New Gallery Concert Series

The New Gallery Concert Series presents new pieces of music and visual art, along with the composers and artists who create them. New Music. New Art.

Come Celebrate the Now! Always a great time, always unique! The New Gallery Concert Series (NGCS) presents new pieces of music and visual art, along with the composers and artists who create them. NGCS's commitment to building a unique community that encourages highly interactive collaborations between musicians, visual artists, and members of the audience makes the New Gallery Concert Series one of the most refreshing organizations of its kind.

"These concerts can make you happier and smarter. They will also make you realize that yes, indeed, art is what makes life wonderful." Taro Yamash*ta, NGCS Patron

Mission: New Music. New Art. Come Celebrate the Now!

Operating as usual

May - Manifestation | NGCS

...beginning to manifest...May below...stay tuned... The action or fact of showing an abstract idea. Love. Depression. Opportunity. How shall we manifest?  Let us begin again.

“Lovers,” 1966, 11x8, oil on linen
By Rosemarie Beck, artist extraordinaire and, among other things, grandmother to Doria Hughes, NewGal friend and Board Member.
For more about RB and her work, please visit the @Rosemarie Beck Foundation. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Young Composers Festival - Community Music Center of Boston

It is an honor for the New Gallery Concert Series to work with the Community Music Center of Boston on the annual Young Composers Festival every winter for well over a decade! Despite this year's online only component, 2021 is no different as we invite you to a day filled with interesting and inspiring workshops and presentations. FREE though please RSVP so we know you are coming. Full schedule below! Details Date: February 6 Time: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Community Music Center of Boston is proud to present this annual event: A day of workshops, panel discussions, and concerts […]

Impostor Syndrome--L.Fefferman

Two years ago tonight. Impostor Syndrome for violin, cello, piano, and the voices of the people who play them (2014) by Lainie FeffermanGabriela Diaz, violin; Francesca McNeeley, c...

It is with great joy that we have heard your requests for an encore performance of “From There To Here”! We are happy to announce that it is back by popular demand.

If you are already a ticket holder, your concert link is still useable - click and enjoy!
If you missed purchasing a ticket the first time around, please make a $10 donation to the New Gallery Concert Series and then email us at [email protected] with your name and the subject “Tix” at the top so that we can send you the link!

Thank you for keeping our artists, our musicians, our organization, and everyone’s enthusiasm churning!

"Every sound of your performances hit my heart. Every sound of your performances grasped my heart. I wished all the people of this world to hear your performances!... oh, and how the art came alive!"
From there to here, from then til now, thank you, you stunning participants and thank you, you embracing audience. Last night's event was a labor of real, devoted, honest love. Grateful to all of you for being a part of it.

Jan - There to Here | NGCS

Attention all! If for any reason you are having technical difficulties this evening, please reach out to [email protected]
(Please note that this morning's Eventbrite reminder is missing a letter from our email address. This will be remedied before the next Eventbrite reminders go out but wanted to post here as well.)

Happening. Tonight. FROM THERE TO HERE on the New Gallery Concert Series featuring photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs.
Music. Images. Words. Dance. Power. Community. Together.
8pm EST, 9:15pm EST interactive Zoom reception
More info and tickets found on website (in thread below.)
Thank you Longy School of Music of Bard College. Thank you participants. Thank you friends and supporters. See you tonight!

Hi Everyone. TOMORROW'S THE DAY! Please know that the link you will receive for the show will appear broken until it goes live on Saturday, January 16 at 8pm EST. Zoom reception will start at 9:15. See you then and there! FROM THERE TO HERE :)

Interview with composer Jessica Mays and photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs

Ahead of the New Gallery Concert Series's January 16, 2021 "FROM THERE TO HERE" event, hear composer Jessica Mays, photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs, and NewGal Director Sarah Bob plunge into conversation about their artistry, American history, cotton, the emptiness of 2020, and how we can bring it all together.

"A Bee in the Hollow" for solo piano performed by Sarah Bob, composed and videography by Jessica Mays, and photographs from Rashon "Rah-Lik' Briggs's "Cotton Comes Home"
TOMORROW, January 16, 8PM EST Ahead of the New Gallery Concert Series's January 16, 2021 "From There to Here" event, hear composer Jessica Mays, photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs, and ...

“One of the most wonderful and mysterious things abut inspiration is that everybody takes something different when they are looking at something or hearing something or being inspired by something... the fact that I was inspired by [Holocaust survivor]...Hanni not the only thing that people might gather or experience while they’re listening to my work [One/Life.] If you get something that relates to your own experience and bring it forth in your own artistry, that’s what it’s all about for me.” Vanessa Lann
Saturday, January 16, 8pm EST FROM THERE TO HERE on the New Gallery Concert Series. Ticket info and Interview with Vanessa and featured visual artist Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs in thread below.

Interview with Composer Vanessa Lann and photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs

“This is how mash ups are actually created. You take two artists from two different perspectives and form a creation...leave it up to the artist to figure out...where do we cross over? where do we connect? ...and I feel that the connection [between Vanessa and me] is definitely there...” Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs, photographer

In this ten minute interview, learn more about the work of composer Vanessa Lann and photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs coming together for Saturday's New Gallery Concert Series event FROM THERE TO HERE. Tickets on sale now. The New Gallery Concert Series brings "One/Life," a piano quintet inspired by the life of Holocaust survivor Hanni Begg, by Vanessa Lann and "The Sunsetters'...

Full program for Saturday's FROM THERE TO HERE event:
(Image by upcoming New Gallery Concert Series featured visual artist, Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs.)

"As you can imagine, my idea of "FROM THERE TO HERE" changed dramatically since when I had programmed the event originally set for May 2020. In order to keep the event timely in the midst of COVID and other types of serious unrest, there have been some big tweaks. How crazy is it that suddenly the program planned for only eight months earlier felt outdated? So, this Saturday, January 16, 2021 starting at 8pm EST, the New Gallery Concert Series will explore the idea of journey, some literal and whimsical, others internal and provocative. We will hear wisdom from our elders, like Holocaust survivor Hanni Begg, and protest from our youth, like freestyle dancer Henning Washington, ALL THROUGH OUR ART. I am proud to say that while one never knows what to expect at a NewGal event--each one is different from the other--you can always count on high quality, devotion, and relevance. It is my deepest honor to be the pianist on this program and the New Gallery Concert Series Artistic Director. Please join us!" Sarah Bob
(Photo credit: Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs, Saturday's featured visual artist, for image of Sarah Bob's hands in concert, July 2018)

Playing a world premiere by Forbes Graham and an American premiere by Vanessa Lann, violinist Rose Drucker joins the New Gallery Concert Series for our FROM THERE TO HERE event THIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 8PM EST. Rose is a versatile freelance violinist performing throughout New England with groups including Emmanuel Music, Rhode Island Philharmonic and the Boston Philharmonic, where she serves as principal second violin. She is also an avid chamber musician and founding member of the Arneis Quartet. Rose's musicianship is a key part of what helps to make Saturday's NewGal event such a success. Tickets on sale now!

Originally hailing from Teaneck, New Jersey, Rashon“Rah-Lik” Briggs started taking photos in high school of family and friends. This continued as the unofficial crew photographer while attending Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He credits his mother and father for first putting a camera in his hand, and his sister for showing him how much fun it could be. Rashon works as a Special Education teacher and mentor at Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet, and is an open minded and kind hearted spirit attuned to the world around him. SATURDAY's JANUARY 16, 8PM EST New Gallery Concert Series event FROM THERE TO HERE includes images from a few of Rashon's different photo series “The Sunsetter’s Club,” “Trains and Rails,” “L.A. in the Mourning,” “In Memory of…” and "Cotton Comes Home." It is with the last series we are especially gifted a special talk given by Rashon alongside music composed and performed by percussionist Aaron Trant and trumpeter Freddie Hendrix. Tickets available on website, we hope you can join us!

Kenji Bunch, composer is one of America’s most engaging, influential, and prolific composers. Through an expansive blend of classical and vernacular styles, Bunch makes music that’s “clearly modern but deeply respectful of tradition and instantly enjoyable.” (The Washington Post) Deemed “emotional Americana,” (Oregon ArtsWatch) and infused with folk and roots influences, Bunch’s work has inspired a new genre classification: “Call it neo-American: casual on the outside, complex underneath, immediate and accessible to first-time listeners… Bunch’s music is shiningly original.” (The Oregonian) Hailed by The New York Times as “A Composer To Watch” and cited by Alex Ross in his seminal book 'The Rest Is Noise,' Bunch’s wit, lyricism, unpredictability, and exquisite craftsmanship earn acclaim from audiences, performers, and critics alike. His interests in history, philosophy, and intergenerational and cross-cultural sharing of the arts reflect in his work. Hear, see, and virtually meet with Kenji THIS SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 8PM EST on New Gallery Concert Series's FROM THERE TO HERE event. "Next Train" by Kenji Bunch, performance by violinist Katherine Winterstein, artwork by Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs. More info including how to get tickets in link below. Hope you can join us!

And now we introduce violinist Katherine Winterstein, a treasured musician, colleague, and friend to the Boston community and well beyond. Praised by critics for playing that is “as exciting as it is beautiful,” and for “livewire intensity” that is both “memorably demonic” and “delightfully effective,” Katherine is a highly intelligent and hilarious individual with a wide range of endeavors as a chamber musician, orchestral musician, soloist, teacher, and yes, the life force behind Katya (see clip in thread below!) We are so happy to welcome Katherine back to the New Gallery Concert Series as a both an interviewee, soloist, and chamber musician playing works by Kenji Bunch, composer, Forbes Graham, and Vanessa Lann. Join us a week from today, Saturday, January 16, 8pmEST for our FROM THERE TO HERE virtual event. Tickets on sale now! (Attached image of Katherine by none other than January's featured visual artist, Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs)

How did we get here? Though we have now spilled more atrocity into 2021 already, Jessica says of her NewGal commissioned work: "2020 – the year this piano project was completed – was a year of extreme uprooting and a universal experience of groundlessness, turmoil and loss. The deafening uncertainty of this period resonated deep in my chest, always buzzing, like a bee trapped inside a well. My suite, 'A Bee in the Hollow,' contains four meditations inspired by the evocative stillness of the natural world, but also the ubiquity of groundlessness." Come find some peace with us at NewGal's 2nd virtual event, FROM THERE TO HERE, on Saturday, January 16, 8pm EST. More info in thread below.

"A Brother's Story" is a freestyle dance piece by Henning Washington and is a moving interpretation of Philonise Floyd's funeral tribute to his brother, George, who was murdered by four Minnesota police officers earlier this year. The New Gallery Concert Series is whole heartedly grateful to be able to include Henning and his important work alongside images by Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs on our upcoming January 16, 8pm EST FROM THERE TO HERE virtual event and live post concert Zoom reception. Originally from Memphis, TN, Henning presently attends Boston Latin and, among other things, is an accomplished athlete, musician, and dancer. More info in thread below.

Hanni Begg - A Survivors Story

"One/Life" by Vanessa Lann is a piano quintet commissioned for the Closing Concert of the 2019 Brundibár Arts Festival in Newcastle-Gateshead (UK). This annual festival honors victims and survivors of the Holocaust, mainly through performances of works by murdered Jewish artists and composers.
The ‘one life’ in Vanessa's piece is Hanni Begg’s: one terrible, barely credible, ultimately encouraging life-story which immediately brought the cherished Jewish saying from the Talmud to mind, “He who saves just one life saves the world entire" You can learn more about Hanni in the video below and, of course, come hear the American premiere of "One/Life" on the New Gallery Concert Series's January 16, 8pm EST event "From There to Here" More info in thread below.

As a child she shook hands with Hitler when he visited her school in Berlin. As a teenager, her brother and sister were deported by the Gestapo to Auschwitz. This…

Welcome trumpeter Freddie Hendrix to the New Gallery Concert Series! His expertise as a performer extends over 50 countries with some of the greatest entertainers of our time such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Wynton Marsalis, and countless others. With 2 grammy awards, his debut album as a leader, "Jersey Cat", a discography of over 50 albums as a sideman, and having performed for both former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, he is also well documented on multiple television productions including the current 2020 PBS Documentary "Driving While Black." We are thrilled that Freddie will be joining us on January 16, 2021, 8pm EST for our virtual "From There to Here" event to improvise and co-compose with Aaron Trant based on photographer Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs's "Cotton Comes Home." Tickets on sale now. Happy New Year!

Katya Meets Mr Serious

Unlike Katya and Mr. Serious, YOU should be extremely excited about Kenji Bunch, composer's work "Next Train" performed by violinist Katherine Winterstein on the January 16 "From There to Here" New Gallery Concert Series virtual event. More info in thread below and yes, Katya and Mr. Serious are still invited. Who knows, maybe they'll show up for the Zoom reception? The New Gallery Concert Series presents KATYA MEETS MR. SERIOUS, a hilarious discussion around "Next Train" for solo violin by Kenji Bunch. Hear its performa...

About to jump over to the new year, crossing over dangers, fears, and thrills, and we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to all who have given, all who would still like to give (link in thread), and all who have joined the New Gallery Concert Series on this wild ride for so many seasons. Wishing you the very best 2021 and looking forward to being with you on January 16, 8pm EST for our "From There to Here" event. (image by Rashon "Rah-Lik" Briggs, January's featured visual artist)

Haitian-American cellist Francesca McNeeley has received critical acclaim as a collaborator and soloist, and enjoys an eclectic career in the Boston area. She has premiered dozens of works, solo and chamber music, is dedicated to community engagement through teaching and mentoring, and will be performing works by Forbes Graham and Vanessa Lann on the upcoming January 16, 2021 New Gallery Concert Series "From There to Here" virtual event! HAPPY soooo close NEW YEAR 🥳


Happy Birthday, Forough Farrokhzad
and thank you to Bahar Royaee, Deniz Khateri, and Sheila Gallagher for these 3 minutes of beauty. Ezdeham​ (2019) by Bahar Royaee, Text by ​Forugh Farrokhzad Visual art by SHEILA GALLAGHER*WORLD PREMIEREDeniz Khateri, vocals; Bahar Royaee instrumentals & ...

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