Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA Video November 16, 2019, 9:39pm

Videos by Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Located at 3496 Washington Street in Jamaica Plain, The Midway has presented the best performers and the best VARIETY of acts in Boston since 1987. We can host private events! Contact us at [email protected]

Rodentt reunion matinee

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Other Midway Cafe videos

Hippie Hour Every Friday 6:30-9

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Won’t you come down to the Midway ?

Chandler Travis Philharmonic warming up for the big afternoon show today 4-7p. Come on by.

Baluchitherium , with a name like that they got to be good. They are!!!

Twice A Day Ray

CE Skidmore


Stop Calling Me Frank

The Dirty Truckers

Daniel Miller and the High Life

The Hi-Risers


Rodentt reunion matinee

Straya the Cat (Stray Bullets covering Jaya the Cat) Happy Halloween haha

The Ray Liriano Experience


The Downhauls

Dioniso, last one I promise lol



Ultimo Minuto

Les Sans Culottes (NYC), Detroit Rock City in French

One of our favorite startenders, Niani, and her band Children of the Flaming Wheel.

Stray Bullets

Celebrating 8 years of Friday Hippie Hour tonight

The Tom Appleman Band

The Knock Ups

We enjoyed having Glen Echo at the club last night.

Poison T

Lower Falls with a Lemonheads cover

Les Lullies from France

Barley Hoppers and Roy Sludge

Afternooner with Roy Sludge. Welcome home fellas

The Knock Ups

Fatal Flaw St Patrick’s Day matinee show

Sidewalk Driver

Slim Jim and the Mad Cows

Afternoon show with our old pals Stop Calling Me Frank

Pajama Slave Dancers


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