Trail Point Brewing Company, Allendale, MI Video February 27, 2019, 8:48pm

Videos by Trail Point Brewing Company in Allendale. Microbrewery located in Allendale, MI

Well... HAZYpotamus lasted less than a week, so we brewed it again today!


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That Friday feeling when you realize Melon Farmer gets released tomorrow! #DancingShoes #YippeeKiYay #HappyFriday

Look what's back for Trivia Tuesday!

It's Trivia Tuesday! It might be snowing like crazy, but its time to think spring! This month's trivia winner gets a custom Trail Point camping chair and hiking backpack/chair! Trivia starts at 7 PM, SLOWS BAR BQ Grand Rapids is here at 5:30!

Well... HAZYpotamus lasted less than a week, so we brewed it again today! #FreshHAZYinMarch #LargerBatch #CitraHaze

When you hear Trail Point is open today and has new apparel... #SoundOn #TrapperHats #ZipUpHoodies

Trail Point is open and we have some new zip-up fleece hoodies in! #SoSoft

Don't let the weather get you down! It's New Beer Thursday! Come grab our spiced winter wheat, Fifty Days of Gray. AVAILABLE NOW! Also, $1 off all tier one pints all day! #ThirstyThursday #NewBeer

To get in the holiday spirit, we decided to go caroling and surprise some mug members! Thanks for being with us for 3 years, can't wait for 2019! #HappyHolidays #ThanksMugMembers

The Perky Brunette
Perk Ya Later is back on tap! Have you tried the Perky Brunette? Part Toasted Brunette, part Perk Ya Later, fully delicious. If Greg's demonstration doesn't have you convinced, you should come try it for yourself... ;)

A Craft Beer Story
A group of Grand Valley State University media producers took a closer look at the local impact of the growing craft beer industry. Gain some perspective from Siciliano's Market, Valley Church - Allendale, the Muskegon Ottawa Brewers, and of course, Trail Point! Check it out!

Mug Club Day
Wednesdays are Mug Club Days! Mug Members, take $1 off all mug pours all day long! Patty Matters - Food Truck will be out front with gourmet burgers from 5:30 to 9pm. Cheers, friends!

Part of making and drinking delicious beer is knowing how to taste and describe disgusting beer! Off flavor taste testing on a Friday morning- Bottoms up! Or not... 😬

Working hard, or hardly working? πŸ˜‰ Keep these guys busy, come in and hang out with the Trail Point crew! Tier One is $1 off today, and Blue Spoon Catering & Event Planning will be out front with delicious Tex Mex food from 5:30-9pm. See ya tonight!

Cherryson Ford is available to the whole world today! Stop by and see what this tart cherry black IPA is all about. Cheers!

Monday Night Nitro!
Stop on down for Perk Ya Later and 5 Gallon Pale available on nitro! Tonight only!

Snow Angels!
When life gives you snow, make snow angels! #HolySnowfallBatman #HappyFriday

It’s the perfect night for a barrel aged beer and a bonfire.

Have you had Dark Trail on Nitro yet?? It's extra rich, extra creamy, and so silky smooth. So if you feel like we feel, baby... let's get it on Nitro.

Coming this Saturday! More details soon! #KalemClub

Big Brew Day at Trail Point!

St. Paddy's day at Trail Point!

Happy Mug Club Day! Stop by and enjoy the patio β˜€οΈ

Steven Holden is enjoying his Valentine's Day with a glass of our Dark Trail oatmeal stout firkin with sweet cherries and cacao nibs. Will you join him today? 😘

Where's the beer?
We love our new fermenters. But something is missing...

Remeber when we said 'big things happening in 2017'?! Well, two 'big things' got dropped off this morning! NEW SHINY FERMENTERS!!!

After unearthing the firkin from the snow, brewmaster Gary taps it. This one contains Dark Trail aged with peppermint candy canes. Stop by today to grab a pint of this beauty!

Very important announcement!
A beer makes it's return to the tap room!!

What's brewing today?!
A beer makes its return!

A crazy night at Trail Point!

What an incredible day! This was our line for Drunken Hank. We sold out of Hank in 45 minutes and sold out of ALL beer two hours before the festival closed. Thanks to all our supporters!

Happy Independence Day! A batch of our Summer IPA is on its way to the fermenter. #RedWhiteAndBrew

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