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Do you stock 18650 batteries? If so, prices/models please? Thanks
Hey Everyone! Caleb J. Bates here! I’m gonna be running the shop pages for all of our stores from here on out! Thursday Dec 13th we will begin our “12 Days Of Vaping!” Our take on the 12 Days of Christmas! We will be running awesome daily specials so be sure to keep an eye out for what we have coming before we end this year and start 2019 off with a BANG! Thank you all for being loyal customers and we will see you soon!
This year's most popular e-cigarettes have begun shipping, friends who need to order please contact me at the speed, orders have begun to schedule
This is Aileen from Heaven Gifts --- best and largest distributor of brand vape products. Joyetech,SMOK,WISMEC,Eleaf,Aspire,Geekvape,Ijoy You can check on our website www.heavengifts.com Email: [email protected] Skype: aileen.zhang6
So this just happened! Woke up in my hotel in Virginia, turned on the TV and boom GOOD THING OR BAD?
Hello ,this is Shelly from VOOPOO Company. We are DRAG manufacturer in China. If you have any interest in cooperating with us, pls add my SKYPE:Shelly.Voopoo or my facebook for further communication. Thank you!
Where is your Acworth location and is it open.
are y'all open today
I have been an avid vapor for 3 years, and coming from Florida to Atlanta, I was skeptical on finding a vape store with the same top notch service as the one I had been going to for years. This is hands down the BEST store, with above and beyond customer service. The staff is catering and friendly every single time, along with the amazing owners. I have never left any of the Dixie locations unhappy. I have frequented multiple vape chains in Atlanta and they are the best! Thanks for everything!!!!!
a big thank you for the Calhoun crew Blake Duckworth and everyone else for finding my debit card and bringing it to me. yall are absolutely awesome and I appreciate it so much.
Dixie's I really do like this cartel 160 MOD & Crown 3 tank. It is one of the best mods I have purchased from the stores are yet!!!
If you dont give the guy in canton a raise... ill like take the cyclops vapor mat!! Lol

Dixie's Vapor Shop is a family owned and operated full service Vapor shop with a focus on education, personal customer service and high quality products.

Quality vapor products. Our goal is to educate our customers and provide knowledge about our products. Kennesaw: (678) 540-3928 2851 Cobb Pkwy N Kennesaw, GA 30152 Calhoun: (762) 204-2983 148 West Bellmont Drive Calhoun, GA 30701 Canton: (770) 213-8837 1750 Marietta Highway Suite 130 Canton, GA 30114

We have restocked all of our house liquids! All of your favorites back in stock once again!!

We also restocked Juice Head and Juice Head Salts too!

Stop by and pick up a bottle or two today!!

Restocks on liquids, coils, devices and more!

Store wide restock! Several juice lines , devices, coils and so much more now in stock! Stop by and see us!

Puff Plus Disposables are now here!

The new Puff Bars are here! These are the new Puff Plus disposables! These contain 800 puffs per bar making these even more convenient than before! Stop by today and grab one to try! Vaping made easy and convenient!

Massive store restock!!

Massive restock on liquids, devices, and so much more! We are open today 10am to 8pm. Stop by today!

Restocks on the following
-Aegis X mods and Kits
-Aegis Solo mods and Kits
-Drag 2 Platinum kits
-Falcon 1 tanks
-Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro tanks
-2 and 4 bay battery chargers
-Novo 2 kits
-Voopoo Vinci Air kits
-Voopoo Vinci X kits
-Smok Alpha Trinity kits
-Juice Head liquids (also includes salt based versions of Juice Head too)
-Keep it 100 liquids
-Select Naked flavors
-Pacha Mama Salts

All your favorites are restocked with the exception of a few vendors who have been unable to fill orders due to the pandemic in their state! Stop by grab a bottle or two of your favorite liquids today or come browse new devices! We have todays top selling devices in stock!

We are now returning to our old hours!

We are excited to announce we are now open until 8 p.m(Monday through Saturday)! Our store hours are now returning to their normal hours!

Our showroom is open! Come see us!

Stop by and see us today! We would love to see you!

Massive store restock!

Massive Store Wide Restock! Loads of hardware and juices! Stop by and see us today! Our showroom is fully open! Here is just some of what we restocked!

-Smok Alike Kits
-Uwell Caliburn Kits
-Voopoo Vinci Air kits
-Voopoo Vinci X kits
-Freemax Gemm Kits
-Falcon 2 tanks
-Aegis X mods
-Juice Head Liquids (Freeze too)
-Emergency Vape Stash
-Naked flavors
-18650 batteries
- loads of coils restocked like Novo 2 pods, Caliburn pods, Vinci coils, Valyerian 2 coils, Nord 2 coils,

We would love to see you today!

[05/11/20]   We are enjoying this lovely weather today here at Dixies Vapor Shop! Its a great day to stop by and see us! We are open 10am to 7pm today!

Call 678 540 3928 for curbside or shipping

We are located at
2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Our showroom is fully open! If you enjoy shopping inside the showroom stop by today!

Stop by and see us!

Stop by and see us today! We are open 10am to 7pm Monday through Saturday!

Our showroom is open so you can browse and enjoy the shop!

Social Distancing measures are in place so our employees stay over feet away at all times!

We would love to see you today!

Any purchase of $40 or more today comes with a free 20 pack of Vape Clean Vape Wipes! A $9 value completely free with purchase of $40 or more!

Yes we are open today! Our showroom is open so stop by and see us. We have restocked lots of salt flavors as well as several sub ohm tanks! We would love to see you today!

Or call for curbside!
678-580 3928

[04/24/20]   Another huge round of restocks came in today!
-Juice Head Freeze, Juice Head, and Juice Head Cali Bars
-Naked Liquids
-Squeezed Green Apple
-Caliburn Pods
-Novo 2 pods
-and so much more!

Stop by today for all the essentials! We are here until 7pm tonight! We are doing curbside for those who prefer that method!

2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204
Kennesaw, GA 30152

[04/23/20]   We are open and just got another huge restock of hardware in!

Lots of todays top selling products like
-Aegis X Mods
-Drag 2 Platinum kits
-Aegis Solo Kits
-Fireluke Mesh tanks
-Falcon 2 tanks
-Caliburn kits (and pods)
-Voopoo Vinci Air Kits
-Voopoo Vinci X kits (uses 18650 battery)

And so much more! Stop by and see us today and let us help you find that new setup you have needed!

We are open 10am to 7pm
2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204
Kennesaw, GA 30152

[04/21/20]   Its a great day to restock essential items like groceries and vape supplies! We are offering curbside service and are open 10am to 7pm today!

Stop by and see us today! We are well stocked and here to help serve you all your vaping needs!

We have hand sanitizer for just $3 a bottle right now!

We have the new Voopoo Vinci Air, Caliburn kits, Voopoo Vinci X kits and so much more in stock!

Come see us!



Curbside vs. Instore shopping?

We have heard many shops have gone to curbside only! We tried it that way and realized it took away part of what made brick and mortars so special to begin with which is our customer service!

We have our counters pushed out far enough to allow 8ft of space between customers and employees! We allow one customer at a time to ensure everyone stays safe! Social Distancing over the next several months will probably be our reality and we will take it seriously so you can shop in a clean store when needed!

This allows the showroom to stay open. Our staff being able to provide help one one is one of our best tools for tobacco harm reduction. Understanding the devices and products is crucial to someones success at staying off of combustible products. You just can't provide these services from curbside only service! You just can't!!

So we ask if you are just making a routine visit for liquids and coils you have already picked out to utilize curbside whenever possible!

For those that want to browse, learn about new products, getting help with changing coils, ect feel free to use our showroom!

If we stick to this system for the most part, we should have a smooth system for our customers that makes sure everybody is happy!

We will continue to evolve as the situations change! Thank you for understanding!


-KEEP IT 100



Craving tastey disposable vapes? We have you covered at Dixies! Stop by for a bar or two today!

Yes we are open today!

Yes we are open today! We hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Restock on House Juices, Nord Coils, Pops Disposable Vapes, and so much more!

Any purchase of 25$ or more today earns you a free package of Vape Clean Wipes (20 count)! All you have to do is mention this Facebook post and spend $25 or more! A $9 value normally!

We are offering curbside service, shipping, and offering appointments for those that need to come in the showroom!

Stop by and see us today! We are open 10am to 7pm!

2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204
Kennesaw, GA 30152

[04/12/20]   Yes we are open today 11:30 - 4pm. Happy Easter. Stay safe everyone!

[04/12/20]   Yes, we are open today 11:30 - 4pm. Happy Easter, stay safe everyone!

Yes we are open! Change to our showroom policies!

Change to the showroom! It is now open by appointment only!

Curbside service is preffered, but for the occasion when people need help with their devices or learning new hardware we will allow one person in at a time.

Call today to set an appointment! We want to provide the best customer service possible while still keeping everyone as safe as we possibly can!

2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Yes we are open!

Yes we are OPEN! 10AM to 7PM monday through Saturday! 12 to 6PM on Sundays!

We restocked our house juice yesterday as well as restocking several premium lines too!

Every purchase of $40 or more earns you a free pack of Vape Clean Wipes (20 count)! Keep your vape clean while you are out and about!

We now sell Hand Sanitizer! If you are in need, please ask our salesman when you arrive!

Its a great day to restock the essentials so come pay us a visit and enjoy our curbside service!

2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Free vape wipes with purchase!

If you have been looking for a great way to keep your vape clean during these trying times we have a promotional offer for anyone who shops with us and spends $40 or more right now!

Every person who mentions this fb post and spends at least $40 or more will get a free pack of Vape Clean Wipes (20 count)! Think of them as lysol wipes for your vape but much less fragrant! They are free while supplies last (with $40+ purchase)

Stop by today and see us!

2851 Cobb Pkwy N #204, Kennesaw, GA 30152
Curbside Service

Dixies now has Hand Sanitizer!!

Have you been having trouble getting hand sanitizer lately?

Tired of cheap hand sanitizers drying out your hands horribly?

We are pleased to announce we are now carrying VR Labs Hand Sanitizer! Locally made by vape industry veterans who have repurposed part of their labs to manufacture hand sanitizer! Made in small batches with high quality materials! This sanitizer leaves your hands softer than the national brands!

Stop by for a bottle of 2 today!


[04/08/20]   Dixies Vapor Shop is open! You will not have to worry about us closing! Due to all of our pre-cautions we take like utilizing social distancing with only one staff member on at a time as well several other precautions we are allowed to stay open for curbside service! We are also shipping orders!

We are all stocked up so give us a call and we can get your order ready.


Stay safe out there!

Public Service Announcement for Dixies customers! Thank you for understanding!

Please forgive the mask! Its for all of our saftey! We are wiping down each product before bagging it.

Please call the shop either before you arrive or once you arrive!


Thank you from the Dixies team!

Yes we are open! Restocks on Juice Head Pacha Mama

Yes we are open today! Today we move to curbside/ and shipping only! Our showroom is closed but we can still serve you in person with the same great customer service!

Restock on
- Juice Head
-Pacha Mama
-Falcon Coils
-Smok Baby mesh Coils

Stop by today! We are now closing an hour early starting today for the upcoming weeks because of covid19. We will be open 10am to 7pm for the foreseeable future!

Thank you for understanding and continuing to shop with us! We appreciate your commitment to us and we hope you and your family stays safe during these troubled times!

Call the shop to arrange pickup/shipping options. Showroom is closed temporarily.


Dixies Public Service Announcement

Dixies Vapor Shop is still offering curbside service even in the rain! If you feel like browsing you are welcome to come into the showroom if you prefer that! We are sterilizing the shop after every customer!

Hardware and Disposable Restocks!

Restocks on hardware and devices!

-Geekvape Aegis X
-Fireluke 1 & 2 tanks
-Vinchi X Mods (18650 version)
-Calibar Juice head 2%
-Nord kits
-Geekvape Aegis Boost kits

Stop by and see us today! We are open 10am to 8pm. We are offering curbside service as well as inshop shopping. We limit the number of customers allowed in at one time and sterilize properly between EVERY customer to keep you and your family as safe as possible!

Stop by today!

Juice Head products restock! All of them just about!

Restock on Juice Head Products! Juice Head, Juice Head Freeze, Juice Head Salts, and Juice Head Cali Bars now in stock!

Yes we are open today same hours as always! 10am to 8pm! We are offering curbside service as well as allowing people inside one at a time!

Call ahead to get your order ready 678-540-3928!

Thank you dearly for continuing to shop with us!

[03/22/20]   Good Morning everyone Dixie's Vapor Shop locations will continue with curbside, in store and shipping services. In store service is provided with very specific instruction you will receive at the door. Our sanitization process is stringent so please don't be offended when we sterilize you payment method. All of our products have receive extensive sanitizing as well. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary. Please be safe and respect social distancing protocol when your out and about. Here are the numbers for each of our locations Kennesaw 678 540 3928. Calhoun 762 204 2983. Call in your order, pay over the phone and pick up at the curb it's that easy.
Thank You
Dixie's Vapor Shop

[03/16/20]   We are open our usual hours this week guys!
Which is Monday thru Saturday 10 to 8pm
Sundays we are open 12 to 6pm.

Sidenote. We have offered curb side service for years to anyone who prefers that service! We will provide you with top notch customer service to the best of our abilities right now during these trying times. For those that prefer to continue to shop inside, we have restructured our sales floor to ensure we have enough space to utilize social distancing with all of our customers. We will control the number of people allowed in the shop at one time to allow for proper practices!

Our stores are sterilized between each and every customer!

We are currently working hard to restock the store to the best of our abilities right now. Thank you for continuing to shop with us! We can offer shipping to those that have been age verified!


[03/14/20]   Just reaching out to our Dixie's family hoping you are all well and surviving the stress of the craziness we are all going through right now. We are continuing to sanitize everything after each customer, washing hands constantly and trying to serve our customers to get the job done. Product is still moving slow due to Chinese New Year and then the quarantine in that country delaying the people of that country from returning to work. Through our community, practically like family, we will continue to fight through the hard times together. Stay strong, keep your loved ones safe and enjoy your families.

Juice Head Restock

We have restocked one of our best selling salt lines! Juice Head Salts are now back in stock in both strengths and all flavors!

We are well stocked and ready to serve you! We are having a great day up here so stop by and see us! Our stores are cleaned/disinfected between each customer to ensure you are able to get the products you need conveniently!


Helping bring you a better vape!

Dixies Vapor Shop brings you the todays latest hardware and todays top selling e-liquids! We are well known for our customer service! Stop by today and let us show you how we can enhance or improve your vaping! We specialize in tobacco harm reduction as well as offering a wide array of cbd products!


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Restocks on liquids, coils, devices and more!
Puff Plus Disposables are now here!
Massive store restock!!
We are now returning to our old hours!
Our showroom is open! Come see us!
Massive store restock!
Stop by and see us!
Curbside vs. Instore shopping?
Yes we are open today!
Yes we are open! Change to our showroom policies!
Yes we are open!





2851 N. Cobb Parkway Suite 204
Kennesaw, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday 10:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 20:00
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00
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