Missouri Lounge Wednesday Night Open Mic

7 to 10 pm

Hosted by Paul Pot. Open Mic starts around 7:00 to 7:15. All styles, mostly music. List goes out at about 7. 1 to 2 songs depending on the amount of people on the list. No Cover. 21 & over. No cover, drinks and bbq reasonable. The Missouri Lounge Wednesday Night Open Mic was named 2014'S BEST OPEN MIC in the East Bay Express's Best in the East Bay Poll. They did not have an award in that category this year. Write the Express and let them know if you want the category back. 2016 is an election year and you should have your say. Until then we choose not to abdicate the throne and must be toppled.

Thanks to everybody who came out tonight. All of you who came to play and those who came to have fun. It was one of those magic nights. Wow.

The poster is ready. Did you ever play at the Missouri Lounge Wednesday Night Open Mic? Your name is probably on the poster. Get one tonight for free! Come out and play!


Another open mic comes to an end. Next week we celebrate 15 years!

Songs not bombs at the open mic tonight.

Check out the outside of music and more at the the open mic tonight.

A visitation from a distant past at the open mic: a microphone stand ashtray (courtesy of Mugg Muggles.) Of course, it won’t be used much at all.

Don laying down some Mississippi delta blues.

Let's all hang at the open mic tonight.

Matt playing his last open mic before he goes to Ohio for 10 months to teach somebody a lesson.

No debate, just music tonight.

Mad ceasing publication? Let's get Crazy tonight at the open mic. Oops, that magazine is already gone.

The Happy Clams

Okay, so they're not so mysterious. The mystery is how much will they be playing (Roger and Leslie have an early evening show at the Plough) and if Rocko's brakes can be fixed so he can come on down the mountain when he comes. You can expect your's truly and a pile of his songs between 7pm and 9 pm.

Sorry about the short notice.

This is a picture seen from where you might be if you were singing at the piano at the Alley in Oakland. You should try it sometime. But tonight you should come to the Missouri Lounge Wednesday Night Open Mic.

Come to the open mic and get a clue to what fun you can have.

There will be a congress of musicians, audience, and otherwise fun havers at the Missouri Lounge Open Mic. It is my command (without teeth) that you be there to have a good time.

It is not anticipated that anyone from the White House will be in attendance.

Some examples of very long songs that drive your host (who's show has a time limit) crazy.

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Of course there are songs with more verses than this one (probably Irish in origin) but that does not excuse you for thinking this is a good open mic song.

American Pie - Really now. You must know what you are doing when you play this song.

Stairway to Heaven

Space Oddity- Ground control to Major Tom, there are other people on the list who would like to play.

Hallelujah - Okay this Leonard Cohen number is not so long a song but everybody always seems to take their time with it.

Wish You Were Here - Only because it usually suffers the same fate as Hallelujah.

The next three songs have not been tried, but just sayin'....

Tempest - Actually I don't know why anybody would play this Bob Dylan song about the sinking of the Titanic. It's endless. Now I happen to like it. l listen to it at home but I wouldn't inflict it on anybody.

The End - I would imagine that, it played by one of the early performers, this Doors song would probably last until the end of the show.

Dark Star - 'nuff said, space case.

These are just some examples. You know what I'm talking about. You've probably written a musical novel or two yourself. Please just try to keep your two songs within a reasonable limit so less people get cut to one. Think of the children.

Keep your shirt on! Everybody always gets to play.

Holy Week, Batman! Notre Dame was a very, very, very nice house. It is a historical treasure and now the fire will be part of that history. It will be rebuilt, maybe not it time for the lifetimes of many people who revere it or for whom it is part of their culture. It is a sad thing. The two towers are an image recognized by most people in the western world and well beyond. But 50 years from now people will most likely say that it was restored it to it's full grandeur and how subtle the new 21st construction techniques are as a part of that restoration just like they have, up until now, talked about how the original 850 year old construction and the 19th century reconstructions work together so well. The flying buttresses may end up being more historical features than architectural. Perhaps in a future episode of Star Trek the fire of 2019 will be mentioned in a casual conversation between Spock and McCoy where they go on to mention when one of the iconic towers was melted by a terrorist heat ray in 2422. In the meantime, there is an open mic tonight.

Nobody is immune. Roger Brown fills in at the open mic while I enjoy sunny Florida. When I was a kid Jim Dooley used to say, “Come on down [to Florida] on Northeast Airlines.” I say, “Come on down to the open mic.”

What do you mean, "How dry I am?"


Hey assholes! It's your special day. Come out and make an ass of yourself at the 15th annual Missouri Lounge Ass Wednesday Night Open Mic.

I have no problem with Rosenstein considering the 25th Amendment. Somebody needs to do something about that spoiled, rotten, bully, babyman. That goes for those suck-ups Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Come down to the open mic and sing and drink to that.

I would love it if you came out to the open mic tonight.

Let's give everybody a hand who plays at the open mic tonight!

I love crawling hand movies. The Crawlng Hand is one of my favorites. So is the Beast with Five Fingers. That one plays the piano. Then there is this one that used to scare me as a kid. A woman pianist loses her hands in an accident or something. Her father kills another pianist and grafts his hands on to her arms. She doesn't know where the hands really came from. When playing the piano, the hands come off her and she stands screaming at the piano with bloody stumps where the hands once were. One of the hands crawls to the father's study, grabs a pair of scissors, crawls up behind him and stabs him in the neck. Bloody fun on Sunday morning TV for kids.

But we'll have none of that tonight. Let's play some music and keep your hands to yourself!

“Old Smelly” makes another infrequent appearance at the open mic last night and almost stays in tune for 2 whole songs.

Heeeyyyyy Abattoir!"..... "What is it, Lou?"...." Bloody fun down at the open mic!.... I've been a bad boy!"..."Ah, g'wan."

No, say it's your birthday. I am celebrating birthdays this week at the open mic. My birthday, Roger's birthday, Jennie's birthday, any January birthday, and (hell why not) anybody who has a birthday will be celebrated. If you don't have a birthday let me take you to my leader. But birthday or not, come by for the fun and pick up a birthday card (while supplies last) that will probably work into your schedule sometime in the next year or so.

Next week (not tonight but on 1/16/19) we're celebrating January birthdays . Okay, it's my birthday too, yeah. It's also Roger's and Jennie's and why don't you bring you own January birthday on down and celebrate!

Tonight (1/9/19): It's just a regular open mic and Matt's last open mic before he goes back east to teach for another semester. Let's give him a special spot and sendoff.

I hope everybody got through the 2018 intact and are all off to a good start so far. As we roll through the beginning of our 15th year at the open mic I would like to wish you all a happy new year.

Holiday Open Mic tonight.

Here's a drawing from a few years ago. This has been a busy year and I spent this week workiing on a holiday card which you can pickup at the open mic tonight.

The nice food in the back of the Miz is guaranteed to not contain children or children parts, nor is it prepared in any facility where children are also prepared.

First Friday Alert! Paul Pot has art in Small Art Show at Warehouse 416 - https://mailchi.mp/cf483f27f551/paul-pot-has-art-in-small-art-show-at-warehouse-2231361 #thesmallartshow

Your name could be here tonight at the open mic

Open mic tonight 7 pm to 10ish pm. Here is one of my early favorites, from when we used to start and 8 and go all night. The Muller probe may have to interview me, as a result of this post but, pardon me, I won't be able to help.

Let's huddle up over some music and libations tonight! Only 42 shopping days left until my birthday!

14th Anniversary of the Missouri Lounge Open Mic. If you have played there, your name is probably among the over 1900 names on the poster. Come on down and get one.

Doubly scary on Halloween at the Open Mic.


C'mon down me hearties and sing us a song! Make it be about pirates, the sea, or something quite salty (ye know what I mean). Sing it now on Talk Like A Pirate Day or any time up to Octobe 3rd and a drink shall be yours courtesy of your host, Cap'n Paul Pot. X marks the spot.

Get out an vote before we are all toast. In the meantime we have a wicked open mic on Wednesdays.

Missouri Lounge Wednesday Night Open Mic

This is the Missouri Lounge. You should play at the open mic here. You should also check out Paul Pot's art show at Novel Brewing just down the road in Oakland. Really, It's just down the road.

This is the Missouri Lounge. You should play at the open mic here. You should also check out Paul Pot's art show at Novel Brewing just down the road in Oakland. Really, It's just down the road.

I've made up my mind. I will be at the open mic!

This is a pencil drawing of the Missouri Lounge. When it is inked it will be a part of my art show of Dive Bars and Watering Holes that will be at Novel Brewing during August and September. Details about the art show and reception soon. In the meantiime there is an open mic tonight.

No Wednesday Night Open Mic at the Missouri Lounge on the 4th of July. Go out and take some liberties of your own (while you got 'em). I may be there for a drink.

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