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Is this even still a winery?? This page has some of the most random posts on it; completely non-business related.
Beautiful day to ryde! #nowopen We are so happy for all businesses that are opening back up! We tried a new place and can recommend it to all! B52 Winery corner of Hwy 40 & Hwy 43 North of Paw Paw. The Chardonnay was exceptional as was Sue, our server, and Jeff the owner! #spyderryders #canam #bykerdistancing
Happy Thanksgiving to my winery family!

B52 Winery celebrates the heroic 1100 first female aviators to fly military aircraft in WWII.

Operating as usual

It's Day 2 of our Fall Festival! Come by from noon to 8:00 pm and help us support the completion of the 'Coming Home' documentary about the Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II!

B-52 Winery in Paw Paw is having a Fall Festival Oct 16 – 18. Come Celebrate the Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II. B-52 Winery will donate proceeds towards the completion of their documentary,

‘Coming Home’

Enjoy some food and beer at Lucky Girl Brewery right next door.
The Trailer for the documentary will be shown at B-52 Winery.

Learn more or donate: https://thereddoorfilms.wedid.it/campaigns/7921

34016 M-43
Paw Paw, MI 49079
Friday 3:00 to 9:00 pm
Saturday noon to 8:00 pm
Sunday noon to 6:00 pm


Private Pilot Made Easy: Online Ground School Course - Pilot Institute

Just how badly DO you want to fly?

This course comes with the instructor endorsement that's required by the FAA for you to take the test. #liftoff

pilotinstitute.com This 35 hour course contains everything you need to know to get Part 61 certified. Pass the exam and achieve your dreams of becoming a Private Pilot.

A Farewell to Summer 2020

"Summer 2020, you were a lesson in slowing down. A lesson in stripping away life as we know it and building back up with only what matters" - Katie, blogger www.livehalffullblog.com

We're celebrating Asian Americans serving in U.S Army! We are offering $1 off 2018 Chardonnay throughout Sept 27th, Sunday, in honor of Hazel Ying Lee and Maggie Gee, the first Chinese American females airforce pilots.


31.0% Poverty Rate in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Together We Can Inspire. Food Drive Coming This October 17th and 18th.

Food Bank matter to us as it we are addressing the community health disparities. On October 17th and 18th, we're collecting $10 worth of canned goods, other non-perishable items, bottles of water, and socks. All proceeds go to Kalamazoo Deacons Conference & Loaves and Fishes.

What is the poverty rate of Kalamazoo, Michigan?

The poverty rate in Kalamazoo is 31.0%. One out of every 3.2 residents of Kalamazoo lives in poverty.

21,311 of 68,651 Kalamazoo residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

39.3% of Black residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan live below the poverty line.

36.6% of Asian residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan live below the poverty line.

33.4% of Hispanic residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan live below the poverty line.

26.7% of White residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan live below the poverty line.

Please save the date for October 17 + October 18.


welfareinfo.org The poverty rate in Kalamazoo, Michigan is 31.0%. 21,311 of 68,651 Kalamazoo residents reported below-poverty-level incomes in the past year.

B52 Winery celebrates Hazel Ying Lee, one of the heroic 1100 first female aviators to fly military aircraft in WWII.

We are offering $1 off 2018 Chardonnay throughout Sept 27th, Sunday. Lucky Girl Brewing Co. Crossroads

The definite origin of fermented drinks will always be an enigma. The earliest settlement may know about alcohol by observing monkeys pyramiding fruits in rock’s crevice so they could slurp the fermented nectars.

With the establishment of agriculture, winemaking became a mainstay. Farming was the basis behind early civilizations that brought early civilizations together as a whole.

With its intricate ingredients, we at no time know all the details of how the neolithic city of Jiahu produced its wine. With the analysis of their pottery, researchers were able to discern its composition. Some evidence suggests that the locals fermented wine from rice, millet, honey, wild grapes & hawthorn fruits. They used jars of pottery to store wine, rice, and millet.

Mold saccharification is a Chinese contribution to alcoholic beverage making. The Chinese utilize the molds by breaking down the carbohydrates in rice and other grains into fermentable sugars. The process of their winemaking is a natural process that requires very little human intervention. Jiahu is a site of wonder. - Hasani Javed

B52 Winery's cover photo

The wine culture has a rich history in China dating back to the Neolithic Era. This time period was also known as the New Stone Age, the final phase of cultural advancement and technological growth among prehistoric humans.

The Tang Dynasty (618 to 906 ad) has sophisticated the beverage through political, economic and social conditions. Along with Taoism, the wine culture vitalized and invigorated the social life of the region. The Golden Dynasty poetry also gave rise to the rising popularity of wine culture.

Today, the heritage of wine still continues to reform the way of Chinese life. 🍷 - Hasani Javed

I'm Sure

"They leave and come more beautiful than them, so don't be afraid to leave anyone"

B52 Schedule; Sept 21 -27 | What to look for this week:
The origin and history of wine making in Neolithic Asia & Ancient Culture.

Welcome To The Jungle

Extraordinarily Food Drive + Free Wine / Craft-Beer Tasting Festival Coming Oct 17, 2020.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion. - Thomas Paine #southwestmichigan

Stevie Emerson

"A soulmate is someone who has the locks that fit our keys -
And the keys that fit our locks -
And when we find that person, we then become open -
To the idea that this person can open up our world. (SNAPS)" 😹

guys night out (expectation vs reality)

Save The Date

Extraordinarily Food Drive + Free Wine / Craft-Beer Tasting Festival Coming Oct 17, 2020.

"There isn't time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that.” Mark Twain ❤️☺️

Lifting off the weekend with this emulation of the Great Bordeaux of the Right Bank! #freepalestine

Bordeaux, Southwest France is one of the most famous old world wine regions.

The Left and Right Banks are split up by the Gironde Estuary and its two subordinate rivers, Dordogne and the Garonne. The estuary is the tidal mouth of a large river where the sea meets the stream.

The Right Bank is recognized for its Merlot blends while the Left Bank is known for Cabernet Sauvignon blends.

The terroir of the Right Bank is composed of limestone (close to the surface), gravels, clays deposits & sands rich in iron. The quality textures of these soils are ideal for absorbing and maintaining water which keep the vines cool. The Right Bank is warmer than the left bank during the summer. This indicated the grapes are ripe and lower in acidity compared to the Left Bank grapes.

Merlot based Right Bank wines tend to have more bottle up tannins. - Hasani Javed #smooth #rich #easy

Integrity + Save The Date

Extraordinarily Food Drive + Free Wine / Craft-Beer Tasting Festival Coming Oct 17, 2020.

The female keeps reading romantic stories, combining with events, and living the most beautiful feeling in the universe before marriage, and once she gets married, she starts reading crime stories. 😊 #kalamazoomichigan #lansingmichigan #grandrapidsmichigan #bookclub

Nashville Scandal: How Mayor's Office hid data about low COVID-19 cases from public to keep bars, restaurants closed

That's corruption

The astoundingly low number of coronavirus cases in Nashville's Broadway area of bars and restaurants may have been withheld from the public for political reasons, according to a report.

Save the Date!

Extraordinarily Food Drive + Free Wine / Craft-Beer Tasting Festival Coming Oct 17, 2020.
If the heart dies; mercy is gone
And if the mind dies; wisdom is gone
And if the conscience dies; everything is gone!

B52 Winery's cover photo

Always Organic Never Ordinary

The lessons is not how strong your strikes are, it’s your ability to take the strike, and keep moving forward in your path.

Hi, My name is Hasani Javed - cofounder of B52 Winery and Lucky Girl Brewery Company.

Don’t hate who is jealous of you but respect in him because his jealousy is nothing but his confession that you are better than them.

I spent my life dying as I discovered new things about myself and an idiot comes and says I know you well.

Celebrate Mexico Independence Day with a traditional lager and dish at Lucky Girl Brewing Co. Crossroads. #battlecry

[09/15/20]   We are currently working on setting up e-commerce. Please be patient USA🙏

[09/15/20]   We have decided to change the date of the free tasting event to Saturday, Oct 17th. Please save the date and stay tuned for more information!

Safari at Southwest Michigan

Nobody can ambush you expect those who know your movements well. Do not tell anyone what you think to reach it safely.❤️ Please make sure to hit that follow button.

Lilly Singh

Chips Ahoy! Two of my favorite ladies 🔥

I will 100% of the time make myself look crazy to make my friend look good..

Save the date! 10. 14. 2020 / FOOD DRIVE + Free Wine and Craft Beer Tasting EVENT at B52 Winery and Lucky Girl Brewing Co. Crossroads. Stay tuned for more details.

"Instead of intrude on other people's privacy, try to intrude on the dark areas of your mind, those spots that have not recieved the grace of understanding yet"

oh my lord ~ the kite runner

Movies never do justice to the books. Book Club coming soon to B52 Winery.
Follow B52 Winery for more exciting contents 🔥 https://youtu.be/6ea8BBpLhyc

sami yusuf supplication ~ from The Kite Runner

The sky is not the limit - Coming Soon - Free Wine Tasting Event - TBA

Loyalty Rewards Program: Check out with your server (It’s on the tip of ours tongue!) to get your card and start earning your stars

Safari at Southwest Michigan

Let the nobility of nature inspire us.😼

Who can relate to this boozy meme about wine? 😸


B52 Winery celebrates the heroic 1100 first female aviators to fly military aircraft in WWII. These pioneering female aviators flew over 60 million miles and ferried every type of military aircraft to the war front. Thirty-eight members lost their lives and one disappeared while on a ferry mission, her fate still unknown. In 1977, for their WWII service, the members were granted veteran status, and in 2009 awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

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A Farewell to Summer 2020
I'm Sure
Welcome To The Jungle
Integrity + Save The Date
Always Organic Never Ordinary
Safari at Southwest Michigan
Safari at Southwest Michigan
Cat Wining!





34020 M43
Paw Paw, MI

Opening Hours

Thursday 15:00 - 21:00
Friday 15:00 - 21:00
Saturday 12:00 - 20:00
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00
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