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[12/25/18]   Yes,yes,yes ,I must update my status because daddy Zukerbug says so . Well I'ma doing great in the beautiful state of Max /taxachusettss ,

[11/18/18]   Yes,yes,yes,I know it's been a long time since I've posted. Well that's what happens when you go out of your mind and forget the way back !

[02/25/18]   Hello my cyber spacers , l have been dealing with the strange weather in our region ; like all of you ! We recently had a tempeture surge from 25 degrees up to 78 degrees.i told my friend it was a day of celebration ! He asked me why ? I told him ; the reason why the weather is so screwed up ; was someone shot the groundhog when he poked his head out , before he could see his shadow ! They took it off ; o f f ,
So summer is starting tomorrow , ha, ha,ha

[02/17/18]   Hello friends in cyberland ! Before I say anything else . I have to offer up condolences for the victims,their families and friends. That are suffering from losses,pain or truma ; due to the Florida shooting at the school .
I might make jokes about different things to lighten up people's lives and their moods. But , I do not ; tolerate destructive comments about anyone !
I have told people that make personal comments about a co-worker to their faces. The first time it's situational humor,the second time , it starts to bother the person . But , there are people who make comments, and go on and on and on ! If you whitnesd this ! It can get ugly real fast ! So , why an I addressing this here ??¿?????
Because ; people are dead NOW ! I heard some details about the student / gun man ! That there were over 500 nasty posts made about this student !
Apparently, when the young man notified the school officials about the "Bullying" online comments; nothing was done about it ?
Really ! !
So, there's a student in your school Mr. "Administrator" being tormented at your school by your other students ! What responsibility are you taking for it Mr. Administator ? Now ; you have dead students on your hands because YOU DIDN'T LISTEN to HIM , when He ; was asking "you" to do your job !

[02/11/18]   Hey friends ! I didn't get much feedback on my updated photo of the camper !
This is what I call a country fixer upper! The floors are strong ,as long as you walk down the edges along the walls.But don't worry none, the roof is in better shape : it has a sky-lite , the last owner installed when he went to close to low hanging branches. the limbs were stronger than the roof ; they peeled that top right back.
The back is the best part ! When its hot in the summer; the back panels lay down like a deck . Happy camping !!

[02/11/18]   Hi everyone out there in cyber land...I just got back from the store.i left a couple of weeks ago with my friend .I had to stop to use the bathroom .when i came out .he was gone.I was wondering what happened to my friend Mike .Well it turns out after talking with his aunt;she said he has bought of alzhimers and dissorientation .I said what do you mean? she said ,he gets confused and forgets where he is sometimes! I said really! She said ya; the last time we sent Mike out to get Milk,the state police found him ! where? I asked four states away at a dairy farm! when we asked him why ? He said he couldnt find a parking spot up the street !

[01/14/18]   Hi all out there ! Welcome to the new year !
Every year I pray that the taxes get lowered, the stupid people get smarter,and politician's ; well , I hope they gain common sense . Yes it's wishful thinking I know !
Ok ! Stupid people can learn ; until they get behind the wheel of a car ! It's almost like ,they instantly loose more brain cells when they open the car door. Being at the start of a New year an all ; you'd expect drivers to be a little better after attending a watering event at the local bars.
Nope ! I was going home from work late and a brain child passed me doing about 70 miles per hour without any headlights on !
There's your sign ! Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence !!!!
It's hard writing this stuff ! It's like overload biggy- sized !

[11/08/17]   I can't believe the challenges is Worcester, Taxa-chusettes keep getting better all the time ! i'm telling ya' Larry ,are ya listening here! i was driving/flying down the highway the other night,and all that i could see ahead of me was a glow ! i thought to myself- what the (keeping it clean for the kids},is that? as I got closer ,i saw it was a intelligent guineas driving his car at 45 MPH on the highway,without Any lights on - on his cell-phone, smoking a pot.
Oh ! that explains why i saw the car glowing a mile back ,and why he didn't have his headlights on ! Between the pot he was smoking and his cell phone ; he could see fine . it was us with the problem.Thats okay (in Gilbert Godfrey's voice) i'll just install a spotlight on my car so i can see the stoneners on the road before i crash into them. No problem dude ,party on !!!

[09/13/17]   I realized that, I have been working with all types of people in my field; and served different types as well. After 25 plus years,I am still trying to meet a normal person. I also realized the only professions with job security ate therapist/psychiatrist,tax collectors,and funeral directors.

[09/12/17]   I have nice caring family members. They're especially caring about anniversaries and things. My uncle was saying that he wanted to take my aunt somewhere for their 25 anniversary. So he brought her to Europe. As time went on the family was getting concerned about auntie. When my neighbor asked my uncle about Auntie going away for the 25 anniversary.The nieghbor told my uncle that was a good thing. Then he asked uncle what are you doing for the 50 anniversary? I'm going to Europe to bring her back ; I can't cook!

[09/12/17]   I can't believe all of the horrible flooding going on in Texas. I hope no one got seriously hurt or died.
But I was had a few thoughts going right through my mind. First of all, the rain dance is only supposed to be done by one dancer; to get a mild rainstorm. But apparently, all the tribes got tired of the relentless heat, and danced together ; in different directions !
Then I was told people were standing tough against the Storm. Hey, I would to! I don't want looters raiding my place. But sometimes when your life is in danger you need to leave the house.
A friend of mine at work told me he saw elders that fought through other storms; standing up on their roof's yelling and waving their walking sticks ,looking like Moses parting the waters so he could get down.

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8 Causway Street
Boston, MA
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