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Excelsior is committed to creating an inviting, family friendly, and game oriented atmosphere while promoting social interaction among people with the intention of bringing them together using games as a foundation of fun." When customers walk through the doors of Excelsior they will be greeted with a question. Shall We Play a Game? This greeting is intended to politely challenge our customers to partake in one of the many games we sell. In accepting that challenge, we feel, our customers are allowing themselves to be exposed to the fun filled world of games as well as engage in social interaction with one of our highly skilled Gamemasters. Games are created for many reasons. Escapism through fun with others being one of the many. Fun is the foundation of games. Games offer many things to many people. Escape, experience, relaxation, and social bonding. Being able to balance the stresses of life with the fun of games allows for an overall increase in the quality of life. Social interaction is in the nature of humankind. For thousand of years people have been asking each other "Shall We Play a Game?" and we gladly continue this social tradition at Excelsior Gaming Lounge


Therapists Are Using Dungeons & Dragons To Get Kids To Open Up

kotaku.com Adam Davis, co-founder of the Dungeons & Dragons therapy group Wheelhouse Workshop, thinks kids with social issues aren’t being asked the right questions. In a dreary school counselor’s office, it can be hard to engage with “Why aren’t you doing your homework?” and “Have you tried jo...


Giant Pride, Striped or Solid Color D20 Dice Boxes

We did another thing!

etsy.com Giant D20 Dice Boxes with Magnetic closing mechanism. Can hold up to 13 standard sized 6 sided dice or 2 full poly sets. If you have your own 3D printer, you can get the model from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2436669 that has been provided freely under the Creative Commons - Attribution

Dice goblins rejoice. Wave 3 is here

Pokémon sword shield TCG hit shelves today, who was your starter?

Link went with Scorbunny.


Mom learns Pokémon TCG overnight and immediately places top 8 in local tournament | ONE Esports - The Home Of Esports

Join us Sunday at 4 to learn to play yourself!


oneesports.gg Pamela Director even defeated her own daughter on route to her top 8 finish.

How ever you roll, now with more holo

The new stickers are HOLOGRAPHIC

[01/27/20]   Kaz is up to no good again.

How do ya'll feel about pokeball dice?

With launch today we have some choices for FNM

our normal $15 booster
A $25 sealed event with prerelease kits

Custom Duck Tower order!


140mm Duck dice tower 15 colors available

Finally got my listing for the new Duck Towers up and running. take a look and poke around.

etsy.com 140 mm tall duck dice tower, drop the dice in the front and it comes out.... the back. 25 mm entry hole will fit all standard size dice. Hole can be scaled up if need, but cuts off the eyes.

[01/21/20]   Limited time only. We have a girls scout with cookies on site

Who wants to paint some owlbears?

quack. Quack. Quack! QUACK!

I think I'm on to something. Still a prototype, but, DUCK TOWER!

Fits all standard size dice.


January 13, 2020 Banned and Restricted Announcement

New bans

magic.wizards.com Updating the Modern B&R list for January 13, 2020

Magic: The Gathering

"This one goes out to all you Defender fans out there!"

Magic: The Gathering

Betrayed by the gods. Banished to the underworld. Rise up and escape your fate.

Theros Beyond Death is available everywhere 1/24. Play in a Prerelease at your local game store 1/17-1/19.

Learn how to preorder at TherosBeyondDeath.com

[12/31/19]   Happy new years folks

We will be closing at 330 today with the holiday in mind. Building some new shelving. :)

See you next decade!

We're here until 10 tonight



Why You Should Encourage Your Child's Love of Graphic Novels

We can special order just about anything for the holidays.

I know Link has been all about Captain Underpants and Dog-man. They have been reading chapter books since mid kindergarten, but still falls back to these for a laugh. The books are fast paced abd don't make the kid feel like they are forced into reading something boring. The other thing to keep in mind, the pictures don't take away from "30 minutes of reading". They are only an 'issue' is page numbers are counted.

parents.com Are graphic novels really hurting children's reading skills? And should kids just stick to the classics? Experts explain why it's time we end the graphic novel stigma for good.

Newest project in the works. 60 card pokemon deckboxes with pokemon inlays.

[12/01/19]   Testing the waters, If we were to run a dice making class over winter break, would there be any interest? There would a charge because materials are a thing, but you would be taught how to cast, sand, and finish dice. it would likely have to be a multiple class option because the resin dies need to cure over night. This would have to be slightly older folks, focused on middleschool and teens as tools are involved, and the first class would be 20 sided dice.


I could also run this as an adult program at night, maybe a week apart on a Tuesday

Wave 10 minis are here for Small Business Saturday


Custom etched glass and Custom Dice by humans with skin by NormalHumanDesigns

Kaz spent all day working at it, but Black Weekend Etsy sales are live on their handmade dice and custom etched glasses

Cyber2019 gets you 20% off all orders of $35 or more and Free US shipping!

etsy.com You searched for: NormalHumanDesigns! Discover the unique items that NormalHumanDesigns creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting NormalHumanDesigns, you’re supporting a small ...

[11/26/19]   Kaz has another dice giveaway over in Instagram land.

[11/14/19]   With the new movie in mind, Kaz just pulled 3 sets of turbo sparkle, Sonic the Hedgehog dice


Click here to support Tiana Chase for Excelsior Games Friendsgiving

We close at 11 pm tonight

Last push

customink.com Buy a shirt to help buy turkey for the masses

Did you know we print custom minis in house too? Resin printing means the smallest possible layer heights for smooth prints

New pathfinder game Sundays, starting at 330, looking for players!

Campaign takes place in a post war open world setting. Epic fantasy with light steampunk elements. Emphasis on exploration, player choice, puzzle solving and survival.

(Heavily inspired by Breath of the Wild.)

The greatest nation the world had ever known has been laid to waste after a one hundred years of disease, famine and war. All that remains of the glorious kingdom is a lawless wilderness overrun with bandits, monsters and worse. A deceptively beautiful but dangerous wasteland.

Players take on the role of the last living scion of the old kingdom and their closest and most capable allies. Delving the ancient foundations of the realm to unearth the artifacts that will illuminate the way forward toward restoring the nation to its former glory.

Pm if you're interested!


Normal Human Designs is creating Handmade Dice | Patreon

Dice Goblins

Kaz has done it again and gotten themselves into even more work.

If you want in on the dicey goods, here is your chance

patreon.com Become a patron of Normal Human Designs today: Read posts by Normal Human Designs and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

[11/01/19]   Pioneer Thursday?


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10 days to go on our friendsgiving 2019 fundraiser. Event details are coming up this week to help get things rolling. Without your help, we cant host events like this, everything you do is amazing

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Have you seen these?!?!


Magic: The Gathering Commander Legends Set Announced


gamerant.com Wizards of the Coast announces Magic: The Gathering's Commander Legends, a draftable Commander set featuring more than 70 new Legends.


Why playing board games is so good for kids – and how to get them to join in

Reasons we play

irishnews.com IF YOU'RE a parent who'd love to spend more time with the kids, and are desperate for them to stare at screens a little less, there could be a way of tackling both – by playing board games together.

[10/28/19]   Just for tonight folks, no parking at jiffy lube. They are repaving. Please use the municipal lot

Join us Sunday, starting at 2 pm for Brawl

We will be firing $10 constructed games all evening.

Brawl Weekend (Throne of Eldrain's Magic Weekend) will feature specially designed Brawl Decks—60-card ready-to-play decks, all Standard-legal, and designed specifically for the Brawl format. There are four decks available, and each has seven Standard-legal cards not available in Throne of Eldraine booster packs.

Since it’s a newer format, here’s a quick rundown on how Brawl works.

Brawl—the Short Version:

60-card decks
All cards must be Standard-legal
No more than 1 of a given card (except basic land)
1 "commander"—a legendary creature or planeswalker that begins in the command zone and returns to it any time it leaves the battlefield
Any mana symbol that appears on a given card must also appear on your commander
Players start with 30 life
Best played in groups of 3–5 players

We will be firing off Pods all day long and will have promos that will be given away throughout the day.

75mm giant spindown d20 in assorted pride flag designs!

Available in store and online at



However You Roll | ExcelsiorGames's Artist Shop

Little by little we add more designs to this platform

This little dice goblin tee has just been added

plus, notebooks, bags, stickers, skateboards? Lots of choices!

excelsiorgames.threadless.com A LGBTQI+ inclusive design for all of our dice goblins

[10/16/19]   Kaz is running a dice giveaway on their Instagram here. Check it out!

Jumbo Rainbow Spindown D20!


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Help us help feed our community for a special Friendsgiving, (please join us yourself too) by snagging one of our safety orange shirts this year, featuring our special d-turkey

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Epic Card Game

⭐️ Playtesters needed ⭐️

Are you in the Boston area? We are looking for people to help us playtest Epic Duels this weekend.

2-4 on Sunday at Excelsior Games in Maynard (park behind Jiffy Lube)

Please let us know if you plan to attend and also if you can't make that timeslot, let us know when you are available!

If so, please send us a message so we can arrange! Thank you so much!

Kaz has been hard at work on some spooky dice for the season

Want your business to be the top-listed Bar/pub in Maynard?

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How ever you roll, now with more holo
A "few" new dice





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