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Question: How do you irritate customers? Answer: Close for a long weekend without posting anything on your web page or page. Your page mentions closing early on the 4th, but nothing about also being completely closed through the 7th. Did you really think that just posting a sign on the door is the right way to do business? Really?
Best ham and bacon quiche (with extra bacon) ever!

wine bar and café Wine + Beer Shop Specialty to go foods Local Dairy + Produce Artisan Coffee GRAPE + BEAN Rosemont is a neighborhood Wine shop, Coffee spot, + Daily gourmet market.

We feature wines from small producers around the world and offer a diverse craft brew beer selection. We are proud to showcase our numerous sustainable, direct trade whole bean and Brewed coffees from boutique roasters close to home and across the country. Like our Old Town location we brew coffee by the cup, using the Trifecta brewing system. We are also the only shop in the area to use the Trifecta for Tea, as well, + we offer a unique selection of Adagio teas for your enjoyment. Plus don’t forget your staples…organic milk, eggs, cheeses, hand-made breads + more. GRAPE + BEAN Rosemont strives to provide the highest quality products while offering a welcoming and comfortable environment. Check the events calendar for weekly tastings plus information on GRAPE + BEAN’s more extensive Wine classes + events is available here.

Operating as usual

Hello FB Friends, announcing our next Zoom winemaker wine tasting event: Saturday December 12 5pm!
Some people know what they want to be when they are small children and never waiver from the course they set to become that person. Such is the story with Cristiano Garella. Cristiano began studying wine, viticulture, and enology when he was 13. He would have his parents drive him around to vineyards where he would taste with the winemakers and visit their vineyards and cellars and talk to them about what they do. He knew as a child that he wanted to help return Alto Piemonte to its former glory as one of the most respected wine growing areas in the world. By the time he was 21 he was the head winemaker and CEO of the oldest winery in Alto Piemonte. Today, in his early 30s he has become one of the most famous winemakers in all of Italy and has truly helped revive Alto Piemonte as a whole. Cristiano is a partner in several wineries in Alto Piemonte. One of the those wineries, Le Pianelle, as been recognized as producing some of the best red wines in Italy. They also make an amazing Rosato. Please join us for an evening with Cristiano as we learn more about this amazing young person and for a vertical tasting on 3 vintages of their top wines, Bramaterra DOC and the most recent release of their Rosato. This is truly a special event and unique opportunity to get to know a future legend in the wine world and taste a vertical of one of the wines that has everyone so excited.
we hope you will join us for another fun and informative tasting event with the winemaker live from Italy.
RSVP and additional details here:

We are open on this beautiful Monday morning to help you with your Thanksgiving needs! We have veggies, butter, cream, eggs, beer, wine, cheeses—and even a few beautiful turkeys.

Grape and Bean Rosemont is usually closed Mondays, but we figured you could use the extra day this week! We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday.

We have great turkey wines to please every palate—come see what new Pinot Noirs, rosés, and Pinot Blancs we have for your holiday table!

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday.

Looking for quick and delicious Thanksgiving solutions? Let us help! Sol at Acme Pies will be baking up a storm—place your order with us for large apple, apple cranberry, pecan chocolate, or pumpkin pies, then swing by Grape and Bean Rosemont and pick up on the 24th or 25th! All orders must be in by the 20th.

Join us for another tasting opportunity with GRAPE + BEAN and a happy winemaker Saturday, November 21
What do you get when you cross a French-trained sommelier who worked at some of the best restaurants in Paris and trained with a couple of the top producers in the Rhone with some of the cleanest, ripest, most pure fruit in California?
You get some of the best wines we have tasted from California.
Winemaker, Xavier Arnaudin, brings the traditional mindset he gained in France to his California winery and produces wines that are bursting with fruit and texture but completely balanced. Simply put, these wines are not to be missed.
We hope you can join us in tasting these wines together.
More details and signup information here:

Italian Young Guns, Wine Tasting Zoom Event with GRAPE + BEAN (Italian Hat Trick, 3 Winemakers Live From Italy), Saturday, November 7, 5:00-6:30pm.

In the last 20 years, generational transitions have brought about a tremendous amount of change in the wine industry. We hear about how transitions taking place in family businesses all over the world are changing the way businesses look, feel, think, and operate...and we see similar transitions in the wine industry.

Whether it be converting vineyards to organic or biodynamic farming, beginning to produce their own wines for sale rather than just grow grapes to be used by other wineries, making completely new styles of wines, or a myriad of other adjustments, change in these family businesses has come and continues to come.

Please join us Saturday, November 7 for another interactive Zoom Wine Tasting event. Meet (live from Italy) three new faces in Italian wines who represent some of these generational changes, are superstars and really great people! We will be tasting two wines (a white + red) from each of their wineries and learning the stories of these people, their families, and their regions. These are truly some of the most exciting and interesting folks we know and their wines and stories are fantastic and not to be missed.

Presenting their wines:
Emma Picariello of Ciro Picariello from the province of Avellino in Italy’s Campania region
Riccardo Baldi of La Staffa from the tiny village of Staffolo in Italy’s Marche region
Alberto Oggero of Alberto Oggero from the village of Roero in Italy’s Piemonte region

For this special tasting, you will enjoy 6 different wines (2 wines (white + red) from each winemaker) with 5 oz pours of each wine, (perfect for sharing--designed for 2 people), along with some GRAPE + BEAN cheeses and charcuterie to pair with the wines.


Hi FB friends, join GRAPE + BEAN and a live tasting with our new friend Giuseppe Russo live from Sicily, in our next Wine Tasting Zoom Event, Saturday, October 17, 2020, 5:00-6:00pm.

Why is everyone so crazy for wines from Siciliy's Mt. Etna? In the last 6-8 years it seems like wines from Mt. Etna have dominated the conversation in publications, wine lists, and blogs. It is very easy to find stories of many of the top professionals in the wine industry swooning over wines from Etna and comparing them to Burgundy and describing an almost-transcendent experience. And while it is easy to find stories about these wines it can be very difficult to find any of the actual wines because they make very little and the wines sell out so quickly.

So, what is all of the fuss about?? Join us October 17 at 5PM and find out for yourselves! Giuseppe Russo of Girolamo Russo, one of the top producers of Etna will be joining us live from Italy and we will be tasting four of his wines.

Founded in 2004, Girolamo Russo is another winery that almost didn’t exist. Giuseppe Russo was a concert pianist and doctor of letters when his father, Girolamo, passed. Giuseppe had to decide to sell his family’s vineyards or return to Etna and learn to make wine. Giuseppe came home. He was one of the first producers to bottle single vineyard wines on Etna and is considered one of the top 5 producers in the region. He makes 2000 cases each year and works with some of the oldest vines on Etna farming his vineyards organically.

Join us for another interactive and fun Zoom Wine Tasting event, as we introduce you some of our Sicilian favorites. For this tasting, you will enjoy 4 different wines of special bottles with 6 oz pours of each of the the wines, (perfect for sharing--designed for 2 people), along with some GRAPE + BEAN cheeses and charcuterie accompaniments to enjoy with the wines.

RSVP and more details here:

Did you miss the farmer’s market this week? Well, it’s market day EVERY day here at the Grape an Bean! We have gorgeous produce in from the Franklin Farms sustainable collective: peppers, potatoes, red garlic, honey crisp apples—it’s all beautiful, sustainable, and in season. Come see what else we have on offer!

Fall is finally here, and there’s no better time to explore the world of orange wine! Named for their deep, golden hue, these wines are left to age on the must of the grapes for an extended period of time, giving the resulting wine a depth and complexity that sets this style apart from your typical white. Think dried fruit, flower blossoms, citrus, and tea leaves—orange wines linger on the palate long after you take your first sip.

Come check out our selection of orange wines today!

Hello GRAPE + BEAN friends! Happy to announce another Zoom Tasting event. Its Fall, and time to turn our attention to red wine.

Many people may be surprised to hear that Argentina is one of the most exciting places in the wine world right now, but it is! In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Malbec from Argentina became one of the most ubiquitous wines in America. Every restaurant offered one by the glass and retail shops and grocery stores had whole sections dedicated to Malbec from Argentina. The wines were soft, fruity, inexpensive and easy to understand, especially in terms of geography because, though someone might talk about Mendoza, most people were just looking for and focused on Malbec from Argentina.

Fast forward to today and you can discover a very new Argentine wine industry. Yes, Argentine wine production is dominated by giant players who make millions of bottles of wines for grocery store shelves, but Argentina has also gone through the kind of generational transition and mindset shift that we are used to discussing in regards to Italy, France, and Slovenia. There are now many tiny wineries and many passionate winemakers who are not interested in making predictable wines and many studies taking place, both in labs and in the vineyards, to map the soils and explore and recognize micro-climates that allow for very site-specific, exciting wines. The Argentina of today is an exciting place with a lot to offer to wine lovers with many exciting wines and people to get to know.

Join us on October 3 for another interactive and fun Zoom Wine Tasting event, as we introduce you to three of these wineries that we are very excited about and excited about the people behind them. We will taste Four wines from different appellations (Vallle de Uco, Patagonia, Las Compuertas, and Tunuyan & Tupungato) and micro-climates and dive deeper into what makes each different plus share the stories of the wineries and winemakers. You may never think of Argentina the same way again!
We hope to see you there!

RSVP and more details here:

We have some gorgeous ciders in right now, including a couple from Downeast Cider: an unfiltered hard cider from Massachusetts. Cracking open a can makes you feel like you’re at your favorite orchard, drinking a glass of cider fresh from the press!

We just marked down a ton of our large format and specialty beers! This selection is really something special: Flemish sours, traditional gueuze, apricot ales—these are beers you can hold on to for a loooong time, the flavor deepening and evolving with each year. Come check out or selection!

It may still be August, but Oktoberfest is just around the corner! We have you covered with imported AND locally brewed fest beers. (We even stocked a few pumpkin ales, for those of you extra excited for fall!)

As if you needed an excuse to eat cheese! Right now, we have quarter wheels of creamy, decadent Brillat-Savarin cheese on sale for $9. Or, for a really special treat, buy a quarter wheel along with Panzanella Original crackers and a bottle of the incredible Camilucci Satén bubbly for only $39–a combo usually valued at $59. Perfect for your porch happy hour!

Hey GRAPE + BEAN Fans,

We are excited to continue our Zoom Winemaker Tasting events with winemaker Morgan Beck of Johan Vineyards from Oregon. I had the pleasure of meeting her last summer in the vineyard. I hope you will join me along with Morgan on Friday the 21st of August!

Located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, within the newly established Van Duzer Corridor AVA, Johan Vineyards is an 85-acre certified-Biodynamic estate winery. Their goal is to create a self-sustained holistic farm system where the terroir is the guiding force behind their winegrowing approach. We are delighted to welcome winemaker Morgan Beck, to GRAPE + BEAN. This is her first tasting event with us!

Johan Vineyards believes this sense of place, the essence of their farm, is best expressed through their deep commitment to Biodynamic farming practices, native-yeast fermentation, and minimal intervention in the cellar. They see the entire farm as one living organism, a system that will showcase its own identity through the fruit it develops. They maintain a long-term view both in the vineyard and the cellar, nurturing a healthy, diverse microbiological system in their soil and producing wines that are alive and capable of evolving over many years. Johan vineyards and winery are certified Biodynamic, growing 16 varieties and producing a diverse array of wines from estate grown grapes.

David met Morgan during his visit last year to Johan, tasted many of their wines, and had a the opportunity to explore and take in the beautiful vineyards. Johan wines have been a regular on the shelves at GRAPE + BEAN Rosemont ever since!

For this tasting, you will enjoy special 236ml bottles (8oz) of each of the three wines, (perfect for sharing--designed for 2 people), along with a small pairing of GRAPE + BEAN cheeses, charcuterie, and accompaniments to enjoy with the wines.

See details and RSVP here:

If you’ve been craving a nice, light Pinot Noir, might we suggest you give Gamay a go? Light, dry, and soft on the palate, this varietal is a perfect summer red—and we are particularly loving Domaine Desperrier’s Moulin à Vent. At $18 a bottle, you really can’t beat the price on this gorgeous 2016 Gamay.

Maybe you’re whipping up some cocktails, maybe you enjoy a simple digestif at the end of your evening—whatever your reason, it’s always a treat to have some vermouth on hand. We have wide selection of styles and labels, with a few truly unique vermouths for your consideration. (Have you ever had heard of a rosé vermouth??)

Fresh out of the oven! We have quiches for all your weekend brunch plans. Order a slice, or a mini one to take home—ham and bacon, broccoli, baby kale, and mushroom quiches available for purchase, but they go fast! Be sure to call and check if we have your favorite.

Looking for a nice weekend rosé (or two, or three)? We’ve got you covered. We have a lovely selection of crisp, dry, refreshing rosés from all over the world. Let us help you find a new favorite!

It’s baaaaack! Trefethen’s Dragon’s Tooth is a gorgeous blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Merlot—all estate grown. Named to honor the Trefethen family’s Welsh roots, Dragon’s Tooth is a perfect red for a rainy day. Now on sale!

Bummed about a cancelled vacation? Let us whisk you away to France with these delicious French wines at unbeatable prices. Burgundy, Bordeaux, Langue D’Oc--we’ve got you covered!

Look what we just got in: Montenidoli’s Carato Vernaccia! If you haven’t tried this Italian white wine, you’re in for a treat. Full and supple, this varietal ages more like a red, whose crisp acidity gives way to almond and anise notes as it mellows over the years. Vernaccia loves oak--but don’t think like Chardonnay, think more like a bourbon. A truly extraordinary bottle of wine, and it’s drinking beautifully right now, showing Elisabeta Fagiuoli’s mastery of her craft with every sip. Come grab a bottle before they’re gone!

Whether you’re new to sake or a long-time fan, our selection is sure to please! Ginjo, Daiginjo, Nigori—we even have a lovely plum wine in this week. Come take a look at these stunning bottles yourself!

Feel like you need to escape? Retreat? Relax? Well, Offshoot Beer Co. had you in mind when they made these delicious IPAs! Grab a four pack this weekend—we’re really loving their hazy double right now.

An incredible wine for an incredible price! This Franciacorta is a standout sparkling wine--all the elegance of a Champagne with the clean minerality of Northern Italy’s terroir. Now for just $34!

Been thinking about taking some hard seltzer to the beach this weekend? We have a bunch of new brands for you to try--grab a single, a four pack, or mix and match!

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