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Videos by Riggers Loft Wine Company in Richmond. The home of R&B Cellars, Carica Wines, and Far West Cider Company. If you need help finding us, please use GOOGLE MAPS

catch our very own Barbara Brown on the flute with her solo at the end of the clip! #riggersloftwineco #rbcellars

Other Riggers Loft Wine Company videos

catch our very own Barbara Brown on the flute with her solo at the end of the clip! #riggersloftwineco #rbcellars

R&B's Roulade en Rosé is back. Available only in the tasting room. RiggersLoftWine.com

One of these eggs will get you a free glass of wine. Then it will be your turn to donate to Richmond P.A.L. by putting something back in the egg. Get a gift, give a gift. RiggersLoftWine.com

Days With Zahrah - Riggers Loft Wine Company
Days With Zahrah...all over Riggers Loft! Urban winery at it's best!

A Facebook video: A Day in the Life of Riggers Loft RiggersLoftWine.com Come join the fun!

Warning! Grape crushing!! It's a busy time of year for all of us Riggers Loft winemakers. This is a daily occurrence.

Crush 2017 @ Riggers Loft. R&B Cellars and crew crushed some beautiful Zinfandel from Del Barba Vineyard in Contra Costs. More to come!!

Here's a snippet of André Thierry's fabulous sounds from yesterday's Cajun Wine Fest." Zahrah Farmer from channel 7's "Days with Zahrah" - dancing with André.

Can't resist posting this...dancing, grooving R&B Cellars' shareholders at the R&B tasting table. The "groove" was provided by the fabulous André Thierry, Accordion Soul Music.

Nat Bolden & The State of Mind until 5:30! 🎶🍷🎶

Nat Bolden Blues & the State of Mind Band. Now until 8:30. 🍷🎶🍷

Charles Wheal Band live until 5:30pm!🎶🎶🎶🍷🎶🎶

Swing 60's until 8:30pm 🎶🎶

R&B Cellars was on ABC's "Days with Zahrah" recently. Here's the video clip from the show.

Terence Elliott Quartet live until 5:30! 🍷🎹🎸🍷🎶🍷

Sax Man Jeff Tauber & Co. LIVE tonight until 8:30.

Happening now...Meshugga Beach Party till 5:30.

This view though...,

Happening now until 5:30 -- Cut Loose

Bottling The Improviser
The Improviser White Blend. Check it out at the Riggers Loft. http://www.rbcellars.com/tasting-room

Rusty String Express, Today 2-5

Richmond's 111th Birthday

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