Story Slam

Story Slam


Would love to get submissions from this talented group!


We are on the hunt for HILARIOUS true stories (and great story-tellers!) for a new major network television series!

Do you have a super funny jaw-dropping story that has become infamous within your group of friends or family?

From tales about disastrous holidays, cases of mistaken identity, and disasters on the job, to lies gone too far and crazy feats done for love — or anything in between...

...As long as it’s true and makes us say “OMG”, we want to hear from you! It can be your story or you can nominate a friend or family member who has one to share.

***Celebrity Host Attached***

– short video clips 5 min or less preferred.

Email stories to [email protected]

Themes of interest:

Embarrassing Family Stories
Mistaken Identities
Crazy Feats For Love
Travel Nightmares
Cooking Fails
Dating Horror Stories
Pranks Gone Wrong
Customer Service Nightmares
Tickets on sale now!
Hello Story Slam peeps,
After a 2 year hiatus to retool are refocus, DELIVERED-Boston is back! We are preparing for a fabulous reintroduction spring show. Let us know is you have a story to share and please share the event widely!
Tomorrow Night . Greg Josselyn will be sharing a story about a crazy time he's had. Maryfaith Goessling will be doing two reading one question each and Kaileen Powers will be guest hosting. See you there!
Hello Story Slam fans. It was great Grand Finale last week, and thanks for letting me share about our upcoming Suitcase Stories show in Hingham this Thursday, May 10th. Come hear another batch of award-worthy stories. Tickets on sale here.
Are you feeling lucky?
coming up 3/18 7PM story slam "luck" Doyle's with Julie M. Baker guest host...Plenty of luck? out of luck? Good luck? Bad luck? Lucky stars?

Story Slam - Sharing Life @ the Mic! Share your your five minute story based on a theme for prizes!

Operating as usual


Niki 's story is a story you will bring home and replay in your head over and over again. Some stories are like that. Get your ticket and listen to Niki tell hers.

Meet the Seaside Stories 2020 Storytellers! And don't forget to reserve your tickets for this weekend's virtual event!

Originally trained as a lawyer, Nikki has also been a teacher and is the mother of two children. Currently, she is the Leader of Scituate Pride and a member of Scituate United for Action on Equality. Nikki and her family were attracted to Scituate due to the great schools and the peacefulness and healing the ocean provides. Recently she and her family had unexpected good fortune when their home appraised above their expectations and they were able to move into a larger space. She is excited to participate in Seaside Stories and believes testimonials and the universal messages in our stories are important tools in the work of Social Justice.

[10/29/20]   One of ten tellers, James Edgar Kukstis, one of our features at Scituate Education Foundation's Seaside Storytelling Festival. Once again everyday people telling extraordinary tales. 09/04/2020

Remote Arts Learning Showcases Continue Through September

I teach storytelling to all ages, run story slams and I also do children's storytelling . Just rolling out a new program if anyone is connected to schools please feel free to share. Thanks!
Interested in promoting STEM learning for young children through the arts? That's called STEAM! (The added 'A' is for Arts.) I'm excited to partner this year with musician Liz Buchanan Song to offer a virtual program of science-related songs & stories for PreK through Grade 1! Learn more on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at the Showcase of Young Audiences of MA. You can register right here! Our weekly August Remote Arts Learning Showcases were a huge hit, and we have many new program adaptations to show you. YAMA is proud to present another month of weekly arts breaks September...


Hi All,
I am going to list my favorite themes . The only one I am sure of is Night Terrors for October(any scary or funny scary story) . I am listing my favorites to see who has stories . If you do have a story and want to tell please list the theme in the comments below and I will get back to you. With the online versions of slam, I take up to six tellers for each slam in one hour show. Here they are Drum Roll Please.......................................................................................Defiance, Dropped Everything, Fork in the Road, Swamped, Sunday Best, Backpedaling, Outdone, Influenced,Funeral Stories, Awkward Moments, Paying it forward.......................................................

If you have a story and want to tell list it below in comments and if I have enough for each theme I will choose it.


Getting ready to return to the Virtual Slams for seasons Six. Stay tuned and I will be listing the themes for the slams here soon.

[07/05/20]   Working on new story slam themes . Does anyone have any they would like to share? If I use them you will get a free ticket to next slam .


What happens next after Sara's #firstline? Find out this Friday:!


What happens next after Jamie's #firstline? Find out this Friday:! Jamie Tessler


#firstlines reveal the mystery that is us. Find out what happens next in Dennis' chapter:!


Valerie Grabiel

We are just one week away from the Grand Slam Story Slam . 6/19 7:30PM . Take a vacation from isolation and let one of our six winning tellers take you on a story journey. The themes are, unintended consequences,haunted, missing ingredients, red flag, crazy friends, relatives and neighbors. Our Story Slam season may have been cut short but it left us with just the right amount of winning tellers for an online show. Comedian Erin Lynch will be your host and give you a few laughs in between tellers. We'll also have some giveaway prizes for the audience. You as the audience will get a chance to vote for one of the winners and our seasoned panel of judges will vote on another. Get your ticket and choose your favorite spot on the couch , relax and enjoy the ride!


Coming up! June 19, 7:30PM

#SouthShore Story Slam and Milton Art Center host the 5th annual Grand Slam Story Slam on June 19, 7:30 pm. This grand finale #storyslam is the culmination of the series held at #Boston's Turtle Swamp Brewing. Five prior winners compete for the title "The Best of the Best #Storyteller".

Listen in to captivating stories of ghosts, an unforgettable love story, an escapist chicken and other tantalizing tales. #Milton #comedian Erin Lynch hosts and #Norwell Story Slam Champion Maia McViney is a featured guest teller. Enjoy stories from finalists Dennis Becker, Jamie Tessler, Valerie Grabiel, Sarasweet Rabidoux Kelsey, Sonia Paz and Mercia Jane Tapping.

Winner is selected by audience choice together with a panel of three judges. Tickets are $10 at Eventbrite at . An admission link will be issued two hours prior to show.


Sarasweet one of our talented featured storytellers @The Grand Slam Story Slam

Sarasweet telling a bit about why she loves storytelling and a little bit about her upcoming story.


Grand Slam Story Slam with Valerie Grabiel

Valerie is one of our tellers featured in the Grand Slam June 19,7:30PM


Rather than being defeated by isolation... been thinking of doing my Grand Slam online and have tossed the idea out to the tellers.... Not at all the same as live but a way. What do you all think? Next question is when end of May or early June?


How fun last night was - our first virtual slam co-hosted by Andrea Lovett and Nicolette Nordin Heavey. Our storytellers were able to experience audience reaction and our audience played games and won prizes. Our line-up
Mark Modrall - scary roommate in Alaska made him more than ready for college
Carey Borkoski - it really wasn't so much about coming out (3X to her parents!) but discovering she was enough
#1STPLACE Mary D'Alba - extreme sickness brought her and her almost ex almost back together
Ernie Boxall - gave up everything to follow a love to Israel but ended up falling in love with a country
#AUDIENCECHOICE Jamie Brickhouse - 2 brothers who have nothing in common besides their mother (who had quite the flair) find that they do after her death.



Tonight get your ticket to save you a spot at the virtual table. Link below.

Andrea Lovett is the Queen of live storytelling. But in a world without gatherings, her events came to a sudden halt. Until tomorrow night, that is! Find out more about her upcoming Virtual Story Slam ,Crazy Friends, Relatives and Neighbors. in Kerry Connolly's "Inside Out." ⤵️


Michelle McGrath PR

Grab some #TGIF fun this Friday, April 24, 8 pm, when #SouthShore Story Slam hosts a one-hour Virtual #StorySlam with local teller Carey Borkoski winning a seat at the virtual table of 5 minute stories on the theme “Crazy Friends, Relatives and Neighbors”. Audience gets giveaways and a vote for just a $5 ticket at . Co-hosted by Nicolette Nordin Heavey and Andrea Lovett, featuring several favorite #storytellers.


This Friday at 8PM, reserve your virtual seat at the table $5.00 gets you in. We have giveaways for the audience and a chance for you to vote for your favorite story. One of the giveaways is from Turtle Swamp Brewing (our venue), gift cards for some of their finest brews. We would be there if if we weren't here!
Our Line up is below. Not to be missed!


Who has a neighbor that knows everything that is going on? Good stuff and bad? I had one growing up. I was in trouble a lot and found out she was squealing on me. What about that friend that always did crazy things and you seemed to be the "one" who always got in trouble? Think about your 5mins story on the theme Crazy Friends , Relatives and Neighbors and give us your first line with a phone number ([email protected]) and if we love it, we'll give you a call to hear the rest of the story. . $$$ prize for winner.


Crazy Friends, Relatives and Neighbors? Have you got any? I had an aunt once that fell asleep during a sci-fi show and when she woke up called our house in a panic.She said to my Mom, grab the kids, you better get out their are millions of giant locust and they are headed towards New York. (true story) Maybe you had a great neighbor you used to live near who did something special for you or your family? Or a friend that is an insane driver? What is your story? This is our first Virtual Story Slam. $$$ Prize for best. If you want to tell, "wow" us with your most excellent first line and send it to [email protected] along with your phone number. If we love it we will call to hear...the rest of the story. Your will be included in the line up.


The First Line entries are rolling in for Virtual Story Slam.April 24,8PM on ZOOM. If you want to be considered for a spot on the slam don't forget to send us your brilliant first line and a phone number to [email protected]. If we love it we will call you back to hear the rest of the story. Theme is crazy friends, relatives and neighbors.


We had this theme during this past season and thought it was a good time to bring it back for the Virtual Story Slam on 4/24 8PM on zoom link on Story Slam. We had a lot of laughs and we could use a few now. Crazy Friends , Relatives, and Neighbors. Think about that crazy relative who went swimming in a snowstorm. Or that neighbor who borrowed you snowblower and it is still sitting in his garage 18 months later, or the friend that is there whenever you need them ,even if it ihas to be virtually. If you'd like to tell, email us [email protected] and please "wow" us with your first line give us your phone number and we may call you back to hear the rest of the story. If we choose your story, You will be in the line up of tellers. 5 in all with a $$$ prize for best story, and yes it is judged.

[03/15/20]   Tonight's Story Slam Turtle Swamp Brewing is canceled due to Covid-19. Stayed tuned. I will announce it slam by slam if I have to. 03/05/2020

Story Slam Trains, Planes and Automobiles [03/15/20]

Sunday March 15, 5:30PM Story Slam stories of getting there in Trains, Planes and Automobiles. Have you ever been on a plane and the life raft came leaking out from the ceiling? Or have you ever gone to the grocery store and driving home this amazing thing happened to you? Have you ever taken the $15.00 bus ride to was that besides long? Do you have a commuter train or a T story? Sk... 02/22/2020

Valley Voices Story Slam- Sweet & Salty - ACADEMY OF MUSIC

Just back from Valley Voices in North Hampton. Coached both people returning and newbies for Sweet and Salty Slam coming up. Such a pleasure. Love my job! Valley Voices Story Slam- Sweet & Salty This performance is at Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center, 289 Main Street, Greenfield, MA. Academy Of Music Theatre and New England Public Radio present Season 6 of our Valley Voices Story Slam series! True stories told live without notes by your friends a... 02/01/2020

2020 First Event Conference - The Premier Transgender Conference of the Season

Meghann Perry and Andrea Lovett (Story Slam) are delighted to have been invited back to teach storytelling again at this amazing conference. Click on the Activity/Event title to view the details. Click on the presenter's image for workshops (light yellow) to view their bios. Times & events are tentative and subject to change. We will post the most up-to-date information as we receive it so please check back often. The final schedule will...


Story Slam

Story Slam Red Flag coming up in January on the 19 at 5:30PM Turtle Swamp Brewing red the time you thought the ice would hold you even though it was 50 degrees out...Bring your true from life 5 min. red flag story and you may win $50.00 and a chance to move onto the grand slam in May. 01/11/2020

CISA Field Notes: Supicha Hillenbrand on Thai Cuisine / Connecting Point CISA Field Notes storyteller Supicha Hillenbrand shares how her love of Thai cuisine influences the food at Bottega Cucina and the Thai Chili food truck.

[12/28/19]   Story Slam Red Flag coming up in January on the 19 at 5:30PM Turtle Swamp Brewing red the time you thought the ice would hold you even though it was 50 degrees out...Bring your true from life 5 min. red flag story and you may win $50.00 and a chance to move onto the grand slam in May. 12/21/2019

Stella Osteria – Classic Italian with a Modern Twist

#SouthCoast #StorySlams has been invited to produce #storyslams at Stella Osteria in Attleborro First one is February 13, 7PM Just in time for Valentine's Day . Working on the right theme. Taking suggestions....This is an exceptional restaurant with welcoming staff food is out of this world good.
Thinking themes... Love Actually, love and lies, love gone wrong , highway to love. Leave your theme suggestions here....if we use yours , you will receive two free tickets for this first slam with Karen Langford Chace

[12/21/19]   Attleborro #storyslams are a go,details coming up!

[12/17/19]   Tip! When choosing a story you want to tell, make sure it is your own story , something that happened to you and you can tell in the first person. Are you connected to your story emotionally ? In other words, when you invite people to listen to your story, remember how you felt at the time when it happened to you and bring some of that emotion with you when you tell it. Emotions are universal, people may not have had the same experience you had but they certainly can understand the way you felt at the time.

Next story slam is January 19, 5:30 and the them is Story Slam Red Flag Turtle Swamp Brewing in Jamaica Plain.

[12/14/19]   Stay Tuned for a possible new series of slams on the South Coast. Attleborro area. Details coming!


Stories from the Stage

Annemarie created this story in a Recovery Storytelling workshop at South Shore Peer Recovery back in 2018. She took Andrea Lovett's and Meghann Perry's workshop two more times, and her gift and love for storytelling has continued to grow as she uses her skills in advocacy work as the parent of a person with substance use disorder. She has become a powerful, skillful storyteller, even making it onto WGBH's Stories from the Stage! Listen to her amazing story below.

Sometimes we’d rather avoid stepping into the fray. But when we choose to be courageous, the consequences are life changing. Annemarie Mullan Whilton discovers that letting go is not the same as giving up.


Red Flag Story Slam coming up in January 19,5:30PM, Turtle Swamp Brewing. Red Flag... as in when you go on a tinder date and you lay your eyes on your date for the first time and .... they are not like the picture... at all. Or the dog you you volunteered to dog sit for seems to have no training ...including house training. What's your red flag story? Those moments when the universe is telling you to take a second look at your choices. LOL

Videos (show all)

Valerie Grabiel
Sarasweet  one of our talented  featured storytellers @The Grand Slam Story Slam
Grand Slam Story Slam with Valerie Grabiel
Story Slam -your life @the mic!



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