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Up and coming family owned and operated Brewpub/Brewery.

Small Brewpub/brewery that my wife and I are in the process of starting up in hopes of helping promote the Craft beer movement and also provide a better future for our family, friends and our community. From modest beginnings out of our garage and home located in Brunswick Georgia we specialize in several beer styles including Pale Ale, IPA, Brown Ale and Stouts, with more on the way. We are on our way with an expantion project to establish a base of operations over the course of the next 18 months. And 36-48 months there after we hope to be opening a location in the downtown area serving up our own brew on tap including many other popular brands. Also featured will be a very promising menu with much to choose from including pub grub and southern staples. We would like to thank you for your support and patronage while we work towards our dreams and goals. Much Thanks from JR and Kelli.

Smoking a Boston Butt and firing up the Brewery for a Brown Ale.

Well our maiden voyage for our new brew house went good, just a few little odds and ends to add and one little kink to iron out before next Sunday's brew day. Today's brew was a coffee stout

Three J's Brewing Company's cover photo

[05/14/15]   Up coming Brew Schedule for anyone who wants to stop by and have a Brew or Brat. (5/15 Coffee Stout, 5/24 SMaSH IPA, 5/26 Lite, 6/14 Hefeweizen, 6/16 Russian Imperial Stout. Cheers🍻

Completed Brew House Stand.

Building a brew stand for the brewery. Should be finished soon.

Thursday 2 weeks ago we Brewed a Smoked English Strong Ale that came in at 8.1%. And today we are Brewing up our Hefeweizen with a new yeast strain.

[02/04/15]   It was all business in the brewhouse today whipping up a batch of our house IPA. We didn't even take any pics lol. Tweaked a few things in the process to hopefully see some changes to the finished beer.

Almost finished updating the Kegerator, waiting on new gas lines and a drip tray. And not quite finished with the floor I have to put some molding on it and finish the bottle rack and then some stain. Pounds of hops stocked up as well.

[01/26/15]'s been a WHILE since our last post. To everyone who hasn't blocked this page and still follows us........we are still here. A lot has changed in the past 6 months. We have relocated to our home town in Hinesville Ga. around 40 minutes northwest of Brunswick. Though it was sad for us to leave it was for the best. Our hopes and dreams of opening our own Brewpub/Brewery are still strong and we appreciate everyone's support. In the coming months we will be making regular posts again and look forward to hearing from you all with every page like 👍😉. Cheers to you all. 🍻

New Brewhouse is coming along, hopefully I can have it up and running on gas by the end of August and then converted to all electric after the first of next year.

[07/20/14]   Well it's been a couple weeks since our last post. Two weeks ago we brewed up a small batch of a Black IPA test batch that we are super excited about, and today we are brewing up the Epic Fail Red Ale.

Tuesdays Brew day was a blast we are using our new brew kettle and making a 10 gallon batch of our Hefeweizen. We are doing a test split batch with two different yeast. Upgraded mash tun and HLT coming into service soon.

We are slowly building a supply stock pile 3 lbs. of an assortment of hops and 18 lbs. of specialty grain.

Brew Today is a Russian Imperial Stout that will take about 7-9 months before it's ready which will be the best time to drink when it's cold outside.

We brewed up an American Brown Ale last Tuesday. It went well taking a vacation and then next weekend we will be brewing a Russian Imperial Stout that will age and be ready for winter time.

Brew Day has concluded and now to relax. Family outing to St. Simons Beach.

We are still under construction of our new Brewhouse pics to come. However we have a starter going and tomorrow is Brew Day! Yay!

Here is a look at one project we have finished. It's a Fermentation Chamber so we can fine tune our beers to better control taste and quality.

Alittle sneak peak at the new equipment under construction old brew pot vs new brew pot. Converting old 15.5 gallon SS kegs into the new brew system, just a few alterations with a grinder and elbow grease and all three kegs will be our new 3 tier Brewhouse!!

Alittle project we did to recycle some spent yeast containers and swept grain from the brewery floor. Wala custom tap handles! :)

[04/30/14]   We have acquired some new equipment today pics to come after alittle fabrication!!;)

Ahhhh freshly crushed grain mm mmmm!:)

Hefeweizen mashing in today. Special request for summer time. The "Hefmeister"

[04/27/14]   Brew Day begins in just a few, up next in the kettle is our Porter "ChocNilla." Our top rated brew to date!

Drinking Hopville IPA while making Hopville IPA!

Making a yeast starter for Brew Day tomorrow, we will be making a second batch of Hopville IPA.

Spent Grain from brew day getting turned into dog treats. Three J's going Green.

Brew Days are awesome! Pale 2 the Ale ESB 2.0 mashing in!

[03/21/14]   Brew Day is underway we are making a Blonde Ale as a trail house brew.

[03/08/14]   ChocNilla Porter was tapped last night, come by and grab a taste! The smooth chocolate aroma is amazing while the subtle vanilla notes sneak through on the way down!

Our Ale 2 the Pale ESB has a wonderful golden color and our Epic Fail pale ale has amazing ruby amber shade. And they both taste and smell Awesome!!

The mash is almost done! And my little helper has decided that moral support is all she can muster. Lol!

[03/04/14]   Brew day has come again everyone. We are diving into an IPA today, come on out and join us. On tap right now is our Epic Fail pale ale and our Ale 2 the Pale ESB, come by for a tasting :)

[02/22/14]   We would like to thank everyone for your support! We are at 38 likes, how about share our page and let's get that above 75! We hope everyone has a great weekend!

We are really excited, got our first taste of our new Porter recipe this morning after we racked into our secondary. We have some crushed Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla Bean soaking in Stoli vodka that will be added into the brew 24 hrs from now and we will let it age for about 14 days.

Last night we tapped our newest recipe "Epic Fail Pale Ale" that will be heading to nationals for judging.

[02/17/14]   And done, brew day has concluded and boy what an event. In all everything has gone to plan!

Ok brew number 2 for the day a vanilla chocolate porter is under way. And we got the kids blowing bubbles. #dadsrock

Ale 2 the Pale ESB is under way after a successful Mash 60 min boil and we will be off the races.

[02/16/14]   Alright everybody Brew day is here again. If you are in the area stop on by and have a taste of what we have on tap. We will be here all day. :)

Tell us what u think about our new logo!!!

Brew day has come and gone. Everything went rather well for our new pale ale experiment. Thanks to the brew crew Derick and Matt and Tonya and the kids. Kelli and I always need the extra hands.

Project completed! I think it turned out better than expected. :)

Can you guess what this project will end up being??

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