Everybody Sings, Karaoke by Sean

Want the best karaoke at your favorite hangout? Call us today! Book your wedding or holiday party today! We do the ceremony, dinner, dancing, even karaoke!

[10/18/17]   We DJ'd a wedding Saturday. First time since having all my equipment stolen. God is so good!

[04/12/16]   Hey everyone! Wedding season is arriving, so don't forget that your favorite Karaoke host is also a professional wedding DJ and Officiant and singer. So whatever you or your family (and future family) needs to plan and have the perfect wedding, from customising the ceremony to wedding music all the way through dancing the night away, we've got you covered. Contact Sean via Facebook or email [email protected].

One Man and a Guitar, Sean McFarlin

Graduate from karaoke to the real thing today at 3:00

Open mic is today from 3:00 to 7:00. Some people are showing it as 4:00 to 8:00. It's some strange Facebook snafu, and my best people are working on it as we speak. See you there!

[10/16/15]   Karaoke tonight at the Blue Note!

[10/01/15]   What is there to do in Marshalltown on Thursday night? Hmmmm. I know! How about Karaoke at the Blue Note? That's right, karaoke is BACK at the Blue Note on Thursday nights. Now get uptown and show us how much you missed us!!

[09/09/15]   Don't worry about the music at your party, let us handle it for you! Let us DJ your party or reception and we will provide the perfect soundtrack for your special occasion! Call today, (515)257-6877 and reserve your date!


Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks) - "DREAMS" (With Lyrics)

Dreams" is a song written by singer Stevie Nicks, for the group Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album, Rumours. The song was the only U.S. number one hit for the group,...


Just when I needed you most - Dolly Parton - w/Lyrics♫

Thanks for watching my videos....I hope you enjoy.... :-) I do not understand how someone who claims to Care & Love a person, could leave them when they get ...

[07/08/15]   Open mic night at the Oasis tonight. Come on up and play/sing, listen, or try to stump One Man and a Guitar, Sean McFarlin!

[07/07/15]   Hey everyone, today July 7th is Sean's birthday!!!! Come up to Oasis tonight for open mic and wish him a Happy Birthday

[07/03/15]   Get your karaoke on tonight!


Everybody Sings, Karaoke by Sean

Get uptown and see the one and only Karaoke Chicken! Wednesday night chicken night at the Oasis!

Karaoke tonght at the Oasis? Why not! Come on out and try a new song!

[07/02/15]   Karaoke tonght at the Oasis? Why not! Come on out and try a new song!


Found these today and agreed for the most part:

A good KJ is not necessarily out to troll for tips, and will probably never ask you to give them one passed setting a jar out (sometimes I don't even do that), but it is common courtesy to tip somebody that is working in a service capacity (That includes ANY service job! DJs, waiters, bartenders, etc.), ESPECIALLY if you are making special requests of them.

What sort of special requests should you tip for? There are many things to consider, and they could include but are not limited to:

The KJ sings a duet with you at your request.

Having the KJ start a song over for you one or more times.

Changing your song for you at the last second.

Sneaking you into the list if you come late (most companies don't do this at all as a matter of policy).

Moving you up the list for any reason (most companies won't do this either).

Making a special announcement for you

Stopping the show for you, for ANY reason, such as: singing happy birthday, or allowing you to pop the question to your special someone.

The list goes on. Virtually all of these things inconvenience everyone else, MOST of whom have probably been waiting to sing for longer than you have, and can make people mad at the KJ.

Even so, most KJs will always say yes to most special requests, so if you do ask for something special like this, you should be willing to tip them for it!

Other things you should consider tipping for could include your KJ just being AWESOME. Are they entertaining and energetic? Do they sound great on the Mic? More importantly, do they make YOU sound great on the Mic? Mixing live audio, and doing it really well, is a valuable skill set, and it should not be ignored! It is really easy to tell a KJ that knows what they are doing, from one that does not.

If you constantly feel the KJ makes you sound great, and you consistently have a good tone, then by all means let them know!

Do they go the extra mile in any way? Getting up from the mixer and introducing themselves to you, while being genuinely personable, is commendable. It takes a lot of extra effort to go out of their way and socialize with you while running a smooth show. Leaving the mixing console can be dangerous, particularly with an amateur KJ, or worse, amateur singers! It can take constant attention to sound levels in some circumstances (experienced board operators don't need to fiddle with the controls as much).

Good KJs will do these things as a matter of course even though it can be taxing to stay upbeat and energetic all night, so it isn't too much to ask that you try to remind them that they are appreciated with a tip once in a while.

Karaoke is a business, and it costs money. It costs the KJ and karaoke company money, and it costs the business holding the event money. No one in the process works for free, I know you wouldn't!

So don't be surprised if you don't get special treatment when you come in, act like you own the place, don't order anything from the bar or restaurant, don't tip the KJ, and then STILL expect to get moved around the list or treated in some preferential manner.

A good karaoke company, and good KJs won't give anyone super special treatment, it has to be fair for everyone, and that includes regulars (you should too!); but they do remember those of you that take care of them, and an occasional bone being thrown to the person who tips, over those that don't, is just human nature.

[06/27/15]   Karaoke tonight at Oasis!!!

[06/23/15]   We will be at RJ's in Gladbrook this Saturday, June 27th, for the Corn Carnival!!! There may even be a short One Man and a Guitar, Sean McFarlin show too! Time TBA

[06/20/15]   Karaoke tonight at the Oasis!!

[06/11/15]   Karaoke tonight at the Oasis. Come up and late night karaoke with me !

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