Blue Dragon (Boston)

Blue Dragon (Boston)


Seen the story about this 5Star chef is giving back, even though his revenue has dropped by 90%, this is the real human story we need to hear more about in these troubling times!
thank you for helping our community, God bless you, very proud to work with such kind people!!!
Chef Ming, I heard your interview on NPR this morning and I was touched with your humanity. You said that chefs come together in times of crises. In order to come up with ways to save small businesses,I was thinking what if all restaurants in a our countries gathered together to have four a lack of a better word, a jamboree where there word gets out that on say twice a week all restaurants will have fantastic menu for takeout. Not that you don't already. Maybe it's Friday and Saturday. People are going to get sick of cooking... social media is a strong force and could really gain traction. It's tough when we feel hopeless against being able to help others. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability today 🙂
Just a few more days and we will be flying in from Idaho to visit our son and daughter in law and to have dinner at Blue Dragon. We are so excited to have dinner at Ming Tsai's restaurant. See you Wednesday Dec.4th.
Great site. Typo on the website cocktail page under hurricane drink. Rum “lend”
Just saw your restaurant on Netflix. I do not have any allergies. But if I ever come to Boston, I will dine at your place. Per, Denmark
I just saw this restaurant on Netflix! Thank you for caring! It made me cry. I tell my husband every single time it’s like playing a rousing game of Russian roulette when we go out to eat, but where I can actually die. Thank you for caring. This should be the standard everywhere!
Let me know if you go..... tell me all about it!!!
Checking out Blue Dragon for the first time tonight. Expectations are high.
Great food, great staff and service and an outstanding Chef/owner. If you’re in Boston it’s a must go. Get the Dan Dan noodles or the short ribs. So delish
Hey Gang . We did Omakase On a Monday night a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic! The restaurant was slow that evening but the personal attentiom we received was great! Chef did amazing things! Duck Tostada, spicy short ribs, the salad in the edible bowl(ahi tuna?) and the shrimp/crab shumai was great! (almost as good as the foie gras shumai at the old restaurant in Wellesley- still my favorite). We had a great evening. Thanks
MY husband has nut allergies to all nuts I’m a nurse and a epi-pen is always on us because of some real scares we’ve had. He ordered apple crumb pie one time and who knew there were crushed nuts in the crumbs on top, straight to the ER we went. His birthday is September 15th and I for sure would love to bring him here. Saw Ming on Dr Oz show. Allergies ARE a matter of life or Death. Thank You for recognizing how important and scary this can be.

Blue Dragon is Ming Tsai's restaurant in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood. The 80-seat Asian gastropub is open, bringing Ming's East-West twist to traditional pub favorites.

Operating as usual

Looking for some fun? Tune in to @fckthatsdelicious tonight at 10pm EST to see your favorite local Boston spot featured with @mingtsai @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Ming Tsai

Tune in on Yahoo Finance on Twitter with Ming Tsai for a very important conversation about how restaurants are opening up in Massachusetts

Join me on Yahoo Finance at 10:35am on Twitter to discuss how Massachusetts is reopening restaurants with @AlexisChristoforous and @BrianSozzi

Blue Dragon is temporarily closed. We are waiting for COVID-19 to clear. We wish you all safety and health in these times and hope to open our doors again soon to greet you with great food and drinks soon 🙏Stay tuned...

The LEE Initiative that’s a wrap. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your story here in Boston! We are so honored and proud to have given out thousands and thousands of meals the past 3 months. Thank you to @leeinitiative and Maker's Mark for allowing us to be part of your story and to all those who helped donate to help us continue the mission and give to our restaurant community. Just this past week, almost daily we more than doubled our meal counts. Thank you doesn’t do justice to the two (swipe right) in the next picture @tin_can80 and @gabrielandre2002 . They are the leaders we need in this industry and led us strongly to providing all the meals (and are always smiling!). We could not have done any of this without you. Thank you all!! @ Blue Dragon (Boston) Ming Tsai

Loading up the @silvercarbyaudi for the @leeinitiative to hand out some Memorial Day goods today! Thanks to our chefs @tin_can80 and @gabrielandre2002 who have been nonstop holding down the fort here! @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Exciting change of plans!! We’re kicking off #cookinglive early tomorrow with Guy Fieri. Join Ming Tsai on his page LIVE at 6pm EST to join the action from both their kitchens to support Family Reach! AND check out the amazing line up for Sunday! Chef Tsai’s great friend David Ortiz is joining the lineup to support Family Reach. You don’t want to miss the kickoff tomorrow 6pm or Sunday 4-8pm EST. Thank you to sponsors TIME & B&W Quality Growers and Sunday’s segment sponsors BeBOLD Bars and FLY PRVT! @ Boston, Massachusetts

@mingtsai here taking over for a quick message!

Join me this Sunday May 24th 4-8pm along with @chefjoseandres @reesewitherspoon @chefamandaf @chef_aaronsanchez @parishilton @guyfieri and @imaginedragons! We’re cooking LIVE on @instagram to raise money for @familyreach a national nonprofit that provides critical financial support to cancer patients and their families. Join us Sunday to watch, cook and donate to help us reach our MILLION dollar goal! Thank you to our sponsors @time @bwqualitygrowers @beboldbars and @flyprvt!
#cookinglive #cookinglive

@hphood thank you for the wall of Hood we received tonight! We can’t wait to hand this out with our @leeinitiative meals! Thank you for being such a kind and giving partner to us 🙏 #leeinitiative #chefselevatingchefs #industry

Happy Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo!! We are prepped and ready to handout our celebratory meal complete with homemade tortillas. Stop by the Orient Heights T stop from 1pm until supplies last or at Blue Dragon 3-5pm! #tacotuesday #cincodemayo #leeinitiative #makersmark @leeinitiative @makersmark @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Check out Albeiro prepping the tortillas for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo/Taco Tuesday!! #leeinitiative #chefselevatingchefs @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Thank you @yeti for the awesome mugs, even in our Dragon Blue!! #yeti #industryfriends #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative #makersmark

Did you catch us on @wbztv last night? Thank you Beth Germano for helping spread the world about the @leeinitiative and @makersmark! #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs

Happy Friday! We’ve got Roasted Chicken with Smashed Potatoes, Corn and Roasted Veggies. AND have some help from @jodyadams teams from @portoboston @tradeboston and @salonikigreek who have brought Shrimp and Creamy Orzo with Parmesan, Tomato, Spinach and Broccoli! Did you visit us at Orient Heights? Come by Blue Dragon 3-5 too! #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Thank you to @gr8bosfoodbank for your generosity in helping continue to provide the ingredients to help keep us going with the @leeinitiative! Special shoutout to @tin_can80 (Exec Chef Christine) who holds down the fort, keeps us organized and makes some outstanding meals (plus so much more)! Happy Friday all! #leeinitiative #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Thank you @mswalkerma for making sure we are well supplied with hand sanitizer! Thank you for being such a great industry friend, can’t thank you enough! #chefselevatingchefs #industryfriends #mswalker @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

So unbelievably proud to be part of this! 140K meals and going, thank you @leeinitiative for allowing us to be part of this mission here in Boston. Special shoutout to the MVPs holding down the fort here: @tin_can80, @gabrielandre2002 and @jimmyfavs. For those who still want to help, check our link in bio to head to our Amazon wishlist or the Lee Initiative donation page. Thank you to all who have donated, we are so appreciative 🙏 #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs

Boston, are you ready for some Corned Beef? We are serving up Corned Beef with White Rice and Roasted Root Veggies and Arugula paired with Yogurt and Granola Bars with Blueberries and Strawberries! All served up with a side of @lacolombecoffee coffee 🤗 Special thanks to @lacolombecoffee and always to @makersmark @leeinitiative & @jamaicamihungry! #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs @ Orient Heights (MBTA station)

Did you see a familiar certain dragon on @wcvb5 last night?? Link in bio for segment on what we are doing with the @leeinitiative in partnership with @makersmark and how the @gr8bosfoodbank has been helping provide us with ingredients to keep the program running. Donate today so we can continue feeding Boston’s restaurant community!! #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs

Local celebrity chef providing meals for restaurant workers during pandemic

Didn't catch the WCVB Channel 5 Boston segment with us about the The LEE Initiative and The Greater Boston Food Bank?

Check it out here: Thanks to donations, he has been able to expand and feed 200 to 300 out-of-work restaurant employees and their families every day.

You’ll see some familiar faces tonight at 6pm on @wcvb5! Tune in to see how we’ve pivoted, are continuing our to-go program and are now serving Boston’s greater restaurant community through the @leeinitiative! Thanks @wcvb5 and @gr8bosfoodbank for helping share the @leeinitiative and @makersmark story! #chefselevatingchefs #bostonchefs

The LEE Initiative Expands to Support Restaurant Workers in 19 Community Kitchens Across the Country Editor's Note: Plate is making coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find more articles here. The LEE Initiative, a nonprofit organization founded by Chef Edward Lee and Lindsey Ofcacek has expanded its Restaurant Workers Relief Program to 19 cities across the country.

These are all wrapped up and ready to go for the @leeinitiative today! We’ll see you 1pm at Orient Heights at 3-5 at Blue Dragon #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative TY @makersmark 📸 @tin_can80

Thank you HP Hood for the yogurt that’s going into today’s The LEE Initiative meals! These yogurt parfaits are ready to go for the Orient Heights T stop. Come see us 1pm until supplies last or here at Blue Dragon 3-5. #chefselevatingchefs Maker's Mark 📸 @tin_can80 @Blue Dragon (Boston) Ming Tsai

@jodyadams and her team from @salonikigreek @tradeboston and @portoboston are back at it to help us with @leeinitiative today! Come by 1pm at the Orient Heights T stop (until supplies last) or stop bg Blue Dragon 3-5pm! #chefselevatingchefs #goodfoodforgood @makersmark @olympianafoods @theelissarae

Thank you The LEE Initiative and Tilit NYC for our new gear! Can’t wait to rock these shirts on the truck tomorrow at the Orient Heights T Stop (1pm until supplies last)! So grateful for your continued support 🙏 @makersmark #leeinitiative #makersmarket #chefselevatingchefs #goodfoodforgood Ming Tsai

Meals packed and ready! Did you visit us at the Orient Heights T stop with @jodyadams and her incredible crew @olympianafoods and @theelissarae? Swipe right to see all the meals from @bluedragonbos and the @tradeboston, @portoboston and @salonikigreek crew! And if you didn’t make it to the Orient Heights T stop at the @jamaicamihungry food truck, we’ll be here at Blue Dragon 3-5pm too 🤗 @makersmark @leeinitiative #chefselevatingchefs @gr8bosfoodbank @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Thank you @verterradinnerware for supplying us with these fantastic to-go boxes for our @leeinitiative meals! Thank you @verterradinnerware🙏 #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative #bostonchefs @ Boston, Massachusetts

Thank you Basciani Foods, Inc. for these delicious mushrooms!! We are so excited to use these for the The LEE Initiative meals #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative @ Blue Dragon (Boston)

Thank you @sunnnies for the delicious treats today! Such a great surprise, thank you so much!! #cookies #chefselevatingchefs #family #bostonchefs

Ginger Hoisin Glazed Pork Tenderloin for today’s @leeinitiative! We’ll see you at Orient Heights T Stop at 1 or at Blue Dragon 3-5. See you soon! #leeinitiative #chefselevatingchefs

Shoutout to @portoboston @tradeboston @salonikigreek @olympianafoods and @theelissarae from team @jodyadams for helping us feed over 220 people today with the @leeinitiative! So grateful for your help and willingness to jump on board with us. #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative #bostonchefs

Today’s @leeinitiative meal- Marinated Wings, Beans, Slaw and Melon! Stop by Blue Dragon 3-5 or Orient Heights T Stop 1pm until supplies last. Also- we’ve updated our Amazon wish list, if you are able to continue donating, we’d appreciate any and all help, link is in our bio. If you have donated- thank you so much🙏 #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative @leeinitiative @makersmark

We are ready! Come by Blue Dragon 3-5 and come find us at the Orient Heights T Stop in the @jamaicamihungry food truck starting at 1pm. Plus today we’ll be joined by @jodyadams restaurants too! Thank you to @makersmark @leeinitiative and @gr8bosfoodbank!

@jodyadams and her restaurants are helping join forces with us tomorrow and Friday! They’ll be handing out meals alongside us both days at the Orient Heights T stop! Thank you @makersmark @leeinitiative as always! Stay tuned tomorrow to see what we have ready to serve up.... #chefselevatingchefs #leeinitiative

We are closed for to-go for tonight due to the weather. We’ll be back tomorrow with @leeinitiative 3-5 and to-go starting at 5:30! We’ll also be in the @jamaicamihungry food truck starting at 1pm on, until supplies last

#eatbluedragon #staysafe

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General Manager

Sarah Livesey

Culinary Team

Christine Canlas, Executive Sous Chef




Groups Takeout Walkins


Dinner Drinks Lunch

Price Range


Payment Options

Amex Cash Mastercard Visa



324 A St
Boston, MA

Opening Hours

Monday 11:30 - 01:00
Tuesday 11:30 - 22:00
Wednesday 11:30 - 01:00
Thursday 11:30 - 00:00
Friday 11:00 - 00:00
Saturday 15:00 - 00:00
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