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Operating as usual

2020 Mancave Season Opener !!! COVID cocktails 1/2 price 🍹 😷
Go Pats, Squish the fish!!

Finally got around to hanging my Guinness Open Gate Brewery US Clock that Pamela Harrington Carver & I picked up in Baltimore. It holds a prominent place behind the historic Mancave Bar. Now Laura Lebo Horstkamp & Tommy Horstkamp have to visit us and check it out....😉 #GoPats!!

The crowds as bad as the game....

McKone Street Man Cave Memories

McKone Street Man Cave Memories

Let’s Go!!!!!!!!

Thoughts? Super Bowl 🏟 #LFG

Are you having a Super Bowl House Party?

Love our food but love your couch, no worries! Dorset Hall has you covered.

All orders must be placed by Thursday, January 31st!!!

Please contact Erica at [email protected] to place your orders ASAP, as only limited orders will be taken. Orders must be paid in advance and pickup time is required.

[01/21/19]   Dear Baby 👶🏻 Jesus please give a stroke to Tony Romo.... thank you

Great day in the Mancave... big win for the New England Patriots.

Almost game time!!!!!!!!

Finally a 1:00 Game !!!

Once More Unto The Breach: Patriots Hype Film

Who’s ready? I’m ready...
LETS GO!!! 🏈 🏆
This will make you run thru a wall....

The Hype Film To End All Hype Films. Written & Edited: Rob Apse - Voiceover: Shane Morris - Music: Porter Robin...

We are ready..... are you?

A tour of the world 🌎 famous McKone Street Mancave......


A star ⭐️ is born!!!

[08/01/16]   Attention ManCaver's.....

The reigning @NFFL Champion has taken up residence in the Mancave....

Leftover from the Pats Game....

Prepping the Man Cave for tomorrow's Patriots game. Just hung my latest addition, thanks Tony "Prom King" Sab...

New England Patriots

I am not asking for much..... Let's Go Pats!!! This is a replica cutout of the New England Patriots logo.Made of 1/2" MDF, this cutout measures 38" x 18". Custom sizes and colors available o

Open for business... Go Pats

New surround sound.... Let's kick this off correctly!!!🍺🏈🍺🍻💩😳

Almost there....

15 scientifically proven reasons that explain why you should drink more beer:
1. Virginia Tech researchers found that regular, moderate beer drinkers were 19% less likely to die during a given time period than people who never touch a drop.
2. Beer is good for your kidneys. Seriously. Researchers in Finland have discovered that beer keeps your kidneys from developing kidney stones. Although it isn’t clear why, men who drank beer and had a higher magnesium intake during the study had as much as 40% reduced probability of getting kidney stones.
3. Beer has fiber in it, which helps with digestion and helps fill you up quickly, so you don’t go on the snack offensive. Also, more dietary fiber leads to lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and gut problems.
4. Beer’s a source of B vitamins. The best source of B vitamins seem to be fermented things, and beer beats wine in that category by as much as 30%. The dark and stronger the brew, the better it is for your health. Beer also contains some much-coveted B12 and folate. But keep in mind that alcohol devalues B12 absorption, making beer an unreliable supplement.
5. It has antioxidants! Dark Trappist beers in particular tend to have a high number of antioxidants, part of which may indeed help save you from heart attacks. The verdict isn’t in on that one, but one thing is certain, it’s another excuse to grab a cold one.
6. Hot beer served with a couple of teaspoons of honey makes for a great cold remedy. According to Japanese researches the hops in the beer, when heated, help fight viral infections like the common cold. The active compound itself (humulone) could combat pneumonia and bronchitis-causing viruses.
7. Beer can help against Alzheimer’s. A phytochemical found in hops happens to fight cognitive diseases, keeping your brain sharp and healthy well into your years. Not only that, but a slight buzz has been shown to boost creativity.
8. Beer can be a great post-workout drink. Spain discovered that beer helps hydrate better than a glass of water after a good workout. Testing this on students at Granada University, he also discovered that the carbonation and carbohydrates in beer leads to better post-workout recovery, due to the replenished calories.
9. Beer has less calories than orange juice. A pint of Guinness gives the body less to burn than the equivalent amount of orange juice.
10. Beer can help stave off cancer risks. Remember that chemical compound known as xanthohumol that keeps your mind sharp into old age? Well, that same compound may actually help you fight and inhibit cancer-causing enzymes.
11. Beer can help fight cataracts. Antioxidant-rich beers (lagers, stouts, and other dark brews) help fight off cataracts and protect your eyes – in moderation. Researchers have determined that three or more drinks a day counteracts the benefits, putting you right back where you started.
12. Among other things, beer is antimicrobial and assists in achieving better vaccine responses in the body. Too much alcohol however, offsets these gains.
13. Beer helps combat gallstones. Alcohol and caffeine has led to a decrease in the development of gallstones, which is a mixture of bile, cholesterol and calcium.
14. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that women who had one alcoholic drink a day were less likely to find their mental faculties declining as they grow older.
15. A study at UCL found there wasn’t actually much scientific evidence behind the idea of beer giving drinkers the distinctive ‘beer belly’. The researchers wrote, ‘There is a common notion that beer drinkers are, on average, more ‘obese’ than either non-drinkers or drinkers of wine or spirits. The association between beer and obesity, if it exists, is probably weak.

[08/28/15]   This Weekend's Schedule:
Friday Night: New England Patriots vs the Carolina Panthers
Boston Red Sox vs Mets
Saturday: Little League International Championship, Japan vs. Mexico, 12:30 p.m. and then U.S. Championship, Pennsylvania vs. Texas, 3:30 p.m.
Random NFL preseason game or two
10:30 pm we have undefeated Leo Santa Cruz and former three-division titlist Abner Mares squaring off on ESPN.

NFL Network’s “Do Your Job: Bill Belichick and the 2014 Patriots” Trailer

NFL Films provides an encompassing behind-the-scenes look at the Super Bowl-winning 2014 New England Patriots as told by the men who designed it. Airs Septem...

Tom Brady The G.O.A.T.

The 2015 NFL SEASON Kicks off in 66 days, enjoy this until then !!
Tom Brady The G.O.A.T.

Free Sports Autograph Giveaways! Get Entered: Like on Facebook: And / Or Follow on Twitter: @BoredFilm Use the Hash ta...

[04/25/15]   Red Sox & grilling season has started.... Stay tuned for invites!!!

One Week..... Go Pats!!!!

Mancave Madness...... Pats going to the Ship !!!

[01/11/15]   You know we all want a Pats Cowboys Super Bowl..... Let's go Dallas.....

Another great day in the Cave.... Good times, good friends & the Pats Win baby !!!!!!!!!

It's on....."

Mancave.... Patriots.....


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