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E-cigarette safety: the facts explained

Great video the politicians will continue to ignore

In this extended (13 minute) film, experts take a deeper look at the evidence on some of the issues that surround the use of e-cigarettes - including the saf...

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Vapor Technology Association

Very well said Tony...Thank you

ICYMI: VTA's Executive Director Tony Abboud spoke at the 3rd Annual E-Cigarette Summit in Washington, D.C. last month. Check out his presentation outlining the truth about vapor products, flavors, and the enormous impact and importance of vape shops to this industry and to harm reducation.

And yet...The lies continue.

"Fabrication, or repetition of false statements, particularly by trusted authorities, organizations, and public figures, can result in widespread acceptance of myth as truth. Such cavalier inattention to fact is not acceptable in scientific discourse or public health policymaking, where actual lives are at stake"

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Why are lawmakers more concerned with youth vaping than opioid abuse?

Soooo true In the latest installment of the youth vaping fear-mongering campaign, U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) has called the reported increase in the number of young people trying e-cigarettes as a “national crisis.” Apparently, Shaheen feels the need to add more alarmism to a debate that’s already...

Vaping is NOT a gateway to cigarettes

More proof that e cigs are not a gateway to youth smoking except from anti-smoking groups that lie to protect their funding

A study by Cardiff University found that while vaping has become mainstream, cigarette use among 13-to-15 year olds has reduced by up to 73 per cent over the past 17 years.

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R Street Policy Study: Switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes can save Medicaid $2.8 billion over 25 years - R Street

Most politicians don't care about this...BUT YOU SHOULD. Please read Washington (March 13) – Smoking is well-established as the cause of a number of serious health problems. Often, the burden of these side effects falls heavily upon the government – and more specifically, Medicaid. The government, therefore, has a strong incentive to take an active role in reduci...

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Got those #arterypal2 by #tonyb in house and waiting for their new homes. Want great flavor? Well we got them mesh coils for it to.
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Regulator Watch

The epidemic is engineered by the anti smoking advocates who want government funding...always about the money

Teen EPIDEMIC | Expert Says Research Is BIASED and FLAWED
***Dr. Brad Rodu| Extended Interview***

Considering the ceaseless media coverage and the constant threat of retribution by regulators and anti-vaping non-profit health groups, one would think there exists a large body of scientific evidence to back up the claim that youth vaping has become a public health crisis; but apparently, there is not. Or, if the evidence exists, it’s not been made available to the public, the industry or to other researchers who specialize in tobacco harm reduction. Why not?

Find out in this extended RegWatch interview with Dr. Brad Rodu, Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville, Kentucky and 25-year veteran tobacco harm reduction.

Only on RegWatch by

Produced by: Brent Stafford
Released: March 21, 2019


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They want us gone....very sad

🚨 The state of Maine is considering a flavor ban on vapor products. Please take action TODAY and urge legislatures in Maine to vote against this unfair, misguided ban. CLICK HERE:

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The Artery PAL II AIO Kit is made in collaboration with Tony B., crafting a 1000mAh rechargeable battery pod system with 3mL refillable pod cartridge integrating two types of coils - 0.6ohm Mesh Coils and 1.2ohm MTL Coils.

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The Real Reason for the War on Vaping

Great video. I always get asked the same question as to why public health officials beat up vape....Here's the answer the numbers are staggering.

So many regulations, laws and opposition to a life-saving product. Why? The answer is simple... Follow the money.

Hey guys jon here to talk about a little bit of Advocacy

Nicotine 101: The Truth About What It Is and What it Does

Want to understand nicotine...Read this In July 2017, an announcement by the FDA declared that the agency “places nicotine, and the issue of addiction, at ...

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The Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA is a 25mm-diameter collaboration rebuildable tank atomizer by Hellvape and Heathen. The Hellvape Dead Rabbit RTA features a four-post build deck with polyether ether ketone insulation and topside adjustable airflow. The build deck supports both single and dual coil builds, and is geared in the direction of flavor and leak-proofing. The Dead Rabbit RTA has a standard e-liquid capacity of 2ml, which can be expanded to 4.5ml via the bubble glass tank. The tank features a knurled, threaded top and two amply-sized fill ports for ease of use. Comes with an 8mm bore Delrin drip tip, an 8mm bore Resin drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter. Hellvape and Heathen's Dead Rabbit 25mm high-end rebuildable tank atomizer is an excellent choice for wide compatibility and excellent flavor.

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The Artery PAL 2 Pod System Starter Kit is a simple and easy to use pod system with a unique take on the design. The PAL 2 features a hidden refillable pod cartridge system which may be revealed and refilled using the magnetic panel. The PAL 2 features a built-in battery capacity of 1000mAh which may be activated using the simple one button design. The PAL 2 features a clean and smooth look with the lightweight aluminum construction design. The PAL 2 features a hidden adjustable airflow ring right underneath the atomizer head hidden behind the panel. The PAL 2 utilizes replaceable Artery PAL 2 atomizer heads that utilize cotton and wood pulp wicking material for maximum flavor and vapor production. The PAL 2 may be charged via the side micro USB charging port.

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Report Concludes Vaping Could Save Seven Million Lives Over Just Ten Years - ChurnMag

The science is real and denied by most health organizations. Get involved and fight for your right to vape. A brand new study says if vaping was properly supported it could dramatically reduce the number of tobacco-related deaths a year. Smoking continues to kill

Millions of stories like this and politicians continue to try and kill vaping. Why...because they are paid to do so by Juul and big pharma.

This is our friend, Ray. #StillKicking. #LOUDER.

Public Health England maintains vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking | RegWatch

The difference between PHE and FDA...Corrupt FDA is paid off by big pharma....Any questions ??? As scepticism rises, PHE says e-cigarettes could help more people quit smoking The government is launching a new campaign to try to convince the UK’s smokers that vaping is not as harmful as smoking and a good way to quit, in a bid to counter the scepticism generated by some scientific studies and...

Commentary: Vaping and smoking are not the same — stop treating them that way

Quite simple...Vaping never was smoking it replaced it....Get it !!!! This week, Tennessee lawmakers will be considering legislation to increase the purchase age of vapor products to 21. But if we are really concerned about

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CoilART Lux 200 Mod with Lux Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank Starter Kit

The CoilART Lux 200 features a beautiful yet powerful 200 watt capable mod powered by the EAGLE chip. The Lux 200 supports multiple temperature control modes and a bypass mode. The Lux 200 also features an almost instant firing speed of 0.005 seconds for instant satisfaction. The Lux 200 features a beautiful reinforced glass panel with UV printing that is sure to stand out among the crowd. The Lux 200 is powered by (2) high amp 18650 batteries (sold separately) that may be charged via the micro USB charging port.

The CoilART Lux Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank features an elegant faux-marble resin design that matches up perfectly with your Lux 200 mod. The Lux Mesh features a large 5.5ml e-Liquid capacity that may be filled from the top using the convenient twist off cap. The Lux Mesh features dual airflow slots that may be adjusted using the bottom airflow control valve. The Lux Mesh utilizes Single Mesh M1 and Quadruple Mesh M4 coil atomizer heads for maximum flavor and vapor production.

Landmark Study Fails to Find Any Evidence that Vaping is a Gateway to Smoking among Youth | RegWatch

Soooooo.... What will the politicians make up next to rationalize their assault on vapor products ???? A landmark study, published on January 25 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found no evidence that vaping is a gateway to smoking among youth. The data come from the largest, longitudinal study of youth smoking initiation — the PATH (Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health) stud...

X1 if youd like to see/purchase hats and tshirts with this logo as well as what color youd like to see.

E-cigarettes: What Consumers Need To Know - Tobacco Harm Reduction 4 Life

Ponder this worldwide support... At Tobacco Harm Reduction 4 Life* (THR4Life) our mission is to help educate consumers by providing balanced and accurate information about tobacco harm reduction (THR). E-cigarettes, for example, are currently the most widely used means of tobacco harm reduction, with a higher success rate than all....

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