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Hello! I am selling my tickets for tomorrow 's (2/21) 10 PM show, since I have a change in plans. I have 3 tickets! I'm bummed to be missing the show. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you :)
BIG NEWS! It's now ONE WEEK until the official start of Early Bird Registration AND the first live Meet & Greet for the 2020 Boston 48 Hour Film Project (on Tuesday 2/25)! If you've never participated in the 48 Hour Film Project but you'd like to form or join a team...if you're a registered team looking for additional people...or even if you're just curious and want to hang out with Boston-area filmmakers, thespians, etc., come say hi from 7:00-9:00 PM at the People's Republik (876-878 Massachusetts Avenue, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02139) for the first Boston 48HFP MEET & GREET of 2020 on the first official day of Early Bird Registration. And for more information, please visit:
So thrilled to run into the cast of arguably the best improv show around, at Canobie Lake Park 😎
Hello Everyone, We are officially now casting the BIGGEST LOSER!!! The revamped version of the iconic series will have an all new holistic approach and feature men and women competing not only to lose weight but to improve their overall health and well-being. A team of experts will help guide this season's contestants as they embark on the biggest transformation of their lives. APPLY @ www.BLCASTING.TV or feel free to SHARE!! I will be happy to answer any questions. Best, Casey
Thank you so much to the Improv Asylum for helping me pull off an amazing proposal!!! She was surprised and the cast was amazing!
Attention, improvisers! The 2019 Boston 48 Hour Film Project is a wild-filmmaking weekend where teams make a 4-7 minute short film between May 3-5 for fun and prizes, with all finished movies screening at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square the following week. Regular registration for this year's event ends on April 23, and to save $10.00 when you sign up, please use the following URL: Then, on the payment page, enter the discount code: GROUP2019 After entering the code, the discount will be applied on the final payment page! (And please IM me with any questions or email [email protected]!)
Looking for 1-2 tickets for 7:30 sold out show! If anyone is cancelling please let me know!!
Hello - after two tickets for the 10pm show tonight, if anyone has a couple going spare give me a holla. Thanks 🙏🏻
WICF is looking for funny people to submit satirical articles, cartoons, think pieces, personal essays, and hilarious pitches for videos, podcasts, cartoons, and written works. If you're interested in publishing your work, check out our site!
I saw #CroutonRouge here last week and it was truly a phenomenal production. If you're an improv enthusiast, go out of your way to see this. The show I saw felt very different from both the UCB style and the more sketch-based Second City approach. I do a lot of improv out in the pacific northwest, but this didn't match our regional style, either. In short... it was unlike any show I've ever seen! Which, you know, I guess sort of happens with improv, but the vibe and energy and cast were fantastic. A+++ 10/10 would recommend.
This Fall, come play where improv formed its roots! Submissions for the 2018 Compass Improv Festival (Oct. 11-13 in St. Louis, MO) are officially open!

Boston's best comedy club! Featuring improvisation + sketch comedy. Shows 7 nights a week, classes in improv and sketch, corporate training and more!

For more go to

[03/21/20]   Want to help? We have options!

Treat yourself for a night once we re-open, get a gift card at 50% of all gift card purchases will go toward the No Rest for the Wicked Funny Foundation.

Looking to make a direct tax-deductible donation to No Rest? You can do that too! Visit

If you haven't already read about it in The Boston Globe, Improv Asylum Main Stage alum Dan Faneuf is a not-so-secret superhero.

For those who have had the chance to work with him, we already knew this: he is a huge patron of all the benefit shows the theatre produces, he secretly ships ridiculously large boxes of candy to the cast, and... once he actually stopped a robbery on the streets of Cambridge. Dan, we are all so grateful for the support. Thank you!

If anyone ever needs a lawyer, check out Faneuf Law Group, LLC, or if you're looking to support Improv Asylum's during this time, go buy a gift card. 50% of all gift cards purchased during this time will go to out of work team members, and then... We'll all celebrate when we get through this.

Improv Asylum has decided to suspend all operations for the month of March. While it is obviously a difficult decision to have to make, the unprecedented crisis we are all facing requires that we all do our part to ensure that we, as a society, get through this as fast as possible. We hope to re-open in April, but regardless as to when we re-open, we WILL be back.

Humor has the capacity to bring people together in a way few other things can. We laugh when we are happy, sad, scared, and especially when people trip. Someone tripping is always funny (barring injury, of course!). We hope you will find a way to laugh and find humor in all situations, even when it seems like there are none to be had. When things are going well, we want to laugh. When things are difficult we NEED to laugh. While we won't be able to entertain you live for a little while, we are exploring ways to create content you can enjoy remotely. We will let you know where you can find us online when we have something to show you.

Until then, and until we can all get together in our theaters and clubs and breath a collective sigh of "Holy sh*t, that was something, huh?' stay safe and healthy, take care of each other, and pray to whatever gods you pray to for the health and well being of Tom Hanks. As he goes, so goes humanity.

Norm Laviolette
Improv Asylum
New York/Boston

Ticket holders for upcoming performances will be contacted directly via email by our box office in the event that the performance has been canceled or postponed to a later date. Refunds will be issued for ticket holders that would prefer that option. ⠀

Questions regarding refunds or exchanges for canceled events can be directed to [email protected]. We can assure you that all requests will be met, but we ask for your patience as we are currently experiencing an increased volume of incoming communication due to recent events.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times and look forward to welcoming you back in the near future. Please stay safe and thank you for your support.⠀

Timeline Photos

Special thanks to the Dolce Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers at Northeastern University for partnering with Improv Asylum! We just finished up a special class focusing on teaching vets skills to help them re-enter the workforce! Read more about it here:

As we all know, laughter is the best medicine. Actually, that’s not true. It’s penicillin*. And vaccines. Vaccines are definitely more effective than laughter. And handwashing. Seriously. While we, as a society, deal with the very real and very serious coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, the Improv Asylum family wants to make sure you know that, while we are comedians, we are taking every precaution to make sure that our venues are safe for patrons, performers, and employees. To that end, you can read about the measures we're taking here:

We here at Improv Asylum understand the serious nature of the Coronavirus. We also know that humor is an incredibly important way for all humans to deal with anxiety and stress. We employ humor in times like these, not to minimize the threat or risk of this or any other serious matter, but to help us all cope with an uncertain and unprecedented situation. Laughter reduces stress and worry, and reminds us that we are all in this together. The Improv Asylum family will face this challenge with humor and grace, and we want you all to know that our doors are still open if you need a small respite from the worries that surround us. So remember, while laughter might not be the very BEST medicine (It’s penicillin) it certainly is an important addition to your medicine cabinet. Also, wash your damn hands.

*Penicillin does not work on viruses. Please take NO medical advice from a comedian. It is bad for your health.

Norm Laviolette
Improv Asylum

This weekend, Boston welcomes Pax East and we want to extend a special offer for our out-of-townie guests to get in here to experience the magic that is our midnight all-improv show called Raunch!

Use the code PAXEAST for $10 off of our midnight shows tonight and tomorrow!

Jan the Sexy Monkey by @vicyambao

PS This coupon code is good for anyone, even if you’re not attending Pax East, but you’d better be prepared to talk about The Witcher in some way.

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Valentines, Madison Kiss (Standard)

We were counting down to Valentine's Day, but it's FINALLY HERE! We hope you have a lovely day. Enjoy Main Stage understudy Madison Gillis telling us about her most memorable kiss. Catch Madison performing with the Main Stage tonight!

‪Someone help Aaron out! Has anyone broken up with their SO since buying tickets? Because we’re sold out tonight, tomorrow and for our 7:30 show on Saturday. ‬

‪Or Aaron... Maybe try to convince your loved one that the real Valentine's treasure is going to our 5pm show on Sat or a midnight show!

Valentines, Ladies (Standard)

Counting down to V-Day and we asked the women of the Main Stage cast to tell us a romantic story. The results were... well, you'll see for yourself! Catch these ladies in our Main Stage revue, or if you were lucky enough to get tickets to our now SOLD-OUT Galentine's Day Show!

Valentines, Anne Kiss (Standard)

One day closer to Valentine's Day! We're counting down and today we have Main Stage performer Anne Krane telling us about her most memorable kiss! Check out Anne every weekend in the Main Stage revue "Stars and Swipes Forever!"

Valentine's Day% Dan

We're counting down the days to Valentine's Day with a series of quick shorts. Today's little candy heart comes from Dan Hirshfield, telling us about his first kiss! Catch Dan in the NXT show "The Discarded" or understudying the Main Stage show, "Stars and Swipes Forever" this week!

Look, we all know Improv Asylum's Corporate Training is great. Organizations of all sizes all know and trust Improv Asylum to provide a customized program that can help teams work more efficiently and collaborate on a path to innovation.

But what we don't know is who this guy is in this photo. Our new ads went up on the MBTA commuter rails and we were sent visual proof by the ad agency. They look great, but we can't get over this one dude. If you know him, please tell him we think he's the best.

Look at that smile -- he's happy to be having his picture taken, even though the agency probably told him "Don't worry, we're only taking a photo of the ad, no one's going to look at you."


Sir... wherever you are, let us know what you want. Tickets? A Level One Class? Our firstborn? A customized Corporate Training Program for you and your pals? We'll figure it out.

Join us tonight at 8 PM for Vanity Project as we welcome a special guest from The Groundlings and from Liberty Mutual's Limu & Doug commercials, David Hoffman!

Behind-the-scenes sneak peek with our Main Stage cast on a new photoshoot! New cast starting up and an all-new sketch and improv revue coming soon -- it's all happening in January!

Fun news! We'd like to officially welcome Will Luera as Improv Asylum's new Artistic Director and Training Center Director. Will is joining us from Florida Studio Theatre where he serves as the Director of Improvisation. Previously, he was the Artistic Director at Improv Boston for years. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him!

Looking to give someone an experience they'll never forget? Give them the gift of an Improv Asylum class! Use code TC2020 to save some money if you register for a Level 1 class before January 1st! Find out more at

Holiday Show 15

Make a new tradition this season! Take a break and bring your friends and family to Improv Asylum's Holiday Show -- additional shows added through New Year's!

Tonight! The Main Stage Holiday Show is a very special benefit, with 100% of the proceeds going to Globe Santa! Help bring books and toys to children in need and have a blast. Can't make the show? Send a donation here:

Next Saturday, we're up staying up all night with a very special show benefitting @c2cboston! From 11:30 pm next Saturday to 7:30 pm next Sunday we have our biggest show of the year -- Get tickets now to come and go whenever you want!

Haven't seen Improv Asylum's Holiday Show yet? Want to see it on Saturday night at 7:30? Well, you can't! It's SOLD OUT! But we still have some tickets for Friday at 7:30 & 10 and some left for Saturday at 10, so get on it... quick!

It's a Cyber Monday Miracle -- buy a $100 gift card and get emailed an additional $25 gift card. Offer valid through today only, so jump on it now!

Looking to knock some people off your holiday shopping list and save some money? Buy a $100 gift card and get emailed an additional $25 gift card. Wins all around! Offer valid through Monday, so jump on it now!

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re one of the most select and influential influencers on the planet right now. For real.

There’s a new show that we’re not telling everyone about — it’s called DUMPSTER FYRE: THE FYRE FESTIVAL MUSICAL. And trust us when we say… It. Is. Gonna. Be. Lit AF.

Again, we’re keeping this pretty elite — we’re not telling everyone about this new musical comedy written by Improv Asylum main stage performer Ceara O’Sullivan and musical director Steve Sarro. It’s just that we want to keep it kind of select right now. But again, if you’re reading this, you’re cool.

Looking to roll deep? You can buy out the front row of the theatre with an open bar for $1000. Looking to roll less deep? Buy out any other row for $500.

Will there be drinks and food? Well, there’s a cash bar. And there will be food-ish items available. No promises.


For VIP tickets and Open Bar call the VIP Hotline / Box Office at 617-263-6887

Ever feel like you're invisible? Well, you might be a ghost!

The Halloween Show X: Boston Goes to Hell!

Kellie Moon

That moment when you catch a broom juuuuuuust right (from off stage, hurled toward you)! Another great moment during Lit Night—be sure to catch Lit Night: The Gravey October Show this Thursday at 10PM. And catch Kellie Moon perform tonight at the NXT Show "The Discarded" tonight at 8PM. Get your tickets at

How about a little love for our mustachioed box office agent, Jamey Vogel?

The NXT cast presents its newest show, "The Discarded," every Sunday and Tuesday night at 8PM! Get your tickets for TONIGHT'S show at

Our very own Joey Lopez

Watch the very talented, very funny, Joey Lopez and the rest of the brilliant Main Stage cast tonight at Improv Asylum. Get tickets at

Our very own Ceara O'Sullivan

Watch Ceara and the rest of the Main Stage cast perform this weekend! Tickets can be purchased at And, if you haven't seen it yet, catch her newest video "A Tiny Baby Shoe" here:

Our very own John MacGregor

Watch John and the rest of the Main Stage cast perform this weekend! Tickets can be purchased at

NXT has called you out. Take them on tonight 8PM!

Not so fast...


Our very own Joey Lopez.

See Joey Lopez and the rest of the Main Stage cast tonight and tomorrow in Boston's North End. Get tickets at

How about a little love for our Ari in Boston?

NXT Cast

A fun little photo shoot of the new NXT cast!

A fun little photo shoot of the new NXT cast!

Looking for Ways to Improve Innovation? - Thrive Global

Improv Asylum's IA Innovation provides one of the most sought after corporate training programs in the world and has helped companies from Dubai to Shanghai and London to Dublin, learn to think on their feet. How can improv help innovation? CEO and Founder Norm Laviolette recently shared his thoughts in an article featured at Thrive Global. Improvisational Comedy Can Show You How

As seen in Esquire—"An Oversimplified Field Guide to Comedy." Thanks for the shoutout Esquire! For our followers, who is your all-time favorite stand-up comedian, sketch troupe, or improv actor? Where is your favorite place to see standup, sketch, and improv in your city?

A Tiny Baby Shoe

Ever notice a single baby shoe or sock on a street somewhere and thought, "What's the deal with that?" Well, we're ready to tell ya what the deal is with that. Original music and lyrics by our very own (insanely talented) Ceara O'Sullivan. Produced by our music guru Steve Sarro.

Improv Asylum is stoked to welcome the new NXT cast and we're inviting our Facebook fans to come and see them for FREE this Sunday at 8PM! Just click on the link and enter the promo code FALLFREE to enjoy the show on us!

*****TICKETS FOR THIS SHOW ON 9/12 at 10 PM ARE FREE!!!*****contact the box office at 617.263.6887 to reserve tickets to this show or just arrive 15 minutes before the performance**** You are personally invited to the most exclusive and fabulous world premiere of songs for the new pre-pre Off-Broadway Hit Musical DUMPSTER FYRE: THE FYRE FESTIVAL MUSICAL. Only the most super fabulous and influential persons are invited, which of course means YOU! This is your chance to hear and see, for the very first time, the songs that will propel this super amazing musical into the next Hamilton, but only better. TICKETS ARE FREE with this invite, so enjoy this opportunity before the show goes on sale for $1000 a ticket in New York. Cash bar, so load up your card as most people spend at least $1000 at the bar, and gourmet "foodish" items will be provided. This is THE event of Thursday Night September 12th at 10 PM, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel important.

Grill Boys

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND! #grillboys #laborday #kingsford #arbys #costco #kagyandmacgregor

Run and tell your friends, the grill boys are back at it. Happy Labor Day! Starring + Written by: John MacGregor and Alex Kagy DIR: Pat Henderson PRODUCED BY...

[08/21/19]   Lit Night is the 3rd Thursday of every month and always changes! Tickets for this and all of our over shows, 7 nights a week, can be purchased by going to

Some clips from the past month

We have the BEST fans in Boston and NYC and wanted to share some clips of our shows over the past 30 days-we hope to see you and your friends again soon!

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Valentines, Madison Kiss (Standard)
Valentines, Ladies (Standard)
Valentines, Anne Kiss (Standard)
Valentine's Day% Dan
Holiday Show 15
Ever feel like you're invisible? Well, you might be a ghost!
The Halloween Show X: Boston Goes to Hell!
Kellie Moon
Our very own Joey Lopez
Our very own Ceara O'Sullivan
Our very own John MacGregor
Not so fast...





216 Hanover St
Boston, MA

Opening Hours

Monday 17:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 21:00
Thursday 12:00 - 22:00
Friday 12:00 - 00:30
Saturday 12:00 - 00:30
Sunday 12:00 - 21:00
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Dick Doherty's Beantown Comedy Dick Doherty's Beantown Comedy
184 High Street
Boston, 02110

Dick Doherty's Comedy Den Below Howl at the Moon Located at 184 High Street Boston MA 02110 ~ Below Howl at the Moon Across from Rowes Wharf

Bye Bye Liver: Boston Bye Bye Liver: Boston
25 Union St
Boston, 02108

2 parts comedy, 1 part drinking game. Mixed and served. It's the show that truly knows the heart of Boston.

Mendoza Line Comedy Mendoza Line Comedy
722 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, 02215

Every Saturday at 9pm, John Baglio and Zach Armentrout host an award winning showcase featuring the best comics from Boston & beyond.

In The Living Room - Stand-up Comedy Showcase In The Living Room - Stand-up Comedy Showcase
Various Living Rooms
Boston, 02125

Casual comedy series hosted by fledgling comics in Boston in intimate spaces.

What Up Show What Up Show
204 Tremont St
Boston, 02116

Sunday night improv. Brought to you by What Up D'Oh at Limelight Stage & Studios.

The Kerfuffle The Kerfuffle
216 Hanover Street

"It's freedom, danger, and comedy wrapped in a delicious crescent roll made of love, truth, and filth." - Brian Donnelly, professional comedian

Kitsch In Sync Kitsch In Sync
Boston, 02135

Kitsch in Sync performs monthly, usually the first Friday, at the Castlebar in Brighton, and can be seen at other venues around town.

Bill's Bar Comedy Bill's Bar Comedy
5 Lansdowne Street
Boston, 02215

Boston's hottest stand-up comedy show happens every week at Bill's Bar! LIKE this page for the latest updates on upcoming lineups, promos & special announcements. To view our full schedule & purchase tickets, visit

Wilbur Theatre Wilbur Theatre
244-250 Tremont St
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CSz Boston - Home of ComedySportz CSz Boston - Home of ComedySportz
5 Basile St
Boston, 02131

A proud city of CSz Worldwide; Home to ComedySportz® in Boston. Matches every Friday night.

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100 Warrenton St
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