Dirty Water Saloon

Dirty Water Saloon


The May 31st dance is coming up! https://www.facebook.com/events/2345509678804993/
GFP's 30th Anniversary dance is coming up! https://www.facebook.com/events/453135925449703/
Our next dance at the church is coming up on October 20th! https://www.facebook.com/events/2119706334730623/
Hi everyone, Our opening dance at the Eliot St. church is coming up this Saturday 9/15 from 7-11pm. Lilia Weisfeldt and Bradley Mather from Ballroom in Boston will be teaching! The lessons are: 7-7:30 Two Step with Lilia and Bradley 7:30-8 Line Dance with Bradley Lilia and Bradley will also be performing a two step routine! And there will be another special performance as well. We hope to see you there! Here is a little more info about Lilia and Bradley. Whether it's ballroom, country, west coast swing or line dancing, Bradley and Lilia love to be on the dance floor! Both Bradley and Lilia have been teaching various dance styles for many years and are passionate about spreading the awesomeness that is dancing to as many people as they can. Lilia opened Ballroom in Boston in 2010 because she wanted to focus on helping adult beginners feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor. Bradley joined the team in 2017 and shortly thereafter Lilia and Bradley discovered that they both loved country music. By January 2018 Lilia and Bradley started competing in the country circuit and are having a ball showing the world that Boston can be country! So far, Bradley and Lilia have won every competition they attended! Additionally, Bradley won the US Line Dance Choreography Championships this year and has had the honor of teaching his winning choreography at several large line dance events. Whatever the venue, Bradley and Lilia love to be on the dance floor teaching, competing or performing!
Hey everyone, we're expecting another nor'easter Wednesday, so stock up on what you need before dance, okay?
Folx! I am once again allowed to partner dance (provided you all are gentle with me). Spine specialist approved! So please come on by and spin me around the floor tonight! I've missed it!
Hey friends! It looks like I'm only called until 7:30 for rehearsal tonight. I should be able to make most of the dance!
Hi do you ever have dancing on Monday nights? 😃

GLBTQ folks and friends dancing every Tuesday. Two-step, west coast swing, and line dancing to hot country and pop. Beginners welcome, lessons at 7pm!

🌈 GFP - Show your love of Dirty (Water Saloon) dancing - https://mailchi.mp/12a237ed32ab/gfp-dirty-water-saloon-july-dance-reminder-819659

🌈 GFP - Get more Dirty (Water Saloon) this Year - https://mailchi.mp/6610568f7d93/gfp-dirty-water-saloon-july-dance-reminder-819655

🌈 GFP - Reminder: No Dirty (Water Saloon) Dancing in December - https://mailchi.mp/23badb92e6ec/gfp-dirty-water-saloon-july-dance-reminder-819639

[11/27/19]   Thank you to everyone who came out last night to our last dance of this season. We will be back January 7 with more two step, line dance, and west coast swing. See you soon!

In the meantime, check out Queer Country Social at First Church JP (on Elliot Street) on December 21, 7 PM. We hope it's enough to hold you over until January!

😳 GFP: Dirty Water November Correction - http://eepurl.com/gIMxBP

Just a quick reminder: No dance Tuesday, November 5 - special election night coverage at Bella Luna Restaurant/Milky Way Lounge - Get out to vote! Dancing resumes Tuesday, November 12. - https://mailchi.mp/6edba0018f9c/gfp-dirty-water-november-correction

🌈 GFP - Giving Thanks for Dance Dirty Water (Saloon) in November - https://mailchi.mp/45281dc5da24/gfp-dirty-water-saloon-july-dance-reminder-819635

Learn West Coast Swing in six weeks with Alan Gaskell on Tuesdays at Dirty Water Saloons starting tonight! and on October 19 at with Lilia and Bradley from Ballroom in Boston at our Queer Country Social - https://mailchi.mp/e95e22f12634/gfp-learn-west-coast-swing-in-6-weeks-at-dws-starting-tonight

[08/11/19]   Reminder: no dance this Tuesday, August 13! We’ll be back in action next week.

🌈 GFP - Get Down and Dirty (Water Saloon) dancing in August - https://mailchi.mp/b3b0d1299678/gfp-dirty-water-saloon-july-dance-reminder-819623

🌈 Get your July Dirty (Water Saloon) dancing in! - https://mailchi.mp/489046f51fc9/gfp-dirty-water-saloon-july-dance-reminder

[06/11/19]   Tonight's June 11 dance is CANCELLED

(seems there's a water issue at the restaurant)

Tonight's June 11 dance CANCELLED. (seems Bella Luna has suffering a water issue and is closed tonight).

Join us for Pride! Line up at 11:30 at 700 Boylston Street, across from the Charlesmark Hotel.

March with Gays for Patsy in Pride this Saturday! We do or best to dance the route. Stay tuned tomorrow or Thursday for meeting time and location.

In the meantime, don’t miss DWS tonight. As always, no partner or experience needed. Lessons at 7, open dancing until 10.

Our hosts at Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge have great activities and events all week!

Upcoming week....

Thu 5.2 June August Art Opening Reception
Thu 5.2 Queers Against Winter board game night
Fri 5.3 10 Years of La Boum! Queer Dance Party
Sat 5.4 Dancehall Loungehttp://bit.ly/2VfoP0B
Sun 5.5 Radio Mambo's Family Rumba!
Mon 5.6 Stump Trivia
Tues 5.7 Dirty Water Saloon
Weds 5.8 Bella Luna is for Music Lovers : Emily & Jake

Copperhead Line Dancing - Dances - Choreographed by Conrad

This week’s line dance teach will be “Sway” choreographed by Conrad Farnham who many of you met at our Spring Stomp this past weekend. Some of you may have even danced it there too!

We hope to see you all tonight at Bella Luna for lessons starting at 7 and open dancing until 10. As always, no partner or experience necessary. Sliding scale fee.


copperheadlinedancing.com Dances - Choreographed by Conrad. Copperhead Line Dancing, from Claremont

[03/12/19]   Tonight is a special night with guest teacher Beth! She’ll be doing an East Coast Swing lesson at 7, followed by line dance “Throwback Swing” at 7:45.

As always, no partner or experience required. Sliding scale fee starting at $1!


Whole Lot in Love

Tomorrow (Tuesday) join us for two-step with Bucky and/or Jim at 7 and line dance "Whole Lot in Love" with Kendra at 7:45. Preview the dance at the link.

As always, no partner or experience required. Sliding scale fee $1- $10 or whatever you can pay. :)

32 Count / 2 Wall High Beginner Line Dance http://www.copperknob.co.uk/stepsheets/whole-lot-in-love-ID120313.aspx choreographed by Randy Pelletier to the son...

[02/23/19]   Update: at 7:45 Kendra will teach line dance Redneck Angel. It’s only 16 counts so, time permitting, Bob will teach I Got A Woman afterwards. Jokes about how Kendra’s no angel and how Bob most certainly does not have a woman are strongly encouraged.

Join us this week (Tuesday) for two step with Jim and/or Bucky at 7, followed by a line dance with Kendra at 7:45!

As always, no partner or experience required. Sliding scale fee!

[02/12/19]   Tonight's (February 12) Dance at Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge is cancelled.


Feb 12 Dirty Water Saloon Canceled - Feb 16 QCS features WCS and Spring Stomp is coming

Feb 12 Dirty Water Saloon Canceled - Feb 16 QCS features WCS and Spring Stomp is coming - https://mailchi.mp/ef2d9fa80fad/feb-12-dirty-water-saloon-canceled-feb-16-qcs-features-wcs-and-spring-stomp-is-coming

mailchi.mp This Saturday, February 16, another storm is due in but forecast to be rain. Hopefully we’ll get lucky with this one and not miss having Ballroom in Boston back again at our Queer Country Social to teach us west coast moves (they did a great workshop on whip variations in November).



Dirty Water SaloonSnowed Out February 12 Okay, it's not a HUGE snowfall but it will be during rush hour so we've cancelled tonight's (February 12) Dirty Water Saloon will return next week with Bucky DJing and some sort of lessons 🙂 Queer Country Social Featuring West Coast Swing Lesson at 7 This Saturday, February 16, another storm is due in but forecast to be rain. [ 172 more words ]

gaysforpatsy.org Snow might have gotten Dirty Water tonight but our Queer Country Social is set for Saturday. And don’t forget Spring Stomp in April

[02/10/19]   What line dance should we teach this week? Tell us here and, if we know it, maybe we’ll teach it!


Bella Luna, a Vibrant Neighborhood Restaurant in Jamaica Plain (Boston, MA)

Check it out! And don’t forget to get a bite before the dance next week!

gourmetpigs.blogspot.com I don't go to Jamaica Plain much, but I should, as JP actually has some great places to eat. Bella Luna and The Milky Way is one of those p...

🌈 Come to our GFP Queer Country Social Holiday Dance Saturday, December 15 from 7-11 pm. Where you can dance, learn, and socialize to fun music. https://mailchi.mp/af6c37dc5865/gfp-queer-country-social-holiday-dance-december-15


Queer Country Social

Tomorrow (Tuesday 11/27) join us for two step at 7. We’ll be crowd sourcing our last line dance teach of the season. So think about what you’d like to learn and we’ll do our best to teach it!

Tomorrow’s dance is the last DWS of 2018 but we’ll be back on January 8, 2019 with our dancing shoes on!!!

And don’t forget to join us at the church for Queer Country Social on December 15!

gaysforpatsy.org Queer Country Social (QCS) Dance — with free lessons! Join a bunch of smiling queer (LGBTQA+S*) folks (and friends) socializing, dancing, and learning two-step, west (and east) coast swing, w…

[11/19/18]   This Tuesday: two step at 7 followed by line dance Mmm Bop at 7:45. (Yes, that Mmm Bop!)

No partner or experience needed. Sliding scale fee.

Saturday dance and remaining Tuesday dances for November

[11/06/18]   Vote!

Then come dance!

[10/15/18]   Join us this Tuesday as pro-teacher Alan Gaskell returns to DWS with West Coast Swing at 7. We’ll also learn beginner-friendly line dance Louisiana Sailor with Kendra at 7:45ish.

As always, no partner or experience needed. Sliding scale fee. $1-10, or whatever you can pay.

[10/08/18]   This week: Beth is back to teach two step at 7 and line dance Bossa Nova at 7:45! Open dancing until 10.

As always, no partner or experience needed. Sliding scale ($1 - $10) fee or whatever you can pay!

🌈 GFP - September Dances: This Saturday with guest instructors Lilia and Bradley teaching two step and a beginner "contra" based line dance and 2 performances • DWS on Tuesdays: This month: east coast swing lessons and "Back in Black" - https://mailchi.mp/bda35f11986e/gfp-september-dances


Back in Black

East Coast Swing with Beth at 7
Line dance "Back in Black" with Kendra at 7:45
Open dancing until 10

As always, no partner or experience required. Sliding scale fee.

Line dance step sheet here: https://www.copperknob.co.uk/stepsheets/back-in-black-ID87603.aspx

copperknob.co.uk Line dancing Step Sheets and Information, Back in Black, Brandon Zahorsky, Junior Willis and Jy-Yeong Wu (May 2012)

Tomorrow (Tuesday) join us for an east coast swing lesson with Beth at 7 and beginner line dance “Country As Can Be” with Amber at 7:45. Open dancing until 10.

(Tutus not required.)

As always, no partner or experience required. Sliding scale fee.

[08/14/18]   Tonight’s lessons: two step with Jim at 7, then line dance Sick of Me with Kendra at 7:45.

Open dancing until 10.

As always, sliding scale fee; no partner or experience required!

[08/07/18]   This week is another line dance week! We will teach two line dances Tuesday at 7 and 7:30ish, followed by our regular mix of social dancing.

As always, no partner or experience is required. Sliding scale fee, $1 - $10 or whatever you can pay!

🌈 REMINDER: DWS is from 7-9 pm on July 31 - https://mailchi.mp/e7a75d31e484/reminder-dws-is-from-7-9-pm-on-july-31

[07/30/18]   Reminder: Tomorrow's dance (7/31) is from 7-9 pm without lessons (to make way for the drag queens).

RE: GFP Summer Happenings

RE: GFP Summer Happenings -



RE: GFP Summer Happenings

July 31 DWS schedule change and Saturday Midsummer Dance -


[07/17/18]   Tonight: Laureen teaches two-step and Kendra teaches a NEW line dance called “Whole Lot in Love”.

No partner or experience required. Sliding scale fee.

[07/08/18]   If you didn’t get enough dancing at the IAGLCWDC hoe down this weekend (or if you couldn’t join us this year), we’ll have a special line dance night this Tuesday.

First Kendra will teach Redneck Angel at 7, then Alia will follow up with Showstopper at 7:45(ish). Our regular mix of social dancing will follow.

As always, sliding scale fee, no partner or experience necessary!


At Same-Sex Dances, Anyone Can Lead

nytimes.com As these events become more popular, and more visible, participants are finding “ritual, renewal and community.”

Gays for Patsy is dancing, uh, marching in Boston Pride Parade. Join us at Old South Church at 11:45 am on Saturday, June 9 - https://mailchi.mp/44520e0c181a/re-gfp-lineup-boston-pride-parade-on-saturday-june-9

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