Master of Sport Barbell School

Training YOUR basic desire to produce a long term disciplined goal.

I know your body, and its competitive potential better than you do. First off, let me tell you your local personal trainer knows literally little to almost nothing beyond the basic book or books he or she have been tested over, or if they do possibly know something it is probably from their own personal dedication and experiences within the gym not the teachings of some generic book. Most personal trainers gave up putting any energy and creativity into their very sub-par clients that pay them for a hand full of sessions within weeks or months of beginning their career as a trainer. This lack of effort and knowledge comes with their personal realization that people pay and fail miserably then give up if progress does not occur reasonably quickly. Due to the trainer the client fails, the client very rarely fails the trainer. Because if they fail after a month or two another sap will come along for the trainer to pray on. There is no trial and error for these clients, no individualized goal or long term program set up for each client. Personal trainers most of the time use the same ten to twenty exercises on all clients based upon what is easiest to teach (quickest way to get easy pay). It can take months if not years to truly work with a client with a desire for a specific kind of success. Now it is my job to explain why I am your long term training and goal based solution. It is my purpose to find people desiring high levels of long term slow and patient success, and success never comes quickly so the person that understands this is my dream client. I will work directly with each person on form, exercise selection and modification based upon trial and error. Trial and error can and usually will take multiple sessions meaning weeks if not months. Based upon specific long term goals i.e. powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and bodybuilding. I will work on short and long term programs for already competing individuals, soon to be competing, or those who might be interested in competing at some point after lots and lots of basic training. Volume can and will always range from high to low, and will be determined based in the individuals personal weight, and bar weight ratio and competency within their sport. This can mean form breakdown, recovery rate or stamina, ability to recover from a prior workout. Personal availability also is a factor with me. If a client is serious I will be able to tell if they are truly serious. In mind mind if you are not available to train or make time to train I will drop you from my educational programs and systems. Wasting your personal time is wasting my effort within these sports that I care so deeply about. All forms of competitive lifting should be looked at as a long term plan some times decades can pass by before the goal is achieved. I know my stuff, so if your schedule/sessions ends up matching with another client do not worry. I can handle multiple people, and multiple programs. The more people the more competitive the environment, and the more competitive an environment is the more success a serious lifter will have. Orientation is $25 for a two hour introduction to your future Master of Sport Barbell School weight-lifting focused path. This includes a technical form evaluation session where you will perform a variety of exercises so I can take notes on your form, movement, and muscle-specific strengths and weaknesses. The orientation process will allow me to design a program specific to your needs and goals for the coming weeks, months, and years. I offer a variety of budget and time based options. Workout sessions last 2 hours, and must be done a minimum of 2 times a week or more depending on your personal goals. Olympic Lifters Weekly Cost Breakdown 2 Coached Sessions + Program Design -$65.00- 2 Coached Sessions + Online Coaching + Program Design -$80.00- Power Lifters Weekly Cost Breakdown 3 Coached Sessions + Program Design -$85.00- 3 Coached Sessions + Online Coaching + Program Design -$100.00- Body Builders Weekly Cost Breakdown 4 Coached Sessions + Program Design -$90.00- 4 Coached Sessions + Online Coaching + Program Design -$110.00- Weekly Program Design Only + Online Coaching -$45.00- *Gym session entrance fee is included with all pricing. *Online coaching includes session to session question and answering.

[09/16/18]   At home limited time work out. Unilateral seated/standing overhead dumbbell press 6x14-17 or 100 reps no less than 14 reps a set. Unilateral dumbbell side raise same rep scheme as the overhead press. Dumbbell shrug same rep scheme as above. Unilateral dumbbell overhead extension 17 sets of 4-6 reps an arm. Boom you are done. You can superset the whole thing. There you have it 1 hr 40 minutes over the whole week for front and side delts, traps, and triceps.

[06/09/18]   More workout ideas are coming

[06/09/18]   With limited time comes a limited workout.

Try this workout

deficit romanian dumbbell/barbell deadlift

wide grip straight arm pulldown

v-bar pulldown

cable pull-through

lying ez bar spider curl

Incline Facing Down Dumbbell Reverse Reverse Flye

[06/09/18]   Perform 20 minutes of intense cardio 3-5 times a week.

[06/09/18]   Work the glutes directly after most of the workouts hardest movements are done. 2 times a week with rep ranges around 14-17. Only 1 all out set is needed, and maybe a few warm up sets. Perform cable pull-throughs.

[06/09/18]   Train the tricep 3 times a week. You do not need isolation movements like overhead extensions as enjoyable as they are. I recommend parallel dips weighted, bodyweight, or assisted. With cardio comes definition. The exercise will bring mass and shape. Perform 4-5 sets of warm ups to get the blood pumping. Then perform one all out set of 4-6 reps. Remember if you can do it easily start by adding 5% to your total body weight with a dip belt and add from there. Also intensify anything in any of my work outs. By taking longer on each rep with a 4-2-4 tempo, or a 8-1-1 those numbers are seconds per each portion of the 3 portions of a lift. Also reduce rest times.

[06/04/18]   Work your lats in two ways wide grip straight arm pulldowns 11-13 reps a set, also v bar pulldowns 11-13 reps a set. The row is more than enough for the middle back cable rows with a wide grip are a good choice 11-13 reps. Hyperextensions work the lower back stay in the 14-17 range rep wise. All 4 of these movements should have an adequete warm up and also focus on the stretch. Do each movement 1 time a week. Over 3 different days.

[06/04/18]   There are two portions of the bicep that need to be worked. Outer/inner upper and then then lower. No these are not the specific muscle names just the division of them. Perform 4 warm up sets of 7-10 and then 1 set of 7-10 with the concept of failure in mind. The first movement is lying incline dumbbell hammer curls. Followed by 3 warm up sets and 1 failure set of spider curls with the ez bar a medium grip is preferred. Train the bicep 4 days a week. The total time should be around 36 minutes a week, or 28 warm up sets and 8 working sets.

[06/04/18]   To properly work the chest the bench press is actually almost completely useless. Cable and machine flyes are all that is needed. Perform 4 warm up sets and then 1 or more failure sets of (7-10) do this routine 2 times a week.

[06/04/18]   Work the traps 3 times a week always once more thab your pushing muscles. I recommend exteme isolation with the smith machine. Holding each shrug 2-4 seconds at the top. Only 2 warm up sets are necessary. Then 1 all out set of 14-17 reps. A total of 6 warm up sets and 3 working sets or 18 minutes a week.

[06/04/18]   The front portion of your delts need to be worked 2 times a week all you need are overhead presses and i recommend for muscle isolation and inflammation/injury prevention to use the smith machine. Perform 2 warm up sets and 1 failure set of (14-17) reps keep it in the 64-67% range of 92% of your training max. Then work your side and rear portions of your delts 4 times a week a max of 1 warm up set for each and 1 working set with each lateral delts should be worked in the 14-17 range and rear delts should be worked in the 11-13 rep range. Lying face down on a bench that is in an incline position lateral raises with dumbells for your side delts is more than adequate then a reverse flye machine or bent over rear cable laterals for your posterior delts is again more than adequete. Shoulders in total include 10 working sets and 10 warm up sets or 20 minutes a week.

[06/04/18]   Start a leg workout with 4 warm up sets of toes together smith machine squats in the (7-10) then do a singular failure set of (7-10) with 75-81% of your 92% training max. After that go over to either the leg extension or leg press and belt out 3 warm up sets of (7-10) reps then 1 all out set of (7-10) reps. Then go ahead and do 2 warm up sets of lunges in the (11-13) range followed by a non failure set of (11-13) dont want to pull anything down there you know? Do this quad workout 2 tims a week 72 hrs a part. Next you want to work hamstrings 2 times a week as well, but do not work the fronts and backs of your legs on the same day. All you need to do is do 5 warm up sets of 4-6 reps. Of the barbell romanian deficit deadlift. Then one all out set of 83-89% of your 92% training max.

[10/15/17]   Perform an all out set of wide grip pulldowns with hands pronated. Go to absolute failure. Multiply what ever number of reps you got by 3. That number is the number of drop set reps you need achieve. Now drop the weight by 10% and go to failure. Drop the weight however many times it takes to get to that total number. Keep your initial all out set at a weight where you can only finish 8-12 rep ranges. So your drop sets should only total 24-36 reps. Now once you complete that. Move onto medium grip suppinated palms pulldown. Repeat the prior set and then do it again with parallel grip pulldowns and straight arm pulldowns. In all you should do 16 sets just for the lats, and 128-144 total reps. In about 17 minutes.

[10/13/17]   Warm up on all back routines with varying grip pull ups and chin ups. Aim to get 3 sets of each grip wide, reverse, parallel. Getting 8-12 fully stretched reps per warm up set.

[09/20/17]   Work your chest with the following exercises in the given rep ranges. Smith machine wide grip incline bench 3x6-8. Machine seated press 3x6-8. Incline dumbbell flye 3x8-12. Machine flye 3x8-12. And if you are adventerous trying adding negative dips 3xfailure

[09/20/17]   Work your lower back with the following two movements. Hyperextension- 3x12-15, deadlift- 3x8-12

[09/20/17]   Work your back thickness like this. Barbell row 3x6-8. Machine unilateral row 3x8-12. Cable or machine overhand row 3x12-15. Switch the exercises out but keep the rep ranges the same every 6 weeks

[09/20/17]   Work your lats from all angles with this routine before the rest of your back movements. Straight arm pulldown w/rope 3x8-12. Wide grip pulldown 3x8-12. Reverse grip pulldown 3x8-12. Switch the order up every 6 weeks.

[09/06/17]   Work your lats first in a back workout. Stay in the (8-12) rep range for 2 exercises with 1-2 warm up sets for each movement. Total working sets should be 2-6 sets depending on how advanced you are. Next work your middle back with 3 different exercises. With a total of 3-9 working sets. Rep ranges can range from 6-15. Work your your delts next in a rep range of 8-15. 2 exercises should do with 2-6 working sets. Follow this up with lower back and traps. Low back should be worked in the 8-15 rep range. Keep your working sets at 2-6 Total never more. Traps can be worked in the 6-15 Rep range. For 1-3 sets.

[08/24/17]   Shoulder, Trap, Tricep, and Ab Day.

Smith Machine Overhead Press (Wide Grip/Seated)

*Go all the way down to the collar bone, with a wide grip and come up only about 4" above your head. Take 4 seconds to go down. and do not pause at the bottom. Then come up taking 4 seconds, and pause not fully locked out to overwork those delts for 2 seconds.

Smith Machine Upright Row (Wide Grip)

*Bring the weight up to nipple level and go back down. Never let the weight fully rest to maintain focus on the lateral head of the delt. Take 4 seconds up, 4 seconds down, and 2 seconds at the top. I recommend using straps this is not a grip movement.

Cable Unilateral Side Raise

*Hold the weight at the top for a count of 2 seconds, and do not swing the weight to get it up.

Smith Machine Shrug (In Front/Behind) *ALTERNATE weekly*

*Pause every rep for 4 seconds

Cable Overhead Extension (V Bar)

*Fully extend your arms at the top for a count of 2 seconds. Take 4 seconds to come down, and 4 seconds to extend your arm. If you can allow your arm to remain fully stretched in the bottom position for 15-30 seconds at the beginning of each set.

Cable Facing Away EZ Bar Forehead Extension

*4 out, 2 pause, 4 back in.

Cable Reverse Grip Unilateral Pushdown

*4 down, 0 pause, 4 back in.

Decline Sit Up

[08/23/17]   If your calves do not touch your hamstrings and glutes during a squat then do not under any circumstance tell me you squat such and such weight or squat this often or that often. Nor attempt to tell me you are trying some new training technique involving partial techniques. If it would not get 2 out of 3 competition lights for being good it does not count therefore we can not be friends.
This is the same for bench pressing. If you can not bring the weight to your chest and lock it out it is not a bench. It is a partial press mainly involving just your triceps. So telling me excuses like your arms are too long or it might hurt your shoulders. Well for one if you know how to bench your shoulders will never hurt, and two I am taller than you, and bench more than you I think my advice means more to you than your odd ego based lifting process.

[08/20/17]   Doing a bunch of barbell bench presses is a waste of time if you are not a competitive powerlifter. Take it from me I did nothing but bench and bench variations incline, close grip, wide grip, touch and go, pauses in the chest. I find that the best movements for chest development after 7 years of lifting are ... smith machine incline wide grip bench press. It's best to keep these in the two range of 6-10. Go all the way down hold it on your chest for a quick count of 2 seconds and go up to about 4" shy of lockout. Then move onto a flat pressing machine. Again keep your reps in the 6-10 range always stretch at the bottom for a count of 2 seconds and squeeze your pecs at the top for 2 seconds. No partial rep range. Next do incline dumbbell flyes*** in the two range of 6-10. Focus on the bottom there really is no chest based work at the top so instead of facing your palms together stretch to the bottom and hold for a quick count of two pronate your palms down as you tweist your wrist. Instead of keeping your hands at chest level attempt to keep your hands at rye level. Weighted parallel bar dips are next for sets of 8-12

[08/18/17]   Before I started working out versus now measurements side by side.

2010-2017 (7 years) 143 lbs. up to 237 lbs.

Neck- 14"---18.5" need another 1/2-1 1/2" on there
Chest- 40"---51"
Upper Arm- 13"---18" need it to grow another 1/2"-1 1/2"
Forearm- 8"----14" need it to grow another 1/2"- 1 1/2"
Waist- 31"----35"
Hip- ???
Thigh- 21"---27" need it to grow another 2-4"
Calf- 11"---16.5" need another 1/2"

[08/17/17]   Work those legs yes yes...

Leg Extension (control your reps slow, and hold at the top)
3x(10-15) ---- at the end of each set complete forced partial reps (2-3) will do.

Leg Press(all the way down but never lock your knees out)
3x(10-15) ---- at the end of your reps always have some one help you get (2-3) extra reps by pushing with you.

Hack Squat/Smith Machine Heels Touching Squat

Lying/Seated Leg Curl

Smith Machine Stiff Legged Deadlift (go down to your toes only up above your knees)

Standing Unilateral Leg Curl

Standing Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise

[08/15/17]   Smith Machine Seated Overhead Press

*1x(12-15) 145 lbs.
*1x(10-12) 170 lbs.
3x(6-10) 205 lbs.

*Always have a partner assist forcing with 1-2 reps at the end of each working set.

Smith Machine Wide Grip Upright Row

*always have some one stand in front of you assisting forced reps at the end of each working set (1-2) reps per set extra will do

Cable lateral raise

*Always go to failure then have some one assist (1-2) reps than after that have your partner bring the weight up completely and try to take as long as possible coming down for another (1-2) reps.

[08/12/17]   Keep your feet together but pointed out like a duck. Load up the Smith machine and do ass to grass squats do not lock out at the top until the set is done. Keep working sets in the 8-15 range oh and to make it harder hold the barbell in a front squat position. Try to lower yourself slowly pausing at the bottom very briefly and spring yourself back up. You really only need 1-3 strong sets if this after 1-2 warm up sets of 10-15. I recommend doing these after leg extensions and leg presses to ensure the body is fully warmed up and stretched out. Also your body will recruit all the necessary muscles for this due to being pre fatigued

[08/08/17]   Set the incline at 35-45 degrees on an adjustable bench. Smith machine incline press. 3x12-20 w/50% 1x10. w/60% 1x8. w/70% 3x6-10. w/83% do not increase weight ever until the max given reps per set are complete

[08/02/17]   On the smith machine load up 4 25 lbs. plates on each side... yes 100 lbs. per side. Put straps on, and do as many reps as possible have some one take a plate off. Continue until all the weight is off. If you completed 100 reps in 4 sets goo job at 20 lbs. the next time. Yes that makes 220 plus bar weight. Otherwise if you did not get 100 reps start over at 3 plates and take weight off again or add until you get to 100 reps. If you are weak it could take 3-4 rounds of weight removal and adding. If you are like me then you can achieve 100 reps in 5 sets of shrugs

*warm up*
90 x 10
180 x 8
270 x 5

325 lbs x 17
270 lbs x 19
180 lbs x 33
90 lbs x 31

Do not count the 15-25 lbs. of the bar weight for the machine just count plate weight.

After that if you really want to blow up your traps and shoulders try doing 50 reps of 1/2 rep upright rows so go all the way up and pause for 2-4 seconds and but only come down to your belly button again taking 2-4 seconds coming down. Try not to pause at the bottom.
Start with 4 10 lbs. plates per side and go up from there when you can complete 50 reps in 4 sets or less.
Have some one remove the weight for you.

I have done

170 lbs. x 10
150 lbs. x 11
100 lbs. x 13
50 lbs. x 16

[08/02/17]   Smith Machine *Seated* Overhead Press
1 x (10-12) 105 lbs. rest 30-60 second
1 x (6-8) 145 lbs. rest 45-75 second
4-6 x (4-6) 205 lbs. rest 60-90 second

Cable *Wide Grip* Upright Row
1 x (8-10) 110 lbs. rest 30-60 second
3-5 x (6-8) 160 lbs. rest 45-60 second

Cable *Behind the Back* Lateral Raise
2-3 x (10-12) 35 lbs. rest 30-60 second

Smith Machine *Overhand* Shrug
1 x (15-20) 170 lbs. rest 30-60 second
1 x (10-12) 235 lbs. rest 45-75 second
3-4 x (8-10) 335 lbs. rest 60-90 second

Seated Overhead Dumbbell/Cable Extension
1 x (15-20) 50 lbs.
1 x (10-12) 70 lbs.
3-4 x (8-10) 100 lbs.

Parallel Bar Dip *Weighted*
1 x (8-10) add 30 lbs.
3-5 x (6-8) add 40 lbs.

Cable *Reverse Grip* Unilateral Pushdown
2-3 x (10-12) 45 lbs.

Reverse Decline Leg Up

[07/23/17]   Try this get to 100 reps using a 4 up 2 hold at the top and 4 second negative on the leg extension. (10-12) reps per set.

Leg Press/Hack Squat get to 50 reps using (6-8) reps a set. Again using the 4-2-4 tempo.

Then do another 50 reps with a goblet/rear elevated Bulgarian squat. In the (8-10) rep range using the 4-2-4 method. Although instead of doing standard sets do drop sets until you get to 50.

Walking lunge lunge until you ca not lunge anymore. Just bodyweight.

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