Sub Pub on the Water

Enjoy an alluring view of historical downtown Manitowoc and the Manitowoc River on the Wisconsin Maritime Museum's Roof Deck. The Sub Pub Roof Deck Bar supplies a full bar, kid friendly games, and local restaurants ready to deliver dinner.

Feeling blue on this Maritime Monday? Try this delicious martini to lift your spirits!

Being Inclusive to Wisconsin's American Indian Nations

Join Abbie Diaz, Director of Educatoin and Programs at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, in coversation with Jenn Edginton, Curator of Social Studies Education ...

Do you have any nautical tattoos? Let’s see them! Comment below so we can see your awesome works of art! ⬇️

From the ancient Egyptians to the Maori, many cultures have used tattoos for expression, spiritualism, medication, identification and as symbols of status. The earliest evidence of tattoos are found on a five thousand year-old mummy in the Italian Alps.

Sailors are credited with making tattoos popular around the world as they traveled from port to port. Soon, the tattoos of sailors became a language all their own. They could communicate your position on a ship or ward against bad luck on the open seas. Today, many of us carry tattoos that echo those of sailors or have looked to the water for inspiration when we've selected art to permanently add to our body.

Here are two examples: a tattoo of an anchor on a maritime archaeologist and a tattoo of fossilized coral from a museum staff member.

The seafaring tradition has been inked into history through our tattoos. Share your maritime-themed tattoo along with the story of what inspired you to get it and you could be featured in our weekly Inked Into History post.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

We’ve got good news for you!

Looking for some pretty good news? Well we have just the show for you!

Introducing... Pretty Good News! A weekly update from Shane Lee, Youth Engagement Coordinator at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

In this week's Pretty Good News, hear from Connor Siemers on why now is the perfect time to become a boat nerd.

Everybody cut loose! It’s Footloose Friday! Here’s a scrumptious bourbon drink to start your weekend. 🥃

Footloose: If the foot of a sail is not secured properly, it is footloose, blowing around in the wind.

Happy Three Sheets to the Wind Thursday! Enjoy this Caribbean style, martini!

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

The earliest-known museum was curated by a Babylonian woman more than 2,500 years ago. By looking at the history of museums, how they've evolved and been made better over the millennia, we can better understand what the future holds.

Read more about the history and future of museums in this week's article for the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter.

It’s wig wag Wednesday! Each day the Sub Pub will bring you a delicious cocktail recipe to quench your thirst. Learn some nautical and sailor slang to spice up your dinner conversations!

Wig wag;
Nautical. the act or process of sending messages by the movements of two flags or the like waved according to a code.

It’s Torpedo Tuesday and our featured drink is one of our Director Cathy Green’s, favorites!

***Call the Moose, place your order, pull around to the back when you get there and let them know you’re there! They bring it right out to your vehicle!

Serving their regular burger/side menu until 8pm! Call your order in anytime! The phone line as been extremely busy with calls, if you know what you’d like for tonight your order in now to reserve your time slot and avoid the busy signal later! 😃

Thank you Smiling Moose Saloon & Grill, LLC - Moose on the Loose Catering for keeping our bellies full with delicious meals!

Customers and friends have been so awesome and supportive throughout this, from dropping off lotions, sanitizers and handmade soaps to delivering candies to brighten our days! Tonight I’d like to thank the Haese’s for making me these new embroidered face masks!! Super thoughtful and way cooler than the ones I’d been wearing!!!
I can’t tell you how much it means to us that you all have taken the time to think about us and show that you care about what we’re doing!!
Much love to you all!! ❤️❤️❤️


The wonderful restaurant, Holla, now has gift cards on their beautiful new website. Don’t forget to support local restaurants during these trying times! We can’t wait to eat some of their mouth watering pizzas!

Hey Everyone! We finally have our Website up & you can buy Gift Cards through there! Thank you for supporting us! We can’t wait to cook for you again!

It’s Maritime Monday! It’s five o’clock somewhere and we’ve got the perfect drink for you! This drink is a take on the timeless Mimosa. Enjoy & cheers to a fresh week. 🍹

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Seventy five years ago this month, USS Cobia rescued seven downed airmen in the South China Sea. Read the exciting story by our Submarine Curator Karen Duvalle in this week's Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter.

Imagine being submerged approximately 280 feet beneath the Pacific Ocean with up to 80 other crew members, causing temperatures to exceed one hundred degrees. For 75 days. How many of you want to make a drink just thinking about these conditions?

Our brave Submariners agreed, but where does one get a drink 280 feet below the Pacific? They got crafty with their surroundings and mixed pineapple juice with the 180-proof grain alcohol used in torpedo motors. As you can imagine, there were risks to drinking 2 parts ethyl alcohol to 3 parts pineapple juice such as blindness, cramps, internal bleeding, and violent bowel movements.

To discourage the crew from drinking their torpedo juice, Naval authorities added various poisons to the alcohol. Crew members used compressed loaves of bread to filter the poisons from the alcohol as well as other methods. I don’t encourage you to try this at home, but try out Revel Stoke’s Pineapple flavored whiskey!

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Start your week with a moment of gratitude. We have so much to be thankful for, even during the most trying times. At the Museum, we are thankful for the lake, its bounty and beauty.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Thank you to The Wharf Manitowoc and Brennan Seehafer for lighting USS Cobia up blue last night! We loved it!

#WeAreAllInThisTogether #DowntownManitowoc

Coolest Coast-Manitowoc County

Today we are chatting with Abbie Diaz of the Wisconsin Maritime Muesum about all the online resources that the Museum has available.
Check out the museums website at:
And be sure to follow their page for all the latest!

City of Manitowoc


Here’s to our hero’s!

Thanks to Brennan Seehafer and Powerhouse Productions for making this happen. A HUGE shoutout to all our healthcare workers on the frontline during all this!


We’re still here! Cheers to staying safe and healthy! 🍻

Here is another cocktail recipe from Cait, Special Events Manager. This one is a hit at Sub Pub on the Water!

Cheers from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum!

The Wharf Manitowoc


(Manitowoc, WI) - The Wharf Manitowoc, in partnership with Powerhouse Productions, LLC and Brennan Seehafer Productions will light the Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. grain tower with blue on Friday, April 10th to honor the healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The tower is located on the waterfront behind to The Wharf Manitowoc. The display will turn on at 7:45 PM and shine until 11:00 PM.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Do you have future historians and budding researchers at home? The Digital Scavanger Hunt is perfect for them!

This scavenger hunt teaches kids how to use a database for research while taking them through some highlights of our online collection. You can download the Digital Scavenger Hunt from our Online Resources Portal for free!

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Like many museums, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Our staff has been hard at work to continue to connect all people to our waterways, even when our doors are closed.

While we can't welcome visitors through our front doors, we can provide learning resources, virtual tours, and online access to our collection. A donation of any amount helps support this important work.

We are a resilient community. We invite you to join us in continuing with Wisconsin's maritime tradition of rising to the occasion in times of adversity.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Learn about Wisconsin's maritime heritage, one letter at a time, with our new Maritime Alphabet!

You can download the whole ebook, or a blank template to create your own alphabet, on our new Online Resources Portal.

Check out this resource and more here:

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

We collect and preserve the stories of maritime resiliency, bravery and innovation. From these stories, we’ve learned that we are all stronger together. Even today, and especially today, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum supports our community and continues to connect all people to our waterways.

#strongertogether #museumfromhome #saferathome

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

What do lake whitefish eat? Let's take a look and see!

Tune into Facebook Live on Monday for our upcoming fish dissection. You will learn lake whitefish anatomy & morphology with Dr. Titus Seilheimer of University of Wisconsin Sea Grant/Water Resources Institutes.

Looking for more resources? Dive into this curriculum from New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium that has worksheets and additional content about fish anatomy. (

Wisconsin Maritime Museum


Who was the only person ever arrested for piracy on the Great Lakes?

Answer our Maritime Trivia question for a chance to win free passes to the Museum! Drawings will be held weekly and everyone who answers correctly will be entered to win. Passes are valid for a year.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Looking for ways to engage kids while they're home? We're loving the Identity Artifact Museum lesson plan from Teaching Tolerance for K-2 students.

What artifacts would be in your identity museum?

Want to spice up your after-dinner drink? Check out this list of maritime-themed drinks our Special Events Coordinator put together. Which drink would you like to see at the Sub Pub this summer?

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Now is a great time for a movie marathon. Our Director of Education & Programs put together a list of her favorite maritime flicks.

What movies would be on your list?

Calling all Artists & Makers!! 🎨

Calling all makers, artists & artisans!

The Museum is looking for new product for our gift store. We want to highlight local creatives & support our community. We're looking for vendors that make jewelry, packaged food, artwork, crafts, photography & everything in between.

Preference will be given to vendors and products that reflect our mission to connect all people to Wisconsin's waterways. We highly encourage veterans and veteran-owned businesses to submit their items and ideas.

If you have a product or idea for us, email [email protected].

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

An update from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Please visit our website for more information.

The USS Cobia really enjoyed the wonderful show put on by Downtown Manitowoc this evening! Thank you to everyone who came. The Museum appreciates your support! 💥

Toll House Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy one of three luxurious private rooms with attached baths in this fashionably furnished Victorian home. Extensively remodeled to reflect its history, Toll House Bed & Breakfast is located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Tonight is the night!! Come to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum to enjoy a Roof deck view of the St. Patty's Day fireworks. Hot Cocoa will be available for kids AND adults! We look forward to seeing you at 7pm!\


Happy Birthday, Manitowoc! 🥳

On March 12, 1870, Manitowoc became a City. In the past 150 years, this port town has seen incredible growth. From schooners to steamers to submarines, our city has contributed to the maritime heritage of the entire nation.

Happy birthday, City of Manitowoc!

Join the Wisconsin Maritime Museum on March 13th, from 7pm - 9pm to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Sub Pub has a front-row view of fireworks and will be serving scrumptious Irish coffees, Mules, and Hot Cocoas!!

The countdown has begun. Only 2 more days!

There are just a few days left until our huge Spring Cleaning Store Sale. Everything on the store is on sale- some items up to 90% off!

The sale kicks off at 9am this Saturday!

Are you a museum member? You can shop a day early and save an additional 10%!

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

75 years ago today, Cobia crewman, S1 Ralph Clark Huston, Jr was shot during a surface battle with two Japanese. The following morning, Feb 27, 1945. Ralph died of his wounds and was buried at sea.

We'd like to honor his memory with words from his crew mates from that day.

CPhM Herbert "Doc" Starmer: "Huston was a very sharp, intelligent young man. He had been cleaning in the after battery and as he came by me, word passed down for the gun crew to wear foul weather jackets. Huston couldn't find his,or it wasn't available, and I handed him mine to wear topside. I could hear the gunfire and I heard the OOD say that a man had been hit. I waited for him to be lowered through the conning tower at the end of the control room. He looked at me and said, 'Look what those bastards did to your jacket, Doc!' ...and he never uttered another word after that."

MoMM2 Ray Mahanes: "The Doc knew he was beyond help with what he had to work with. The Doc felt helpless and we all had tears. Ralph was nice kid. He was only 19."

S1 Charles Stewart: "The death, of course, caused an emotional situation among the crew members. That was understandable of course.

Mahanes: "The Captain conducted a Christian burial service that couldn't have been any finer had it been at Arlington National Cemetery. Although it didn't bring Ralph back. When he died, something in me died. For me the war was over. It was a shame he was one hell of a nice kid. I felt like an old man." [Mahanes was 20 at the time.]

Ralph Clark Huston Jr was one of 3,505 submariners that did not return from the war.

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Another preview of sale items from our upcoming Spring Cleaning Store Sale. Less than two weeks until this huge clearance event!

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Every month, the Museum stays open late for Members Only: Third Thursdays. This month, enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and get a behind-the-scenes look at historic love letters from the collection.

Third Thursday programs are exclusive, after-hours events for members. Memberships start at just $25. Join today online:

Wisconsin Maritime Museum

It’s Ship and Boat Sunday!

Here are the Soo Locks during Engineers Weekend in 2017. The Locks are an engineering marvel that date back to the mid-1800s. They allow around 10,000 vessels a year to pass from Lake Superior to Huron, including freighters over 1,000 feet long.

📸: Connor Siemers

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you LakeCoast Local for capturing Sub Pub on the Water's beautiful view!

Dive In

All people are connected by the waters surrounding us. Between the mighty Mississippi River and the Great Lakes bordering our state, a network of creeks, lakes and rivers traverse Wisconsin, linking our individual stories to create a larger epic that resonates with all of us. The Wisconsin Maritime Museum invites all people to create personal and meaningful connections with our waterways through engaging programs, interactive exhibits and a world-class collection.

Founded in 1969 as the Manitowoc Submarine Memorial Association, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum has grown into one of the largest maritime museums in the region. In addition to commemorating the maritime heritage of the Manitowoc-Two Rivers area and the submarines built here during World War II, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum is now a leader in preserving the maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region.

Something that may come as a surprise to some is that the Wisconsin Maritime Museum is host to a Roof Deck bar! After you have finished touring the Museum and the beautiful USS Cobia, enjoy an alluring view of historical downtown Manitowoc and the Manitowoc River on the Wisconsin Maritime Museum's Roof Deck. The Sub Pub Roof Deck Bar supplies a full bar, kid friendly games, and local restaurants ready to deliver dinner right to you.

Come and visit us at 75 Maritime Drive. Our wonderful Front Desk Associates will be awaiting your arrival and are prepared to direct you through the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, to the Sub Pub on the Water.

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