Riggers Loft Wine Company

Riggers Loft Wine Company


Looking forward to playing piano jazz at Riggers this Friday, April 5th, 6-9PM, with the wonderful bassist Karl Hartmann!
The 2012 R&B Cab Sauvignon was just released and its a thick jammy joy. It doesn't just have legs, it has thick rivulets. Amazing with hot spicy food, but just fine on its own. Kevin hit a home run with this one.
Friends! I'm BACK IN THE Bay Area! Come down and enjoy jazz and wine to open the Festive Season with Kit Eakle, violin, Graham Leggett, piano and Alex Baum, bass! Looking forward to seeing you ALL!
TRIVIA is back this Thursday. Round 3 is "NCIS" and the entire TV Franchise. Fun starts at 7:00pm (every 1st and 3rd Thursday). Get there early to get settled and to grab a bite from the food truck. Team size: 1-6 people Previous winners: 1st Place: Lee Harvey Osprey 2nd Place: Juan Guava 3rd Place: Gleesome Threesome
A gull chasing daddy osprey (Richmond)..got a little too close to their nesting territory.
We had a great time today wine tasting and the food truck was great.We will be back so much fun
RPM3 trio live at Riggers Loft Wine Company yesterday: Tony Corman on M3 guitar, Karl Hartmann on bass, Gerry Kennet on drums. Photo by Irene Young.
too fun to miss!

The home of R&B Cellars, Carica Wines, and Far West Cider Company. If you need help finding us, please use GOOGLE MAPS

Riggers Loft Wine Company, located in beautiful Point Richmond, California, is a production facility for several wineries, some of whom share the tasting room -- R&B Cellars, Carica Wines, Irish Monkey Cellars, and Far West Cider Company. The building is a part of the historic Kaiser Shipyard, which built many of the Victory and Liberty ships in World War II. It is located right on the beautiful San Francisco Bay with a gorgeous panoramic view.

Movie Night at Riggers Loft!
Watch the hilarious movie "Wine Country"
Wednesday, January 22nd - 6PM
Wine, cider, popcorn!
It's Wednesday, so BYOP (Bring your own picnic.)
#movienight #winecountry RiggersLoftWine.com

The Oscars are coming to Riggers Loft! February 9th from 4:30-8pm.
Dress like a movie star or come as you are, but come! Ladies, Get-Your-Glam-On! Go to RentTheRunway.com for fabulous and cheap rentals of gowns!
I rented this gown for $50 last year. More exciting info to come!

Oyster Sunday! Champagne, Mimosas (many flavors), wine and cider.
Raw and grilled oysters. Sunday, January 19th, 1-4pm.
#sundaymimosas #champagneandoysters #oystersandwine
#richmond Riggersloftwine.com

Carolyn's Creole Kitchen at Riggers Loft, today and tomorrow: Seafood Gumbo, Fried Catfish Sliders, and many smaller plates...like Quesadillas, Cheese & Fruit Plates...
#creolefood #foodandwine #eastbaywinery Riggersloftwinecom

Laura Klein Duo - tonight at Riggers Loft. Laura is one of the finest jazz pianist in the Bay area. We love having her play at Riggers Loft. Tonight from 6-9pm.
Food: The Eating #jazzpiano #winebar #eastbay RiggersLoftWine.com

Weekend tunes at Riggers Loft...
Tonight (6-9pm) Marimbondo Brazilian Jazz.
Saturday night (6-9pm)...Neal Kelly Trio.
Food: The Eating.
RiggersLoftWine.com #jazz #wine #cider

It's a beautiful Sunday! Come down for the wine, cider, the view and Carolyn's Creole cuisine. Carolyn's got Hot Garlic Crab too! At 1:30, listen to the awesome duo of Graham Leggett on piano and Kit Eakle on jazz violin.
#winebythebay RiggersLoftWine.com #riggersloft

We got rhythm! We got wine!
Tonight is Brazilian jazz vocalist Karen Sudjian and Trio: 6-9pm. On Sunday from 1:30-4pm will be Graham Leggett on piano and Kit Eakle on jazz violin.

Thomas Molina & Yuppie Liberation Front - tonight at Riggers Loft! 6-9pm. Classic jazz, original compositions, danceable R&B, to vibrant jazz concert material. RiggersLoftWine.com Tonight's food: The Eating #jazz #wine

NYE is almost upon us! Come ring in the New Year at Riggers Loft! Tickets are only $15. For information and tickets go to: rbcellars.com/wines/Event-Tickets
#NYE #newyearseve #nyeparty #nyefireworks

It's almost New Year's Eve. Do you have your bubbly?
We have a delicious Methode Champenoise - a dry & crisp champagne with very fine bubbles - available in the tasting room. Show this FB post and get your bubbly for $28 - 20% off the regular price. #bubbly #champagne #NYEbubbles

Happy Holidays to all our friends, near and far.
From all of us at Riggers Loft.

John Roden Quintet - tonight at Riggers Loft! Wines, ciders, food...a perfect Holiday Saturday night! #jazz #wine #cider #foodandwine RiggersLoftWine.com

The fabulous James Funk - tonight at Riggers Loft.

James Funk is playing tonight at Riggers Loft. A wonderful pop singer who sings mainly British pop songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. 6-9pm. RiggersLoftWine.com
Food: The Eating.

Hurry and get your tickets for Riggers Loft's New Year's Eve Bash. 9PM-12:15AM

Spend New Year's Eve at Riggers Loft! 9-midnight.
Dancing, great DJ, delicious wine, cider and food, champagne toast at midnight & the SF fireworks across the bay. Tickets are $15: rbcellars.com/wines/Event-Tickets

We're all decorated for the Holidays!
RiggersLoftWine.com #celebrating

Give the gift of Wine! With an R&B Cellars Gift Certificate: $25, $50, $100. Go to: rbcellars.com/wines/gift-certificates

End your weekend on a positive "note" with Jazz Pack.
3-6pm...today @ Riggers Loft.
#sundayjazz #jazzandwine #riggersloft #eastbaytastingroom #watersidetastingroom

Don't forget! Today is Oyster Sunday!
Riggers Loft! 1-4pm
Raw & grilled w pesto parmesan. Super fresh, super delish!
Try pairing it w R&B's new bubbly!
#oysters #oystersandwine #richmond #eastbaywinery #sundayfun #champagneandoysters

Let the delicious food from Carolyn's Creole Kitchen warm you up this rainy weekend:
Tender BBQ Ribs, Links, Chicken Gumbo, Fresh Collard Greens, Yams and Mojo Shrimp Sliders and more!
#creolefood #wine #winetasting #eastbaywinery

The awesome Joe Kelner Quartet tonight at Riggers Loft! 6-9pm.
The infrared heaters are on. The tree is decorated.
Food: Carolyn's Creole Kitchen
#eastbaywinery #eastbaytastingroom #wine #cider #foodandwine #wedontmeltintherain

The fabulous JazzPack tonight at Riggers Loft. 6-9pm
RiggersLoftwine.com #livemusic #winetasting #winesale
#cider #eastbaywinery #sfwinery #sfbay

Grab a glass and share the holiday spirit with us today and help us decorate the Riggers Loft tree. We'll have it ready for your artistry by 2pm. Food: The Eating.
RiggersLoftWine.com #trimthetree

Holiday Wine Sale Reprieve!
If you missed the great wine sale last weekend, you have another chance to buy and save today! From 4-10pm.
Up to 30% off on select wines. #blackfriday #winesale #eastbaywinery RiggersLoftWine.com

Oh yeah. This is how it is done right and proper!
Thappy Hanksgiving, everyone!
From all of us at Liggers Roft

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
We wanted to make sure you knew that we will be closed on Wednesday the 27th. We'll see you on Friday the 29th!!


20 Wines to Serve On Thanksgiving

Here's a great guide for buying the perfect Thanksgiving wine. It's the 20 best list and R&B Cellars' 2017 Sauvignon Blanc is on the list!!
Happy Turkey Day! #thanksgivingwine #thanksgiving

sommelierschoiceawards.com For every palate and plate here are the 20 wines to serve on Thanksgiving.

Holiday Wine Sale: Day 3 and final day! Up to 30% off! #winesale #winetasting #cider Riggers LoftWine.com
1-7pm. Food: The Eating

Tonight @ Riggers Loft: Karen Sudjian and Trio. Jazz & Brazilian tunes. 6-9pm. #jazz #wine #cider #richmond #eastbaywinery #nightlife RiggersLoftwine.com

It's here! The biggest sale of the year! All weekend, enjoy deeply discounted wines. Plus....
"Meet the Winemakers" Special Wine & Cheese Pairing is tomorrow - Saturday - from 1-4pm. Tickets are $15, redeemable with a bottle purchase. Buy tickets here: http://www.rbcellars.com/wines/Event-Tickets

It's Oyster Sunday!! 1-4pm
Oysters, raw or grilled oysters...yum! #oysters #oystersunday #wineandoysters RiggersLoftWine.com
Food Vendor: The Eating

All happening today: JazzPack @ 1pm. Time Out Quartet tonight from 6-9pm. Food: The Eating.
And, as always....fantastic wines & cider! #winetasting #cider RiggersLoftWine.com #jazz #dogfriendly #wineanddogs

Tonight: The Bonafides! New Orleans style jazz. 6-9pm
#jazz #livemusic #richmond #eastbaywinery #winebar

We've got music!
2pm Emy Tseng Trio
6-9pm The Lanesplitters (jazz trio) #livemusic #jazz #wine #cider #foodtruck RiggersLoftWine.com
#food by Carolyn's Creole Kitchen

Carolyn's Creole Kitchen is here this weekend: 1:30-8:30pm Sat and 1:30-5:30pm on Sunday. Menu: Creole-Seasoned Fried Catfish w/Spicy Fries, Corn-on-the-cob & Cole Slaw, Chicken and Dark Smoked Sausage Gumbo, Screamin' Mac N' Cheese, Deviled Eggs and More. Yummm!

ALSO - Fresh Collard Greens and Sassy Cornbread on Sunday, Nov 10th

Thanksgiving turkey: What to serve...white or red? Come and find out at our Turkey & Wine Pairing, with winemakers from R&B and Carica.
Sunday, November 10 from 2:30pm.
Tickets are $20 but waived w. 2 bottle purchase. http://www.rbcellars.com/product/Turkey---Wine-Pairing

The talented Denise Kidder performs tonight with Ben Stolorow on keys and Shimpei Ogawa on bass. 11/8, 6-9pm
#foodtruck - The Eating #livemusic #winetasting #eastbaywinery RiggersLoftWine.com

Soak up this view over a glass of wine. RiggersLoftwine.com #sfbayview #tastingroom #winebar #cider
Carolyn's Creole Kitchen: providing delicious fare to pair with your wine or cider.

Some #2019harvest photos: R&B's stellar crush crew crushing Petite Sirah from Lake County.

R&B 2019 Harvest at Riggers Loft: We had our final day of crush last Tuesday. Had a great crew! Crushed Petite Sirah from Lake County, which is not is happily macro bin fermenting. Here are some pics...
#harvest2019 rbcellars.com

Here's the weekend line-up.
Saturday: Emy Tseng Trio @ 2pm. Queen Machli @ 6pm.
Weekend Food: Carolyn's Creole Kitchen...Tender Creole Style Smothered Steak, Fried Chicken Po'Boy Sliders, 4-Cheese Quesadilla and more!
Wine, Cider...the patio is open.
RiggersLoftWine.com #winetasting #cidertasting #eastbaywinery #richmond

Tonight at Riggers Loft: Tora Woloshin: Queen Machali...with her sexy and soulful voice, she is an emerging force on the Pop music scene. 6-9pm.
Food: Carolyn's Creole Kitchen RiggersLoftWine.com #livemusic #popmusic #wine #cider #foodtruck #Richmond

The Tom Reynolds Conspiracy...tonight at Riggers Loft. Awesome jazz quintet.
Food: The Eating. RiggersLoftWine.com #jazz #wine #cider #Richmond #winetasting #EastBaywinery

Happy Sunday from Riggers Loft! Despite the power outages near us, we are still open for business! We have food, wine , cider and FOOTBALL! Our food vendor will be closing at 4 due to a private event. After 4, you may bring outside food. Come on down to watch the game and stay out of the smoke. Our patio is closed today due to high winds and smoke! #urbanwinery #werestillopen #comevisit #wineandcider #riggersloftwineco

[10/27/19]   Riggers Loft has power and we are open. Please stay safe everyone.

It's a gorgeous day out here at Riggers Loft. The breeze is keeping the smoke at bay.
Food by he Eating. #Indiansummer #patioliving #winebythebay #cider RiggersLoftWine.com
Note: Enter the tasting room at the side of the building today.

The Riggers Loft Story

Riggers Loft Wine Company, located in beautiful Point Richmond, California, is R&B Cellars’ winery and tasting room/wine bar. R&B Cellars shares its production facility and tasting room with Carica Wines and the Far West cider Company, making it a great destination spot.

Located on the edge of the San Francisco Bay with a gorgeous panoramic view, Riggers Loft was once a major support mechanism in the historic Kaiser Shipyard, famed for building the Victory and Liberty ships during World War II. Now Riggers Loft forges a new “history-in-the-making” as a winery and a great gathering place for people all around the Bay Area.

Wine Bar The wine bar / tasting room is located inside the working winery, surrounded by barrels and tanks. Imbibers often see wine makers busy at work making delicious wine and cider and can witness the inner workings of the winery. Looking out from the tasting room offers folks a most remarkable view of the San Francisco Bay, stretching from Marin County, to the San Francisco skyline, to the Oakland skyline and beyond. Riggers Loft invites different food purveyors from Thursday through Sunday to offer folks delicious food to pair with their wines and ciders.

Friday and Saturday evenings are dedicated to live music. Check the events calendar on RiggersLoftWine.com to see who is playing. On the 4th Wednesday of every month Riggers Loft features an Open Mic Night for all instrumentalists and vocalists. Trivia Night is the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Every third Sunday is the ever popular Oyster Sunday.

Private Events ~ Weddings ~ Quinceañeras Riggers Loft is also serves as a venue for private events, large or small. From small office gatherings and birthday parties to large gala sit-down dinners, and weddings, Riggers Loft offers a unique space for all kinds of private events. Contact Roy Creekmore at [email protected] for information on booking.

Contact For more information, contact us [email protected]. The Wine Bar / Tasting Room phone number is: 510-233-2065. For event booking: [email protected] / 510-599-9333

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Victor Elischer, Tasting Room Manager

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Purveyors: The Eating and Carolyn's Creole Kitchen




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1325 Canal Blvd
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Friday 16:00 - 22:00
Saturday 13:00 - 22:00
Sunday 13:00 - 19:00
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