for 25% off your entire order at with free domestic shipping and next day UPS delivery for most regional orders. We understand this is an inconvenience but we have two separate operations and it’s not in the best interest of safety for our community so for now we will stay on the side of caution until we feel it’s safe to allow people into the store.**


Good Life Vapor on Philema Road will be open starting tomorrow morning. We will be selling GLV Liquid curbside only. No hardware, coils, outside lines will be sold at the store. You will still need to purchase those items at We are open online 24/7 and all orders are shipped next business day with next day delivery for most regional orders.

Tomorrow, you will come to the store, pull up, call us at 229-446-9003 and place your order by phone (credit cards only, no cash or checks will be accepted). We will fill your order and then place it on a table for you outside of our door. At that time, you can exit your car and pick up your order.

We will not be available for troubleshooting any issues you have, we will not open the door for you, all communication will be done by phone and zero contact is allowed.

New store hours until things are fully operational again is Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm. We will not be open on Saturday because we still feel its necessary to keep people at home as much as possible. Thank you for your support and understanding as we try to make this work as best and as safe as possible for our community to hopefully heal from this deadly virus.

ALSO... Each order will receive a free 2 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer.

Take advantage of Good Life Vapor site-wide deals! NO COUPON NEEDED! - is open! Enjoy e-liquid and hardware deals site wide! -

Feeling Anxious? Try Balancd CBD at wholesale prices! No coupon needed! Site-wide discounts for all vapor products as well! - is open! Enjoy e-liquid, hardware, and CBD deals site wide! NO COUPON NEEDED! -

Here is the list of premium brand flavor options that are comparable to Good Life Vapor e-liquid. All of these options are available at

If you have any questions please go to and join our group so that over 3300 people can lend a hand to help you find what works best for you.

Where is my juice?!

PLEASE READ! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our lab and stores have been closed until further notice. We understand this is difficult for people that depend on our products. We are working tirelessly to find flavors from other brands that match up with our offerings from Good Life Vapor. We wish that we could mak...

I will be doubling capacity next week for and possibly keeping the site open for 5 days a week instead of 3. I am working out the logistics now and all updates will be announced as I finalize the plans. Thanks everyone!

[04/14/20] is now OPEN!

Overseas customers are welcome to purchase starting today! Thank you to all of you guys all over the world for your support! We are so happy to finally be back to getting products to you all!

Demand was VERY high today. We will double capacity on Saturday!

Good Life Vapor

The schedule for is as follows until further notice...

Tuesday - 10am until capacity is met
Thursday - 10am until capacity is met
Saturday - 10am until double capacity is met

On average capacity is being met at around the 4 hour mark on Tuesday and Thursday and around 6 hours on Saturday’s.

I am working with our amazing friend Chris Fennell to try to get our processes much faster which would allow me to open up time for more orders. Please follow me or any Good Life Vapor business page or our Facebook group for any and all updates as they come.

Tomorrow at 9:30am I will be going live here on FB to give you guys some product demonstrations so everyone can know exactly how to use Balancd products. See everyone then!

All orders from Saturday’s batch has been filled and shipped and you should see them very soon! Thank you everyone! Have a great day! Home of the best selling e-liquid on the planet!

Good Life Vapor will open at 10am tomorrow morning and will be open until we reach capacity for the day. I will be adding products tonight and tomorrow before the site opens. Much more will be added throughout the rest of the week with much more inventory on the way to re-stock some of what everyone needs. All shipments from yesterday have been shipped. Thank you everyone! Have a great night and stay safe! Home of the best selling e-liquid on the planet!

[03/31/20]   Please watch the last Facebook Live update to understand why we cannot add your favorite GLV flavors to the site. We are UNABLE to make any GLV juice at this time. We are working day and night to get inventory added to the site but the only options that will be available are premium brands we offer in our retail store. The ONLY GLV flavors that will be available until the COVID-19 outbreak passes is:

Deadly Sin Signature
Deadly Sin High VG
Deadly Sin Salt Version
Deadliest Sin
Deadliest Sin Salt Version
Ice Ice Baby Signature
Ice Ice Baby High VG
Ice Ice Baby Salt Version
Locals Only Peach Cobbler
Locals Only Strawberry Shortcake
Locals Only Creamy Cappuccino
Locals Only Moscato Wine
Locals Only Key Lime Pie
Locals Only Blueberry Tart

Good Life Vapor is now open for a limited time today. Please remember we don’t have all options available and we Are doing all we can to get items loaded to the site. MANY new things will be added not only today but through the week.

The entire is site is 30% off automatically without any need for coupon codes. Home of the best selling e-liquid on the planet!

We love you all! Thank you for the massive amounts of support and encouragement! We will be back! has lowered prices to help everyone get what they need during COVID-19 pandemic -

Good Life Vapor

We are now open for a limited time today! Home of the best selling e-liquid on the planet! is now open online for limited hours! -

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118 Philema Road
Albany, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
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