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Founded in the spring of 2006, the Allendale Civic Theatre strives to bring the Arts to its community. This nonprofit organization couldn't be possible without its many volunteers!

We are pleased to introduce more of our Dorothy in Wonderland cast: Gracie as Tin Man, Adelle as Scarecrow, Catherine as Dorothy, Lorelai as Lion and Grady as Toto. We are so proud of all of the cast for all their hard work thus far! #dorothyinwonderland #allendalecivietheatre

Introducing more of our Dorothy in Wonderland cast: Molly as Dormouse, Jada as Frog Footman, Marlow as Fish Footman, Peyton as Mad Hatter and Alyssa as March Hare. #allendalecivictheatre #dorothyinwonderland

Meet Ginny and Jonah; King and Queen of Hearts in our production of Dorothy in Wonderland! 🤴🏻❤️👸🏻#allendalecivictheatre #dorothyinwonderland

The school year is winding down but our Dorothy in Wonderland rehearsals are going strong! We have an amazing cast of students who are working hard every week!

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Some pics from the first read through! 🙌🏻🎭 #allendalecivictheatre #dorothyinwonderland

[04/08/19]   Looking forward to our first read through tomorrow evening! Don't forget to bring your pencils for notes!

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

We are thrilled to share that we will be doing another Low Sensory Night during the run of James and the Giant Peach!

Check out our blog for more details:

[03/27/19]   Parent meeting is Thursday, March 28th. at 6:30pm in the Multi-purpose room (same room as auditions). Each cast member will need to order their script at the meeting. The cost is $10.00 cash or check made out to Allendale Civic Theatre. No debit or credit cards please.

Cast for 2019 Allendale Civic Theatre’s Production of Dorothy in Wonderland

We are excited to start rehearsals with this talented group of actors

Catherine Szenas - Dorothy
Grady Wynsma - Toto
Adelle Maksymowski - Scarecrow
Lorelai Page - Lion
Gracie Snider - Tin Man
Ella Neifert - Wizard
Libby Neifert - Glinda
Tristan Muvillo - White Rabbit
Jada Goerbig - Rose/Playing Card
Abbey Mashue - Tiger Lily/Chess Piece
Chaya Hilliker - Tulip/Chess Piece
Sadie Jones – Caterpillar/Playing Card
Blake Alvarez - Humpty Dumpty/Ozian
Jonah Hilliker - King of Hearts
Ashlyn Dozeman - Pawn/Flower
Joey Maksymowki - Rook/Munchkin
Madelin Owen - Knight/Flower
Dovey Hilliker - Tweedle Dee/Ozian
Reid Wallace - Tweedle Dum/Winkie
McKenna Bosch - Alice
Peyton Kastelz - Mad Hatter
Alyssa Ellison - March Hare
Molly Lemaire - Dormouse/Tornado Dancer
Jada Owen - Frog Footman/Ozian
Marlow Jeltema - Fish Footman/Tornado Dancer
Shoshi Hilliker - Cheshire Cat One/Ozian
Rylie Rostad - Cheshire Cat Two/Tornado Dancer
Alisha Zahl - Cheshire Cat Three/Playing Card
Virginia Boughner - Queen of Hearts
Harrison Talbert - Five/Ozian
Katie McCann - Seven/Tornado Dancer
Shayna Bassett - Knave of Hearts/Ozian
Shayna Mabry - Flower/Winkie
Makayla Weaver - Ozian/Playing Card
Charlie Rostad – Munchkin/Chess Piece

Great first night of auditions! If you couldn’t make it, there’s another opportunity tomorrow night. Registration starts at 6:30. Auditions at 7:00. Multi purpose room at the high school. #allendalecivictheatre #dorothyinwonderland

Schedule may change as necessary to avoid conflicts with school events

March 28 Thursday Parent meeting begins at 6:30
Script pre-ordering and payment due: $10.00 check/cash

Practice time will be 6-7:30 unless otherwise noted for all practices April 8-May 3
April 9 Tuesday Everyone - first read through/script handout
April 11 Thursday Act 1

April 15 Monday Act 2
April 17 Wednesday Everyone – Music only

April 23 Tuesday Act 1
April 25 Thursday Act 2

April 29 Monday Act 1
May 1 Wednesday Act 2

Practice time will be 6-8 unless otherwise noted for all practices May 6-May 31
May 7 Tuesday Small Group (to be announced)
May 9 Thursday Everyone - Music only

May 13 Monday Act 1
May 15 Wednesday Act 2

May 20 Monday Act 1 and Act 2
May 22 Wednesday Act 1 and Act 2

May 28 Tuesday Everyone-music and dance
May 30 Thursday Acts 1 & 2

Practices from 6-9 for all practices June 3- June 14 * except as noted below for Saturday June 15
June 3 Monday Acts 1 & 2
June 4 Tuesday Acts 1 & 2
June 6 Thursday Acts 1 & 2

June 10 CFAC Monday Acts 1 & 2
June 11 CFAC Tuesday Acts 1 & 2
June 13 CFAC Thursday Acts 1 & 2

*June 15 CFAC Saturday Acts 1 & 2 *Practice time 9-3

Practices from 6-9:30 for all practices June 17- June 19
June 17 CFAC Monday Acts 1 & 2 Full Dress with Pictures
June 18 CFAC Tuesday Acts 1 & 2
June 19 CFAC Wednesday Acts 1 & 2
June 21 Performance 7:30pm Cast call at 6 pm
June 22 Performance 7:30pm Cast call at 6 pm
June 23 Performance 3:00pm Cast call at 1:30 pm

With auditions just two days away, we introduce the last member of our production team. Meet Tonya! 🎭 #allendalecivictheatre

Support local theatre and go see this amazing show! They are going to regionals!! 🙌🏻🎭

Have you heard? This group is going to Regionals!

To celebrate they will be performing their entry to AACTFest Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson here at Civic Theatre on April 5 and 6. Performances start at 7:30 pm and are general admission.

The shows are free but we will take donations.

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

“This show was like no other. If you weren't on stage, you were back stage singing and every song had off stage singing in it. On top of that, the entire cast also played crew and did the scene changes. They were my super troopers and rose above any challenge (illness that went through the cast to picking up last minute changes) that was thrown at them. It is very rare to have such a supportive, loving cast and crew working on a show. They were more than a cast, they were a family and a excellent example of what this community theatre family is made of.”⁣

-Chris Carnevale, Stage Manager

Introducing the next member of the production team for Allendale Civic Theatre’s summer children’s production, Dorothy in Wonderland. Meet Ellie! #allendalecivictheatre

As auditions for our upcoming children’s production are approaching, we will be featuring some of the Allendale Civic Theatre volunteers. Meet Megan! #allendalecivictheatre

Auditions are just one week away! Email us at [email protected] if you have questions. 🎭

The singing session of our audition worship was led by Ellie. The group learned the song “Will We Ever See Home Again” from the show. They started with vocal warm ups and were instructed about good posture, body language and breath support. #allendalecivictheatre

Our Acting session of the audition worship was led by Jonathan. Each group took turns reading portions of the script. Fellow group members gave feedback on what they liked about the performance. They learned skills about body language, how to react to other actors lines and being confident in what they are reading. #allendalecivictheatre

Our workshop today was made up of three sessions: Dance, Vocal and Acting. Each group rotated through each 35 minute session with short breaks in between. Our dance session was led by Rebekah, Megan and Lonnie. After learning the dance, groups would split up and take turns watching each other. Cheering each other on was encouraged, as well as, giving constructive criticism. 💃🏻🕺🏻

What a great day! We had 35 attendees at our audition workshop this morning. We did group warm ups to start off, which included physical, mental and vocal exercises. 🎭 #allendalecivictheatre

[03/16/19]   We are now on Instagram! Follow us @allendalecivictheatre

Good morning theatre enthusiasts! Here is some more information on our upcoming audition workshop. Please share with your friends and family.

Audition Workshop - Dorthy in Wonderland

Auditions for Dorthy in Wonderland are quickly approaching!
Allendale Civic Theatre will be hosting a workshop to help our youth prepare for our the upcoming auditions. The workshop is March 16 from 9:00-12:00 in the Multipurpose Rooms at the High School. The workshop will consist of Singing, Dancing, and Reading from the script. There is no no cost for this workshop, but you must register in advance. Below is a link for the signup form. When: March 16, 2019 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Location: Allendale High School Multipurpose Rooms - 10760 68th Ave, Allendale, MI 49401 Use Entrance G Contact us at [email protected]

Our winter production coming up soon.

[11/03/18]   12 Angry Jurors Cast

Foreman Tony a Mashue
Juror two Cheryl Hilliker
Juror three Jonathan Levine
Juror four Katie Presley
Juror five Jonah Hilliker
Juror six Allison Judge
Juror seven Lori Dyke
Juror eight Kenny Spicer
Juror nine Jane Hoekzema
Juror ten Jon Gamm
Juror eleven Ellie Hilliker
Juror twelve Natalya Reister
Guard Teagan Edema

[11/01/18]   Cast list for 12 Angry Jurors will be posted this weekend. Script handout for Thur., Nov 1 has been cancelled. Per the schedule, first rehearsal will be November 5, 7-9. More details to come.

[09/10/18]   Our fall production has been moved to Jan 18-20, 2019.
More details coming soon. Our auditions most likely will be in November....

Well that is a wrap on one of the most enjoyable productions of ACT to date! The cast was great, the parents were great and everyone worked together for a quality theater experience! Thank you again to everyone for your hard work!

Allendale Civic Theatre

Next performances are June 23 @ 7:30 and a Sunday 3pm matinee. Purchase tickets at the door. Adults $8, senior/students $5. Active Military and Veterans no charge.

Next performances are June 23 @ 7:30 and a Sunday 3pm matinee. Purchase tickets at the door. Adults $8, senior/students $5. Active Military and Veterans no charge.

[05/14/18]   Important changes to this week's schedule!
The multi purpose room will be set up for testing this week so we will have limited space.

We will only need the following actors for Monday, May 14
Mr. & Mrs. Arabel
Uncle Homer
Aunt Edith

Practice will run from 6:30-8

On Wednesday, May 16 we will only have Wilber and Charlotte from 6:30-8

Thanks for being flexible, this will allow us to really focus in on these parts!

[03/28/18]   Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned for Charlotte's Web. We were able to cast everyone who auditioned. Please see below for the cast list. See you all Thursday! I am very excited to work with all of you.
1st Member Natalya Reister
2nd Member Oliva DeHoop
3rd Member Rylie Rostad
Wilber Ainsley Sherd
Fern Leilany Teasley
Mrs. Arabel Audrey Kastelz
Mr. Arabel Jonah Hilliker
Avery Cayden Johnston
Homer Teagan Edema
Edith Coralie Gomez
Lurvy Adelle Maksymowski
Goose Libby Niefert
Gander Joseph Teasley
Gosling Dovey Hilliker
Templeton Zoe Paskewicz
Sheep Shoshanah Hilliker
Lamb #1 Peyton Kastelz
Lamb #2 Madelin Owen
Charlotte Jada Owen
Reporter/Photographer Jeremiah Hilliker
Uncle Sadie Jones
1st Spectator Gracie Snider
2nd Spectator Alisha Zahl
1st Fairgoer & Judge Ava Sampson
2nd Fairgoer & Judge Abigail Szczepanek
3rd Fairgoer Alisha Zahl
4th Fairgoer & Judge Lynzi Golembewski
Announcer Gracie Snider
1st Spider Abbey Mashue
2nd Spider Josephine Szczepanek
3rd Spider Ashlyn Dozeman
4th Spider Calina Gomez

Auditions coming up soon

[09/14/17]   Script pick up begins at 6:15pm on Monday, Sept 18th in the CFAC. Cost of script is $11.00 and can be paid with cash or check. We will also have the first read thru that night from 6:30 - 8:30, also in the CFAC.

Here is the cast list for Father Knows Best:

Jim Anderson (Father): Kenny Spicer
Margaret – Sam Rostad
Betty – Lydia Metzger
Kathy – Dovey Hilliker
Bud – Jeremiah Hilliker
Janie – Jordyn Agnew
Ramona – Adrianna Nelson
Stephanie – Rylie Rostad
Haley – Shoshi Hilliker
Patty – Sadie Jones
Kylie – Alyssa Ellison
Perkins – Alishia Zahl
Ralph – Joe Driesenga
Mr. Brinkworth – PJ Agnew
Officer Johnson – Rachel Haraburda
Bud’s Friend – Adelle M.
Mrs. Whimbley – Melany Metzger
Mrs. Jones – Hayleigh Thurkettle
Mrs. Woolsey – Ellie Hilliker

Ta da!!!
Thanks to everyone that came to auditions. Looking forward to a wonderful production.

Casting call: Ages 8 - Adult. Auditions coming up soon, Sept 11 or Sept 12th. Hope to see you there.

[06/25/17]   That's a wrap on the 2017 production of there's a monster in my closet! I'm so proud of all of the actors, it was fabulous production thank you everyone!

Timeline Photos

[03/30/17]   Monster cast has been posted below.
Everyone did a great job and we are so thrilled to be working with such talented actors. Have a great spring break and we will see your parents on April 11 for the parent meeting and the actors on April 12 for the first read through. If you got a chorus part please come to the first read through as we will be discussing your parts and what you will be working on throughout the show. This is going to be great!

[03/30/17]   The Family:
Emily: Adelle Maksymowski
Tom: Ben Muma
Mom: Ellie Hilliker (Understudy – Micayla Timmer)

Emily’s Friends:
Stephanie: Gianna Monterusso
Brain: Makenzie Larson (Understudy – Kaylea Sobeck)
Megan: Shoshanah Hilliker (Understudy – Alisha Zahl)
Tara: Ava Paskewicz (Understudy – Avery Bookie)
Kelly: Lydia Haywood (Understudy – Zoe Paskewicz)
Mary: Alyssa Ellison (Understudy – Celeste Haywood)

Tom’s Friends:
Chris: Paxton Harness (Understudy – Miles Rostad)
Shelby: Jackson Barkel (Understudy – Travis Eaton)
Nathan: Jonah Hilliker

Dream World Inhabitants:
Murray: Audrey Kastelz
Wanda: Natalya Reister
Toady: Reese Godleski (Understudy – Emma Dehning)
Dream Queen: Lydia Metzger
Sandman: Lynzi Golembiewski
Robin: Allison Judge (Understudy – Taylor Somerville)
Jamie: Marley Johnson (Understudy – Rachel Haraburda)

Monster Chorus:
Miles Rostad
Travis Eaton
Micayla Timmer
Zoe Paskewicz
Avery Bookie
Emma Dehning
Rachel Haraburda
Dovey Hilliker
Rylie Rostad
Alisha Zahl
Olivia DeHoop
Kaylea Sobeck
Tayler Summerville
Celeste Haywood
Emma Barsma
Abby Christy
Lauren Sommers
Jada Goerbig

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