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It’s that time of the week again! #TuesdayStatus coming at you with awesome news from the Agora family.

* Our favorite children’s web series El Avión The Airplane has a brand new episode called “Eres Amable” available on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE4EIIqhUqM
* Pan-latin duo Sol y Canto are all set to perform even more live concerts online this month. Catch the next one Oct. 13th: http://musiciansforthegreatergood.org/event/this-land-is-our-land-concert-10-13/
* Amplify Latinx will be hosting Latinx Heritage Night TOMORROW along with the MFA, we can’t wait to see the special performances they have planned. More info: https://www.mfa.org/event/community-celebrations/latinx-heritage-night?event=46911
* Huge congratulations to our dear Fabiola Mendez for releasing her new single, “Reconectar.” It’s so good! Listen here and stay tuned for an event with her coming soon 👀: https://open.spotify.com/album/6QOKMVOSFA2wcnJJx23Bfj?highlight=spotify:track:2CugliBaAYQA3qPb9fR9YF

And that’s that. Catch you next Tuesday with more cultural achievements!

Agora Tuesday Updates!

#TuesdayStatus Every Tuesday, our team gets together to share news and updates about our projects and achievements.

We want to share those with you to honor the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and encourage you to support these amazing efforts that are changing the world bit by bit! Here are today’s updates:

#TuesdayStatus Every Tuesday, our team gets together to share news and updates about our projects and achievements.

We want to share those with you to honor the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and encourage you to support these amazing efforts that are changing the world bit by bit! Here are today’s updates:


Boston Latino Inernational Film Festival

We are SO EXCITED. The Boston Latino Film Festival is happening this month — and we will definitely be tuning in for several of the amazing projects on this year's roster. COVID-19 put a lot of cultural programs on hold, but it also opened the gates for many, like this one, to reach a wider audience through virtual iterations.

You can see all the features they'll be showing and instructions on how to enjoy it from home here: http://www.bliff.org/

bliff.org September 23-27, 2020

We are so proud and excited for Andrea Cruz - Música, one of our talented Ágora Creators! Her album "Sentir no es del Tiempo" was included in several Latin Grammy categories. Her new Album has us grooving and thinking of how important it is to support independent musicians with powerful music.

We love being part of your journey, thank you for trusting us and inspiring us through your music. ✨

Rubén Blades

What an honor! Our talented artist Fabiola Mendez, featured in Rubén Blades' feed. Jumping with excitement! Thank you Rubén, for the shout out and for OLAYA, a favorite at Ágora and for so many around the world. 🎶

Gracias a las talentosas hermanas puertorriqueñas, Fabiola, Alondra y Camila Mendez, por interpretar mi tema OLAYA. Excelente versión. ¡Recomendada!
¡Disfrútenlo también ustedes!


Holyoke Media

Un millón de gracias a Holyoke Media y a Natalia Muñoz por la invitación a nuestra querida Beba Rivera y la oportunidad para conversar sobre nuestro proyecto. Aquí pueden escucharla hablando sobre quiénes somos, qué hacemos y cómo logramos hacernos espacio en este mundo. Pasen por la página de Holyoke Media y conozcan su trabajo, de paso le dan un poco de cariño ✨
#agoracultural #holyokemedia

Beba Rivera es la co-fundadora, con Elsa Mosquero Sterenberg, de Ágora Cultural Architects en Boston. La empresa representa a todo tipo de artistas y creadores.

Creadores y artistas: Para más información, escríbenle diractamente a Beba a su correo: [email protected] o a través de la applicación Messenger de Facebook aquí: m.me/culturalagora

De su página: "Ágora was founded in March 2019 (it’s a Pisces!) by two badass Latina females: Beba Rivera, a communications and production detail master, and Elsa Mosquera-Sterenberg, a bridge-building cultural jedi, who joined forces to accelerate the creative ways in which Latinx culture can be seen and enjoyed. Together, they have assembled a dynamic team of rebels and insurgents that enjoy creative challenges".

Para más información sobre Ágora, visite esta página: https://www.culturalagora.com/about

Su pagina en Facebook es: @culturalagora

NEXT UP! Thursday 7/23 8pm EST-- Join us as Musicians Karen Ouzounian, Fabiola Marí Mendez, and artist Kevork mourad share their phenomenal pieces of musical and visual artistry. Hosted by Bobbie Steinbach.

Watch on BroadBand

Congratulations to Teatro SEA—New York City’s premiere Bilingual Arts-in-Education organization and Latino Children’s theater! The combined $80,000 Teatro SEA has received from Fundación Flamboyán and The New York Community Trust’s #COVID19ResponseNYC Fund will help Teatro SEA work towards adapting their programming onto virtual platforms so they can continue to reach local youth through use of art workshops and theatrical performances. ¡Bravo! 🎉


"Del Suelo Al Aire" — Andrea Cruz

Andrea Cruz - Música is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, seamlessly blending indie folk sounds with a distinct Latin American flare. Her most recent project, “Del Suelo al Aire,” joins together 11 fan-favorite songs from her first and second album for her first ever LP. This is a project as thoughtful as it is special, and will serve as a permanent document indicative of Andrea’s lyrical, poetic, and musical prowess listeners can keep, treasure, and listen to time and time again. “Del Suelo al Aire” is limited edition. Pre-order now through the link below! 🔗🎶


andreacruzmusica.com "Del Suelo al Aire" es el primer compilado de Andrea Cruz, que reúne 10 temas entrelanzado sus dos álbumes "Tejido de Laurel", "Sentir no es del tiempo" y "Vernos Crecer". Estos temas han sido seleccionado por su misma fanaticada marcada por su trayectoria. Es un proyecto limitado y especial, crea...

Andrea Cruz - Música

Sunday evening with talented and incredible Andrea Cruz - Música Enjoy!

Thank you Amplify Latinx Cojuelos' Productions Hyde Square Task Force Boston's Latin Quarter for a wonderful #CadenciaLatina series.

All our love and respect to all artists that were part of this beautiful calendar of events ✨


¡Gracias a todxs por conectarse! Recuerden compartir este en vivo. Un abrazo - AC 🧡

This Sunday at 7 PM, talented Puerto Rican singer Andrea Cruz - Música will be performing on FB Live ✨
🌸Andrea is an award winning singer and artist with a unique sound that combines indie folk with anglo influences and Latin American sounds. Her talent as an artist and her unique sound have led her to incredible success. She takes great inspiration from her cultural background and creates a unique musical experience. She is now promoting her second album, “Sentir no es del Tiempo”.
Join us and enjoy this wonderful experience, our last event in this #CadenciaLatina series 🎶

Tortillas Doña Lola

Estamos LIVE con Roberto y Daniel de Tortillas Doña Lola. ¡No se los pierdan! #CausaCreativa #CausaLocal


Receta de pico de gallo con mango 🥭

Si quieres hacer el pico de gallo con nosotros, prepárate con los siguientes ingredientes:
- 1 mangó
- 1 cebolla morada picada (puede ser sustituida por blanca)
- 3 tomates grandes
- 2 limones
- 1 chile jalapeño (opcional)
- sal
- cilantro fresco
- 1 bolsa de Tortilla Chips Doña Lola de maíz blanco o azul orgánico

Usa el hashtag #ElChipPaTuDip y el tag @tortillasdonalola para compartirnos tu pico de gallo y participar para ganar bolsas de chips gratis

Unete mañana a ver este seminario en cual Roberto y Daniel de Tortillas Doña Lola muestran en vivo cómo hacer el mejor pico de gallo (¡con mangó!) que disfrutarán todo el verano. ¡No se los pierdan! #CausaCreativa #CausaLocal

This Thursday July 2nd at 7 pm, Zahili Gonzalez, a talented pianist and singer, will be performing the piano on FB Live.

✨Born and raised in Cuba, Zahili’s passion for piano began when she was 6 years old. Since then she has travelled all over the world and experienced various genres and collaborated with diverse artists. She is currently a member of the Jazz Trio, MIXCLA, which aims to represent global unity and multiculturalism not only through their diverse background but also through their mix of genres from modern Cuban rumba to traditional Cha. Visit Zahili Gonzalez Zamora FB Page and enjoy this amazing performance with us.

#CadenciaLatina 🎹

What a wonderful performance today with Ana Masacote
Check our calendar of events for performances next Thursday and Sunday. Don't forget to tune in and join us #CadenciaLatina ✨
Amplify Latinx Cojuelos' Productions Hyde Square Task Force Boston's Latin Quarter

Tomorrow at 3PM, get online & dance some joy into your day with queer Chicana & Afro-Latin dancer Ana Masacote. Joined by Marcus Santos of Groovercity, join her from her FB Page for a Salsa show and Latin dance lesson that you won't forget 🎶🔥

[06/25/20]   #CadenciaLatina is live with La Gringa Loca Productions This series is in collaboration with Amplify Latinx Cojuelos' Productions Hyde Square Task Force Boston's Latin Quarter Enjoy!!!


This is TONIGHT @7pm 🔊
Paloma Valenzuela will be performing a monologue on FB Live. Visit @iamlagringaloca FB Page and don't miss out on this performance from #CadenciaLatina 🔥

ESTA NOCHE a las 7PM: Noelia Ortiz de Mundo De Muñecos nos muestrará cómo hacer un títere en casa. Será un buenísimo entretenimiento para hacer con los niños. ¡No se los pierdan! #CausaCreativa #CausaLocal

Join us this Thursday at 7pm as Paloma Valenzuela will be performing a monologue on FB Live. Valenzuela is an award winning Dominican-American writer, director, and actress from Boston. She studied writing for film and television at Emerson College and from there went on to create her own production operation named La Gringa Loca Productions. Since 2010, La Gringa Loca has produced various plays, short films, documentaries, commercials, a comedic web series, promotional videos, among many others. Tune in on La Gringa Loca Productions and enjoy this amazing performance 👌#CadenciaLatina

Tomorrow @ 7pm, Eli Pabón, a dancer, lyricist, singer, instructor, educator, and percussionist will be leading us with dance moves in Reggaeton, Dembow, and Timbaton...
Whaaaaat? Yes, you heard it, Reggaeton 😎
Don't miss out and join us live from MetaMovements' FB page so that we can all dance together!!! #CadenciaLatina


Live Arts Boston

Congratulations to Fabiola Mendez, Claudio Ragazzi, Zayra Pola, 3nity, and to the rest of the Live Arts Boston 2020 grantees! We hope you're just as excited as we are to see their projects come to life!


tbf.org Live Arts Boston has given more than $3 million in project-specific grants to performing artists to create, produce or present artistic work. Meet the 2020 grantees!

Danza Orgánica

Live with Mar Parrilla, presenting a multidisciplinary arts performance with a focus on afroindigeneity... Enjoy!!!


Amplify Latinx Cojuelos' Productions Hyde Square Task Force Boston's Latin Quarter


we are starting soon!

Don't forget to tune in tonight at 7pm, Mar Parrilla will be performing dance theatre on FB Live 🔊 Parrilla spreads awareness on environmental and gender equality as well as racial justice and is committed to creating change through her powerful performances. Don't miss it!!!

Join us LIVE con Papaya Tropicall! Vanessa Vila conversa sobre la sexualidad y contesta tus preguntas en vivo. #CausaCreativa #CausaLocal




Show 17 (6/16 at 7pm EST) with guests Jennie Israel, Elijah Alexander & Claudio Ragazzi. Hosted by Bobbie Steinbach.

All Together brings artists from different disciplines and audiences together from across the globe to share music and stories, emulating the intimacy and warmth of gathering around a fire for a shared experience of joy, reflection, comfort, humor and connection while maintaining physical distance.

Hosted by Bobbie Steinbach

Produced by BroadBand with Snowrunner Productions

This show originally streamed on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

To support these artists & for more information:
For Bobbie Steinbach: bobbiesteinbach.com

For Jennie Israel: https://bostonconservatory.berklee.edu/directory/jennie-israel

For Elijah Alexander: www.elijahalexander.net

For Claudio Ragazzi: claudioragazzi.com
Please support https://blacklivesmatter.com/contact/

Opening/closing music by Jocelyn Swigger: Jocelynswigger.com

Jennie Israel and Elijah Alexander performed two scenes from Jon Lipsky’s play Living in Exile.

Claudio Ragazzi performed his piece Coltrangazo.

Special thanks to Elsa Mosquera at Agora Cultural Architects.

To support artists during this disruptive time:

To support those most vulnerable during the pandemic:

Join us this Thursday June 18th at 7PM, with afro indigenous borikua and award winning choreographer, Mar Parrilla. Mar is a puertorican choreographer, performer and the founding artistic director of Danza Orgánica, a contemporary dance theatre company. Tune in on Danza Orgánica's FB Page and enjoy this amazing performance from the safety of your home.

Bajucol is a non-profit organization, founded by Miguel Vargas in 1995, dedicated to entertain and inspire young people to pursue their passion for Colombian Folklore and dance. Don't miss out on tonight's performance, at 7pm "De Colombia para el Mundo" 😎#CadenciaLatina

Tomorrow at 7pm Ballet Folklorico Colombiano Bajucol will be performing on FB Live. Bajucol is composed of 20 youngsters of different ages who come together for their love of dance and to represent their Latin American Identity. Bajucol not only inspires young people to pursue careers as performers, but it also aims to teach the community about Colombia’s history, heritage, and culture through expressive folkloric dances and lively performances.
Tune in on their FB Page and enjoy this amazing performance, Don't miss it!!! #CadenciaLatina

Beautiful poetry reading by incredible Yara Liceaga

Thanks for joining us, and a special Thank you to Amplify Latinx Cojuelos' Productions Hyde Square Task Force Boston's Latin Quarter


Yara Liceaga

Live with Yara Liceaga 💗💥🔥


Foro Centroamericano de Periodismo

Spanish speakers: Esta noche a las 7:30pm podrán disfrutar de este conversatorio con Iván Durán también desde nuestra página. Iván comparte su visión de un nuevo "world music". Súper interesante para aquellos en la industria de la música 😉

#ForocapVirtual | Iván Durán ha trabajado para artistas como Calypso Rose, Manu Chao, The Garifuna Colletive y el líder de Kobo que comparten su visión de una nueva "World music", que busca empujar los límites de los estilos musicales.

Te presentamos "Mongulu", canción del álbum Ayó del grupo The Garifuna Collective

➡️ https://bit.ly/3cSbe38

HOY conversatorio. ¡No te lo pierdas!

⏰ Hora: 5:30 p.m. (ESA) | 6:30 p.m. (MX) | 7:30 p.m. (EST)
🖱 Transmisión vía Facebook Live: https://bit.ly/2z3UqI9

Tomorrow, June 11 @7PM: BroadBand is featuring Grammy-winning composer and guitarist, Claudio Ragazzi, on their All Together Now series! Watch live on BroadBand’s FaceBook, YouTube, or Twitch channels. http://ow.ly/yojo50A4iLG

To further enjoy Yara's powerful poetry, join us this Thursday at 7pm as Puerto Rican writer, performer, and educator Yara Liceaga will be presenting her poetry on FB Live. Tune in on her page and don't miss out on this amazing performance.


#CausaCreativa brings you knowledge and creative DIY projects for the summer through the expertise of local Puerto Rican businesses from Causa Local. Live every Wednesday! Check out our Facebook events page for details. Sign up and share!

#CausaCreativa te trae conocimiento y proyectos creativos para disfrutar en casa este verano a través de las empresas de Causa Local. ¡En vivo todos los miércoles! Mira los detalles en nuestra sección de eventos en Facebook. ¡Regístrate y comparte!

Soy Sexual con Papaya Tropical - 17 de junio: https://www.facebook.com/events/550940455590935/

Haz un títere con Mundo de Muñecos - 24 de junio:

El mejor Pico de Gallo con Tortillas Doña Lola - 1 de julio:

Cócteles de verano con Sangría Néctar del Alba - 8 de julio:

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Videos (show all)

Don't miss 3nity @ CROMA this Saturday, March 7th!
¡El CPI Llega a Boston!
Shades of Black: The Hip-Hopera by Zakiyyah
Miguel Zenón's Boston Concert - November 7th
Don't miss Fabiola Méndez in Boston! [October 27th]





Boston, MA
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We are an internet-based collective involved in the circulation of art films across varied presentational formats.

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4OTF (short for "four-on-the-floor") is a monthly event series showcasing the best DJs / producers in the Boston-area and beyond.

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