WorldOne Festival

WorldOne Festival


Come by KeCg TODAY 11 am - 3 pm for the annual Fall GivingThanks Open House. El Cerrito HS - See the balloons to enter on Eureka Street. Room B-200 :-)
Hi, I met Debra Sue this weekend at this great event...I enjoyed being lifted to dance all afternoon!!! We would love to do something with y'all next event...
Redwood Sun is looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people at our booth at the festival. #WorldOneFestival #SolarEnergy #RedwoodSun ..... Time to put the summer solstice plata en la lata .. a likkle or a lotta ... please do you part to support the Arts .. our worldOneparty is officially takes a glocal village .. donate, volunteer, recommend , commend... and vote-nominate ! = ; ) ~
Oops; guess I better pay more attention so I don't miss 2018!
WorldOne Festival 2017
Love the flags!
Suhaila Salimpour dancers 🌺
festival flags handmade with heart ❤️
"Reclaiming Eagle energy with our Native sisters and brothers... the American Experiment is just beginning, again!" ~Corey John Mason
Where are you guys today? Sounds wonderful!

We regret to announce that the City of El Cerrito has cancelled the 22nd annual worldOne Festival on July 3 + 4, 2020.

The City of El Cerrito's largest event of the year... we will all see each other again in Cerrito Vista Park on July 3 + 4 of 2019 for number 21! 10,000-12,000 people come to this eclectic multicultural all-day arts, culture and music fest which takes place in Cerrito Vista Park on the large and welcoming lawn. Every year, onstage entertainment and field performances showcase a diverse & plentiful array of music styles from around the world. There are lots and lots of activities for all ages and there's a great variety of food too. If you've attended this award-winning home-town/large-scale neighborly extravaganza in the past... then you know just what we're talking about! Cerrito Vista Park (950 Pomona Avenue, at Moeser) in El Cerrito, California. It's always an event that's packed with great food offerings, global & local arts/crafts, musics from the four corners, vendor booths, sunny skies, happy faces, and plenty more. It all happens at this FREE event served up by WorldOne Radio and the City of El Cerrito! Featuring an extensive array of activities for every age, this is the place to celebrate our community and be One! Bring friends & family, a blanket & low backed chairs and find your place in the sun! The 2019 line-up is: **July 4th (10am to 6:30pm)** Stage Performances by....... *Gamelan Sekar Jaya *Moira Smiley *Benny Bock *Brasarte *Luv Phenomena *Afrolicious DJs....... *José Ruíz~MundoMuzik *Gregg McVicar~Undercurrents *MC worldOnelove Field Performances....... *Sosakete Round Dance *Circus Imagination *Magical Nathaniel *Hoopin' Heather **Bonus Day, July 3rd (4 − 7 PM)** 4:00 pm - Little Big Top: Interactive performance with Circus Imagination and Magical Nathaniel 5 to 7pm - Main Stage: the Latin Flavors of *Aguacero *Bululú There will be food trucks on July 3rd! Curbside Kitchen, Canasta Kitchen, and Kiane’s Shave Ice. Those of us in the community who volunteer to put this event on every year often get asked if we'd like help making this event happen. The answer's YES! We'd be thrilled to have you, your friends, your family on board to help! (There are so many interesting ways to assist) Reach out! Drop us a message! It would be our sincere pleasure to see YOU volunteering with us for the next one! You can help worldOne Festival by simply raising awareness, too. Be sure to share the Festival page with your friends. Thank YOU for... *being a festival fan, a yearly attendee, a proud supporter, offering a pair of helping hands, spreading the word, voting for us in the East Bay Express "Best Of The Bay" polls, loving the festival on Yelp, and shaking your beauty!

Mission: worldOneradio + festival presents a broad cultural palette of eclectic and earthnic musics, dance, ideation, and dialogue in various venues from classrooms to community festivals. We seek to artfully create and present information, art, and technology in edutaining ways to promote creative and constructive musiculture, spirit, social engagement, ecology, economy, use of technology, and ultimately, mind. As a broadcast organization, worldOneradio+festival informs and uplifts its listeners~viewers and collaborators while serving its audience according to the highest purposes of FCC charter, and conscious enterprise. As a not-for-profit enterprise, worldOne collaborates with other non-profits in the presentation of glocal musicultural entertainment and arts via appropriate non-profit venues. As an enterprise, worldOne may seek revenue through broadcast syndication, sponsorships, special events and direct sales of original logo merchandise, and/or the works of other creators, producers. worldOne celebrates its community-minded collaborators and like-minded organizations. Reverently irreverent, worldOne inspires personal imagination, curiosity, reflection, responsibility, growth, health, joy, compassion, graciousness, well-being, community, and active global citizenship. worldOne links generations, genders and earthnicities, if not species. worldOne sows the conditions and the rumors of peace. worldOne imagines and believes in the fullness and virtues of nature, love, education, meditation, contemplation, perseverance, rest, character, humor, forgiveness, sacrifice, beauty, knowledge, wealth, fame, and renunciation / philanthropy. worldOne loves and immerses in the mystery of life. worldOnelovesoulsoundunity twitter: @worldoneradio streaming via TuneIn: worldoneradio contact: corey mason, creative director/founder [email protected] el cerrito, ca 94530

Gathering Tribes

It's *always* an unforgettably beautiful day in the neighborhood!
Another wonderful Solano Stroll for the record books.
Sharing culture... basking in the warmth of the joyful day... dancing in the street...
We hope you saw as many friends as we did at the worldOneradio stage!

Our good friend, Mohawk artist Roger Perkins, sharing his culture on stage at the Solano Stroll today.

[07/09/19]   Did you lose an item at worldOne? A few things were found, then turned in to the info/drawing booth.
***Items will be turned over to the El Cerrito Parks + Rec (official) lost + found on Monday July 15 if not spoken for by the end of this upcoming weekend.
Thank you for taking a glance!

Here is what we have:
• 2 spritzy water bottles: one w/ blue atomizer, one w/ turquoise atomizer
• pink lip glosss
• Aldo (brand) aviator sunglasses with gradiant lens (please identify color)
• Magnivision (brand) reading glasses (please identify color)
• Thumbtack (brand) metal water bottle (please identify color)
• Banana Boat kids' sunscreen SPF50.
• Plastic cereal bowl, color turquoise.

[07/05/19]   The lost + found items are being gathered from Cerrito Vista Park... so stay tuned for the list!
Coming soon, right here. 🕶🥣🛍🔑🚀
Your wayward article might make its way back to you.

[07/05/19]   The 21st annual worldOne Festival is a WRAP!
Another gorgeous, wonderful, memorable event.
Every person who shows up makes it special.
When you talk to a stranger... dance with a friend... get involved through volunteering... show a young person how special this place we live really is.
In your own particular way, it's because of YOU that worldOne is what it is!
Happy Independence/Interdependence Day, y'all.
Another one for the books!

How can you support El Cerrito's FREE annual worldOne festival?
One great way is by entering the Drawing to win some stellar prizes, if you're so inclined. Drawing tickets are 1 ticket for $5, or 5 tickets for $20.
**Visit the Info/Drawing Booth (by the sound tent) for your tix!**
Here's what you can win! 4 pages of scintillating goodies.
~Our deepest thanks to all our prize donors... and to YOU!!~
#worldonefestival #ElCerrito #KECG #ECparksandrec #worldOne #shakeyourbeauty #ThankYouForYourSupport

[07/04/19]   The 2019 worldOne Festival is simulcasting today on worldoneradio, by the way!
KECG 88.1 El Cerrito + 97.7 San Pablo
So even if you’re far away from the Bay...
you can hear what’s happening throughout the DAY!
Tune it in on TuneIn Radio!
#worldonefestival #TuneIn #KECG #ElCerrito #wccusd

Afrolicious - Thursday Night Kinda Swing.wmv

Time to get into the SWING of the 21st annual worldOne Festival! Afrolicious is headlining this afternoon!
Join ~10,000 of your closest friends + neighbors for El Cerrito's biggest event of the year!
Kick up your heels and/or grab some quality chill-out time. Make a little joyful noise! Thursday July 4
Cerrito Vista Park • 10am - 6:30pm • FREE!
#worldOnefestival #ElCerrito #KECG #Afrolicious #worldOne #wccusd #ShakeYourBeauty #July4

Track of the day by Daily Sound, Music News

Luv is on my mind

July 4! Time to enjoy our INTERdependence + celebrate
all together now at El Cerrito's 21st annual worldOne Festival!
Luv Phenomena will be on the worldOne Festival Main Stage this afternoon in Cerrito Vista Park!
It's gonna be a VERY ✨beautiful day✨ in the neighborhood. Won't you join your neighbors? We've got YOU on our minds! See ya 10am to 6:30pm!
#worldonefestival #ElCerrito #KECG #LuvPhenomena #worldoneradio #worldOne #wccusd #LuvIsOnMyMind

Written by Chris Burger, Jamal Peoples, Larry Peoples, Cam Perridge and Josh Lubensky. Special thanks to Panther Fist Studios

[07/04/19]   The 2019 worldOne Festival is on everybody's mind!
See you July 4th in Cerrito Vista Park! 10am to 6:30pm. Music, arts, crafts, dance, neighbors, friends, fun, sun, plentiful food, kidstuff of epic proportion, a vast expansive lawn to relax on, curios and curiosities + boundless conviviality! Moeser Lane at Pomona. See YOU there!
All... together... now!
#worldonefestival #ElCerrito #KECG #July4 #MoeserLane #CerritoVistaPark #worldone

[07/03/19]   See you this afternoon July 3 at the worldOne Festival Tardeada!
Things are heatin' up!
4 pm to 7 pm! ~Cerrito Vista Park~ FREE
Things kick off with Circus Imagination at 4 PM...
Aguacero takes the Main Stage with Puerto Rican finesse...
and then savor the sounds + visions of Venezuela with a performance by Bululú.
They'll bring the spark -- YOU bring the fyah!
🇵🇷Let's start celebrating!🇺🇸
#worldonefestival #Bululu #Aguacero #CircusImagination #ElCerrito #KECG #Tardeada #Borinquen #wccusd #worldone

[07/03/19]   Create a spark!
Kindle a fire of awareness by inviting friends to worldOne!
How?-- It's easy!

BELLOW by Moira Smiley [OFFICIAL]

Video! From the album "Unzip The Horizon", here is the track "Bellow" by Moira Smiley.
On July 4, see Moira perform live on the Main Stage at the 2019 worldOne Festival. *FREE*. Cerrito Vista Park
Tell your neighbors... bring your friends!
It's time for El Cerrito's biggest event of the year.
Shout it from the hilltops... Everybody worldOne!
.#worldonefestival #elcerrito #MoiraSmiley #KECG #Bellow #UnzipTheHorizon #July4 #worldone

BELLOW [Track 2 : Unzip The Horizon album : 2018] CREDITS Official 'BELLOW' Music Video: Directed, Shot & Edited by Peter Hastings VIDEO PERFORMERS: Moira Sm...

Background and Purpose

The 2019 worldOne Festival has Brasarte performing on July 4!
Cerrito Vista Park will come alive with the sounds, sights, and glorious vibe of Brasil!
The music + dance of Bahia (and beyond!) will be showcased.
That vibrant rhythm's gonna to give you a buoyant BOOST and help you shake your beauty!
Learn more about Brasarte at:
#worldonefestival #Brasarte #ElCerrito #KECG #July4 #wccusd #shakeyourbeauty #Brazil Established in 2000, BrasArte has four major goals: 1 To preserve the traditional dances and music of Brasil 2 To preserve the historical roots of Brasil's vibrant culture by helping to support and...

Jul 4 · Plant sale at World One Festival July 4th — Nextdoor

Get your garden greenery gathered at worldOne!
The El Cerrito Garden Club will have a booth on July 4.
Receive some excellent plant advice along with your newest horticultural specimen. 🌱🍃🌸🌺🌻🌾🌿
Find out more about the club at:
or check out their post on NextDoor: Find local events on Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods.

[07/03/19]   The 2019 worldOne Festival 'tardeada' on July 3
comes with 2 live bands for your listening + dancing pleasure!
Aguacero will showcase music of Puerto Rico
and Bululú will bring you music of Venezuela!
We know that all that dancing can work up a mighty appetite... so let there be food trucks! Ay... ¡Que Rico!
#worldonefestival #elcerrito #July3 #Bululu #Aguacero #KECG #wccusd #worldone #shakeyourbeauty

Circus Imagination Promo

Circus Imagination, the kid-fueled/imagination-driven/animal-free circus, is a sweet spectacle. Kids love participating, and it's entertaining for everyone. Scope it out!
The 2019 worldOne Festival has performances on both days.
The 'little big top' will come to life on July 3 (4pm show)
and throughout the day on July 4.
#worldonefestival #circusimagination #KEGC #ElCerrito #July4 #worldone

90 Second Promo

Gamelan Jegog - Jaran Dauh (first of two files)

Gamelan Sekar Jaya will take to the Main Stage in the morning on July 4th at the worldOne Festival.
This large musical ensemble is also a non-profit!
This year, they're sharing the hypnotic sounds of the Jegog -- an elaborate bamboo-based instrument that produces some very special music.
The early-birds get the... jegog!

Gamelan Sekar Jaya performing Jaran Dauh, on a Gamelan Jegog. The Gamelan Jegog is an ensemble of traditional instruments from the island of Bali in Indonesi...

[07/03/19]   The colorful flags will be a-wavin'...
the beautiful live music will be a-flowin'...
It's all happening in Cerrito Vista Park
July 3 (4-7pm) + July 4 (10am - 6:30pm)
so we'll see YOU at the 21st annual worldOne Festival!
#worldonefestival #elcerrito #July4 #KECG #wccusd #worldone #EastBayCelebration #shakeyourbeauty

"Who's onstage when?"
(We see ya askin' on NextDoor!)
Here's the schedule of events for worldOne Festival 2019!
Meet up with 10,000 of your closest friends + neighbors. •FREE• July 3 + 4 ~ Cerrito Vista Park

[07/02/19]   El Cerrito's biggest event of the year is almost here!
Cerrito Vista Park ~ July 3 + 4
Tell those new neighbors, bring your friends
to the 21st annual worldOne Festival!
See YOU there!

WorldOne Festival

volunteer – radio + festival

Festival preparations are underway!
It takes a village (of helpful hands) to breathe life into this yearly special event. Wanna help? We'd love that!
Simply click the Sign Up button, or visit
Many tiny particles create our extraordinarily beautiful kaleidoscope.
Come one come all...
Be a part of El Cerrito's 21st annual worldOne Festival!

[06/27/19]   Just a week away now! July 3 + 4... in beautiful Cerrito Vista Park!
The 21st annual worldOne Festival is comin' atcha!
Tell neighbors, invite friends, and get ready to shake your beauty
at El Cerrito's biggest event of the entire year.
💃🕺🌻🌳🌤🇺🇸🤸‍♀️ See you there! 🎶🎉📻✨🌼🦋🗽

Sending out An All-Call, worldOne fest fam ...!
In addition to cooking up another amazing July 4th worldOne festival ~ which takes a lot of time, sweat and love ... worldOne festival founders Corey and Debra Sue are actively seeking a home ~ and invite you to broadcast seeds / share the word. Please see / share our flyer. It takes a village, y'all. All inspired leads can be sent to: [email protected]. Let's keep worldOneradio + fest singing glocally !!

[05/04/19]   Good Morning, Good! TODAY ~ Open House at keCg from 11 am - 3 pm. Visit our Events page for more details. Come by for a worldOneradio hug!

Spring has sprung... and worldOne Festival's new shoots are bursting forth for the season!
It's officially time to sprout... grow... and look excitedly towards the Summertime!
Here is the 2019 worldOne Festival entertainment
line-up, for your amusement... and peruse-ment!
Spread the word!

WorldOne Festival

2019 Festival images

2019 Festival images

[11/10/18]   Today’s the day - GivingThanks Open House ~ worldOneradio corral at KeCg 11-3.

Everybody knows that "a whole lotta shakin' going on" is more than just a song (when you live near California's earthquake fault lines).
The big one could happen at any time...
So-- if your home isn't braced/bolted already, consider it.
California's EBB Registration is opening back up on October 9!
Learn more at:

The countdown is on! Registration opens in just 4 days to receive $3,000 toward a seismic retrofit, Learn more at

Shakeea rocking our stage as part of UC Theatre Collective

Gracias to Aguacero! Bringing Bomba y Plena vibes from Puerto Rico today.

Beautiful, genuine, feminine dance. Thank you Suhaila International for bringing it to the Solano Stroll Main Stage 2018 with worldOnelove and KeCg 88.1 / 97.7 fm.

Boas Vibracoes! Good Vibes - Brazilian stylie - at Solano Stroll right now with Batala SF! Obrigada.

Up next - Suhaila International - Belly Dance divine...

Our Story

Summer is the time when the festival -- the City of El Cerrito's largest event of the year -- takes place. Although preparations were underway, we share everyone’s disappointment as we learn that the 22nd annual worldOne Festival has had to be cancelled. Stay safe, stay well, flatten the curve, reach out to your neighbors, and be ready to do a favor for someone in need. Lend a hand, offer your help, and spread lots of love (but no germs).

Each year, an estimated 10,000-12,000 people come to this eclectic multicultural all-day arts, culture and music fest which takes place in beautiful Cerrito Vista Park on the large and welcoming lawn. Onstage entertainment and field performances showcase a diverse & plentiful array of music styles from around the world. There are lots and lots of activities for all ages and there's a great variety of food too. If you've attended this award-winning home-town/large-scale neighborly extravaganza in the past... then you know just what we're talking about!

Every year there are so many beautiful moments. Many festival photos can be found on the page. Enjoying new sights + sounds + experiences that we can all savor together become the stuff of sweet neighborhood memories. Cerrito Vista Park is located at the corner of Pomona Avenue and Moeser, in El Cerrito, California. It's always an event that's packed with great food offerings, global & local arts/crafts, musics from the four corners, vendor booths, sunny skies, happy faces, and plenty more. It all happens at this FREE event served up by WorldOneradio and the City of El Cerrito! Featuring an extensive array of activities for every age, this is the place to celebrate our community and be One! Great for meeting up with friends & family... all you need is a blanket to sit on (or low backed chairs) and you’re equipped!

There’s also a large number of noteworthy and good-cheer-producing drawing prizes! So you might want to bring a little something-something so you can get some drawing tickets. Entering the drawing or donating to receive a worldOne t-shirt as thanks is a pivotal way that the festival can STAY FREE.

We‘ll all look forward to 2021, a year frm now, for the (almost annual) worldOne Festival! Until then, let’s focus on helping neighbors, radiating thankful vibes... and as always, shaking our beauty (from at least 6 feet away from each other).

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