Home Pub

Home Pub is located on M-76 between Greenwood and Maple Ridge Road, Alger, MI. Just south of West Branch and right off I-75, Exit 202. GPS may not work.

Check out our extended calendar! https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=0u8formdsb007t0f68hklbf99k%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/New_York

PSA of slight inconvenience:
Home Pub's ATM is in severe malfunction mode and will be in malfunction mode until Wednesday. We will, of course still be celebrating this evening but, ya might wanna roll through a drive thru ATM if that was on your agenda. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to ringing in the New Year with you.

Kick off the new year at Home!
Music with The David Asher Band tonight!

[12/30/18]   Sunday Funday y'all!
Cheeseburger, Fries, Bloody Mary $10
Mega Mary $10
Come on Home!

Saturday Specials at Home:

Motor City Rueben $7

Grilled Cheese and Cup O' 12 Bean Bacon Soup $5.5

Fried Bologna and Cheese with Fries $5.5

Mushroom Swiss Burger $6.5 (pictured below)

8 Wings, Fries, and Slaw $8

Sneaky peeky at Home Pubs NYE dinner specials.
Available 12-31-2018

Introducing, The Detroit Philly!
Thin shaved beef topped with a pile of grilled mushrooms and onions, covered with swiss cheese between 2 slices of delicious, grilled marble rye from The Michigan Bread Company.
This bad wamma jamma comes with a side of au jus and an order of Home Pub's Seriously Good Fries and can be yours for only $8.50!

Getchyer om nom on!
Stop Home for today's yummy homemade specials!
Plus! 2 Draft Bud Light Draft pints and a single draw Club Keno for only $5!

Mercedes says "Let's do some Bar Bowling and make some music"!

Tired of leftovers yet?
Come on Home.

Happy Wednesday!
You deserve a good meal with a cold beverage at a darn good price!
Today's specials include:
Cheeseburger $5
5 Wings and Fries $5 (5pm till 8pm Wings 50¢ each)
Fried Bologna and Cheese with Fries $5
Jacked Up Veggie Melt $5

Merry Christmas y'all!
The pub will be open today at 2 pm for all your Christmas Day escaping or celebrating needs.

Merry Christmas Eve Y'all!
Stop on Home and be sure to get a Wertz Warriors Snowmobile to customize and show your support.
Join us January 8th at 6:30pm to celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday and Support the Wertz Warriors! Games, prizes, specials and the best danged ol Elvis impersonator ever are just some of the fun!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!

Everybody here at the pub would like to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and merriest Christmas!

The pub will be open at 2pm both Christmas Eve and Christmas day to spread cheer, and beer.

Sunday Funday!
Getchya some:
Cheeseburger, Fries, and Bloody Mary $10
Michelle's Mega Middle Time Mary $10
Shrimp Cocktail on the Barbie $6

Burger Day!!!!
Stop Home all day and enjoy any Specialty Burger for only $6.5!
Choose from:
Aloha Burger
Bacon Cheeseburger
Patty Melt
Veggie Melt
Mushroom Swiss
Cream Cheese and Jalapeno Stuffed Burger

And be sure to join us tonight for great live music with JDean!

Happy Solstice y'all!
Today's specials include:
Mushroom Swiss Au Jus Burger with Tater Wedges $8.5
Karen's Famous Meatloaf Melt $6.5
Jacked Up Veggie Melt $6
Topped Up Tater $8
Fish and Chips $8
Smelt Dinner $8.5 (after 6pm)
Be sure to join us for great music tonight with The Sibling Bros and on Saturday with J Dean!

Happy Thursday y'all!
Today's specials at Home include:

Mushroom Swiss Au Jus Burger with Tater Wedges $8.5
Jacked Up Veggie Grill $6
Karen's Famous Meatloaf Melt $6.5

After 6pm: Topped Up Taters $8
Choose from:
Bacon and Cheese

Come on Home for great eats!
Be sure to join us tonight for Messy Chocolate Making at 7pm!

Hey Homie!
Listen to what's coming up at Home this week:
Monday: Buck Off ($1 off yummy food 2pm till 7pm)
Tuesday: Gone Fishing
Wednesday: Master Chocolatier Mayhem 7pm
Thursday: Super Jam 8pm
Friday: Live Music with The Sibling Bros
Saturday: Live Music with JDean and The Salingers
Sunday: Mega Middle Time Marys

See you at Home!

Sunday Funday Specials at Home:

Cheeseburger, Fries, and Bloody Mary $10
Michelle's Mega Mary $10
Shrimp Cocktail on the Barbie $6

Come on Home for great Friday Specials!

Aloha Burger and Onion Rings $8.5
Jacked Up Patty Melt $6.5
Jacked Up Veggie Melt $6
Porky Fries $6.5 (Gluten Free)
Memphis Fries $6.5 (Gluten Free)
Chili Fries $5.5
Rhett's Pretty Good Chili $3.5

After 6pm:
Fish and Chips $6.5
U.P. Trout Dinner $9.5

See you at Home!

Come on Home tonight for Somewhat Openish Mic Night at 8pm!
Plus, check out these great specials:
Porky Fries $6.5
Memphis Fries $6.5
Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe $7.5
Mediterranean Vegetarian Plate $5.5
After 6pm:
Betty's Fried Wings and Fixins $8.5

See you at Home!

Happy Wednesday y'all!
Great stuff going on at Home today!
Today's specials include:
5 Wings and Fries $5
3 Sliders $5
Gyro $5
Mediterranean Vegetarian Plate $5
And, be sure to join us tonight for great holiday cheer during "Mo Ornaments, Mo Cookies, Mo Wine" at 7pm!

Come on Home and tell Monday to "Buck Off"!
Take $1 off any regular menu entrée from 2pm till 7pm!
Feeling Blue? Good! Enjoy Labatt Blue or Blue Light for only $2!

Happy Sunday! Come Home today for fun, food, and frivolity!

Today's specials include:
Bloody Mary, Cheeseburger, and Fries for $10
Or, get yourself a Home Pub famous Mega Mary for only $10
Shrimp on the Barbie $6

Enjoy great music with Coffeehouse Mic with Mike from 2pm till 4:30pm. Plus, during Coffeehouse Mic, enjoy complimentary doughnuts and holiday gift wrapping!
That's right! We're wrapping your gifts for you!
See you at Home!

Join us tonight for a fin Bar Bowling Tournament at 8 pm!
Getcha a yummy Pub Grill Pizza for only $8.50
Or try some of Rhett's Pretty Good Chili $3.50
Rueben and Fries are only $7.50
After 6pm tonight, enjoy fresh, hand breaded, pan fried fish with unlimited fries and cole
$2 Labatt Blue or Labatt Blue Light
See you at Home!

Its Rueben Day! Come on Home for some great eats and work on some 12oz curls!
Choose from any of these yummy sandwiches and fries for only $7.5
Corned Beef Rueben
Turkey Rueben
Veggie Rueben
Burger Rueben
Stop in and check out other great specials!
And, if you're feeling lucky, spend $5 or more on Club Keno and receive a free 4 spot easy pick! (While supplies last)
Plus: Be sure to join us tonight for Somewhat Openish Mic Night!

Ya know what's great?
$5 yummy specials like:

Cheeseburger or
Zorba's Spinach Grill Pie

Ya know what else is great?

50¢ Wings from 5pm till 8pm!

Ya want more great?

Ok. How's about $2 Labatt Blue or Labatt Blue Light!?!
And, a pint of Deez Nutz from The Beards Brewery for only $3.5!

Come on Home!

Buck Off Monday!!!
Come on Home and take $1 off any regular menu entrée from 2pm till 7pm!

Come on Home for great eats and treats!
Grab a cold Labatt Blue or Labatt Blue Light for just $2
Be sure to join us tonight for great live music with "Uninvited Guest" Tom Grant at 9pm!

Show you support for local artists tonight at The Downtown Art and Wine Walk! Then bring your artist map back to the pub and receive $1 off your first beverage.

Home Pub specials for Friday!
Be sure to join us tonight for live music with "The Uninvited Guest" Tom Grant!
See you at Home!

Come on Home and grab an icy cold Labatt Blue or Labatt Blue Light for just $2!
Then, getchyerself somethin yum to eat!
Be sure to join us tonight for Somewhat Openish Mic Night at 8 pm!

Are you tired of turkey leftovers yet?
Come on Home for these great $5 Wednesday specials:

5 Wings and Fries


Cheeseburger and Fries

Vegan Verde Wrap

Or try one of our yummy specialty burgers:

The Carnivoir Burger $7.5

The Aloha Burger $7

Cream Cheese and Jalapeno Stuffed Burger $7

Tonight after 6pm gethca some:

Cowboy Stew $7.5

Or a slice of "Home"made:

Chocolate or Banana Cream Pie $2.5

See you at Home!

Up-coming Home Pub December Happenings!

We heard the fish are biting a bit south. Sounds like a tall tale but, we're going to investigate.
We'll be Home bright and early-ish on Wednesday at 11:30am.
Stay safe and warm y'all!

Hey, any of you seen Mr. Freely?

Happy Saturday y'all!
Come on Home for 1/2 off pork rinds and $2 draft Killians from noon till 4pm.

Plus enjoy these great specials:

Wolverine Burger and Onion Rings $8.5

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Stuffed Burger $6.5

Hot Turkey Sandwich $7

Vegan Lentil Grill $6.5

See you at Home!

Rumor has it that a very infamous band will be gracing the stage tonight after the fish fry..... You should probably go see.

Hidillyho Neighboreenos!

Here's a longish note by the longish winded one we call Michelle:

Oh my! Its been a busy few weeks here around the pub and we're in for more shenanigans coming up! I want to give a great big thank you to all the folks that let me slide out to see my very missed son. And, a special thanks to all you folks that make my job the best job I could ever have.

Ok. Let me tell y'all what's in store coming up.

Today is a very special day because it will be the first ever meeting of The Bring Weird Al Home campaign! If you want to know what that's all about, come on down to the pub at 7pm and I'll give you the lowdown. (Ps. It's "Buck Off Monday" so, all menu entrées are $1 till 7pm. Please note: the kitchen closes at 7 because we have a very important meeting.)

Plus, there's more.
On Wednesday, The Hellbound Drifters are Home! I really love these guys! If you want to see a great band, you know the place.

On Thanksgiving Thursday, the pub is once again happy to share in giving thanks with all our neighbors. Dinner is free and will be served around 3pm-ish. Bring a dish to share if you'd like.

Friday, Rhett's gonna rock the house with his pals and that's always a great time. Plus, I'll be in the kitchen serving up some U.P. Whitefish.

I don't know what's going on Saturday but, I'm sure it'll be a fun surprise.

And, Sunday afternoon, Mike Freer is Home for Coffee house Mic with Mike and we're adding a special treat this time around with delicious biscuits and gravy.

December is coming too ya know.
And, there's even more stuff going on.

Shop at Home is on the 2nd.

And, the annual Home Pub Ugly Sweater party is on the 8th I think. The Gary King Trio will be here for that and im super excited. (My sweater is hideous)

I'm probably forgetting lots of things. So, to be sure and double check my errors, please check out the pubs awesome new website at homepubalger.com

Anyway, thanks for being awesome and reading all this. To say thanks for your efforts, come on in tonight and tell me I spelled Tyrannosauruz wrong and you'll get 50¢ off your beer!


Who wants great Sunday specials from Home Pub?

Today's specials include:

Cheeseburger, Fries, and Bloody Mary $10

Michelle's Middle Time Mega Mary $10

Shrimp Cocktail $5.5

See you at Home!

Rhett says:
Eat good food, drink cold beer, listen to great music!
Today's specials include:

Hot Hamburger Sandwich $7.5

Porky Fries $6.5

Hasenpfeffer Stew 10.5

Veggie Noodles $5.5

Fries and Pepper Gravy $3.5

Come on Home tonight and catch Rhett Yocom live and in person at 8pm!

Happy hunting!
Come on Home to warm up and fill up!
Today's specials include:

Pasti and Gravy $7.5

Fries and Pepper Gravy $3.5

Porky Fries $6.5

Pulled Pork Sandwich $4.5

Salt and Peppa Pretzel $3.5

After 6pm:

Hasenpfeffer Stew $10.5

Woasted Wabbit and Fixins $9.5

See you at Home!

Halfway through y'all!
Come on Home for some great $5 midweek specials!
Today's specials include:

Cup O' Chicken Dumplin Soup and Grilled Cheese

5 Wings and Fries

2 Sliders and Fries


Join us tonight for Ladies Big Buck Night!
Ladies will enjoy $1 drinks and snacks.

Home Pub would like to express a deep appreciation for all of the brave women and men that have, and do serve our nation. Their sacrifice for the freedom of all, is a gift so great no words can properly convey enough gratitude. With humble minds and hearts we thank you.

Happy Friday y'all!!!!
Come on Home for great eats! Today's specials include:

Grilled Ham and Cheese with Fries $7.5

Fries and Pepper Gravy $3.5

Pasti with Gravy $7.5

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe with Fries $7

And be sure to join us tonight for great live music with JDean!



Home Pub Specials
For Thursday:

2 Salt - Pepa Pretzels with Cheese $3.5
Fries and Pepper Gravy $3.5
Grilled Ham and Cheese with Fries $7.5
Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Onion Rings $7.5
Be sure to join us tonight for Somewhat Openish Mic Night at 8pm!


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