Black Hoof Brewing Company, Leesburg, VA Video February 1, 2018, 4:45pm

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Any guesses what we're brewing today?!
#BlackHoofBrewing #DrinkBlackHoof #DrinkLocal #LoCoBeer

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Caroling and beer go hand-in-hand. Come on out to Downtown Leesburg to see the Dominion 4, ride on the horse drawn carriage, and then grab a pint. #DrinkBlackHoof #HappyHolidays #ChristmasSpirit

Come join the fun!

Have photos or videos from your visit(s) to Black Hoof? We want to see them!! Make sure to check in using (at) Black Hoof Brewing Company and use the hashtag #DrinkBlackHoof! Make sure to stop in and grab a beer to celebrate the long weekend...and send us a photo of your Black Hoof experience while you're at it!

Transferring the Hefeweizen today....have you ever seen a beer so beautiful? #IslandPond #DrinkBlackHoof

Haven't tried our velvety smooth Decoy Dunkelweizen yet? Make sure to stop by Black Hoof for a pint before it's gone! #DrinkBlackHoof

We've got couple of seasonal brews fermenting away that will be available in the coming months...any guesses on which German Springtime beers are coming up?! #DrinkBlackHoof #BlackHoofBrewing #AlmostSpringfest

Any guesses what we're brewing today?! #BlackHoofBrewing #DrinkBlackHoof #DrinkLocal #LoCoBeer

Progress report!

The latest progress report

We have walls and lights. Starting to take shape.

Checking in on our progress: testing the banquette seating, tile ready for the bathroom floors, new back door (wide enough for delivery of our 6-barrel tanks!), and a trench drain for the spillage we can't drink.

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Let's get busy!

The road to BHB
Work in progress.

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