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Just wondering how you’re coming? I can’t wait!
DirtBag X-Country Fest
Any ETA on opening?
Has there been any progress in the catching the thief or thieves from earlier this year?
Captain DirtBag rocking it out for the brewery
Any date for opening yet?
Aqua Products Company Chillers: On May 1, 2018 we will be celebrating our 25th year building Quality Brewery Chillers in the USA. I would like to offer you an extra 25% discount off your new iSmart Chiller plus I would also like to give free freight. Check us out at www.aquaproducts.us. We want to become your chiller company. Cheers and great success in your new brewery. Cheers, John Seppamaki, President, 800-849-4264.
My name is Veronica Peterson. I work up at the High School. I spoke to you last year about helping the business out during our annual community service day. If you have any landscaping or chores, we can help you with. Please give me a call, and we can set something up. Thursday, May 17th 17th from 12:00 - 3:00 pm is the event date.
The pin on the map needs to be south of kal-haven trail and west of m40.
When do you expect to be opening?

Brewery in progress. This "destination brewery" will offer patrons beautiful vistas on this 60 acre farm with an amazing outdoor patio, farm-to-table menu including selections from the wood-fired oven, and delicious micro brews on tap.

Brewery in Progress. Located at 420 State Street in Gobles, MI, along the Kal Haven trail at Mile Marker 20. We are as excited to be open as you are, we promise. Self funded project, working nights and weekends, and sustainable thinking moves this project forward slowly but surly. When will we open? 2018 if all goes perfectly... Stop by our FB page often to see updates on progress, fundraising projects, and ways you can get involved.

Operating as usual

We have recently discovered that someone entered the building and stole a number of building items.
I believe that it happened sometime around the week of November 16th? I had left the gate open one afternoon for lunch. Upon returning, I had noticed new fresh truck tracks that went behind the building? Unfortunately I did not notice that things were stolen until this weekend.

Items - Tapco Pro 19 aluminum break
Tapco coil holder
Tapco slicer
Werner 32' extension ladder

I will be offering a large reward for information leading to the arrest or return of the Items!
Again.... I will offer a large reward for anyone with information!

Don't worry, we are busy working away!! It's been some time since an update, but we have been progressing and moving forward. The bathrooms have been roughed in for plumbing, and we poured 20 yards of concrete. We are currently working on preparing the timbers for the mezzanine, and getting set up to start brick. We have planted another 50 some trees and improved our landscaping. We hope to have all the siding and trim finished before summer ends. Keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck.

Excited to be pouring concert today! Looks like we are gonna get 15 yards in before winter! Moving ahead! Cheers to Friday!

Well it's been a busy summer working, saving, and buying materials. We are excited to slowly be moving forward! All the overhead doors have been installed, and the service entry doors are being painted and getting close to install! We just got the plumbing in the front half of the building for the entry and restrooms. Next will be some sections of concrete floors, hopefully before winter. The Building is ready for winter. Really looking forward to spending the winter working inside and building the timber framed mezzanine. Cheers

Gobles Farmers Market

This page has been set up for discussion and ideas regarding the farmers market in Gobles. We would like to start preparing the land and getting it ready for a new market in the spring! Please share your interest and let's see what we can put together. The land is located in the front corner of the Dirtbag Brewing Company at 420 South State Street (M40), along the Kal Haven trail. This has already been approved by the City and planning comission, so we are one step ahead!

2 years ago today. We might be slow, but we've come a long ways! Happy Memorial Day!

Morning, It has been a long, cold, winter. We are excited to continue and move forward with our next phase. Unfortunately, we have been the victim of another THEFT! I headed up to the property early Tuesday morning, April 3rd. I began to notice suspicious boot tracks that had been through out the entire building. I then realized my wheelbarrow was gone, as well as my air compressor. I followed the wheel tracks and boot prints out to the Kal Haven trail. I was able to track the suspect north across the trail and into the woods. At this point, I believe that the suspect was still in the woods and took off. I followed the trail and came upon my wheelbarrow, and many other hand tools, compressor, boxes of fasteners, and other garden tools and shovels. The individual had tried to cover the stolen goods with tires, leaves, and other debris located behind an old scrap combine head. I followed the tracks that headed north to the edge of a plowed field. The suspect then headed back east along the field, and up towards the houses located at the corner of Main Street and Howard. The individual also had a bicycle stashed along the edge of the field that they picked up and wheeled back towards the road. We were able to find a screwdriver and knife that they dropped. It was very obvious where the boot tracks and bicycle tracks went. The officer interviewed 2 suspects in the area. It was very obvious that they may have known what had happened, and were lieing. We also found a jacket, gloves, and tools located along the fence. Underneath the clothing, we found a pint bottle of vodka and a pint of Seagrams 7?? Now the thing that offers us alot of evidence, is that the pint of Seagrams 7 had come from the building, and we also had another half gallon of Seagrams in the building that was found covered up with the tools in the wheel barrow. We are awaiting DNA testing from the Vanburen county sheriff. The boot tracks and bicycle tire tracks are unmistakable!!
Fortunately we were able to get our stuff back. Unfortunately the stuff had been buried in dirt and debris, and a number of things had been damaged.
I want to alert the residents in Gobles, that we have a thief and a liar walking around our back yards looking to steal and rob from you. Please be vigilant, and keep your eyes open for suspicious activity!
I am offering a reward for any information, that leads to arrest and conviction of this individual. I am quite certain that the person responsible for this, also knows what happened to my trailer and other contents stolen a year ago.
Please contact myself, or the VanBuren county Sheriff, Case # 01998-18
I will continue to provide you with updates. Please keep your eyes open, and pay attention while on the Kal Haven. If you see someone around the brewery, and I am not there, do not hesitate to call the police.

Busy working away before the snow! We managed to get the entire pile of red oak timbers moved to the brewery. We have all the timber framing materials to build the 2nd level mezzanine along the back of the brewery. The area will provide additional seating for almost 100 people, and will be available for group events or parties. A huge thanks to George O'Donnel, and Jason Roon for the strong backs and will power to get these huge beams relocated. Although they thought it wasn't possible to move these timbers, we were able to use leverage, rolling techniques, and old log tools, to get the job done. 4 loads of timber delivered, stacked, and ready for layout. Can't wait to get started on this masterpiece, looking to have it up by spring!!

We've had a busy few days in this beautiful warm weather....... Getting the steel siding up, and putting the soffit in, and trimming out the porch overhang..... Next is overhead doors and service doors. Planning on getting it dry and 100% secure and closed in within the next few days...... Does anyone have any recommendations for a local overhead door installer?? I have the doors coming soon.... Cheers

DirtBag Brewing Company's cover photo

Today was a huge step forward for the future of our brewery..... We began drilling our well to provide the very best water, the essential ingredient in our brewing future. We will hopefully finish the well tomorrow, and take water samples for final approval. So far, the water looks great! It is truly a monumental day for the progression of our brewery!!! Cheers friends!! 🍻

Update to our loyal Facebook Fans: Things were put on hold for a bit, while we've been working hard and saving up every penny we can to start phase II of the brewery building project. It'll be a busy couple months of catch up before the snow flies. What's next? A well, underground plumbing, overhead doors, gutters, siding, and brick. Thank you for your patience and continued support! Remember, we are a privately funded, self-supported, project and we do most of the work ourselves. But, we love our community and welcome you to stop by anytime to see the progress and say hi. Volunteers and building supplies are also always welcome. Cheers!

Beautifying Dirtbag! 100+ unique trees and bushes to grow with. Next step, beautifying owner. Boy needs a trim.

Farming today, getting the land ready for corn this year..... #dirtbagbrewing

Sometimes the most satisfying results come from a slow but steady journey with unwavering commitment to your dream. Photo above: DirtBag Property and building site June 1, 2016. Photo below: Exactly 1 Year later, 2017.

In honor or Earth Day, we planted 31 new trees at the brewery......... And we have about 40 more to move...... Thanks Mandy Morgan, Jason A Roon, and Blue Horizon Nursery and Gardens....... The spring growing season is here

Happy New Year!! We had a great year getting started on the new building.... Working on doors, windows, and underground work now. Looking forward to 2017 and getting this place open.... Thanks to everyone for all your help!! Cheers to fantastic adventures, good health, and new friendships in 2017!! Can't wait to pour you a beer!


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dirtbagbrewing.com DirtBag Brewing serves up a unique, farm fresh menu paired with hand-crafted beers, located at mile 20 of the Kal-Haven Trail and M-40 in Gobles, Michigan. Make us your pit-stop year-round!

Happy Thanksgiving friends......Hopefully next turkey day we can all be enjoying a DirtBag beer!!

Power is coming!!!! Only 6 months with a generator..... It will be nice to enjoy the silence!

Well it's been a busy 6 months.... Almost ready for the snow..... Just need a few more weeks of this summer weather... Doors and windows next.....

Morning....... I'm looking for some foam pads.... 4"-6" thick.... Like old couch cushions..... Need them for working on the roof.... Let me know if your around the area and have some old furniture seats that may work..... The bigger the better.......

The roof is on and dry.... Now to finish the lower metal roof over patio and entry

Framing the entry way after a little 2 X 4 mock up..... What do you think of the pyramid??

Timeline Photos

DirtBag Brewing Company's cover photo

Good morning, please look through the following pictures and descriptions of our stolen goods.........We have heard that some of our materials may be for sale, along with our trailer.. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of these individuals. Contact the Vanburen County Sheriff.... #657-3101
Thanks... and please share this post and information

Photos from DirtBag Brewing Company's post

[07/24/16]   Good morning and Thank You!!!! As of this morning our post has reached over 28,000 people, and has been shared almost 1000 times. We are very thankful and appreciative for all the kind words, support, and help. We are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful friends, family, and a strong community. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

We have received a number of calls regarding video and information. Please, if anyone has more information, or has seen this trailer and materials.... Call the Vanburen County Sheriff #657-3101

We are back to work, and will be the rest of the week. We have regrouped, made some changes, and are looking forward to getting the roof and siding on....

Also, if anyone has experience with security cameras or surveillance systems, I could use some advice. I think it's time!

Cheers! Have a great Sunday

Here's the only picture I could find of the trailer..... It was purchased in Gobles, at Central Truck and Trailer, repainted a year ago, black, license plate #C248993. The rear passenger tail light is broke put. The trailer has 2 rear ramp storage areas under read end... No ramps. The tongue jack is bent towards the rear. Has trailer brakes, and treated wood deck with gaps..... 2 1/8" ball..... Be on the look out.... Somebody's gonna try and move it??


Sometime between last night 7/21, after the rain, and this morning 7/22, violators entered the back of the property........ They used a driveway to the south of us off 20th Ave, that accesses Whamhoff tree farm. They traveled north off 20th Street, along pine trees, then through my wood line, through the soybean field, and came through the back. Looks like a truck, and 2 guys...... One came around and cut the lock off my trailer. The trailer was loaded with 2X6's and 2X8's for framing. The other backed into my building, and loaded 1/2" plywood, CertainTeed diamond deck roof covering, and boxes of nails and fasteners. And a werner 32' extension ladder...... I am standing here scratching my head trying to figure out what should still be here??

Feeling sickened and disgusted! Taking today to regroup and get a material list together to keep on framing.

Please share with anyone you may know.. Get the word out around town. Anyone with information leading to the arrest, conviction, or recovery of materials will be greatly compensated!!

Cheers and to Moving forward.. .

DirtBag Brewing Company's cover photo

Trusses are done.... A little bit of sheeting left, then onto the shingles..... Let's hope it cools down next week......

Up, up, and away we go.... The roof is happening today! A big thanks to this great crew!!

Ahhhhhhh...... Friday...... Cheers everybody!

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